REAL Data Recovery - Linus Swaps Hard Drive Actuator!

  • Published on Mar 26, 2018
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    Linus teams up with DriveSavers to actually DO some tech repair work. How does it go? Watch and find out.
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Comments • 4 276

  • Daxx George
    Daxx George 4 days ago

    U got it

  • Hayden Davidson
    Hayden Davidson 4 days ago


  • Nathan Reid
    Nathan Reid 5 days ago

    11:25 yes

  • beast651000
    beast651000 6 days ago

    What witchcraft did this dude pull with his hands at 7:11????

  • Ryuki Sanzu
    Ryuki Sanzu 7 days ago

    I'd say it probably will work 11:19

  • John Ward
    John Ward 7 days ago

    Is it ironic that next recommended video for me is Linus saying "Don't waste $1,000 on Data Recovery"...

  • Bilal Baig
    Bilal Baig 8 days ago

    I hate Linus is constantly moving his hole body and arms like a spring which sometimes is really annoying he's a like a fuckin' bobble head neck spring. I love his videos but his body motion is awkward.

  • Senpho
    Senpho 8 days ago

    I bet you got it

  • Romanian Productions


  • Valperci Nabanalan
    Valperci Nabanalan 9 days ago

    This is why Asians knew Kungfu

  • Wassermensch
    Wassermensch 10 days ago

    you got it!

  • BoostAddict
    BoostAddict 10 days ago

    I'm guessing he did it.

  • Rex blast
    Rex blast 11 days ago

    I think you did it

  • Daan
    Daan 12 days ago

    I'm gonna say yes

  • The ROKCER
    The ROKCER 12 days ago

    i guess he diddent get it tomuch wiggle ?

  • De-Bunk-Ed
    De-Bunk-Ed 12 days ago

    You got it

  • IRMacGuyver
    IRMacGuyver 15 days ago

    I'm sitting here waiting for #linusdroptips and the suspense is litterally triggering my anxiety disorder.

  • Tyler C
    Tyler C 15 days ago

    So Linus just doesn't know how to wear a surgical mask

  • Itsmaverick11
    Itsmaverick11 16 days ago

    11:26 you did get data off, but not all recovered

  • Thomas Miller
    Thomas Miller 16 days ago

    Betting he killed it

  • JediSlayer2003
    JediSlayer2003 16 days ago

    You got it with ease

  • JohnletsDudas
    JohnletsDudas 16 days ago

    At 11:27 guessing he got it

  • alex port
    alex port 16 days ago

    So he didn't like the tour cuz I didn't like the publicity

  • Ujo Bochník
    Ujo Bochník 17 days ago

    You did

  • Эди Александр

    3:23 my hdd rattling sound, when its come to this stage im ready to say goodbye to my data

  • Cooper Silva
    Cooper Silva 19 days ago

    He did get it

  • TallBison
    TallBison 19 days ago

    guessing it worked

  • Random Projects
    Random Projects 20 days ago

    it will work

  • LethalJ23
    LethalJ23 21 day ago

    im gonna say he got it

  • Gameboss NKB
    Gameboss NKB 21 day ago

    Imna say he got it

  • NN2222 -Za Ultimate AYANDO Shipper

    What if the HDD fails physically?🤣 Do they still recover the data?

  • Aaron Lavorgna
    Aaron Lavorgna 22 days ago

    You definitely got it

  • Sithlord Slim
    Sithlord Slim 23 days ago

    Damn, you had worked with Louis Rossman on a macbook whatever it was, but you never saw his video "Data Recovery: Hard Drive Platter Swap in Our Lab!
    "? That video is over 2 years old. Plus you never took apart a hard-drive just for it's magnets or basically for the hell of it? This was in 2018......
    OMG! If those Hard-drives were women, lol the first one would've probably castrated you on the spot for being such a violent tech-virgin.
    This video had me shaking my head and I remembered one of your earlier videos with how to increase your internet speed, which also had me react the same, but it was entertaining to watch, kinda like the American Pie films.
    Just for the hell of it though, it has inspired me to go ahead and produce a hentai doujinshi just based off this, thanks for the inspiration.
    Man, oh man, I'm still laughing.
    With one palm open, gestures the motion of a cross and says, "You must penance your sins, by using DBan and Nuke to solve all your future HDD virus infections for 1 year, then you shall be forgiven, nearing middle-age virgin-tech hard-drive malice-STOR! Repent! Repent!"

