• Published on Nov 16, 2018
  • We got over a mile of cling wrap to find out if it can stop a bowling ball from the top of the tower!
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    What's the 44 Club you may ask? Well it all started in the outro of this video where we wondered if anyone was still watching the video at that point, and to comment 44 (Scott's fave number) if they were. Brett then said 44 Club get on board and the rest is history. The 44Club is the official How Ridiculous fan club made up of people who love our videos and watch them right to the very end. We've even got 44 Club merch now! So yeh, that's the story. Pretty random but good fun at the same time.
    We are passionate about seeing children released from poverty and we would love you to consider sponsoring a child with Compassion. We visited our sponsor children in the Philippines and were blown away by the difference that child sponsorship can make. To find out more about sponsoring a child right now, check out:
    A big thanks to the awesome crew at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us use their 45m leaning tower for our own experiments. If you wanna head out there and check it out, it's not far from Perth. Western Australia:
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  • Pi 101
    Pi 101 Month ago +696

    First Name: Will
    Surname: Piña
    = Will Piña

  • Juliet Taylor
    Juliet Taylor 3 minutes ago

    I think 1000 layers of it will stop eny object even a building

  • Ethan Kassel
    Ethan Kassel 3 hours ago

    Maybe do the cling wrap in a lattice pattern instead of wrapping it all in one direction?

  • Cee Jay
    Cee Jay 5 hours ago

    That's a rap mate

  • Brett Fish
    Brett Fish 8 hours ago

    Brett fish

  • Q- Bert
    Q- Bert 10 hours ago

    Gay play

  • King10JR
    King10JR 16 hours ago

    1:09 got me laughing for 1 min straight

  • Loui Scutt
    Loui Scutt 23 hours ago

    #44 club 👌👍☮️

  • Dylan P
    Dylan P Day ago

    My daughter wants little darts on plastic wrap.

  • Oceana Sebastian
    Oceana Sebastian 2 days ago

    Name is : Steve Jobs

  • Lance Lheureux
    Lance Lheureux 2 days ago

    Zachary L'Heureux

  • uniseine
    uniseine 2 days ago

    The knuckleball effect is interesting. You should do a video with the finger holes at the top, side, and bottom when the ball is dropped. Or drop 3 or 5 balls at the same time, finger holes in different positions.

  • Stephen Shields
    Stephen Shields 2 days ago

    That's amazing

  • Jessie Hoiland
    Jessie Hoiland 2 days ago

    Stephen Hillenburg

  • Tom Hyde
    Tom Hyde 3 days ago


  • uniseine
    uniseine 3 days ago

    Don't wrap the wrap so that there are internal seams.

  • Life of: Big Loge
    Life of: Big Loge 4 days ago

    What happened was when the ball made impact, it pushed all the fibers together and formed a smashed, rough, and slightly harder layer was formed.

  • Ethan Rumti
    Ethan Rumti 4 days ago

    bullet proof glass vs guns bullet shot

  • Elijah Gleeson
    Elijah Gleeson 5 days ago


  • Steve Work
    Steve Work 5 days ago

    That is inscience

  • Ryan Rood
    Ryan Rood 5 days ago

    Drop some Knowledge

  • Shiny Uxie
    Shiny Uxie 5 days ago

    Austin Powers

  • Jacob Brooks
    Jacob Brooks 5 days ago

    First: Jacob

  • Reaction Creater
    Reaction Creater 5 days ago

    8:17 fail fist bump rip

  • Anthony Taylor
    Anthony Taylor 5 days ago

    Oí lads, wouldn’t the way the cling is wrapped affect the stopping power? Just a thought, good videos keep it up👌🏽

  • xavier dobson
    xavier dobson 5 days ago

    Will ya be bol

  • Unicorn Wizard 01
    Unicorn Wizard 01 5 days ago

    Ethan Floyd

  • Victoria
    Victoria 5 days ago

    My son Noah wants you all to know he thinks your awesome we love watching your videos 👍👍

  • richee Mendiola
    richee Mendiola 6 days ago

    Pina colada 😐

  • Lily Woodward
    Lily Woodward 6 days ago

    Me doing anything 10:12

  • AnnaGrey Lassiter
    AnnaGrey Lassiter 6 days ago

    Ya'll need to wrap it around all four sides of the table not just 2! It keeps getting through in between the overlaps of the layers!

