Game Of Thrones // Burlington Bar Reactions // S8E2 "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms" Part 2!

  • Published on Apr 23, 2019
  • We get on with the Schmaltz before the Slaughter with Part 2 Episode 2 of Season 8 of GoT "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms!!" Get full uncut uncensored FULL Reactions, and video of our live after show podcast, plus tons of other great content via
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  • Lialop Kastenhuber
    Lialop Kastenhuber 3 days ago

    10:42 she's really feeling it XDD

  • Praetorian Tiberius
    Praetorian Tiberius 2 months ago

    6:40 When your boss tells you an unfunny joke

  • John Stark
    John Stark 3 months ago

    People cheering for that Arya scene with Gendry ? Was I the only one crying out of jealousy ? Oh wait, I kinda forgot most people are all over Daenarys

  • Rhaenyra Reigns
    Rhaenyra Reigns 4 months ago

    Night's King (13th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch) =/= Night King (show only Other).
    Never mix the two, these are completely different characters.

  • james mason
    james mason 4 months ago

    That woman laughs like belatrix lestrange from Harry Potter

  • DJ Hasonshi
    DJ Hasonshi 4 months ago


  • Jane
    Jane 4 months ago

    1:20 I love the Tormund stunt double

  • David Sastre
    David Sastre 4 months ago +1


  • David Sastre
    David Sastre 4 months ago +1

    There is a hipster Tormund in that bar

  • Michael Crowe
    Michael Crowe 4 months ago

    I know that one guy at the bar's gesture of thanks for a new drink to be honorable and true.

  • 3elumxaH Shaipov
    3elumxaH Shaipov 4 months ago

    Tormund the best))))))))))

  • Lord Bloodraven
    Lord Bloodraven 4 months ago

    That awkward moment when the cheering stops...
    Well, that just happened.

  • The Living Lipid
    The Living Lipid 4 months ago

    Gaaaaaaahd i cannot emphasize how i hate herrrrr! The way she sipped that straw at 2:48 ughhh. I never hated someone this much after umbridged.

  • Michael
    Michael 4 months ago +1

    The wolf just got herself a stag for the feast to enjoy.

  • Michael
    Michael 4 months ago +1

    Arya & Gendry scene
    Girls: Yessssss, you go girl!!!!!!!!
    Men: No No No No No No No No!

  • FatPlaysGames
    FatPlaysGames 4 months ago

    7:39 the woman with the necklace seems to be one of the only people who got how heartwarming that line was coming from the Hound

  • Han Thomas
    Han Thomas 4 months ago

    Oh come on.. literally NONE of the guys react to Arya's sex scene? That was the only scene in the whole season so far that had me on the sofa jumping up and down! Something is wrong here. ;)

  • Kurt Wagner
    Kurt Wagner 4 months ago

    Dude at 10:35 ‘s face is gold

  • Christie Piersol
    Christie Piersol 4 months ago

    Giant's milk, it does a body good. :P

  • Polaris007
    Polaris007 4 months ago

    this is the most hipster shit ive ever seen... love it tho

  • Y U R I
    Y U R I 4 months ago

    10:38 hahaha that reaction from that girl...

  • Darin Rothwell
    Darin Rothwell 4 months ago

    Fan girl working that fan on overtime during Arya and Gendry's sex scene. lol

  • jimjimmyjames59
    jimjimmyjames59 4 months ago +1

    I knew something would happen with those two. I love how all the women are totally on board with this.

  • Ramneek Chowhan
    Ramneek Chowhan 4 months ago

    At 10:43 girl is having an orgasm

  • Advent3546
    Advent3546 4 months ago +1

    After Tormmund's and him slamming down that milk, we know who truly deserves to sit on the Iron Throne.

  • Vienna Felix
    Vienna Felix 4 months ago

    This episode was the first ever GoT episode I watched on TV. I was watching it with my family (my youngest siblings are 9 & 7) when Arya and Gendry’s scene came out I decided that I would watch the next episodes alone, during the night and on my laptop.

  • Mario Gonzalez
    Mario Gonzalez 4 months ago

    10:42 she’s just got an orgasm

  • Información Importante

    10:42 The lady in black is having an orgasm?

  • Thomas H
    Thomas H 4 months ago

    I'd consider offing myself if I was in that bar.

  • Thomas H
    Thomas H 4 months ago +1

    That woman next to the green hair is putting on some sort of performance it is creepy.

    • Jayfive276
      Jayfive276 4 months ago

      No. No no. Some people are just expressive. I've met people like that.

