Two Generations Talk About How Addiction Destroyed Their Lives | The Gap

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • The Gap is a window into different lives and different generations.
    Two people, of vastly different ages, discuss a shared experience that impacted their lives, how it affected them and how they dealt with it to ultimately emerge stronger.
    In this episode of The Gap, Russell Kerman, 48, a recovering alcoholic sits down with Thomas Delaney, a former drug addict, to talk about their experiences with addiction. Through their conversation we learn about the way in how substance abuse affect their lives, and how they got themselves on the road to recovery.

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Comments • 660

  • l h
    l h Day ago +1

    You've spent about 3 grand on this camera, studio and lighting and then stolen the chairs from a pub garden

  • Jag Frost
    Jag Frost Day ago

    are these paid actors? they all look darn good on this channel man.

  • Infern0121
    Infern0121 2 days ago

    These two only 16 years apart barely different generations tbh

  • Isaac Butterworth
    Isaac Butterworth 2 days ago

    Cocaine in Barnsley is like sherbet everyone has tried it

  • Yurties
    Yurties 2 days ago

    This was powerful stuff. Good on these 2 guys for sharing, that took strength. Hope both them go on and live happy full filled lives. They've been through enough

  • bee
    bee 3 days ago

    this is just a shit version of skin deep by the And

  • Lars von Trier
    Lars von Trier 4 days ago

    Are they Aussies?

  • Atomsk
    Atomsk 4 days ago +1

    Hit them subtitles to understand, ended up more confused.

  • theforsaken
    theforsaken 5 days ago

    What does it mean if I’m only 26 but not an addict but feels like my life is in pieces losing friends losing touch with how to socialise with girls and people and feeling like a piece of shit mostly everyday eating shit and drinking energy drinks to keep me awake and energised to talk to anyone. ?

  • Jo Kah
    Jo Kah 5 days ago

    My addiction was porn and videogames. I think these are as appealing to young generations as alcohol is to older people.

  • Tinz Scorer
    Tinz Scorer 6 days ago +5

    “Finding your self again” that’s what I needed to here

  • Michael Atkin
    Michael Atkin 6 days ago

    Audio is too low to understand these guys speaking in kings

  • ruth alfaro
    ruth alfaro 6 days ago

    i've been an alcoholic for about 6 years now... still trying to overcome my addiction. I do want to get better but because of a lot childhood trauma its been a very hard thing to overcome. My fiance is also an alcoholic which i think makes the process so much harder for us we encourage our bad habits and while i've tried to seek treatment in a rehab i don't wish to do so without them doing so as well because i would have that temptation constantly once i'd get back. Life's a journey and while we have to figure things out on our own i hope that you guys would take a second to pray for us to overcome this because i'm tired of living this life.

  • Jonathan Piper
    Jonathan Piper 6 days ago

    Ok that's done it for me

  • firenine1345
    firenine1345 8 days ago

    Im sorry but i could hardly understand what they were saying and they were speaking english😂😂😂 draggin their words hella

  • Adam Sparks
    Adam Sparks 9 days ago +2

    42 days sober off coke alcohol.

  • Cameron McGerr
    Cameron McGerr 9 days ago

    Hit home this 🙃

  • FelHendrix
    FelHendrix 10 days ago

    Is it just me or is it fucking impossible to hear what buddy in the green shirts saying half the time

  • Kevin Cummings
    Kevin Cummings 10 days ago

    I hope they both stay clean and healthy

  • JDM Viking
    JDM Viking 10 days ago

    didnt know heath hussar had an addiction issue :s

  • FancyLadWastelander
    FancyLadWastelander 10 days ago +4

    I'm 5 years sober as of august and watching this brought alot of repressed memories back. Most of which I felt I needed to experience again to remind me of the journey I took to get away from it all and how everyday should be savored.

  • R'n'R R'n'R
    R'n'R R'n'R 11 days ago

    This is good this is awesome

  • gunnardt
    gunnardt 11 days ago

    his shoes were very distracting

  • 1spore2
    1spore2 12 days ago

    I didn't know beatemups was an addict, rip

  • Elia Zaraei
    Elia Zaraei 12 days ago

    who the fuck is actually disliking

  • nobody else
    nobody else 12 days ago +16

    These days, I get out of town, take a bottle of bucky with me and some weed if I have it and sit under a tree or on a bench on my own with headphones. It's my happiest place. I'm 41 and hate my job, my home, I hate the city I live and I have zero money beyond survival. I have no thought of how to change and love the idea of not waking up tomorrow. I can identify with both chaps in this video. I wish them both well. And myself.

