Weekend Update: Impeachment Hearing Testimony - SNL

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week's biggest news, like Marie Yovanovitch testifying at the public Trump impeachment hearings.
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Comments • 2 269

  • Maryam Dadar
    Maryam Dadar 6 hours ago


  • cretsam
    cretsam 5 days ago

    Would you mindddd? Lol

  • In fo
    In fo 12 days ago

    Check out the Impeachment Advent Calendar thexvid.com/video/bvUsIK2Qmrg/video.html

  • JetBlackBerry
    JetBlackBerry 13 days ago

    Colin Nixon Jost lmao

  • Richard Ian Tracy
    Richard Ian Tracy 17 days ago

    You take your nasty ass to Bing!

  • Tori Hairston
    Tori Hairston 18 days ago

    You are my favorite two people on this planet

  • G Sam
    G Sam 19 days ago

    They reached for the Collin/White Race/Hitler joke- in that Stephen Miller, evil as he may look- couldn't look (or actual be in real life) more Jewish. The payoff was good (and don't think for a second Colin wasn't the main writer on that joke) but the setup was a reach, all I'm sayin.

  • Paige
    Paige 19 days ago

    I’m crying omfg Collin

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 19 days ago

    Lol all of Hitlers higher ups looked like Goebbels even hitler ...

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 19 days ago

    2:00 Che sounding like illuminati

  • FlashakaViolet
    FlashakaViolet 19 days ago

    Michael’s got a point

  • Hassan b
    Hassan b 20 days ago

    Don't forget Steven miller is a Jewish and his own family are immigrant from east Europe and they are Nazi camp servivor

  • GWM M
    GWM M 20 days ago +1

    Well it looks like SNL is still NOT funny,, guess I will check next year.

  • David Turner
    David Turner 20 days ago

    And SNL is the communist channel that The majority of Americans think is trash.

  • Jacob Abdo
    Jacob Abdo 20 days ago

    michael che: is black
    also michael che: i'm cool with the judicial system punishing innocent people

  • comey2610
    comey2610 21 day ago

    I have to say Colin does look as if he has German ancestry. 😂

  • Michal Hrdý
    Michal Hrdý 21 day ago +4

    "who do you think hitler would wanna be friends with?" the way i screamed, the split screen 😂😂😂😂

  • Mung Bean
    Mung Bean 21 day ago

    woke comedy unfunny

  • GHN1013
    GHN1013 21 day ago

    Is it just me or Micheal Che getting more and more cringy every week?? Are they purposely writing bad jokes for him, or is his deliveries just becoming worst??

  • George Feist
    George Feist 21 day ago


  • George Feist
    George Feist 21 day ago


  • George Feist
    George Feist 21 day ago


  • Julia T
    Julia T 21 day ago

    Colin Jost's face would be great for role of exemplary Nazi officer. Perfect Aryan face :)

  • quiet me
    quiet me 21 day ago

    people are asking to see trump's tax return which i think is really screwed up. No one knows everyone's elses tax returns. A lot of drug attics are given jobs (do not know why, i think they need to be homeless)and they waste their hard earned money on drugs for decades making drug traffickers, drug lords rich while they become poor in the process, no one is asking to see their tax returns. Then you got these U.S. rich men and women texting foreign people online that live on another continent, these crazy people say they are in love with these foreigners even though they never even seen the woman or man's face and sending thousands of dollars to these foreigners (possibly terrorists) and nobody has put these stupid rich people in prison for it. And why they doing this weird shit and why does it show americans on t.v. marrying or having kids with foreigners just so they can stay in the U.S. I think it's wrong and sick. There are plenty of single americans here in the U.S. so WTF! Doesn't make any sense. The U.S. is already too over populated but americans are saying lets bring bunch more foreigners over here, and make more babies so there are no more RESOURCES. CRAZY SHIT. On news it showed foreign couple with a baby that came here and even bought a house in one of our neighborhoods, just to go down the street one day to bomb a bunch of people, that is sick. americans are still like (lets give them a bunch of money and help them stay in the U.S. or buy drugs and weapons on their continent). That pisses me off. Instead of americans supporting terrorists they should instead help all good homeless americans. There is increasing homeless in america.That sucks. SO SAD. Do americans want to lose all their homes and jobs? Because that's whats happening.

  • Rick Baker
    Rick Baker 21 day ago

    Adam Schiff really did try to get nud3 pictures from (who he THOUGHT) were Russians. He got prank called.

  • Mikko Rintasaari
    Mikko Rintasaari 21 day ago

    ROFL, that was awesome :D

  • Thomas Hernandez
    Thomas Hernandez 22 days ago

    Is Michael saying Miller is J******? (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

  • Dr. I. B. Safe
    Dr. I. B. Safe 22 days ago

    Superior face to encourage uplifting a superior race?!

  • sapna627
    sapna627 22 days ago

    saying we want trump to go to jail whether he is guilty or not makes us look bad. especially when there are so many things he is obviously guilty of.

  • LaughingSaint
    LaughingSaint 22 days ago

    This and ozzman is how I get my real news 😂🤙🏽🤪

  • luisfveloz
    luisfveloz 22 days ago

    I am a dude, and he is.

