Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Michael Jordan & The GOAT Conversation

  • Published on Mar 29, 2019
  • THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to Kobe being forced by cow tongue to take a stand on the GOAT discussion between him, LeBron and Jordan. They also talk in depth about LeBron calling himself the GOAT.
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  • FullThrotle speedking

    Did This dude just say zion cant create his own shot 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • FullThrotle speedking

    Dont listen to these clowns lebron not sniffing kobe greatness idc how many point he put up the defense and competitiveness and the excitement kobe played with and brought to the game out shine anything lebron thinks he has done 81 points he shot like 56% that game I can go on for every good lebron game I got a kobe game that's better number 24 was a god ya talking bout kareem and shit he played against all the frail ass white boys bully they ass plus they had no skills stop please it's not his fault but come on now a big advantage buy the time Jordan started it was more players with real talent by the time kobe came in the nba was a mans game after kobe got injured the nba became SOFT!!

  • Don Dann
    Don Dann 3 days ago

    Kuzma had to push lebron to play defense he’s out of the goat conversation

  • Troy Butcher
    Troy Butcher 5 days ago

    How did these 2 get a show together? The 2 worst commentators in sports outside of Hollins! ESPN must be desperate or bankrupt one or the other.

  • Troy Butcher
    Troy Butcher 5 days ago

    You guys are idiots Kobe came straight out high school to a good team had ride the bench then play second fiddle a few years. Lebron gets drafted by his terrible hometown team and gave the reins day1 just like Mike.

    • Troy Butcher
      Troy Butcher 5 days ago

      Kobe Bean Bryant still would had broke Kareems All Time Scoring Record. If hadn't been for having to carry Dwight's ass trying make to playoffs and tearing his Achilles.

  • Que take yo bih
    Que take yo bih 6 days ago

    I never watched the show so I can't miss it

  • Vaurie
    Vaurie 6 days ago

    Kobrick came into the league in 96 and wasn't relevant until the 2000s. Even then, he wasn't that guy after the 3 titles, Shaq was!!! People are glamorized by highlight reels rather than analyzing the game. Most of the time, Kobrick was chucking up bricks!!!!!! I have to admit that he was one of the greatest HOT shooters I've ever seen. HOT shooters!!! Doesn't mean great shooter! He has the all time misses in NBA history!!! That is a huge ding to his legacy. He was a crybaby and sometimes it showed on the court. He could also be a complete ball hog!!! grabbing a rebound and dribbling through players all to chuck up a brick on the other end. I also forgot to mention that Kobrick has made some of the most difficult shots I've ever seen but he's also taken the dumbest shots I've ever seen. Nothing about Kobrick's career spells G.O.A.T.!!! nothing!!! Larry Bird was better than Kobrick!!! Period!!! Jordan is 1 for now but Lebron is still on his heels and will probably pass him when he retires.

  • dauton hodge
    dauton hodge 10 days ago

    Kobe is the most disrespected nba player of all time this shit is striaght hate on one of the greatest player ever simple and this is the thanks he gets

  • Adam Simba
    Adam Simba 12 days ago +1

    Chris Broussard the greatest hypocrite of all time.

  • francisco
    francisco 13 days ago

    I mean, let’s be honest. is kobe carrying that 2018 cavs team like lebron did? I highly doubt it.

    • jay
      jay 12 days ago

      Well he came out the western conference 7 times, pretty sure he could take them to the finals IN THE EAST.

    • francisco
      francisco 13 days ago

      nor the 2007 cavs team.

  • Itszdoodoo Baby
    Itszdoodoo Baby 13 days ago

    Cory in the House is the best NBA player of All time

  • Mikeman Jordan
    Mikeman Jordan 14 days ago

    First of all kobe wasn't forced to do anything g.o.h

  • Brandon Cooper
    Brandon Cooper 17 days ago

    I remember when Kobe was at his height all the shows would argue him vs Jordan. Once he retired nobody compares him to Jordan. Now it's Jordan vs LeBron. When LeBron is done they'll argue the next guy vs. Jordan. The NBA just wants the public to believe they're seeing the latest and greatest.

  • Thorn flex
    Thorn flex 17 days ago

    Kobe is really not not in the discussion bron when its over gonna blow them both out by the stats.