  • Bensthegameryt ROBLOX

    If he loves his fans he will pin this

  • Wainbow Wolf
    Wainbow Wolf 6 days ago

    I haven't watched the actual video i think it will bounce

  • Gaming Tiger WL
    Gaming Tiger WL 7 days ago

    Wow! I cant believe that gaunson bounced on the cling rap!

  • Joelene Findlay
    Joelene Findlay 7 days ago +1

    Result- 9:30

  • Renegade841
    Renegade841 7 days ago

    Anyone know the weight of the bowling ball?

  • Tony Runyon
    Tony Runyon 7 days ago

    Tony/Anthony Runyon

  • Jake Johnson
    Jake Johnson 7 days ago

    We’ll pinyaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Anonymous 2.0
    Anonymous 2.0 7 days ago

    The noise it makes

  • Zachary Richmond
    Zachary Richmond 7 days ago +1

    This is just table vs bowling balls. 😂😂

  • Pear Man
    Pear Man 7 days ago

    My name is slim shady

  • Mini Jacksepticeye
    Mini Jacksepticeye 8 days ago


  • West Coast Sound Labs

    7:38 music is near copy of the melody at :56 of this track

  • Eeee Eeee
    Eeee Eeee 8 days ago +2

    As soon as you dropped that bowling ball the ball was just dropped then I got an ad

  • Zachary Hatfield
    Zachary Hatfield 8 days ago +1

    Maybe some foam on the metal frame to save it and the balls next time?

  • Manfred Günter
    Manfred Günter 8 days ago


  • Turin Turambar
    Turin Turambar 8 days ago +3

    You should have wrapped from both length and width in order to block those gaps that the balls were slipping through.

  • Priya Jonas
    Priya Jonas 8 days ago

    You guys should do a bulletproof glass v a bulletproof glass

  • Primo Burgos
    Primo Burgos 8 days ago

    Adriana Valdovinos

  • GioThe Radish
    GioThe Radish 8 days ago

    Make a wall, with aluminum foil!

    TYREE SMITH 8 days ago

    Tyree Smith

  • Judo Goodrick
    Judo Goodrick 9 days ago

    thats alot of plastic

  • King Of roblox
    King Of roblox 9 days ago


  • BunnyBoy14
    BunnyBoy14 9 days ago

    *dropping in 3, 2, 1,*
    *AD PLAYS*

  • MrTeecee88
    MrTeecee88 9 days ago

    Night drop Glow sticks Vs bowling ball would look the nut's 🤩🤩😆😆

  • Brandon Benton-Dennis

    First name Brandon
    Last name Dennis

  • Coffie Raptor Studios

    8:18 Fly photobomb

  • Coffie Raptor Studios

    7:18 could we get this on a shirt?

  • Sascha Moseley
    Sascha Moseley 9 days ago

    John Smith

  • Samuel Hughes
    Samuel Hughes 9 days ago

    I think it is SASHA as my mam had a maybe yesterday called sasha

  • Clasput
    Clasput 9 days ago

    is the name joe

  • Leonardo
    Leonardo 9 days ago

    Y’all realize that since you wrapped it in three sections it was just going between the sections right?

  • Nicci Crane
    Nicci Crane 9 days ago

    Cody crane

  • Tour Life
    Tour Life 10 days ago

    Maybe try finding a Cushing for the edges or something 🤷‍♂️

  • linda gant
    linda gant 10 days ago

    I think 10000000000000000

  • PocketDial
    PocketDial 10 days ago

    physics with Gaunson....could be its own show.