    • Wvcjshd Socjsj
      Wvcjshd Socjsj 4 hours ago

      The last thing I’m gonna say to you is start reading books. Not self help shite but novels. These are a great way to escape into a different world and you feel very relaxed from them.

    • Wvcjshd Socjsj
      Wvcjshd Socjsj 4 hours ago

      I would also recommend hitting the gym and getting a good diet. Your body will change and you will feel so much better from the exercise.

    • Wvcjshd Socjsj
      Wvcjshd Socjsj 4 hours ago

      If ever you start to get uncomfortable or depressing thoughts don’t try do immediately distract yourself- sit and be with those thoughts, feelings and insecurities. Only then will you realise that they are temporary and insignificant. It’s difficult but sometimes you can’t run away from shit. You will feel so much better.

    • Wvcjshd Socjsj
      Wvcjshd Socjsj 4 hours ago +1

      You’re young enough still bro. Do what makes you happy. If you don’t like where you live- move. If you don’t like your job- quit. Don’t feel sorry for yourself-there’s a world out there and it ain’t gonna come to you. Go out there and do something YOU want to do.

    • ItsTheMidgetman
      ItsTheMidgetman 5 days ago

      nobody else it’s hard, but it’s not impossible. It can all begin to get better with 1 good choice, weather it is seeking help, talking to someone close, or finding something you enjoy

  • Luke Nicholls
    Luke Nicholls 12 days ago

    There needs to be more awareness about alcohol.. i am 3 types off addict but ive never been able to kick the third beacause its sold legally on the corner of every town. Ads for it on tv and the side of the road. Im also australian and its a culture to drink and if you dont your a pussy.

  • bst cloudy
    bst cloudy 13 days ago +4

    1 week sober off meth tobacoo and liquor hope I can keep it up

    • Adam Sparks
      Adam Sparks 9 days ago

      bst cloudy don’t listen too your head and what it’s saying too you. Communicate everything with someone you trust.

    • Adam Sparks
      Adam Sparks 9 days ago

      Keep it up bro 🤘

    • Bald DeGea
      Bald DeGea 12 days ago


  • hakeem yrn
    hakeem yrn 13 days ago

    This series is great

  • 1 1
    1 1 13 days ago

    Two generations of loser hipsters

  • Nate Higgers
    Nate Higgers 14 days ago

    Lmfao dudes wearing tights

  • D’hione D’yaeble
    D’hione D’yaeble 14 days ago

    This video has spurred me to go and find others like me to speak to. They must be out there. It's too easy to sit in my room and tell myself nobody understands, it seems they do. Fs man... my own worst enemy doesn't half explain it

  • Jack Mercer
    Jack Mercer 14 days ago

    I used to sniff 3-4 gram lines of wobble I was so fucked one night I bought a private number plate for £600 that said WO8BLE

  • Onetwo Threefour
    Onetwo Threefour 14 days ago +1

    great video

  • Valkyries SS
    Valkyries SS 14 days ago

    Two degenerates.

  • Lee Dillon
    Lee Dillon 14 days ago

    Very very relatable I’m both them lads put together thanks for this

  • SassyFatCat
    SassyFatCat 15 days ago

    Anybody else watching while smoking? 😛

  • susamskruth s
    susamskruth s 15 days ago

    😂😂😂😂After seeing this Now I think am addicted to you tube

  • 40avo
    40avo 15 days ago

    Give these people some comfortable seats 🤦‍♂️

  • DansXe
    DansXe 15 days ago

    As a former addict 20 years clean this is excellent content. Its has such a hold over you and no one can tell you otherwise. A former addict friend told me Drugs are so good they will ruin your life.

  • rosscofox
    rosscofox 15 days ago

    * Alcohol and other drugs. You're not an "alcoholic" you're a "drug addict".

