This person rebuilt the entire Sims 4 (and did it better than me)

  • Published on Oct 1, 2019
  • Plumbella has a save file too, and she made SO MANY COOL BUILDS
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  • Sky Volt
    Sky Volt 35 minutes ago

    Idk how vegetarian ppl do it I tried going without meat and couldn't do it I can't live without meat

  • ILoveYou
    ILoveYou 10 hours ago

    "i just put freaky woohoo closets everywhere..." LMAO!! 🤣 we think alike.

  • Eyeconic
    Eyeconic Day ago

    Is no one gonna question why tf there are toddler potties outside in the middle of the park?

  • bxbbletae
    bxbbletae 3 days ago

    i rlly wanna do that aswell, but more redecorating and renovating instead of building new houses cause i’m bad at that lol

  • Olivia Downs
    Olivia Downs 3 days ago

    This entire time I’ve been pronouncing it “plumb bella”

  • Hailey Hardy
    Hailey Hardy 4 days ago

    Sims lots don’t have too many activities because they never know what packs you have

  • Charlie Manton
    Charlie Manton 4 days ago


  • hi lol
    hi lol 4 days ago

    wait i thought i was the only one scared of beyond burgers slslsksksk

  • Elainea Rowan
    Elainea Rowan 5 days ago

    So, on the topic of vegetarianism etc - I live with a meat-eater, and whenever they cook burgers and meaty things, there is a smell, I don't know how to describe it, but my stomach churns and I feel nauseous. The Beyond Meat burgers don't have this smell, your body can just tell when its real meat or not. Give Gardein Chick'n' burgers a try, at first you will be like, hang on was that meat, then you realize its too fibrous to be chicken.

  • Pascale Jarjoura
    Pascale Jarjoura 5 days ago

    I love your videos, but you talk too much

  • franklin family
    franklin family 5 days ago

    Vegan for 14 years and the Beyond Burger from Burger King was the nastiest thing ever. :/ But I love your videos and I love Sims. Been playing since the original Sims came out in 2000. :) You're so much fun to watch!

  • Guilherme Farias
    Guilherme Farias 6 days ago

    You didn't look Selvadorada and Granite Falls dude

  • Katherine Russo
    Katherine Russo 7 days ago

    i believe in aliens

  • Aron CatLPS
    Aron CatLPS 7 days ago

    Bruh I have no content packs or stuff packs so this looks like a completely different game lol

  • niamh x
    niamh x 8 days ago

    I want her save file but I don’t have all the packs ;(

  • MochiBi
    MochiBi 8 days ago

    Just discovered your channel and wanna say that I really like the way this video was edited.
    No awkward silences and you seem to be quite good at naturally constantly speaking in order to maintain interest. Very nice.

  • Karis Of Cornwall
    Karis Of Cornwall 8 days ago

    Dude I feel you on the beyond burger

  • leave me alone
    leave me alone 9 days ago


  • E M
    E M 9 days ago

    Why do you say "wait" is much??

  • Angel Bryant
    Angel Bryant 10 days ago +1

    so why doesnt EA just hire simmers

  • Nour Ismail
    Nour Ismail 10 days ago

    Stop saying you arent as creative!!!different brains have different solutions to things. There's probably things you do in game that she doesn't!

  • Spreading love
    Spreading love 11 days ago +1

    I found a vegetarian that is exactly like me lmao

  • Pedro Pessoa
    Pedro Pessoa 11 days ago

    Lilsimsie you are so freaking pretty. Your content is lovely. I just wanna say keep doing you’re great work and never stop !!!! You inspire me !!!!! 💗

  • Dear Gravity
    Dear Gravity 12 days ago

    Giiiiirl you need an intro.

  • Anaya Mobley
    Anaya Mobley 12 days ago

    Vegan gang

  • Santiago
    Santiago 12 days ago

    hehe, i immediately got the LACMA reference with all the lamps (i live by it so how could i not lol)

  • Jamie Longson
    Jamie Longson 12 days ago

    The new Beyond burger is gross, they made it "fattier" and it made me want to vomit. Try Quorn brand meat replacement items (frozen section) I like their chick'n nuggets.

  • Micah Balane
    Micah Balane 13 days ago

    *EA has left the chat*

  • RoseSimplicity
    RoseSimplicity 13 days ago


  • xxglasswingz
    xxglasswingz 13 days ago

    I am not a vegan but BEYOND BURGER freaks me out sooo much. The whole point of vegan is too close to the real thing.