  • Celeste Herrera
    Celeste Herrera 10 days ago

    Saw you guys in TheXvid rewind this year. Saw you and was like "woah wait" "YEAH ITS THEM"

  • Nolan Heinold
    Nolan Heinold 10 days ago

    giant dart vs tramp

  • Swigma
    Swigma 10 days ago

    Are you guys gay for each other

  • Rocky
    Rocky 10 days ago

    Sir Ran Rap

  • Alfonso Perez
    Alfonso Perez 11 days ago

    Waste of time.

  • Andrew Hicks
    Andrew Hicks 11 days ago

    Turd furgason

  • KFL
    KFL 11 days ago

    I loved watching him slightly shove the ball out instead of dropping it straight down.

  • J. L.
    J. L. 11 days ago +2

    HR: Mr. Store Manager can we have Bowling Balls
    Manager: To Bowl
    HR: yeees
    *Actually destroys them all like a boss*
    *Pinya Time*

  • Mazin Alenazi
    Mazin Alenazi 11 days ago

    Scott Gaunson

  • ThatGuyyZeus
    ThatGuyyZeus 11 days ago

    Balloon game look fun

  • TheAfroCuban1
    TheAfroCuban1 11 days ago

    Is that dudes top lip glued to his nose?

  • Rando Game King
    Rando Game King 11 days ago

    bowling ball vs duct tape

  • Nomi Malone
    Nomi Malone 11 days ago

    Why does he make a little grunting noise after each number he counts? It's very irritating.
    Herron: "three eh...two eh."

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith 11 days ago

    Idea: Bowling ball vs flex tape of a dam

  • Dieter Reteid
    Dieter Reteid 11 days ago

    the problem is that you wrapped the table always in the same direction. This made the entire wrap way weaker. you can see it very well when you did the 32 layer one, the ball didn´t really punch a hole, it rather pushed the layers aside. I bet if you would have wrapped it in criss cross, like always one from left to right and the next one from front to rear, it would have had a much higher punctuation resistance

  • Serenity Zaba
    Serenity Zaba 12 days ago


  • FGGaming
    FGGaming 12 days ago

    My name was on the Bowling ball Luke

  • Morgan Randleas
    Morgan Randleas 12 days ago +5

    You should throw a trampoline from 45m onto an anvil

    • Cool Music Covers
      Cool Music Covers 12 days ago

      I know this is a joke , just think of what it would be like, dragging a tramp up onto the tower.

  • Mad Monkey123
    Mad Monkey123 12 days ago

    sooo cool

  • Jon Denotter
    Jon Denotter 12 days ago

    Cross wrap it next time

  • Briana Ross
    Briana Ross 12 days ago

    2:12 lol

  • SparkZ
    SparkZ 12 days ago +1


  • Danny Ryman
    Danny Ryman 13 days ago

    You need to wrap that in a criss-cross pattern With a twist every other rotation

  • Mikayla Maddison
    Mikayla Maddison 13 days ago

    First name: Mikayla
    Middle name Maddison
    i dont want to share my last name

  • CantysCreativity
    CantysCreativity 13 days ago

    Will Pina

  • Jayce Campbell
    Jayce Campbell 14 days ago


  • JBSlickflyer
    JBSlickflyer 14 days ago

    As a former grocery picker in a warehouse, there is never enough wrap. 10 layers seemed to be the magic number for keeping a 9 foot leaning tower of food from falling over. Your mileage may vary.

  • Jesyka Rabit
    Jesyka Rabit 14 days ago

    The PC babies from South Park grew up and started a TheXvid channel.

  • Parker Ahlander
    Parker Ahlander 14 days ago

    10:34 😂

  • Superkaifly Kai
    Superkaifly Kai 14 days ago

    6:34 they look like their fighting

  • Babita Fekete
    Babita Fekete 14 days ago

    First name Babita second name Fekete

  • The Crazy Pineapple
    The Crazy Pineapple 14 days ago

    11 minutes of video
    3 minutes of content, 6 if we really stretch it
    Guys, you've hit the point at which your filler babbling takes such a large portion of the video that it becomes not plausible to watch continuously and people just skip to things that seem interesting from the little thumbnail youtube gives for skipping.

  • Oscar Fielding
    Oscar Fielding 15 days ago

    First name Oscar Last name Fielding