Five Finger Death Punch - Behind the Scenes - Blue On Black Video Shoot

  • Published on Dec 20, 2018
  • Behind the scenes at Five Finger Death Punch - "Blue On Black" video shoot. The band chose the historic "Pioneer Saloon" in "Ghost Town" Goodsprings Nevada as the background for their cover of the Kenny Wayne Sheperd's classic.
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  • Nicholas Elliot
    Nicholas Elliot 8 months ago

    Maybe after dinner

  • origins101
    origins101 9 months ago

    Does anyone else know that the pioneer saloon is super haunted.

  • Roma Dubey
    Roma Dubey 9 months ago

    Wich guitar Zoltan use?

  • ground keeper
    ground keeper 10 months ago

    i herd you gays veterans and if so thank you for your service

  • Ольга Миронова

    Люблю их!!!

  • C&B Lay
    C&B Lay 10 months ago

    Y'all should do a few Rap Heavy Metal Tracks for Ivan. Ivan can Rap his Ass off I bet. It would be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎼Bars.

  • shine down
    shine down 11 months ago

    i think its the last video to jeremy spencer and i hope he come back around again my fav 2n drummer after shannon larkin from godsmack

  • The Wall
    The Wall Year ago

    Filmed in Goodsprings

  • afarrell640
    afarrell640 Year ago

    You f*ck*ng killed it this song is awesome love it❤ when i heard it i played it on repeat for a week the hubby was NOT happy lmao oh well i gotta have my music ✊🤘5FDP

  • Chris - Trail name: Thumper

    You lost me at the solo. The best part of Blue on Black was Kenny's solo. Otherwise, very well done.

  • Jordan Vogel
    Jordan Vogel Year ago

    You should make song about being in the bus not stop and what's like if the bus gets on fire.

  • Pastel Feather666

    Did Ivan really married a porn star???😂

    СОСУ ХУЙ Year ago

    читал как Иван Муди и думал что он из России))

  • jordean gomes
    jordean gomes Year ago +1

    Ivan Moody, é o cara 🤘🏽 5FD👊🏽 🖤

  • Todd Clark
    Todd Clark Year ago

    Thank you for you and my favorites songs too bro

  • Kassie Adams
    Kassie Adams Year ago

    Can we talk ab Jeremy quiting the band ik its for the better but its fr sad af ❤❤❤

  • Сергей Романов

    Hello from Russia)This is realy good music. Thank you.

  • April D
    April D Year ago

    Awesome cover. Awesome album. Thanks

  • Dre Sted
    Dre Sted Year ago

    Five finger has done a couple of pretty cool covers. Not this one. You tube this song Johnny Lang. The original is still the best.

  • Sid Rim
    Sid Rim Year ago

    Damn!!! Jeremy quitting I will miss him ❤️🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 Five Finger Death Punch ❤️❤️

  • A jones
    A jones Year ago


  • Darknessx0x0x
    Darknessx0x0x Year ago

    Make the call bloody hell look it up to Trump and all the ones like will get proof they can live on and I ait talk in about a car sounds fimilar thx for the sound of salute they will not die and I charge the most amounts to sue a group with what they have as fuel tezla

  • Courtney Boozer
    Courtney Boozer Year ago

    Excellent Remake! I saw Kenny Wayne Perform this 20 years ago...FFDP did an AMAZING Job! #knuckleheadforlife

  • Ádám Ferenc Lutár


  • Trucking RC Addict

    This cover is as good if not better than disturbed sound of silence. Well done men.

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose Year ago

    Zo? Is that Zoltans nickname that 5fdp calls him? Also my dad loves 5fdp and this is one of his favorite songs

  • eppicninjabunny
    eppicninjabunny Year ago

    Wait, Ivan married a porn star?

  • Kenny Knapp
    Kenny Knapp Year ago

    Jeremy Spencer, you will be missed. I hope you are able to get your back problems taken care of. Thank you for the years of great music and dedication to your fans

  • xx ShayTann
    xx ShayTann Year ago

    Best Band ever , thank you 5FDP

  • corvo_pazzo
    corvo_pazzo Year ago +1

    5FDP siete bravissimi ma io voglio altre canzoni metal

  • Patrick Johansson

    hahahaha awesome dudes ! =D =D =D You rock ! Best ever !

