Gordon Ramsay LOVES Pranks! | Kitchen Nightmares Supercut

  • Published on Jan 31, 2018
    There's more to come...
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  • scotie scotson
    scotie scotson Day ago

    Nice “pranks”

  • The Phantom
    The Phantom 5 days ago

    This is obviously fake... I dont hear him yelling or saying "WHERE IS THE LAMB SAUCE!?"

  • Derpydog 100
    Derpydog 100 5 days ago

    At 5:23 Gordon Ramsey Had a Brain stall

  • A N
    A N 6 days ago

    Humhum... I gotta admit I kinda like chicken and banana (altough it's only in the curry sauce) -.-

  • I have a large dildo collection, but anyway

    Why this nigha gordon got like 47 folds in his face

  • Kelly Baste
    Kelly Baste 8 days ago

    Gordian said ....an nen nen nen. fucker studders

  • Hispanic Beard Guy
    Hispanic Beard Guy 18 days ago

    Where's the lamb sauce

  • John Zahariev
    John Zahariev 22 days ago

    This music is super annoying. The UK version always has stupid music. The US version is much less annoying.

  • Septimus ii
    Septimus ii 24 days ago +1

    I've had roast chicken, lemon rice and fried banana and it's very nice. But clearly not the way he cooked it

  • James Ryan
    James Ryan 28 days ago

    At least these are controlled "pranks". I could tell you about some things I saw in kitchens........Funny only to the prankster.

  • Oliver Mayo
    Oliver Mayo Month ago

    70 dishes on a menu ffs man!!! You are a cretin of the highest order. You wont ever be able to order, prepare and serve all that stuff in a single service. Better to have a few courses you can make and sell consistency.

  • Loz EFC
    Loz EFC Month ago

    What was the point in the blindfolds? Haha

  • Joseph Casey
    Joseph Casey Month ago

    Lmao the very end

  • Houjo Shizuma
    Houjo Shizuma Month ago +2

    banana & string why am I laughing so hard at this

  • Patrick Kitts
    Patrick Kitts Month ago

    At 00:44, did he say donkey sanctuary dinner?

  • Rye Hots
    Rye Hots Month ago +1

    "this is me on a plate"
    ah so that's where the phrase comes from

  • Christopher Collins

    The blended food prank is meaningless. Ramsay’s own menu would be fucked if it was blended.

  • Wet Johnny
    Wet Johnny Month ago

    "Eat the following: this is me. This is me on a plate. Hard-on material."

  • Cherry Barb
    Cherry Barb Month ago

    Chocolate and prawn smoothie. Yum.:o

  • Sherbert The destroyer

    Making a dinner food into a milkshake is gross already lol

  • Chris Thomson
    Chris Thomson Month ago

    where's the prank these aren't pranks

  • pokelover223
    pokelover223 Month ago

    What episodes are these two??

  • Harry Hathaway
    Harry Hathaway Month ago

    I get a boner for oysters.....lol

  • Martin
    Martin Month ago

    Erectione - Fuck me..... Not the best combination Gordon

  • Jodomo
    Jodomo Month ago

    Where's all the melodramatic music and screaming/crying?

  • Denisse Molina
    Denisse Molina Month ago

    “And BANG your let it rip. FUCK you let it rip big time!” I would cry if he said that to me and I’m not even a culinary person. This guy is gonna remember that forever! Gordon knows when to call ppl out on their bullshit but he’s also really great at boosting people up.

  • Christopher Martinez

    This is definitely more enjoyable to watch than than the american version. No dumb music in the background and no dramatic editing. Although i enjoy that stuff it makes it seem so fake

  • Richie Demo
    Richie Demo Month ago

    Honestly, things are even more tense without the dramatic music every time someone talks. You feel all the shame and embarrassment.

  • MuppetsSh0w
    MuppetsSh0w Month ago

    Gordon Ramsay Farting on Peoples Groceries! (GONE SEXUAL!)

  • Stabngab
    Stabngab Month ago

    I love how the guy doesn't understand Ramsey so he enunciates 'erection' and then loudly proclaims 'fuck me!' Several times

  • Globo
    Globo Month ago

    Cheeky Rolex submariner on that food critic guy.

  • fulangator
    fulangator Month ago

    This uk kitchen nightmares are more like if you are in the kitchen watching, the us version is like a freak show with a lot of noise and effects, Gordon is not even screaming like crazy, you don`t need to much shit to keep interested the people.