  • Maya Seybold
    Maya Seybold 22 days ago

    Not even Melania wants Donald Trump’s nudes

  • sorry mrgoogle
    sorry mrgoogle 22 days ago

    So basically a black dude is suggesting that it would be okay to treat Trump how black people claim they have been treated for decades.
    Way to take the high road.
    Perspectives like this will get Trump acquitted (if that is the proper term), then reelected.
    Protip: impeachment only deals with expulsion from office. Otherwise Clinton would have gone to jail for perjury (a felony).
    Which seems okay to me because he seems to just be upholding the law and practicing pragmatic deplomacy and politicing.
    As you would expect from someone very successful in the business world that was transplanted into politics. He does what works.

  • sorry mrgoogle
    sorry mrgoogle 22 days ago

    Right, and calling people a big dumb baby is very sophisticated, concise, and prudent.

  • Weik-293
    Weik-293 23 days ago

    Nunes is the only one who wants those naked pictures

  • Ken
    Ken 23 days ago

    So Che couldn't bother himself to even do his only job for the week. All he has to do is write a couple of bad jokes and he couldn't even get that done. Just the usual race comments, which you can hear from any black guy if you wait for 10 seconds.

  • Seán O'Brien
    Seán O'Brien 23 days ago

    That's funny stuff.

  • Joe Smitg
    Joe Smitg 23 days ago

    Saturday night liberals

  • ed denz
    ed denz 23 days ago

    As expected not funny
    What ever happened to SNL?

  • Samuel Mackey
    Samuel Mackey 23 days ago +41

    I hate my phone sometimes. When Colin said "Google Donald Trump nudes", my phone looked it up.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 23 days ago

    Give it up SNL. Train left the station. Lost audience long time ago.

  • Lancaster Responding
    Lancaster Responding 23 days ago

    They iced the Spice

  • Danny Luna
    Danny Luna 23 days ago

    Dude, WTF is going on with SNL. Nothing was funny. Come one people, make SNL GREAT AGAIN!!!

  • cell pat
    cell pat 24 days ago

    Ché is going to have to get out from behind that desk soon and do the weekend update like an Eddie Murphy concert. And Colin is going to need a glass booth to sit inside of.
    4:24 - "just take the complement bro, you're beautiful!"
    4:27 - "well, thank you."
    LoL 😆!!

  • Zach Rayburn
    Zach Rayburn 24 days ago

    I miss seth

  • ludgatecircus15
    ludgatecircus15 24 days ago

    Che, well, represents the worst of the progressive left, of which I am a member. Wanting Trump to be punished, even if he is innocent? So, just ignore the Bill of Rights? Antifa rules now? You are making us all look like we are crazy! This is EXACTLY the kind of attitude that drives conservatives (in particular the MAGA groups) to attack. Why do that? As you can see, it is neither funny or ethically defensible. He should shut his mouth on that topic. Frankly, the writing at SNL is very bad this year. Trump and Race jokes are the low hanging fruit today. TRY SOMETHING MORE AMBITIOUS SNL! Those jokes write themselves and they often are not very good.....Che.

  • Emaniel Jerry
    Emaniel Jerry 24 days ago

    Can y'all label the weekend updates

  • Handsome White Devil
    Handsome White Devil 24 days ago

    Wow, Che just let the secret out.
    I'm kidding... It's never been a secret.

  • Hard Talk With Mark Wood

    Lets send a man to jail for nothing and he asks would we mind. Lets send you both to jail for nothing and see how fair that is.

  • Aesthetic Bubbles
    Aesthetic Bubbles 24 days ago

    *knife murders*

  • Aesthetic Bubbles
    Aesthetic Bubbles 24 days ago

    Dora:Hey! Youll never learn how to read fatty

  • Sarah Goodman
    Sarah Goodman 24 days ago

    I am Michael Che when it comes to the news anymore. 😂

  • Metal army
    Metal army 24 days ago +1

    Jordan completely destroyed the Democrats main witness credibility .

  • Doc Holliday
    Doc Holliday 24 days ago

    I think making fun of the Democrats would be a lot more comical...

  • peka pepek
    peka pepek 24 days ago

    People, Democrats should be JUDGED for sabotage and boardwalk. They don 't do anything or let the president work. Spit on 50% of the US population who chose the president. And Trump does so much well for the United States and the world, despite these Democratic subterfuge. JUDGE AND IMMEDIATELY!

  • Debra Miller
    Debra Miller 24 days ago

    LMAO, would anyone know if this is scripted? Did Colin know that stuff was gonna be said? He looks genuinely surprised 🤣

  • Eric Ward
    Eric Ward 24 days ago

    The Fox commentator is the channel’s token lib. So no, Fox doesn’t think trashing Yovanovitch is a bad idea.

  • Ssugakookiezz
    Ssugakookiezz 24 days ago +1

    I like how snl takes their skits not as seriously and some people just end up laughing 😂

  • Ricky
    Ricky 24 days ago

    Colin actually looks a lot like Richard Spencer

  • Michael Hood
    Michael Hood 24 days ago

    You Got Fox News Straight UP
    That was Perfect 👹👹👹🤒🤒🤒😎😎😎😎