1000 Years Of Hairstyles (GAME)


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  • Rayden Manalang
    Rayden Manalang Hour ago

    My dog just died
    1 like = 1 🙏

  • Youngster Joey
    Youngster Joey 12 hours ago

    12:59 is Jen a furry?

  • Florian Riepenhausen
    Florian Riepenhausen 13 hours ago

    It is a Louis XIV, the problem is that he died in 1715. This kind of Hair was popular in the mid to late 17th century. In the 18th century powdered Whigs became more and more popular. That's an far to obvious mistake.

  • Matthew Jacobs
    Matthew Jacobs 23 hours ago

    Wow, Bethany is beautiful!

  • Paul Meranda
    Paul Meranda Day ago


  • wsmn1
    wsmn1 Day ago

    Anyone else notice the small jumpcut when Jen was talking? They never do jumpcuts so something must have happened lol

  • Michelle Lynn
    Michelle Lynn 2 days ago

    oh my god this is my second time watching this episode and I just realized their shuffleboard brooms have COMBS ON THEM LMAO 😂

  • Anime-Advents
    Anime-Advents 2 days ago

    That 1760's hairstyle is also worn by Weird Al Yankovic

  • Syed Usmani
    Syed Usmani 3 days ago

    Louis XIV’s reign ended in 1715 but ok

  • Tomas Green
    Tomas Green 4 days ago

    It's nice of GMM to perpetuate the stereotype that Americans are clueless about (world) history. ;)

  • David Read
    David Read 4 days ago

    I need that GMM Pomade

  • Drew Kirner
    Drew Kirner 5 days ago

    I thought Link was Marilyn Manson when I saw him at the start of the video.

  • Chinnea MLC
    Chinnea MLC 5 days ago


  • Craig X
    Craig X 6 days ago

    more like a bold hair mishap

    THE REAL TACO 6 days ago

    Your old hair was weird link

  • Balala
    Balala 6 days ago +1

    ellie's hairstyle is basically giorno's hairstyle from jojo's
    sorry for being a filthy weeb

    • Balala
      Balala 5 days ago

      +Bashful Wolfo really? Haha when I saw those loopy things on her head I immediately thought of giorno's loopy things lmao

    • Bashful Wolfo
      Bashful Wolfo 5 days ago

      I didn't even notice how similar the hair was until I saw this comment lmao

  • Shane Nelson
    Shane Nelson 6 days ago

    Bethany 😍😍

  • cmhiggins10
    cmhiggins10 6 days ago

    I appreciate the historical pictures. Definitely recognized the 1890 from Laura ingalls wilder!

  • Martin marty
    Martin marty 7 days ago


  • Spooky Sis
    Spooky Sis 7 days ago

    *You go girl!*
    Man I adore Links positivity 😃

  • Devin Fyock
    Devin Fyock 7 days ago

    Curly boi funny

  • Juliana Lidd
    Juliana Lidd 7 days ago

    1830 I love her

  • BurnThePope
    BurnThePope 7 days ago

    I find it comical how many people take old hair styles so seriously.

  • Noah Kuzel
    Noah Kuzel 7 days ago

    Rhett should have gotten the 1890 point because he at least guessed it right before he shuffle boardeded

  • Ricez
    Ricez 7 days ago +2

    I watched this in the afternoon.

  • Tracey Claver
    Tracey Claver 7 days ago

    I was wondering why their sticks looked like rakes and then I realized they used giant combs because HAIR.

  • nab 6215
    nab 6215 7 days ago

    Jen's face when they mention Star Wars is priceless.

  • TheGuyWhoCommntsEverywhere

    Why do I kinda feel like Jen looks like a man?

  • batu S
    batu S 7 days ago

    bethany looks cute

  • Josh francis
    Josh francis 7 days ago


  • Austin J
    Austin J 8 days ago

    Bethany >>

  • XN DR
    XN DR 8 days ago

    Emily looks like scarlet johanssen

  • Claude Black
    Claude Black 8 days ago

    Link got old 😂

  • G Dechman
    G Dechman 8 days ago

    Loved the tour in Toronto

  • The Half-Blood Gryffinpuff

    The Princess Bride was based on a true event in history.

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster 8 days ago

    I wish I could donate but im just a 12 year old

  • Rickster D.
    Rickster D. 8 days ago

    12:52 ???

  • stancakes
    stancakes 8 days ago

    the king louis hairstyle looks like brian may at his peak

  • Ben Schön
    Ben Schön 8 days ago

    6:37 I get it, Louis XIV
    Nice one

  • Gabe White
    Gabe White 8 days ago

    Jen is the bodyguard?

  • Hope Panda
    Hope Panda 8 days ago


  • jdssurf
    jdssurf 8 days ago

    Lmao jens hair.

  • jdssurf
    jdssurf 8 days ago

    The gel area should absolutely mean no points period, how weak to try and count it lol.

  • jdssurf
    jdssurf 8 days ago

    Dang Bethany is gorgeous. I mean everyone on here is good looking but man she is breathtaking to me lol. Lame I know lol.

  • Tristan Belangia
    Tristan Belangia 8 days ago

    What did that girl do to her hair at the end ...

  • Jamilah Karah
    Jamilah Karah 8 days ago

    6:38- Don’t lie, Cotton Candy Randy

  • elizabeth Rogers
    elizabeth Rogers 8 days ago

    Is that where the bun came from

    CRINGE MASTERS 8 days ago

    I still miss Link’s old hair. Bring it back! He can’t fly without his wings!