  • K Mashel
    K Mashel 2 months ago

    Did his uncultured ass mean to use PLANTAINS ???? Why tf would you make bananas with meat ??

  • Michael W
    Michael W 2 months ago

    I know exactly where those fuckers are, running their own restaurants. Lol.

  • BU3 D
    BU3 D 2 months ago

    This is lengthy as hell for a prank super cut.

  • Tocool GTI
    Tocool GTI 2 months ago +1

    *card slapping intensifies*

  • Roach
    Roach 2 months ago +2

    If Gordon saw the swedish pizza with chicken, banana, peanutbutter and cashews.


  • roy arias
    roy arias 2 months ago

    Where the fuck are the pranks?

  • Wind Turbine
    Wind Turbine 2 months ago

    4:41 looks like they're about to perform an autopsy on a cat, wtf is that in the back?

  • Yassin  Joseph
    Yassin Joseph 2 months ago

    There is one nation on earth that can put banana with anything and still works. 🇸🇴

  • Jacob Macdonald
    Jacob Macdonald 2 months ago

    Gordon fucking ramsay

  • Jacob Macdonald
    Jacob Macdonald 2 months ago

    So fucking nice of fucking man

  • Bruce Lamberton
    Bruce Lamberton 2 months ago

    Next thing you know someone will make snail porridge or bacon and egg ice cream! Oh, hang on...

  • AC Production
    AC Production 2 months ago

    What the fuck was you thinking about putting banana and chicken together 🤣🤣🤣

  • NialteA xcx
    NialteA xcx 2 months ago

    Giggity Giggity goo

  • Kim 77
    Kim 77 2 months ago

    I mixed poop and steak... it was yummy

  • Luke Dualé
    Luke Dualé 2 months ago

    5:24 Me trying to start the Ramsaymobile

  • Tæ
     2 months ago

    Hmm 😄👌

  • The Real Nicky Nurotic
    The Real Nicky Nurotic 2 months ago

    Pranks ? Am I missing something ? I must just not get British humor

  • Richard Wilcock
    Richard Wilcock 2 months ago

    I'm always disappointed if I don't get an erection when eating at a restaurant...

  • Jean Charles Navet
    Jean Charles Navet 2 months ago

    So ... chicken and banana is actuaky popular in just about every where banana's are growing but never mind if it tasted like shit

  • MegaKnuckles777
    MegaKnuckles777 2 months ago

    When Gordon's got your back. :o

  • Wiyo Brown
    Wiyo Brown 2 months ago


  • Dingus E. Dow
    Dingus E. Dow 2 months ago

    Gordon can be incredibly supportive & uplifting!

  • hippotype
    hippotype 2 months ago

    UK version is vetter. No obnoxious dramatic music for one

    • Matt Darwin
      Matt Darwin 2 months ago

      hippotype UK version is more boring American version is funny as fuck

  • Eric
    Eric 2 months ago

    What'd he say at 5:06??

  • Greasy Bassoon 19
    Greasy Bassoon 19 2 months ago

    Mega Bamboozle

  • Fusion
    Fusion 2 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Pedakin
    Pedakin 2 months ago

    Shotgun 'em all right now. No balls.

    LIGHT KAGAMI 2 months ago

    What episode of Kitchen Nightmare is this?

  • MartynAndStuff
    MartynAndStuff 2 months ago

    Donkey Sanctury? They should've served turkey sandwiches (For all you Belinda Blinked fans there)

  • The Phoenix Fire Tube
    The Phoenix Fire Tube 2 months ago

    Gettem Ramsay !!!!👍🤩😀😀😀😅😅

  • Klusher
    Klusher 3 months ago

    9:31 😂

  • Josh Cc600
    Josh Cc600 3 months ago

    I don't understand why buisness always refuse to promote from within? They constantly hire outside management leaving thier trusty faithful knowledgeable workers in dead end jobs.

  • Nen Nen
    Nen Nen 3 months ago +1

    That roasted peach 🍑 looks bombass fuck

  • David Kim
    David Kim 3 months ago

    Bird box in the kitchen

  • Usman
    Usman 3 months ago

    i could not understand where the heck were pranks

  • have9lifes
    have9lifes 3 months ago

    Welcome to Sweden, where we put chicken, banana, curry and peanuts on pizza. And no one bats an eye.