  • danielsjohnson
    danielsjohnson 23 days ago +1

    7:29 that is the first time since you bought that 8K camera that it's high resolution had some benefit besides making editing easier.

  • phyzzx
    phyzzx 24 days ago

    Bets he got it and the HDD works

  • white man
    white man 24 days ago

    no u didnt get it

  • Cafer Sadık Yükseloğlu

    I am stressed... I need a pro to fix my 2 HDD for sure

  • Benny Barnes
    Benny Barnes 26 days ago


  • John Bales
    John Bales 27 days ago

    Very interesting! Like a neurosurgeon, this job requires a high degree of knowledge, very steady hands, and highly focused concentration. I imagine they discourage drinking large amounts of caffeinated products before beginning your shift!

  • Joseph Mac
    Joseph Mac 27 days ago

    Lol watched this then the next video from Linus is, Don't waste $1,000 on Data Recovery

  • betoh finger
    betoh finger 27 days ago

    what software zey use.....genious?

  • jformaldehydem
    jformaldehydem 27 days ago

    I'm going to say that you got it. I was going to say nailed it, but, well, you did fuck the r/w heads on your first try, but I think you got there in the end,

  • Sam Arutyunyan
    Sam Arutyunyan 28 days ago

    Linus saying "it's all green" reminded me of Gaius doing the same thing with Boomer. "its very green, you are Not a cylon!"

  • Abdulrahman Hendawy
    Abdulrahman Hendawy 28 days ago

    U didn't

  • Mr xplane
    Mr xplane 28 days ago

    I think you got it right

  • BRAILOR js
    BRAILOR js 28 days ago

    No lmfao

  • Nick
    Nick 28 days ago

    I wonder how much it costs to use their services. I have a HDD from an IBM PC/AT that was used at my father's (now deceased) work. I'm extremely curious as to what's on the drive. Could be CAD, machine programming, or accounting stuff. I got the PC working, but the drive is dead.

  • Ambrose Killpack
    Ambrose Killpack 28 days ago

    My guess is that you got it second try.

  • Buddhimal Ramanayaka
    Buddhimal Ramanayaka 29 days ago

    I've done this once when I was 14,it's really fun to repair a hdd. ✌👍😂

  • Matthew Rothmann
    Matthew Rothmann 29 days ago

    I think it works

  • Not a Cat
    Not a Cat 29 days ago

    i opened up a hard drive before

    didnt do any recovery data, the hard drive was heading towards the trash so i salvaged the neodymium magnets to fuck around with

  • Raymond Tobin
    Raymond Tobin Month ago

    I ran an open hard drive for a presentation of computer technology at school to show how a hard drive spins and started a defrag and it worked perfectly for a few minutes and the drive quit working. got a 98% on the presentation

  • hammershigh
    hammershigh Month ago

    a DOS tool?

  • T8PolestarCyan
    T8PolestarCyan Month ago +2

    As for curiosity in the 2019 or whenever... what about hard drives with Helium?

    • Eriml
      Eriml 23 days ago

      That was explained in the first part. He explained they hid the equipment for that because obviously is high tech the competition doesn't have

  • Korgan777
    Korgan777 Month ago

    It is pretty cool to see some of the things they do for recovery. Had to send in a few disks for clients because they were past what I could do.

  • 309 gaming
    309 gaming Month ago

    Yes he did

  • Spectre
    Spectre Month ago

    I believe in you, Linus. I think you might have just pulled it off

  • Zeth Cader
    Zeth Cader Month ago

    I feel like its gonna work. Soon find out I guess lol, being Linus, hes gonna find a way to drop it somehow xD.

  • Dejan Zvonar
    Dejan Zvonar Month ago

    So many DDI imagers,.. this is a bit outdated and only suited for lightly damaged drives. I can't imagine doing my job without a PC-3000. There is no need to have a cleanroom for disk imaging.

  • VioletGiraffe
    VioletGiraffe Month ago