  • lolll
    lolll 16 days ago +1

    Ngl this was a wake up call 😶
    Thanks for the video

  • 3 1 / 0 3
    3 1 / 0 3 16 days ago +1

    gonna tell my kids this is post malone and pitbull

  • Charlie Ward Games
    Charlie Ward Games 16 days ago +1

    Fam, people have got to stop taking these drugs, youths lose there lives dealing, olders lose their life over addiction, and somewhere the things are manufactured they kill over it too, abd die overdosing on it too.

  • Jack A. Bingham
    Jack A. Bingham 16 days ago +8

    11 months clean and sober, needed to watch this today. God Bless.

  • TebaaayZx
    TebaaayZx 16 days ago

    That's what Denmark has done to him

  • Fresh Beginnings
    Fresh Beginnings 16 days ago +1

    Alcohol is the worst addiction, along with benzodiazepines...Can literally die from withdrawal. Not opiods.

    • Pudding
      Pudding 16 days ago

      Especially its normalization in the general public. My roommate had a pretty shitty youth because of his alcoholic mother and she was just ashamed for the majority of her life because she knew what she was doing to herself.

      The worst thing when you realize that you are addicted is the thought of all the invitations and all the offered calls for help you turned down to just get another shot... until they eventually stopped and you yourself realize that you now truly condemned yourself to a life that doesn't feel like it is being worth living.

  • Schizopantheist
    Schizopantheist 16 days ago +1

    Maybe this isn't the right place for this but id like to say, so often there's trauma that wasn't dealt with behind addiction, dealing with trauma is crucial (it's bloody difficult, but possible).
    Complex trauma, developmental trauma, it may not be what you think; just being ignored by your parents as a child can be traumatic, being verbally abused, all kinds of things. We have to be more compassionate with ourselves, and others.

  • Lewis Birkett
    Lewis Birkett 16 days ago

    glad I got out of Barnsley lol

  • Talavera jr
    Talavera jr 16 days ago

    New gamer vs old gamer.

  • Megan
    Megan 16 days ago +1

    Mad how much of an impact that one comment had. Being there for people, letting people talk about their issues can work actual miracles.

  • Sam Menad
    Sam Menad 16 days ago

    People talk about drugs and alcohol as if they are a poison that addicts you to them, they’re not, they’re all mediums that can be used in different ways, using them in a way to provide you with happiness is false, and will end up in dependency on the drug. It’s a self-reflective window.

  • Ali Hussain
    Ali Hussain 17 days ago

    Currently addicted to drugs I barely eat now I use to eat so much i don’t see the same person I once was in the mirror I’m losing weight and it keeps getting worse been hooked since I was 13 almost 17 now everyday is a battle but I always end up using again and again it’s a endless cycle that I feel will never end

    • TheLutefiskGOD
      TheLutefiskGOD 15 days ago

      Well it’s a bit less shit, I’ll tell you that. Come on mate there’s a lot of world out there

    • Ali Hussain
      Ali Hussain 16 days ago

      TheLutefiskGOD I’m too scared to know what life is outside of this nightmare

    • TheLutefiskGOD
      TheLutefiskGOD 16 days ago

      Ali Hussain ay mate you got it. One day at a time. Gotta find a way to distract yourself from the urge- gym, whatever works. It gets better but you’ve got to will it.

  • Kelly Mears
    Kelly Mears 17 days ago +2

    "I am not controlled by addiction anymore." What a very powerful statement and for me, very much understood.

  • Fxcts Faded
    Fxcts Faded 17 days ago

    im confused how he was gunna commit suicide from putting a hose pipe in the car thingy (forgot the name)

  • Sushi Martinez
    Sushi Martinez 17 days ago

    Stop trying to divide us with this generational shit I'm sick of it its just age. I'm waiting for ignorant opinionated replies now

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 17 days ago

    What language are they speaking

  • sylgar45
    sylgar45 17 days ago +1

    The format is great, the music you added not so much. Let the talk and the words convey the emotion, no need for music.

  • Andrew Ortiza
    Andrew Ortiza 17 days ago

    A year and two months sober. Weighed 100 lbs and now weigh 135 :)

  • JustHereForPopcorn
    JustHereForPopcorn 17 days ago +2

    This interview hit home hard.. Thanks for putting this online. It made me realize some things about myself.