LeBron, Steph or Kevin Durant: Who defined the NBA in the 2010s? | The Jump

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
  • The Jump counts down the three best games of the 2010s, with Golden State Warriors vs. Oklahoma City Thunder Game 6 in the 2016 Western Conference Finals, Cavaliers vs. Warriors Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals, and San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals (complete with the Ray Allen shot) on the list. Rachel Nichols, Dave McMenamin and Scottie Pippen then (2:06) debate which superstar defined the 2010s: LeBron James, Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant, and finally (5:05) preview which star (among the likes of Giannis Antetokounmpo, Zion Williamson, Anthony Davis and Luka Doncic) will define the 2020s.
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Comments • 1 944

  • Ty E
    Ty E 3 days ago

    no no lebron has change the way how big men play steph is the achilies heel aka kryptonite the key to slay lebron n his men

  • Anthony Banks
    Anthony Banks 6 days ago

    It’s Steph and the Warriors they made Lebron the GM change his philosophy on roster construction and they made KD join them to learn what it feels like to win

  • Finlayson
    Finlayson 6 days ago

    Ray Allen's game tying shot, with time left on the clock, in game 6 is better than Kawhi's game 7 shot - which was an actual game winner and legit buzzer beater? Nobody in the history of the game has hit a game winner in a game 7 before... fucking ESPN...

  • Vxrsxce t
    Vxrsxce t 10 days ago

    Scottie, u only never hit game 7 due to MJ being the legend of the NBA and being the best player ever seen

  • Shannon Cook
    Shannon Cook 12 days ago

    steph literally changed the game

  • srikanth Bollaboina
    srikanth Bollaboina 15 days ago

    Its the King no one comes close followed by KD then steph, but there are many names missing Kawhi,harden list goes on

  • Kevin Appleby
    Kevin Appleby 20 days ago

    LeBron. C’mon guys.

  • Goolag SuxBalls
    Goolag SuxBalls 22 days ago +1

    It's arguable for sure, as Lebron and Curry have both have made major contributions to the style of bball being played in this era. Curry revolutionized the game with his shooting. Lebron changed the way the refs officiate the game, allowing more travels, flops, and whining.

  • Elhadji Cissokho
    Elhadji Cissokho 25 days ago

    Lebron is a great player (one of the best ever) but he is a part of the generation of players that MJ create. At this level, Steph is on the same category as MJ. He create new kind of players. He revolutionized the game.
    Lebron just change the way players are making they business in this Game! But if we talk about just playing basketball, Steph redefined the GAME at multiple levels. How to use big mens, how to defend, the tree points play, the small ball and the pick and roll. Come on, this is not even close.

  • Kai Jones
    Kai Jones 25 days ago

    Definitel Steph... he changed how basketball is played in the NBA and outside of it...

  • Bryan G. Stevenson
    Bryan G. Stevenson 26 days ago

    Lebron James and Steph Curry. That's the answer.

  • Aaron Wiesenfeld
    Aaron Wiesenfeld 26 days ago

    CP3 has to be in the discussion just based on that clusterfuck trade

  • Ke'Andre Green
    Ke'Andre Green 27 days ago

    A bunch of unathletic fools who probably couldn’t make a junior high basketball team are trying to diss KD in the comments 😂😂

  • Anshuman Naik
    Anshuman Naik 27 days ago

    What about kawhi????

  • leonel de la rosa
    leonel de la rosa 28 days ago

    He really said Giannis is better than Kawhi🤔

  • Elann Suvat
    Elann Suvat 28 days ago +1

    Anthony Davis is a very good player, but he doesn't have that MJ passion.

  • MrSHIV923
    MrSHIV923 28 days ago

    Let's just look at the thumbnail

  • Londre Gilkey
    Londre Gilkey 28 days ago

    I thought he lost game 7 to piston's when he got headache

  • Gurnawaz Gill
    Gurnawaz Gill 28 days ago +1

    LBJ represented the league from 2010-14. KD represented the league from 2015-19

  • Jonathan Bradd Omega
    Jonathan Bradd Omega 28 days ago +2

    Best game of this decade for me is Miami vs. Dallas Game 2 2011 Finals.