  • Katie Batch
    Katie Batch 13 days ago +1

    Remember when everyone would do these in the comments

  • Meredith Triolo
    Meredith Triolo 14 days ago

    Maybe for stuff pack it could be wedding stuff!! Like a special wedding cake and the brides father walking her down the isle and maybe like in real life the sims get emmotinal when they witness the wedding happening

  • Jacob Carrasco
    Jacob Carrasco 14 days ago

    Yess Vegetarians/Vegans unite!!!

  • Steven Shipley
    Steven Shipley 14 days ago

    Haha totally agree about the Beyond Burger!

  • Jay and Amber GachaLife

    The video she reacted to was right next to this video, coincidence i think not

  • katyb_12
    katyb_12 15 days ago

    i know like every you tuber uses this camera setting thing that she uses but how do u do it💀 because i’ve been using the basic one this entire time :(

  • Reyna Soraten
    Reyna Soraten 15 days ago

    as someone who never eat meat in her whole life, i can relate with her avoidance to fake meat. it tastes weird and the texture is weird as well.

  • Sophie Mlb
    Sophie Mlb 15 days ago +1

    Good sim content there not here...

    Ok bye

  • Scary Mclairy
    Scary Mclairy 15 days ago +1

    I’m going to attempt to reply to all 1.2K comments.
    *Wish me luck*

  • PiercedBitxh Aila
    PiercedBitxh Aila 16 days ago

    I can’t wait to check out yours& plumbellas save file!! Just got a new laptop for christmas& so I am now able to stream/make TheXvid videos on the sims& one of the first will be me exploring your builds!!! I can’t wait :3 I have all expansion packs& all the game packs. Just trying for all the stuff packs now& then I’ll be ready’

  • Samantha Giardi
    Samantha Giardi 16 days ago

    The problem with electrical stuff outside is that if it's rain everything gets broken. The outside cinema, the climbing wall...

  • Iron Maiden
    Iron Maiden 16 days ago +2

    Is new crest always empty? Because when I loaded it innit was completely empty no buildings etc

    PS. Im new to the Sims 4

  • Deb Zerr
    Deb Zerr 16 days ago

    I build so many wedding lots and I honestly wish we had more content and such to use with weddings

  • Harry Potter lover
    Harry Potter lover 16 days ago

    I play the sims 4 every day and I have all the expansion packs but I have never played stranger vile in the hole time that I have had sims

  • Kiana A
    Kiana A 16 days ago

    im a vegetarian and beyond meat scares me

  • 1000SimsWhoLikeCheese
    1000SimsWhoLikeCheese 16 days ago

    ur just hating on ea lol

  • Katja Pott
    Katja Pott 16 days ago +2

    EA just gets roasted by "professional" simbuilders

  • Briar Garynn
    Briar Garynn 16 days ago +2

    Wait please tell me these r uploaded to the gallery haven’t watched the vid yet but the thumbnail looks so pretty and I want to download them!

  • Chara Nah
    Chara Nah 17 days ago

    The beyond burger tastes like plant-based mashed potatoes

  • FanWP
    FanWP 17 days ago +8

    take a shot every time she says “this is fun!”

  • Juliet clarke
    Juliet clarke 18 days ago


  • Ella Noble
    Ella Noble 18 days ago

    Ea should employ you two

  • j e s s
    j e s s 18 days ago +2

    Who else enjoys building houses but have
    No patience
    No creativity
    And is just bad at it in general
    Me 🙋‍♀️

  • Elizabeth Lehman
    Elizabeth Lehman 18 days ago

    Listen kids, SAVE NOT A MOD

  • Chiara Boxgxr
    Chiara Boxgxr 18 days ago

    If you don't have all of these packs is this still gonna work in your game?

  • Twainx 231
    Twainx 231 19 days ago

    Ummmm not finna lie though...🧐

  • Billie Eilish Media
    Billie Eilish Media 19 days ago

    You guys are both so good at builds, but you need to check out neexcle’s builds! She’s underrated and her builds are amazing and I think you’d enjoy them.

  • I got Jimin's Jams
    I got Jimin's Jams 20 days ago

    I have a question.. If I go into this saved sims world... Is mine gone? or can I save it? how does it work? (I only started playing the sims this season so I don't know much sorry)

  • Sandra Prosser
    Sandra Prosser 22 days ago

    Don't be so hard on yourself you have good content

  • Sif A.W.E
    Sif A.W.E 22 days ago

    I feel like youtubers who blog sims are legit just dissing ea lmao