Watch This Before You See Avengers: Endgame

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • As we buckle in for the forthcoming premiere of Avengers: Endgame, there are a lot of moving parts to keep track of: after all, we're talking about 21 movies over about a decade. It's the perfect time to look back over the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and go over everything fans should have in mind before scanning that ticket, ordering some popcorn, and settling in for Marvel's cinematic event of the year. A quick word of warning: spoilers for Captain Marvel ahead!
    One consistent thread throughout many of the MCU's films before Infinity War has been the impending approach of Thanos. We saw elements of the Mad Titan all the way back in the first Avengers movie, when we caught a shot of his grinning face in the mid-credits scene. He played a role in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise as well and reappeared at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron when he donned an Infinity Gauntlet.
    Infinity War brought Thanos crashing into the primary narrative, as the big purple one traipsed around the galaxy, gathering up the Infinity Stones. He already had the Power Stone when the film began, and his encounter with Thor and the surviving Asgardians in Infinity War's opening moments left him with the Tesseract, which hid the Space Stone. He proceeded from there to get the Reality Stone on Knowhere, the Soul Stone on Vormir after sacrificing Gamora, and the Time Stone after Doctor Strange surrendered it to him on Titan. Last but not least, he headed to Wakanda, where he plucked the Mind Stone out of Vision's forehead, completed his gauntlet, and snapped his fingers, wiping out half of the life in the universe in what has been dubbed "the Decimation."
    Over time, the Avengers lineup has come to include characters like War Machine, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Falcon, and Spider-Man, but it all started with the Big Six. As The Avengers played out, a nucleus of heroes slowly came together, including Hulk, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Thor, Black Widow, and Captain America. 2016's Civil War saw the group split, with Cap, Hawkeye, and Black Widow heading off into exile in the aftermath.
    While almost everyone was involved in Infinity War, the heroes weren't fully unified throughout the film. But as savvy fans quickly realized, as the dust from the Decimation settled, not one of the original Avengers had been dusted. Half of the universe's population may be gone, but it sure is convenient that all six of the original Avengers survived the dusting… isn't it? Make sure you continue to watch this before you see Avengers: Endgame!
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    Decimation | 0:26
    The Big Six | 1:33
    What time is it? | 2:19
    The key to it all | 3:14
    Avengers Disassembled | 4:08
    Rescue to the rescue? | 5:15
    A Cap with a cause | 6:11
    An absentee Hulk | 7:28
    Thor-mbreaker | 8:41
    Ronin, we presume? | 9:51
    The strongest Avenger | 10:36
    Hide and seek | 11:33
    The Guardians | 12:29
    Strange business | 13:50
    To the Infinity Stones and beyond | 15:03
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  • Looper
    Looper  5 months ago +2274

    What's your boldest prediction for Avengers: Endgame?

    • TheLio666
      TheLio666 13 days ago

      John Rodro well...she a lady that s why ...she can give birth don t 😇

    • Sabataj _
      Sabataj _ Month ago

      Matthew Britton This comment aged beautifully...

    • Isahia Valenzuela
      Isahia Valenzuela Month ago

      I think thanos will say I’m inevitable and iron man will say and I am iron man and it will become the highest grossing movie of all time And cap saying avengers assemble along with holding mjonir

    • smoovboov
      smoovboov Month ago

      its gona be shit

    • Marty Sings!
      Marty Sings! 2 months ago

      Yeah thonos dies

  • titibaba Titibaba
    titibaba Titibaba 22 days ago

    just watch avengers 1-3, civil war, ragnarok and grog 1-2

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig 25 days ago

    Who else watched all of Endgame, including all of the credits?

  • Bernardo Gomez
    Bernardo Gomez 26 days ago

    11:56 .....we were so wrong

  • Terry Sanders
    Terry Sanders 26 days ago

    I just love the way you guys are doing things for the next generation of super heroes but add some extra black girls and black men in there to get back to their own country and and they are being chased by the police department and they have to go back to their own place where they people are but you know that they are going back to kill them because they're going to kill us

  • Gacha_Zen 8020
    Gacha_Zen 8020 28 days ago +2

    Hahaha I watched this after endgame

  • ViraJ Gawand
    ViraJ Gawand Month ago

    "All fathers, let the big brinjal got to hell forever"

  • mastercheif1989
    mastercheif1989 Month ago

    The whole universe was saved by a rat!

  • Laureen Jill
    Laureen Jill Month ago

    the flying doughnut gets my attention

  • Dave in MD
    Dave in MD Month ago

    Decimation means to kill one in ten. It was an old Roman punishment. It doesn't mean to kill half of any group.

  • Saul Gomez
    Saul Gomez Month ago

    You know how thor almost killed thanos he can just take the stones so thanos can't snap

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    I didn't like that IRONMAN Had to Get the Stones H Sacrifice himself & snap his finger's. The reason, my Opinion, they had Starlord, the only one to ever hold a stone. Knowing Now that he's half a Celestial. He could of used the gauntlet. Plus, I think Starlord somehow has or is the ego stone. & that's why ZANDU Didn't Bring him to his father.

  • John Jay
    John Jay Month ago

    Wow. This Avengers thing looks good. I bet they're going to be really famous.

  • Onno van Buiten
    Onno van Buiten Month ago

    Ironman dies

  • manas sadhwani
    manas sadhwani Month ago

    How will Scott Lang come out of the quantum realm?
    A random mouse:- Hold my Cheese!

  • geoffrey mwangi
    geoffrey mwangi Month ago

    please help me i have been looking for the real movie every where and it is not in cinemas or internet I beg if you know where to find it on the internet for free please tell me

  • Vanlalhmangaiha Royte

    Maybe Ant Man could go inside Thanos body and then expand and then kill him in endgame

  • Vannah R
    Vannah R Month ago

    “The strongest hero in the mcu” 🤡

  • Ivan Knezevic
    Ivan Knezevic Month ago

    when the ENDGAME movie starts there is one song, can someone tell me which one, I'd like to find it ... thanks ..