    • have9lifes
      have9lifes Month ago

      +john bloggs I know 😂 it's disgusting!

    • john bloggs
      john bloggs Month ago +1

      have9lifes curry and peanuts on pizza ewwww 😂

  • Bogus Salamander
    Bogus Salamander 4 months ago

    Jamie Oliver has a recipe for Chicken and Banana

  • Voltz
    Voltz 4 months ago +1

    Uhhh.. I warched with intentions I'd laugh from the pranks..
    Theres NO PRANKS HERE!

  • Lindsey Pischinger
    Lindsey Pischinger 4 months ago

    1:50 The guy on the right’s beard looks like my makeup routine.

  • The Militant Potato
    The Militant Potato 4 months ago

    I love the editor

  • SiLenT366
    SiLenT366 4 months ago

    Bananas ham and hollandaise sauce is apparently great so why not chicken?

  • Josh
    Josh 4 months ago

    The look of defeat when they realized Gordon didn't cook for them is priceless. 😂

  • Çhëý Miľyon
    Çhëý Miľyon 4 months ago

    Dumbass we do plantains with chicken not bananas

  • weerobot
    weerobot 4 months ago

    ''He's got to be realistic were in the Middle of Wales....'' ROFL

  • Gnostic Mom
    Gnostic Mom 5 months ago

    "I do get SOME return customers..." I got news - a few ain't gonna do it.

  • George W Kush
    George W Kush 5 months ago

    Wow wow wow wow wow what's wrong with chicken and banana???

  • stitcha123
    stitcha123 5 months ago

    Why the fuck was Antonio bandareas on the show

  • stitcha123
    stitcha123 5 months ago

    Gordon ‘Erection? Fuck me.’ Ramsey.

  • stitcha123
    stitcha123 5 months ago

    Smoothie prank is nonsense. If I made a pesto ravioli smoothie with oil for a smoothie it’d taste like shit

  • vital hygiene
    vital hygiene 5 months ago +1

    *Nino would mix bleach and windex*

  • Oscar Arturo Vela Silva

    In mexico we use to eat red rice with slice banana, i think it's delicious, maybe becuase i grew up eating it, but i bet Gordon would be fucking mad if he knew that xD

  • The plug
    The plug 5 months ago +1

    It’s fucking niiiiinoooooooo stupid

  • flynavy2222
    flynavy2222 5 months ago

    Omfg… hearing Gordon ask “how do you say erection in Italian” was absolutely priceless

  • MiniatureLabyrinth
    MiniatureLabyrinth 5 months ago

    In sweden we got a pizza called Africana that has banana, peanuts, chicken and curry sauce.

  • Zetsuke4
    Zetsuke4 5 months ago

    gordon loves pranks!

  • Yeetus that Fetus
    Yeetus that Fetus 5 months ago

    5:24 When your car won't start

  • syzygy thegoat
    syzygy thegoat 5 months ago

    I am going to assume Gordon does NOT like pranks

  • bryce jarrells
    bryce jarrells 5 months ago

    What about chicken with thinly fried plantains?

  • Llama Power
    Llama Power 5 months ago


  • Anthony Pasquariello
    Anthony Pasquariello 5 months ago

    What about fucking plantains?! Bananas?

  • Chris Juliette
    Chris Juliette 5 months ago

    Poor thing, he tried to get a reaction and got some dry ass replies 😂😂

  • LongBeach Ant
    LongBeach Ant 5 months ago

    Wtf were you thinking about putting the banana with the chicken 😂😂

  • Mohamed Sossey Alaoui
    Mohamed Sossey Alaoui 6 months ago

    banana and chicken!!! wtf ! I'm not a chef but I know for sure that it's horrible idea

  • 🔥Miguel🔥
    🔥Miguel🔥 6 months ago

    Wow it’s just a prank bro

  • BMW W.
    BMW W. 6 months ago

    Shrimp coco smoothie

  • Victor Cruz
    Victor Cruz 6 months ago

    I think he wanted to try a different tupe of banana he fucked up using the normal yellow banana lol

  • Williamg209
    Williamg209 6 months ago

    you can really tell this is the uk version

  • Kat Kenobi
    Kat Kenobi 6 months ago

    I wouldn’t mind helping Gordon with his erections!!!!! 😍😍😍