  • Alannis Ramos
    Alannis Ramos 8 days ago

    3:27 that’s what the girl in the love me not mv does to her hair lol

  • Inviscient
    Inviscient 8 days ago

    Damn Jen is buff

  • Lit Cat
    Lit Cat 8 days ago +1

    AHH LINK UR GLASSES WHYYYY THEY ARE SO WEIRD wait i just noticed they used Links old glasses for the heads

  • Devon Rutkowski
    Devon Rutkowski 8 days ago

    Loving Jordan more and more every time he's on an episode!! 😁

  • Future Marine
    Future Marine 9 days ago

    Jenn looks like Ronda rousey

  • dan pascal
    dan pascal 9 days ago

    The ladies looked good with the olden style hair!

  • Randall Is Here
    Randall Is Here 9 days ago

    3rd person looks like Weird Al

  • Maille Uyehara
    Maille Uyehara 9 days ago

    “It never goes out of style.” -Link. See Brian May for proof.

  • Lycio TM
    Lycio TM 9 days ago

    I just realized that Year Eye was a play on Queer Eye

  • LaurenTiare
    LaurenTiare 9 days ago

    Ok let's back up just a *hair*

  • Madeleine Mcilroy
    Madeleine Mcilroy 9 days ago

    I love the 1940’s hair

  • TheHunter
    TheHunter 9 days ago

    hey there george

  • TheGateOfTruth
    TheGateOfTruth 9 days ago

    Why even push him off on round 4? Just shoot it at an angle and leave him alone

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee 9 days ago

    I looove The Princess Bride references (my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die)

  • Savannah Grace
    Savannah Grace 9 days ago

    Rhett and link are legit giants rhett's 6'7 and link's 6'0

  • Jonas Fosbøl
    Jonas Fosbøl 9 days ago

    I would love to see this but with historical beard styles

  • Two Faced
    Two Faced 9 days ago

    2:57 Literally

  • Nicco's World
    Nicco's World 9 days ago

    never has link looked more like a grandpa than in that shirt 😂💕

  • The Black Nostalgia Nerd

    First time seeing jordan outside of being cotton candy randy

  • thethunderbird87
    thethunderbird87 9 days ago

    I was born in 1987. I don't know anything about my family's history other than that my mother's paternal grandmother was born in 1900, but I can tell you that none of my my great grandparents or even great, great grandparents were alive in the 1830s

  • Dr Drooky
    Dr Drooky 9 days ago

    Jen looks buffed up

  • Carlos Tapia
    Carlos Tapia 9 days ago

    Is the last girl a transgender?

  • Bloo
    Bloo 9 days ago

    Year eye with 2 straight guys... wow, I love that

  • Maddie Walmsley
    Maddie Walmsley 9 days ago

    Why does link remind me of steve jobs in this vid x

  • Ruben Haak
    Ruben Haak 9 days ago

    13:30 that's a nice chest

  • Flunny Bopper
    Flunny Bopper 9 days ago

    I went from lil peep to good mythical morning... thats one way to mix it up youtube

  • Tara Rose Cardinal
    Tara Rose Cardinal 9 days ago

    As a fashion historian and vintage hairstylist I am smh this whole video, you guys are fantabulous though!

  • Elastic Inc.
    Elastic Inc. 9 days ago

    Where I went to preschool it was in between a church and a St. Jude hospital I miss those days

  • Vina Le
    Vina Le 10 days ago +12

    I will add a 🥑 every time someone likes this comment.
    I’ll start:

  • AvengedKyle
    AvengedKyle 10 days ago

    Old hair Link mannequin was great!

  • Soup Dish
    Soup Dish 10 days ago

    3:21 I guessed it right in the IG story. I got it from the Whitney Worez music video, “Love Me Not”.

  • DK 124
    DK 124 10 days ago

    Bethany is gorgeous!

  • Rather Decent Animations -

    Jordan sporting a Danny hair cut

  • Joseph M
    Joseph M 10 days ago

    Brad Link

  • Cryzk
    Cryzk 10 days ago

    11:05 why does she look so scared

  • Waymon Nicolitz
    Waymon Nicolitz 10 days ago

    Why isn't this on trending, like all their vids were

  • daverdlap LaPierre
    daverdlap LaPierre 10 days ago


  • Doug Alexander
    Doug Alexander 10 days ago

    Jordan has quickly become my favorite of the mythical crew. He is genuinely hilarious.

  • The Onion of Great Power


  • Cosmo2727
    Cosmo2727 10 days ago

    Damn. Bethany’s a good looking woman.

  • Mystic Bannanas
    Mystic Bannanas 10 days ago

    I actually really like the 1830's and 1890's hairstyles they did

  • Kaitlyn
    Kaitlyn 10 days ago

    Love the shuffle board episodes!

  • Joey Conroy
    Joey Conroy 10 days ago

    Shoutout to OSHA, i freaking spit my drink out Lol

  • Louie le King
    Louie le King 10 days ago

    Dang! Emily makes that first one work!

  • A Little child
    A Little child 10 days ago +1

    Jordan is Cotton Candy Randy

  • Icy Blackout
    Icy Blackout 10 days ago

    Shout out to my Louisiana dudes

  • MrSlitherMan
    MrSlitherMan 10 days ago

    So what happened in between editing? 12:50 between 12:52..there is clearly some editing done! What was said or done?! It's killing me!

  • Jacopo Carboncini
    Jacopo Carboncini 10 days ago

    Bettany is so beautiful 😍

  • CapTrainT
    CapTrainT 10 days ago

    Jen works out too much, she looks like a man now.

  • Haruki Shirota
    Haruki Shirota 10 days ago


  • Eva Vox
    Eva Vox 10 days ago

    Jordan gets more ridiculous every appearance and I love and support it.

  • Gemma Smith
    Gemma Smith 10 days ago

    Is there any chance you can stop revealing the answers on the screen? We love to play along at home and have to try and shield our eyes/cover a part of the screen every time it flashes up 😁😁