  • S
    S 4 months ago

    Breeder central

  • eibbor171
    eibbor171 4 months ago

    berric is the johoviss witness of westeros

  • André Veronez
    André Veronez 4 months ago

    Who's the guy in the middle at 4:04?

  • Christian Juntunen
    Christian Juntunen 4 months ago

    Why blurring it?

  • Shreyash Singh
    Shreyash Singh 4 months ago

    Tormund : We're all going to die
    People in the bar : That's some insane level of funny

  • Bradley Williamson
    Bradley Williamson 4 months ago

    GOT character: Hey
    The Bar: Hahahahahhahahahahahhahaahahahaahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • Roos Smit
    Roos Smit 4 months ago

    i don't like the Arya and Gendry scene at all! i had a very different reaction than most of the people in this bar haha.

  • Yordan Yordanov
    Yordan Yordanov 4 months ago +1

    Nothing personal but 1:43 .. thats a meme material over there

  • xJohn Playerx
    xJohn Playerx 4 months ago +1

    6:44 green hair lady competing with savage man! 😂

  • Lara Beilby
    Lara Beilby 4 months ago

    Tormund has a drinking problem... Someone get him a bib.

  • abomanalsnowkat112
    abomanalsnowkat112 4 months ago

    Kinda funny how the men's reactions to the Arya/Gendry scene is apparently mostly negative ("nonono", visible disgust, shaking heads, that "little sister" nonsense) while the women are excited and in full on "GO GET 'IM" mode.

    RYAAAAAAAAN 4 months ago

    10:51 Sounds like a fucking witch dafuq

  • PotatoAim
    PotatoAim 4 months ago

    Wait no Podrick reactions WTF?!

  • anoop shukla
    anoop shukla 4 months ago

    Most of people seems to be not happy when saw Arya scene ....

  • DutchDread
    DutchDread 4 months ago

    There is a witch somewhere in the crowd.

  • Benjámin Kurilla
    Benjámin Kurilla 4 months ago

    What about Castle Black? Was it evacuated as per Jon's orders, or was it slaughtered?

  • MaxVegas100
    MaxVegas100 4 months ago

    Fun reactions as always. Where is the DD woman who is usually with the 2 girls :) her reactions are always good

  • Ryan E1097
    Ryan E1097 4 months ago +1

    Lmao the one bald haired girl cried the whole time 😂

  • Micheal Sudan
    Micheal Sudan 4 months ago

    Theres a major Flaw in Game of Thrones. Im a student of medical science and i have to say this , If the Unsullied has their testes or genitals choped off from young age they wont be able to produce testosterone and therefore wont be able to fight as well as they do. They are potrayed as the toughest warriors with really high physical attributes but without testosterone in their blood they wont be able to perform as well. Someone please answer?

  • Cem Celen
    Cem Celen 4 months ago

    i want in 10:42 black tank milf like HELLLLL

  • Crossdraweb
    Crossdraweb 4 months ago

    Tormund the most romantic man of GOT ;)

  • Milo San-B
    Milo San-B 4 months ago

    10:41 she warged into Arya

  • j0hnn13K
    j0hnn13K 4 months ago

    Lots of people are sure Grey Worm will die, and he might... but i think he wont, it will be Missandei who dies.
    Think about it, he just took a new oath, he promised to take her to Naath, and defend her people, this is a promise .. an oath.
    He will keep his promise, take her to her final resting place, in Naath, and mourn her loss for the rest of his life, sworn to defend her family and loved ones.

  • Flavio Garcia
    Flavio Garcia 4 months ago

    Meanwhile the TRUMP house commands the Americans ... where are the other houses? FROM BRAZIL.

  • karan Lochab
    karan Lochab 4 months ago

    Your videos are great but the Mario tune spoils everything!! Pls do something about it.

  • Furkan Bozdag
    Furkan Bozdag 4 months ago

    you guys are just retarded

  • King Wacky
    King Wacky 4 months ago

    The sex scene with Arya was super weird. Yes I know she is 22 in real life but it still felt weird! I don't know why but it almost felt like watching a sex scene with my best friend or little sister.

  • Oof
    Oof 4 months ago

    10:16 that dude is like
    “She 18 right?”

  • 5Waya
    5Waya 4 months ago

    When tf did this become a comedy

  • Ms.Kaibaoh
    Ms.Kaibaoh 4 months ago

    The old guy was happy when they kissed, but when Arya started to take off her cloths he was like" NOO this isn't right" XD