Craig Burley unleashes EPIC RANT when asked if Arsenal miss Arsene Wenger | Premier League

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • Craig Burley goes on a tirade when asked if Arsenal miss legendary manager Arsene Wenger in light of the club's struggles under former boss Unai Emery and current caretaker manager Freddie Ljungberg, citing incompetence at the operations level and poor signings like Nicolas Pepe, David Luiz and Dani Ceballos. He also says Wenger went stale and overstayed his time, leading to Arsenal's current problems by delaying a rebuild.
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Comments • 541

  • Akshat Verma
    Akshat Verma 17 days ago

    Mr fuckers all players were needed

  • Akshat Verma
    Akshat Verma 17 days ago

    Arsene Wenger is better than Fergie go and see budget he got you

  • amr shatlaa
    amr shatlaa Month ago

    get out of our club ESPN get out of our club

  • Doogie Carpit Burger
    Doogie Carpit Burger Month ago +1

    Arsenal miss Arsne Wenger.

  • Boi Boi
    Boi Boi Month ago +1

    Of course we miss Arsene Wenger. I rather have Wenger than this mess.
    How is it Wenger's fault Unai Emery, has a negative goal diff with Arsenal when he left?
    Wenger can have Almunia in goal, Djourou at CB, Denilson in midfield and Bendtner up front this won't happen.
    Its not Wenger's fault whoever is incharge of recruitment decided David Luiz will improve our defense, the same recruitment who caused two top gem finders in Sven Mislintat and Steve Rowley to quit out if frustration.
    Its not Wenger's fault Emery decided to freeze out Ramsey/Iwobi/Mikhitarian/Ozil/Ceballos etc to play Torreira as AMC.
    Why don't Craig Burly try managing a team, say Crystal Palace.. See how it goes for him...

  • Wade Lex Luther Moodie

    We do not, and I not miss Arsene Wenger!!!!!!

  • darksmiza
    darksmiza Month ago

    In the same breath though he would say man utd miss fergie. This is why you on ESPN my guy. No offence ESPN lol

  • Sunny Yang
    Sunny Yang Month ago +1

    Disrespectful piece of fruitcake.

  • S Rohit
    S Rohit Month ago


  • Patrick Chen
    Patrick Chen Month ago +1

    Wenger deserves respect!

  • Joey Ocean
    Joey Ocean Month ago +1


  • heybeh12
    heybeh12 Month ago

    I called for Wenger out back in 2008 and I have no regrets. Arsenal would always take a long time to recover from the damage he created.

    • amr shatlaa
      amr shatlaa Month ago

      two words come to my mind with your comment "denial , ego"

  • Dennis Jumba
    Dennis Jumba Month ago +1

    Arsene Wenger is a legend. We miss him .. u clown shave it

  • matthew huggett
    matthew huggett Month ago

    They miss David dean

  • Alex Lintern
    Alex Lintern Month ago

    All that talking about Topic bars is making me hungry LOL

  • Aloha
    Aloha Month ago +1

    Arsenal made a big mistake when they kept old, petrifying wood Wenger too long. He was not even an average manager. Bringing in and paying outrages salary to worthless Ozil was only one of his major mistakes. (Real was happy get rid of that "party boy" Ozil).

    NAVIN DASWSNI Month ago +1

    Only Wenger knew ...Arsenal let go a manager tht actually loved his club...not one manager in the epl actually love where they coach..they only love the money...without wenger Arsenal got pushed back 7 years..

  • El Pato
    El Pato Month ago +1

    Secured champions league football and far runs into domestic cups with a low budget and less quality players. He is a great manager. I hate the disrespect these people put on him. He is a top class manager and top class man

  • ollie Hannam
    ollie Hannam Month ago +1

    Craig burley talks and talks but don't say anything , he needs to take his medication.

  • Victor Petrus
    Victor Petrus Month ago +1

    What a clown talking about a Legend. Instead talking about the point he started with insulting person who has been put a system which change many aspects in modern football.

  • martino a
    martino a Month ago

    The guy is pathetic

  • Nadeem’s Project
    Nadeem’s Project Month ago

    Give him the opportunity to show him hv a brain to manage arsenal..

  • Tom Bryant
    Tom Bryant Month ago +1

    Such disrespect to Wenger. We move on but of course we miss him. He won 3 of 5 FA Cups in his last 5 years and I tell you, over the last 5 years Poch has got vast acclaim and won 0 trophies.

  • muscle_growsayain
    muscle_growsayain Month ago


  • Frederick Colaire
    Frederick Colaire Month ago

    The same could be said for Alex Ferguson and Manchester United

  • Zing Bro
    Zing Bro Month ago +1

    Bring back Wenger

  • Andres Albarracin
    Andres Albarracin Month ago +1

    FA cup winner , premier league winner Wenger in!!