  • Anthony Carter
    Anthony Carter 19 days ago

    Rob Parker silly but he right Kobe not the goat

  • AiKhan
    AiKhan 19 days ago

    Made it 999 Likes!!!!!! 7/30/19

  • [] B i G [] [] B i Z N E S []

    LeBron has never had a decline, he averages 27-8-8 a game, every year, every game lol it's not even really an average lol it's just what he does when he plays basketball for an hour or so

  • Dwayne jackson
    Dwayne jackson 25 days ago

    Y'all tha biggest haters of Kobe plus if u pay attention to tha interview he was ask to rank them it wasn't about tha GOAT so stop hating on tha momba by tha way I can't stand goofy ass Rob Parker he don't no shit Chris I mess wit u but come on man stop hating on kobe

  • Joe Anthony Guerra
    Joe Anthony Guerra 25 days ago

    Kobe played his whole career in a much harder Western conference. And still won 2 without Shaq. While LeBron needs not an all-star but a super star on his team.

  • MrScoobySnacks23
    MrScoobySnacks23 25 days ago

    Bron is not a top 3 player yet....what's wrong with people. Everyone wants to say they watched the best ever. Hes not there yet. Half his career hes been a terribly lazy defender, hes lost more finals then anyone ever, he gives up. Kobe and Jordan never quit period. And Kobe as great as he was, was just the second best Jordan ever. Kareem, Russell and Wilt are above Lebron and Kobe. Jordan is the GOAT

  • Braden Saalfeld
    Braden Saalfeld 26 days ago

    "Lebron has a higher career fg%!" Yeah, anyone would when half of his career was just bulldozing to the rim and getting every foul call imaginable when he created the contact the majority of the time. Check that ft% tho. 😂

  • Nysut Mesu Ptah Amen Ra

    The Goat list JORDAN KOBE then Lebron

  • Weeds & Ratchets Radio

    Rob parker is still Rob parker.smh

  • Mrcheesehead B
    Mrcheesehead B 26 days ago

    Kobe doesn’t care because he knows he’s better than lebron his peers know he’s better so who the fuck is the media lol . Y’all brain washed men fans sound ridiculous when using media points to justify lebron being the goat ? Lmao his resume as a leader as a champion is well behind Kobe let alone Jordan .

  • jhgust
    jhgust 27 days ago

    Kareem then LBJ then Jordan!

  • Kelvin Johnson
    Kelvin Johnson 27 days ago

    These guy's are horrible. If they want to put Jordan at #1 and LeBron at #2, then that means Kobe is #1.5...Cause there is no way these guy's can put LeBron over Kobe since Kobe is the CLOSEST THING we've seen to Jordan. Simple common sense..

  • Matt Scarey
    Matt Scarey 27 days ago

    Funny thing is u deminish how great LeBron is bc he didn't make the playoffs in how many years. Nobody said mj got any worse when he didn't make the playoffs with the wizards. Or better yet yeah mj is undefeated in the finals what about the other years they got blasted out in the first round. Or the fact that out of 15 seasons he made the finals 6 times, yeah he won but it's the only time they made it that far. LeBron has been good enough to lead 2 different teams to the finals. And he has won with both teams. He has pretty much took close to retirement players, or decent role players to the finals. Or at least the finals. But I forgot how great mj was bc he never lost in the finals. But yet got knocked out 9 seasons before the finals. None of these players are the same kind of player.

  • G- Life
    G- Life 27 days ago

    Both these guys have been disrespecting Kobe their entire broadcasting career! But when you ask NBA players who have played against Kobe and LeBron 90% say no question it’s Kobe! Kobe is just cut from a different cloth he’s straight Savage! You get the same answer when you ask players who they would want to take the last shot! Kobe!

  • AJ85
    AJ85 27 days ago

    It’s must be weird having nerds sitting around talking about your playing career lol. Kobe and LBJ can’t fuck with Jordan’s resume. It’s a team sport not golf or boxing so it’s subjective .

  • Rayan Grainger
    Rayan Grainger 27 days ago

    Why the fuck would kobe put lebron infront of himself is the real questions u fucking idiots

  • d-vela34
    d-vela34 27 days ago

    I don't hate that he said that and I have him over labum

  • Darnell Kirkland
    Darnell Kirkland 27 days ago

    Millennial thing???? Ali told you he was the greatest from his first Championship fight

  • Bass Anglerxxx
    Bass Anglerxxx 27 days ago

    Ok so all these people keeps taking about Kobe had to have Shaq is stupid because Jordan had pippen, Hodges,Kerr 2 three point shootout champs, Dennis Rodman 2time champ before the Bulls,best rebounder for sure in history of the league,maybe best defender as well,kukoc deadly 3 point shooter, John Paxon dangerous 3 point shooter,Horace Grant great rebounder, defender and jumpshooting of,bj Armstrong,Ron Harper for crying out loud,luc longley, ok....... Kobe had Shaq,Fisher,Horry,Gasol,fox,old versions of Glen Rice,Ron Harper, Horace Grant, John Sally,Famar,Sasha,Ariza,Artest(much older)young Andrew Bynum, last certainly not least Lamar Odom!!!!!!!! Compare

  • jay gainer
    jay gainer 27 days ago

    Chris B. Who is in the GOAT convo if Kobe isn’t? Larry Bird? 🤣 y’all funny

    BRIAN BC PRYOR 28 days ago +1

    MJ would average 50PTZ_60PTZ* N' THA' GAME' TODAY.....82 EVENTZ' DOMINATE...