  • Dina Nichainaya
    Dina Nichainaya Year ago


  • Альоша Серга


  • Maria Amor Sanchez Gómez

    Som fantásticos este grupo ne gustan👍👍

  • llNecroticll
    llNecroticll Year ago


  • Depressed Goth
    Depressed Goth Year ago

    One of my friend was listening to a 5FDP song, and got in trouble st school coz of it, but I really love their music and don’t see anything wrong with it, anyways the behind the scenes look cool

  • •Студия Mаленького художника•

    IVAN MOODY!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😗😗😗😙😙😙😙😚😚😚😚😚😚😚БОЗЕ Я ТЕБЯ ОБОЖАЮ! 😍😍😍

  • Malachi Massey
    Malachi Massey Year ago

    Jeremy Spencer you will always be the best drummer for Five Finger Death Punch no matter who they get to replace you. Hope life is good to you.

  • Penelope Views
    Penelope Views Year ago

    Did he really marry a porn star?

  • Alter Egos
    Alter Egos Year ago

    Glad they mentioned the creator in the description at least. For a song that hit home so much with Ivan he could have give Kenny Wayne Shepherd credit for creating it in the video. Saw KWS play it live at G3 when he released it. Fantastic show.

  • Lord Gelos
    Lord Gelos Year ago +1

    LMAO! "We don't bring that up at dinner"
    We would at my table. Soon as we're done with this turkey I got a movie for us. Merry Christmas momma

  • MoanaLee Navarro
    MoanaLee Navarro Year ago +2

    Will miss you, Jeremy! Best of luck to your future endeavors! Rock on forever! 🤘🏽😎🤘🏽

  • Nicki Morris
    Nicki Morris Year ago

    Unf that car! It is an absolute masterpiece. And I loved the video, terrible to hear about Jeremy leaving

  • Jacob
    Jacob Year ago

    1:06 looks like a 1955 to me

  • iFly123
    iFly123 Year ago +4

    “I’m Doc Mitchell. Welcome to Goodsprings.”

  • Aldo Raine
    Aldo Raine Year ago

    I think these old cars and trucks go good with the video, especially that ‘58 Bel Air.

  • IrishDrunkGaming
    IrishDrunkGaming Year ago

    Just won't be the same without Jeremy Spencer and his crazy funny costumes.

  • Kevin Cutter
    Kevin Cutter Year ago

    I will miss Jeremy Spencer. If you ever see this Jeremy, we love ya, kick ass on your next project.

  • Cathy Savino
    Cathy Savino Year ago

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. These guys are so badass....I love #FFDP so friggen' much!! \m/

  • Kasen Ball
    Kasen Ball Year ago

    Do a cover of through the fire and flames or the devil went down to Georgia pls, guys are the best

  • AlSahHim 018
    AlSahHim 018 Year ago

    Still the best of the best. Don't care what anybody says. Although Jeremy is gone, health is the number 1 priority regardless of who you are, I don't see FFDP going anywhere or slowing down anytime soon. Love their music. It has helped me thru the death of my dad. Just awesome lyrics. Can't say enough about FFDP. Keep it up. Cuz I still wanna hear y'alls music and buy more albums. FFDP FOR LIFE!!!!

  • Sams Wings
    Sams Wings Year ago

    YOU HAVE GREAT TASTE... had tickets to see you guys but I got real sick and couldn't make it. 😥 That sucked..!! HOPE ONE DAY I'LL GET ANOTHER CHANCE..

  • Kefka Taus
    Kefka Taus Year ago +1

    Just keep making great music and the world will be happy

  • Alejandro Magno
    Alejandro Magno Year ago

    My favorite band 😎😎

  • Goober Squad2
    Goober Squad2 Year ago

    Hopefully the next album isn’t as boring

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  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn Year ago


  • Óscar Yáñez Zavala

    Quiero ver uno detrás de cámaras de breaking Benjamin uno de"tourniquet" o "Red cold river"

  • steve w
    steve w Year ago

    A great song just got better, fuck, I'm pushing 60 years old and jam out like a Mo Fo

  • Vitor Moura
    Vitor Moura Year ago

    Definitely my favorite band of all time! Love it!