  • Andres Albarracin
    Andres Albarracin Month ago +1

    Wenger in!!

  • Tsulitweet
    Tsulitweet Month ago

    What an Epic rant indeed.... Lol

  • Luke Blake
    Luke Blake Month ago

    Arsenal miss David Dein

  • Paul S
    Paul S Month ago +1


  • Bishal Royal
    Bishal Royal Month ago +1

    Craig !! How Arsene elongated the problem... look at the players he signed on last transfer.. recent starting 11 still has almost 5-6 player of his era..

  • chazzzztastic
    chazzzztastic Month ago +2

    How is Burley allowed on tv? An awful player and a worse pundit, how does this video have so many likes? He’s literally falling over his words and saying nothing constructive.. this is truly embarrassing and this is why he’s nowhere near any of the British tv channels.. Wenger won 10 major trophies in 21 years, that’s an average of one every 2 years but according to Burley he was stale and out of ideas 🤔🤦🏼‍♂️ you can see how the club has gone backwards since he left

    • chazzzztastic
      chazzzztastic Month ago +1

      amr shatlaa yeah mate probably..

    • amr shatlaa
      amr shatlaa Month ago

      the video gets many likes because most football fans are mainstream morons , just like Burley .

  • Roddy Russell Jr.
    Roddy Russell Jr. Month ago

    Burley's Boiling Point!

  • KL Rider
    KL Rider Month ago +10

    Instead of getting his point across with valid points, he began with an insult.

  • Sebastian Monsalvo
    Sebastian Monsalvo Month ago

    Ramsey deserved a new contract

  • Gregory Grove
    Gregory Grove Month ago

    Nailed it

  • toffee20
    toffee20 Month ago

    What are the odds Wenger returns to his beloved Arsenal?

  • JohnnyBlue Gaming
    JohnnyBlue Gaming Month ago

    If you dont have anything nice to say dont say it all, sounds like the philosophy of a coward

  • Yobo Simba
    Yobo Simba Month ago

    Arsene Wenger was part of the problem whose consequences we are experiencing now. Fnck off we don't miss him

  • Charlie Almonte
    Charlie Almonte Month ago

    Kroeke out every team he’s own SUCK

  • Nadeem Amode
    Nadeem Amode Month ago

    I think pochettino would be wise, strategize and apply for this job end of season.
    He could do a lot with this

  • Niranjan Bhattarai
    Niranjan Bhattarai Month ago

    Well put Craig

  • Knight Oyin
    Knight Oyin Month ago

    "They miss people who can make better decisions". Best quote of the year from Craig

  • Mark Scotcher
    Mark Scotcher Month ago

    Craig is right though, need to move on and we need a better defence

  • Robin Bigdick
    Robin Bigdick Month ago

    He was overrated

  • TropicalKxng
    TropicalKxng Month ago

    We don't "mess" Wenger🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • MFINE 2
    MFINE 2 Month ago


  • James Allen
    James Allen Month ago

    Mr. Burley tells it as it is... ridiculous trope.

  • EliUte Elmer
    EliUte Elmer Month ago +1

    Crag looks stupid

  • Patrick M Mabena
    Patrick M Mabena Month ago +1

    What an idiot like his opinion matters.

  • Ademola Shasanya
    Ademola Shasanya Month ago +1

    you've overstayed your time @ espn

  • Chimaoge Ibe
    Chimaoge Ibe Month ago

    Wenger would do better than Ebening or Freddie with our current squad, but we still wouldn’t be where we want to be so I get what Craig is saying. However, we did need a winger and a CM so he’s wrong to slate Pepe and Ceballos’ signings.

  • bob field
    bob field Month ago

    Straight to the point

  • bachajane logari
    bachajane logari Month ago

    Louis van Gaal to Arsenal ❌ ❌ ❌

  • Ze TheGame
    Ze TheGame Month ago +1

    Too bad it is completely deprived of any content since this guy's knowledge of football rivals Ed Woodward's.

  • paul jessy
    paul jessy Month ago +1

    clickbait ..we have nothing to say...but the word Rant and arsene wenger generates here we go.

  • nungiceman
    nungiceman Month ago +8

    Arsenal missed Arsene Wenger & David Dein! End of!

  • Slow Chemical
    Slow Chemical Month ago +2

    Who is craig burley🤔

  • Iffeany260
    Iffeany260 Month ago

    we need arsenal fans, arsenal fan tv to fucking start a protest get rid of the board at arsenal football club, we need the board out. Need to start the protest.
    MAN UTD is going to be owned by a Saudi prince and that money they will have they become an even level with man city