    BRIAN BC PRYOR 28 days ago +1

    1. Mj=AIR JORDAN
    2. KOBE_824BRYANT

  • Happy Days
    Happy Days 28 days ago

    Quit hating on LeBron. 73-9, down 3-1, who does that. And bringing the first championship to that state. What else do you need from me

    • G
      G 23 days ago

      Happy Days Kerr on any other team would be a nobody, Harper WAS great they traded him for a reason numbnuts( he was injury prone and not worth the contract) Pip made Jordan better GTFOH you are just plain stupid....didn’t realise Pip was a fucking starter when he joined, he wasn’t even an all star!!! God you lbj lovers are just idiotic. Rip was a nobody until he played with MJ then next season loved to pistons and wins title. Jamal Crawford has stated numerous times he was inspired by MJ and his work ethic and it was by playing with him that made him work harder
      Get off LBJ dick for once, you are by far the biggest moron I have ever come across, it’s not even comparable. Literally lost brain cells replying to you and reading your incoherent ramble
      As for centres not being able to be named GOAT...are you like a 12yo who just googled everything. KAJ has always been considered in the convo. It’s only you LBJ lovers that put him over KAJ
      As for centres, there’s a reason Shaq, Hakeem Wilt are considered GOAT, THEY HAVENT ACHIEVED MORE THAN MJ or KAJ...I would put LBJ amongst that category, you will find out once LBJ retires, it’ll only be diehard LBJ lovers that consider him GOAT..just like Grant Hill, baby Jordan, Kobe, LBJ will just be another guy that tried to dethrone MJ but failed
      Like I have stated on numerous occasions, you LBJ lovers are the minority who still hold to the belief that LBJ is GOAT

    • Happy Days
      Happy Days 24 days ago

      @G kaj is a great player but they don't give goats to centers. If that was the case Hakeem and Shaq would be in the combo. 4 best centers ever. Kareem, Hakeem, Shaq, Wilt. You will win starting any team with that

    • Happy Days
      Happy Days 24 days ago

      @G Kerr is a spot up shooter. That's all he has ever been. A shorter Paxton. Harper is one of the greatest clippers ever, and that was way before Jordan. Pipen made Jordan better ( let's get this straight now) Pipen is the first point forward. He invented the position. Rodman used to beat Jordans Ass when he was a Piston. You don't know what you are talking about. I think you just like to argue. Jamal Crawford is a career 6th man. Arguably the best 6th Man ever, but none the less, a 6th Man. Rip? What Hamilton? Man pass the weed this way. You been hitting it too much. Jordan was a bully. LeBron is a better basketball player period. Remember, team sport.

    • G
      G 24 days ago

      Happy Days also this notion that LBJ ‘makes’ his teammates better has been debunked so many times yet LBJ supporters still hold this to their hearts
      Name one player that became an all star under LBJs leadership....ZERO
      LBJ joined the Lakers, name one that became better because of him....(don’t even mention Kuz, cause he was great the season prior)
      Kobe said it best ‘just because you pass the ball doesn’t mean you make teammates better’, and that was directed at LBJ when he said that.
      Players that became better after playing with MJ:- Pip, Kerr, Harper, Rodman, Rip, Crawford just to name a few

    • G
      G 24 days ago

      Happy Days MJ not a better team player? Wow that’s a statement. It’s takes a strong leader to handle talented players and get them involved in order to win (hence two 3peat). LBJ might be a likeable guy, but likeable guys can’t lead, there’s a difference between being liked and respected.
      As for bball not being an individual sport, that’s pretty obvious. But as I have stated in order to determine GOAT status it’s Individual and Team accolades that count, MJ has both and surpasses Wilt and LBJ in this.
      Also I never stated Wilt was the GOAT as an individual, I said he has all the stats on his side, but I’ll say it again, stats don’t make the player esp accumulative stats. If you’re dominant you will have both Individual and Team accolades. Wilt is never mentioned because he never had the titles (Titles with FMVP indicates you can play in a team and lead them to victory) hence why ppl always have KAJ over Wilt. LBJ is the modern day Wilt, bigger than all his opponents but does not have the accolades to back it up as there’s always someone better than him
      I know what pain you’re going thru, as it’s hard to comprehend that LBJ is no where near MJ status, he hasn’t even surpassed KAJ.

