HACKED!: 6V Electric Generator UPGRADE to 12V!

  • Published on Jun 16, 2019
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    In this HACKED! episode we will have a closer look at the electric generator of an old Simson moped. I will tell you a bit about how such an electric generator creates energy and afterwards modify the Simson one. This way we will convert the 6V electrical system of the moped into a 12V one. Let's get started!
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  • Victory First
    Victory First 4 days ago

    Nice job changing the voltage from six to twelve on the small bike. If I need any advice to change mine I will let you know. Thanks

  • KD gány :D
    KD gány :D Month ago


  • Nyarmith
    Nyarmith Month ago

    I liked this video but I hate the title.

    UNITY Month ago


  • Jonath Wyllams
    Jonath Wyllams 2 months ago

    Man, it's time to build a eletric motorcycle...

  • Young Drone
    Young Drone 2 months ago

    Use a ac to dc 2/4 diode. And then step it up. 😉 To 12v

  • Frederico dos Santos
    Frederico dos Santos 2 months ago

    Me and friends is funny

  • Josh Fixes All!
    Josh Fixes All! 2 months ago

    I'm confused, why not just use a boost converter 6v -> 12v for modern accessories, and saves you a few days of work

  • TrollFaceTheMan
    TrollFaceTheMan 2 months ago

    Another cool project, but in terms of Headlights why not simply switch to an led set? You'd get brighter output with less power being easier on the circuit and actually saving a small amount of gas during its life.

  • TrollFaceTheMan
    TrollFaceTheMan 2 months ago

    Edit: Funny to see how many others made the same joke XD

  • Felix
    Felix 2 months ago

    alle Liken die aus Deutschland kommen und wegen dem "Pohlradabzieher" wissen das er normalerweise Deutsch spricht xd ; )

  • Aurelio Jimenez
    Aurelio Jimenez 2 months ago

    Fck yes...cool man!

  • Alacritous
    Alacritous 3 months ago

    I love your videos. I never miss one. But every time I watch you solder on perfboard or whatever and see how much solder you go through, I start worrying about future world solder supplies.

  • The Bish
    The Bish 3 months ago

    I was with you all the way up to simply.

  • PC Man
    PC Man 3 months ago

    jawa ?

  • Ri5ux
    Ri5ux 4 months ago

    You want to upgrade to a 55W headlight, but instead could have put in a lower power LED headlight that consumed less power, put out more light, and you wouldn't have had to redesign anything to allow for extra power consumption.

  • Torsten Persson
    Torsten Persson 4 months ago

    Very interesting! I would like to convert my old, battery less, motorcycle from 6 to 12 volt. It only have a induction and a zener like what is mentioned in the video. How do I calculate the size of the induction spool?

  • Eduardo Garcia
    Eduardo Garcia 4 months ago

    Can I ask you to hack these cheap Bluetooth 5.0 true wireless IEM’s? These look like promising until they have a arm processor,’flash storage and a OS running on it. Could it be modified to auto apply equalization ou run some custom code?
    It’s a rtl8763bfr Realtek SoC based units!
    Just for reference I’m using one of a brand name QCY model T1 (generic, very cheap and impressively good sound quality), but there also others like xiaomi air dots for example that uses the same SoC

  • Q R
    Q R 4 months ago


  • Ryuuken24
    Ryuuken24 4 months ago

    Seems more like you love ridding it than taking care of the thing, dirty and rusted to hell.

  • Juraj Konečný
    Juraj Konečný 4 months ago

    ZIMZON yay

  • Jonathas Castro
    Jonathas Castro 4 months ago

    Lm7812 is best

  • gigi gigiotto
    gigi gigiotto 4 months ago

    why not buying a led headlight?

  • nadepp
    nadepp 5 months ago

    hey scott, please explain why induction motor cannot use bldc motor controller please @GreatScott!

  • WaynesWorkVlog
    WaynesWorkVlog 5 months ago

    just add a 12v rectifier.

  • AliReza Sadeghi
    AliReza Sadeghi 5 months ago

    You can also simply use a relay in between battery and the charger's output and power it by charger's input voltage to connect battery to the charger only while its working and disconnect battery from the charger while its not working to avoid diode's small amounts of leakage.

  • Guido Berenstein
    Guido Berenstein 5 months ago

    Is it also possible to connect the battery charger coil and the light coil in series an run the light straight from the battery?

  • Viro Science
    Viro Science 5 months ago +1

    is sponsored by pcb manufacturer
    uses perfboard smh

  • rcbot original
    rcbot original 5 months ago

    Alte Scheiße ist dad Geil!!! Da spart man sich die Vape

  • ProjektHeld
    ProjektHeld 5 months ago

    Interessantes Video, bin auch Simson Fahrer und habe meine Simson auch schon genau so umgebaut!

  • Wesley Grenfell
    Wesley Grenfell 5 months ago

    Excellent idea. Great and readily available voltage regulator. Would have liked it if you calculated the total impedence of the two coils and made use of a filter circuit.

  • Nitish Isad
    Nitish Isad 5 months ago

    Why don't just rewire the light directly via DC supply, and voltage could be adjusted by buck boost converter. LEDs could be ideal then.