  • Jill Austin
    Jill Austin Month ago

    Thank god I didn't watch this before Endgame. The suspense would've been gone 😑

  • Adam Saunders
    Adam Saunders Month ago

    IT IS NOT A DECIMATION!!! A DECIMATION WOVLD ONLY have KILLED OFF 1/ 10 beings in the vniverse... Techically it is a QVINQVIGINTAMATION

  • Jesse Gilbride
    Jesse Gilbride Month ago

    Too long, Looper, could've been edited down to about 12 minutes. But still, thanks.

  • ht H c db Gdyeusjevxtrsusisbx dtusjegsfet

    I am seeing this...

    ... After seeing endgame

  • Karate Blader
    Karate Blader 2 months ago +1

    Iron man dies
    Black widow dies
    Captain America gets old

  • Lily Fletcher
    Lily Fletcher 2 months ago

    Iron man dies

  • Kishawn McCarthy
    Kishawn McCarthy 2 months ago

    I think their gonna make a ultimate movie crossover where the accident one would come back to life to help fight the dark one

  • Nelson Carvalho
    Nelson Carvalho 2 months ago

    No I did not -_-

  • Chandra shaker
    Chandra shaker 2 months ago

    Redskull was the one who predicted end game...
    Not Dr. strange.

  • goku black
    goku black 2 months ago

    I watch end game 😥😥😥😥 iron man any way I looking at this and i saw end game 😂😂😂

  • Thomas Engelman
    Thomas Engelman 2 months ago +1

    Did you know: Hawkeye adopted the name of the kree warlord Ronan

  • Thomas Engelman
    Thomas Engelman 2 months ago +1

    I still call the benetar the melano

  • Mk Emk
    Mk Emk 2 months ago

    goodddddd job there, mhere

  • TheDetailsMatter
    TheDetailsMatter 2 months ago

    "Decimation" literally means "reduce by 1/10th." When Roman legions failed in their mission, their punishment would be to have one legionaire out of each ten summarily executed.
    Thanos reduced the life in the universe by half. (Actually, in Wakanda and on Titan, it seemed like he actually killed off five out of every seven.) "Decimation" does not adequately describe the effect of The Snap.

  • Llama Lord
    Llama Lord 2 months ago

    “As long as I concern, That’s America’s ass”
    -Ant Man

  • joelm33
    joelm33 2 months ago +1

    Even the greatest empires fall when they loos sight of good morals and a connection with reality. I hope that wont be true for this one

  • Wobbly Yapper
    Wobbly Yapper 2 months ago


  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda 2 months ago +1

    Likes: 69,000
    Balanced, as all things should be...

  • robloxian dude
    robloxian dude 2 months ago +1

    Legend mouse

  • NicolasP14
    NicolasP14 3 months ago +1

    Um, Im watching this after endgame does this count???

  • Krazy_Grim
    Krazy_Grim 3 months ago

    yet im watching it after ;)

  • Arkylie
    Arkylie 3 months ago

    Just realized that Dr. Strange surrendered the Time Stone because the only winning move he saw involved Tony Stark -- and if Thanos kills Tony here, all the various ways that Dr. Strange saw the rest play out all end in failure.

  • Daniel McDonald
    Daniel McDonald 3 months ago +1


  • Dj Realest
    Dj Realest 3 months ago

    DAM never new there 3 Priori Avenger ENDGAME Movies 😳

  • RC castle
    RC castle 3 months ago

    Marvel movies are shit and pathetic. None of those characters are legit or cool. The hulk and Spider-Man are probably the best marvel has and even them they aren’t as good as any dc character.

  • Fran 42
    Fran 42 3 months ago

    Looper español :v

  • ᴀsԍᴀʀᴅιᴀɴ נᴇᴅι

    I'm watching this for the first time after Endgame. I am a criminal.

  • Suffering indian
    Suffering indian 3 months ago

    Watch endgame again.

  • poppy smith
    poppy smith 3 months ago

    Infinity war should have been the last movie the ending was the best...........................

  • Durr Burger
    Durr Burger 3 months ago

    is it just me that infinity war thanos eyes is kinda asian and old thanos he has normal eyes

  • Mr Lego
    Mr Lego 3 months ago

    Whos here after seeing endgame?

  • Roy Hsieh
    Roy Hsieh 3 months ago

    well i have a bad feeling about the fox and disney merge thing.

  • Mario Alt
    Mario Alt 3 months ago +1

    No one saw the rat coming :)

  • Peter Blance
    Peter Blance 3 months ago

    would be ideal to get a recap on what has happened vs what is going to happen

  • Lil DC 43 The Young Mixed Rapper

    Marvel 4 Life

  • Unbrated
    Unbrated 3 months ago +4

    UGH Its the original 6. You getting it mixed up with the big 3

  • Unbrated
    Unbrated 3 months ago +1

    I watched every single mcu movie before endgame

  • Xx kitten the weeb xX
    Xx kitten the weeb xX 3 months ago

    i cried when iron man died in end game :((((

  • strange
    strange 3 months ago

    All Avengers heros againt one ..
    Now tell me .. now who is hero?

  • Windhi Wulandari
    Windhi Wulandari 3 months ago +1

    I got an Endgame Trailer Before This

  • Epicfacemaster !
    Epicfacemaster ! 3 months ago +2

    Really, i see a DC ad in a Marvel video

    • Zephy Mac
      Zephy Mac 3 months ago

      Epicfacemaster ! I saw aqua man