  • Kingpin
    Kingpin 28 days ago

    Rob tryna convince Chris that LeBron is finished

  • kelly bernard
    kelly bernard 28 days ago +1

    U telling me Lebron would've beating Kobe in the finals? Here's what would've happened....
    Lebron was due for a choke job in the finals. If Dirk outplayed him how n the hell would've Kobe done him knowing he was mentally fragile??

  • Lalifter Fitness
    Lalifter Fitness 29 days ago +1

    Actually lets say 1 Michael 2 kobe 3 manic Johnson 4 Larry bird 5 LeBron

  • Lalifter Fitness
    Lalifter Fitness 29 days ago +1

    1 Michael 2 kobe 3 LeBron

  • R J
    R J 29 days ago

    Rob just shot a brick aiming at the trash can

    GOLD BLOODED 29 days ago

    none of these dudes on this show knows how to play basketball. End of conversation

  • thekenyanpaul
    thekenyanpaul Month ago

    When was the last time Kobe made the playoffs? 2011? But he still put up phenomenal numbers ...

  • thekenyanpaul
    thekenyanpaul Month ago

    Muhammad Ali said he was the greatest all the time. Floyd Mayweather says he is the best ever. Humble is for losers.

  • Blake Harris
    Blake Harris Month ago

    Kobe is my favorite all-time. I will argue all day that Kareem is the GOAT. MJ led the greatest team(s) and set the bar for branding. Also, MJ pioneered the current culture of centerless basketball. LeBron is the most physically gifted player I've ever seen with an excellent basketball IQ. LeBron's dominance has always been irrelevant to me though. Kobe was the most fearless and even on the Superlakers he was feared. #kobe

    ILL BOMBER! Month ago

    Nothing makes U GOAT "BUT" basketball! U can't sit a home and beome GOAT! WTF- U CAN'T become a better "SOCCER MOM" and become GOAT! it should be basketball ONLY! who cares if u can drive a car better or whatever

  • Paul Cornelius
    Paul Cornelius Month ago

    The NBA made Lebron but Kobe made many Kobes!! They hated Kobe when he came in cuz he was that great!! People forget that Shaq had 2 stack teams and couldn't win a championship until Kobe took over. These are facts, what Shaq say; what A.I. say; what Durant say; the disrespect Kobe get, my favorite player!! They sat Kobe his first 2 years because Jordan was playing and they didn't want Kobe to do Jordan!! Kobe started the All Star game coming off the bench avg 17!! Had 20 points against the best players and was only 20 in the West!! They sat Kobe the rest of the All star so Jordan can get the MVP!! Kobe was catching fire, watch the game. Show me where Kobe had the number 1 seed and he didn't make the finals? If that stupid coach started Kobe instead of Van Exal. Kobe and Eddie Jones plus Shaq, Horry, n Fox beat the Bulls in the Finals. They stop that from happening!!

  • alonzo randolph
    alonzo randolph Month ago


  • keshon marshall
    keshon marshall Month ago

    lbj the goat get over it

  • Colmon Burrell
    Colmon Burrell Month ago

    If Lebron beating the 73-9 Warriors makes him the goat in his mind. What does that make Dirk for beating the best player in the game at the time in Lebron James who was teamed with a perennial all star in Chris Bosh and a HOF'er in D Wade, with nothing but role players?

    DHARMYOG_COM Month ago

    Chamberlain has awesome stats. He lost like 6chips by 9 points but no one mentions him in any goat conversation. Awesome numbers

  • Chauncey Hardrick
    Chauncey Hardrick Month ago

    How can Kobe say he's above Jordan. Kobe emulated his game after Jordan, so Jordan is actually in the conversation twice. I dig LeBron made history with the come back in the finals true that was big. However it's hard to put anyone over Jordan & several HOF's before him period. Kobe & LeBron were and are greats in their eras. Jordan made basketball global that's greatness.

  • Dominique Hale
    Dominique Hale Month ago

    Kobe drug some ugly teams to the playoffs. Even when Bron was playing he was still like 28-27, that is not good.

  • Cvulture Killa
    Cvulture Killa Month ago

    LoL @ lebron or Kobe over Jordan. It’s something fun to talk about but really?