  • m kolkman
    m kolkman 5 months ago


  • Jang Kodera
    Jang Kodera 5 months ago

    Geil Simme fahren! :D

  • Bora Yurtoren
    Bora Yurtoren 5 months ago

    Nice project, but why not use a buck converter and waste less energy on heating up a heatsink?

  • Sachin ET
    Sachin ET 5 months ago

    Can you please do a video on charging lithium ion and Ni-Cad batteries, i actually have 2 or 3 lying around but can't use them in my simple projects because of not knowing how to charge it properly.

  • Gabriel Văduva
    Gabriel Văduva 5 months ago

    Make a video about a peltier.

  • Humayl Fayyaz
    Humayl Fayyaz 5 months ago +1

    Help me make a video on improving ps vita adding a small much better external Gpu and cpu that work in the place of internal ones and add a small air cooler, add more battery remove unwanted things make ps vita more fatty by adding a 3D printed piece between front case and back case add usb thou c port remove sim slot and add some useful thing there make use of external port on ps vita make it better and do it all on ps vita 1000 please reply to me yes or no this is a big challenge make and release every video with a part of doing every thing separate please do it accept the challenge the people who agree with me hit like there are many people out there who want this reply soon sorry for my bad English just wanna to upgrade ps vita to play PS3 games

  • Himanshu Kalra
    Himanshu Kalra 5 months ago


  • Ettienne Coetzee
    Ettienne Coetzee 5 months ago

    Dear GreatScott, your channel is really awesome! I am playing around with capacitive encoders, like the ones you can find on rotary encoders or digital vernier digital calipers, but I'm getting stuck. Is there any way to DIY such sensors (they seem to be made of specific PCB layouts that produce the variable capacitive effect. Thanks for the awesome content!

  • Cindy Williams
    Cindy Williams 5 months ago

    i like to drink coffee (a hot coffee) but it so fast to get cold, can you make a cup that can warm/hot that coffee ?

  • Peque Lay
    Peque Lay 5 months ago

    Awesome project. Good working prototype, probably needs measures to control vibration effects like weakened solder joints (heatsink mass) and waterproofing (silicone coating everything).

  • Ghulam Khadar
    Ghulam Khadar 5 months ago

    When I was in 2class I have done this experiment with a car Dc motor how they produce the current,35 years before

  • Shane Pudner
    Shane Pudner 5 months ago

    Really enjoyed this episode, you combined two of my favourite topics, bikes and electronics!

  • TechniSpace
    TechniSpace 5 months ago

    a great hack

  • TheRobb573
    TheRobb573 5 months ago

    I've turned my 49cc TaoTao moped into a ridable 750 watt generator. The charging system charges around 15 volts, but everything works fine. Not to mention I have a nitrous kit installed, and soon a 12 volt "turbo" kit! I love this thing!

  • Dalli
    Dalli 5 months ago

    My Simson was stolen 2 Years agoi :-) had as well the 6V generator

  • Paul Adams
    Paul Adams 5 months ago

    Gday mate... I’d like to speak to you about a project I’d like to do.
    I want to know, if it’s possible to create 415v from an alternator type device?

  • Shubham Chavan
    Shubham Chavan 5 months ago

    Sir can you take the cources full details of 3d printings or similar something

  • daimonmt
    daimonmt 5 months ago

    Would it not be cheaper and quicker to fit a used larger 12v motorbike rectifier regulator? More compact too and less risky for any electrical mishaps. Just my 2 cents worth. Great work as usual Scott.

  • Neko Imouto
    Neko Imouto 5 months ago

    wonder what the TÜV's opinion on this mod is.

  • Zitrone250
    Zitrone250 5 months ago

    des is voll lustig wie du so richtig deitsch englisch redest ;D

  • steve c
    steve c 5 months ago

    This solution is not going to work for very long with the headlight on since the LM317 can't provide enough current to keep the battery charged with the lights on. I would eliminate it altogether and connect the output straight to the battery. The headlight is basically running off the generator after a few minutes when the battery starts to get discharged so the generator has to provide enough current to handle the entire load of everything on the moped that will be using power including the all the lights and charging the battery as well or the battery will go dead in no time! Yamaha motorcycle models XS650, XS750 and XS100 used to have this problem because the generator didn't provide enough current at idle to charge the battery with the headlight on and after everyone started riding with their lights on all the time the battery would go dead if you were sitting very long in slow traffic.

  • francis hosey
    francis hosey 5 months ago

    Great info but I didn’t see your reasonintnall the way with most of the things you decided to do. Like why you chose sizes resistors and how much the system actually put out and why you chose the new coil. How man turns did the coil have . Stuff like thet

  • devesh rai
    devesh rai 6 months ago

    Absolutely brilliant😊😊

  • Abhi RAm
    Abhi RAm 6 months ago

    Why can't we use boost converters?

  • gareth ronaldo
    gareth ronaldo 6 months ago +1

    yeah here we go again a good project 👍 keep up the good work and dont kill this channel with cheap tools ... dont mean cheap solutions 🙂

  • Brandon Brand
    Brandon Brand 6 months ago

    Excellent conversation Scott!

  • Scott Williams
    Scott Williams 6 months ago

    More moped videos please!! :-D

  • Rayan Jahin
    Rayan Jahin 6 months ago

    FULL BRIDGE RECTIFIERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!