Spring Boot CRUD Tutorial with IntelliJ IDEA, MySQL, JPA, Hibernate, Thymeleaf and Bootstrap

  • Published on Jun 21, 2021
  • In this Spring Boot video tutorial, you will learn how to use IntelliJ IDEA for developing a Java web application based on Spring framework in which you will learn to implement the User module with CRUD operations (Create, Retrieve, Update & Delete).

    Technologies: Spring Boot Web, Spring Data JPA & Hibernate, MySQL Database, Thymeleaf, HTML5 & Bootstrap, JUnit 5 & AssertJ, Spring Data JPA Test.

    Software programs: Java Development Kit (OpenJDK), IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, MySQL Community Server, MySQL Workbench

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  • Scalpa Americano
    Scalpa Americano 21 day ago

    This is absolutely thorough. I followed from start to finish building the application. Everything worked as you demonstrated. I thank you very much,

  • Tango44

    Hi , i would like to thank you immensely for the helpful videos you're providing !

  • Deepak Tailor

    @Code Java

  • Bekjan Omirzak

    Thank you, keep going your videous are really helpful, I keep referencing back this video again and again whenever I forget how to set up my mysql.

  • Deniz Aygün

    I wish you share the source code , it's really hard to go back and find the specific things.

  • Sumedh Tayade

    Love and Respect for your contribution Dear Sir - From India

  • Lucas Chagas

    Thank you so much bro, you're only the best! <3


    Thank You So much for the Video. It helped a lot. The Id is printing 1 and then 3. 2 is not printing

  • Real Time Activities

    I thank you very much. I'm having a headache when learning about spring boot. But when I see your video like a drowning man grabs a float :D when Udemy has a certain discount I will buy your course :D. By the way, I am a Vietnamese too.

  • Tung Le Cong

    cảm ơn anh, video rất hay. Anh có thể tải source code lên được không ạ ?

  • Yiğit Güneş

    Mate you saved my life, Thanks a lot!

  • Ren Lucifer

    Could u make a CRUD Web Services App with Spring and React JS or Angular ?

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    Nice bro keep up! Always learn from you bro !

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    Cảm ơn anh. Hướng dẫn rất chi tiết. Nghe giọng đọc biết ngay anh là người Việt Nam rồi :D hihi

  • Đức Huy Hoàng

    Anh ơi cho em hỏi phần JUnit testAddNew ạ. Em bị NullPointerException ở đối tượng Repo và bắt buộc phải dùng Try Catch để pass Test, anh có thể giải thích tại sao không ạ ?

  • Al Xx

    Question regarding to the UPDATE (PUT) method,if the passed ID is wrong or does not exist,Spring/Hibernate will create a new

  • Tanvir Ahmed

    can u provide the github link? and also when I try to update "There was an unexpected error (type=Internal Server Error, status=500).

  • V Jayasinghe

    can you please give the source code!! please please please pleas save my final exam..please sir

  • Uğur Hamzaoğlu

    Can you make netflix, instagram, amazon, facebook, youtube clone project with eclipse& spring? We need thats. You can share udemy or here. we want to learn clone project spring + eclipse + mysql, jpa ?

  • Ashok

    Hello sir can you please show how to delete record using checkbox