  • Jerry Butler
    Jerry Butler Month ago

    This is the dumbest conversation period. There's never a GOAT. Basketball changes players rules and style. It is impossible to determine who is greater because of these facts. Players are the greastest in their time. Kareem Abdul Jabbar has the most points in NBA history and never shot a 3. Does that not make him the greatest? I think we have to discuss eras. Players change and basketball style changes. So how can you compare players.

  • Herb Young
    Herb Young Month ago

    Not sure why this is really a debate anymore. Everyone has their opinions already made up. There is no goat, only who is your favorite player.

  • Ricardo Jimenez
    Ricardo Jimenez Month ago

    Kobe completely over rated. Dude took stupid shots and never has had a stand out finals moment. Except his horrible game 7 against the Celtics.
    Oh and him siglehandidley losing the Detroit series.
    Truly hate when people claim he led Lakers to 5 championships. When he had a 3 time mvp in Shaq. Does that make sense?

  • Big Swank
    Big Swank Month ago

    In the middle of a conversation about basketball 16:20 Rob decides to show off his basketball skills 🧱😂

  • otis youngblood
    otis youngblood Month ago

    Kobe like i just won a Oscars top that

  • cewezee 1
    cewezee 1 Month ago

    Tyson did it

  • Lenny Beason
    Lenny Beason Month ago

    Kobe was in the Goat conversation b4 Lebron. Wtf these muthafkz talking about?

  • righeous jundergod
    righeous jundergod Month ago

    Wait, did LeBron beat the best team ever...single-handedly?

  • Master
    Master Month ago

    Ali never believed he was the best. Ali ALWAYS said Sugar Ray Robinson was the best who ever did it. His thing was to get inside a guys head. There are clips on TheXvid of Ali saying he thought Robinson was the GOAT. Once again Broussard doesn't have his facts straight. Kobe can think he's the GOAT all he wants...

  • juss mar
    juss mar Month ago

    Look at the past 20 years of basketball from 2000 to 2020 noboby has more rings than Kobe ducan has 5 d Wade has 3 Shaq has 4 LeBron ain't fucking wit Kobe or Jordan period.

  • Claren Dennis
    Claren Dennis Month ago

    I love Kobe as a Lakers fan but nah bruh... MJ is a legendary

  • Buzz Killington
    Buzz Killington Month ago

    Kobe was just never a guy that was driven by stats. I promise you if he came up in this era(where there’s an emphasis on efficiency) within the last 10 years or so, he would’ve had much different looking statistics. Kobe played at least a third of his career in a much slower paced era where hand checking still existed. Obviously this can’t be proven but statistics are inflated in today’s NBA and that’s a fact.

  • samuel muiruri
    samuel muiruri Month ago

    tyson am the baddest man in the world. i am the greatest ali, i am a legend bolt

  • Nel
    Nel Month ago

    Rob is so annoying lmao

  • Chris Renshaw
    Chris Renshaw Month ago

    Michael Jordan is the goat obviously it’s not even close

  • blisstits
    blisstits Month ago

    You gotta give it up to Kobe all those years in the west having to get through the spurs every year just to get to the finals

  • Walker
    Walker Month ago

    I do NOT understand why all these guys disrespect Kobe so much on these "sports" shows. But they suck his dick whenever he is right in front them.

  • Keith Vinet
    Keith Vinet Month ago

    This is a FACT......Lebron James is the ONLY basketball player that was offered a real NBA contract in 11th grade...because he was playing like a professional basketball player. Michael Jordan or any other great basketball player wasn't close to being ready to play in the NBA at 16yrs old. Teams win championships and Michael Jordan's team was great that's why he's 6~0....But we talking about best player, one of the greatest of all time, Lebron was ready to play in the NBA before everyone at 16yrs. His legacy will be outstanding when it's over. Somebody got to be next after Jordan and he's still playing today. We all will always cherish Michael Jordan but Lebron is in a class of his own.

  • Jermaine Reed
    Jermaine Reed Month ago +1

    All three are the best. Jordan was the best in his time, then Kobe came had his run, and now we have LeBron. In Two years from now it will be Giannis as the man.

  • G Grace - Bama Boy
    G Grace - Bama Boy Month ago

    Kobe is doing the right thing by remaining quiet. Time will put him back behind Jordan as the Goat. Lebron is in the west. It's not easy....Lebron will be lucky to win one Chip in the West. Moreover, has anyone seen a guy by the name of KD. He may be better than all of them by the time he retires. Let's wait to see.