  • NJBeast 3
    NJBeast 3 29 days ago

    lebron or steph it only depends on how u want to look at things if people say somebody besides those two those guys are drunk

  • A L
    A L 29 days ago

    "LeBron brought back sportsman activism"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. If Nike wasn't backing LeBron, You bet he would'nt be going back and forth with Trump on Twitter. Give me a BIG break

  • LPjunemark
    LPjunemark 29 days ago +1

    Lebron and steph are all about 2010's. 2010-2018 lebron was dominating and curry 2013-2019 came in and change the game.

  • Alexis A. Mancebo
    Alexis A. Mancebo 29 days ago

    I wanna say Giannis

  • Joel Duran
    Joel Duran 29 days ago

    Scottie w the game7 comment 😂😂😂

  • AquaFina
    AquaFina 29 days ago

    jordan pushed off🤷‍♂️😬

  • Rafiq Dawood
    Rafiq Dawood 29 days ago +1

    Definitely LeBron and Curry. There are no other players even able to match their level of greatness at all. Agree that Durant is third after the first two legends and greats. Then Harden deserves to be fourth. They all been able to dominate the league in their own way winning championships, becoming NBA season MVP, finals MVP and other achievements to help them advance and progress far in their careers. All four of them also been the most successful basketball players in this era during the 2010's establishing their games, being known and recognized by their names and just leading their teams setting examples which are infectious to strengthening and improving their teammates.

  • Ricky Tan
    Ricky Tan 29 days ago

    Imagine putting KD in the convo

  • Arnold K
    Arnold K 29 days ago

    I completely agree with this list. Lebron greatest change in the NBA, most important as well. Now Steph, he quit literally changed basketball! Lebron changed the culture and make of the NBA. Literally owned an entire conference, broke down franchises, all of that. It's crazy.

  • D D
    D D 29 days ago +2

    LeBron for the first half
    Curry for the second half

  • asterisk911
    asterisk911 29 days ago

    To hear Scottie say the 3-pointer is "pretty much a lay-up" for Steph and Klay... um, let's not forget that every time you see Steph or Klay launch a 3, it has a greater chance of missing than making. They don't shoot so inaccurately on lay-ups! The big thing: 3-pointers count 50% more than 2-pointers, and most 2-pointers are actually much harder than lay-ups.

  • asterisk911
    asterisk911 29 days ago +1

    "Defined"? Well, Steph. But who was the best player is another question.

  • KidJV
    KidJV 29 days ago

    how is game 7 2016 not top 1..also why is KD included in this list..KAWHI

  • jacob crabb
    jacob crabb 29 days ago

    Decades 2010 PG Steph, SG Kawhi, SF Lebron, PF KD, Center Anthony Davis my starting 5

  • Allen Ruz
    Allen Ruz 29 days ago +1

    I think, KD going to the warriors pushed all the teams to pursue building a superteam. Superteam was big back in 2015 but now lakers have AD, LeBron, Kuzma, Howard... Clippers have PG, kawhi, louwill, harrell... Nets have KD, kyrie, deandre jordan, dinwiddie, warriors have steph, klay, draymond, d'angelo, rockets have harden, westbrook, capela... And we don't even talk about the monstrosity of those moves. I think KD going to the warriors defined what loyalty really is. Do they need to be loyal to their team? Or the team should be loyal to the players? We look at KD as snake but if he didn't do that... Fans will still think loyalty is what builds a team. And if they somehow get traded we won't think of it as a bad thing, only business. But if the players decided to move... They are not loyal.

  • Ricky El Diablo
    Ricky El Diablo 29 days ago

    Of course its LeBron, the dude did more than anyone both on and off the court. Most big stars came into the league because of LeBron

  • Jan Michael Torzar
    Jan Michael Torzar 29 days ago

    Lebron defined the 2010's NBA, no question about that. He is the one most consistently player of the decade (whether he wins or loses in the finals). However, Curry revolutionized basketball. Nobody is doing a Lebron (except Zion) but everybody shoots like Curry. Like literally, I've seen 8 yrs old throwing hail mary's in a game. Adults jacking up threes, no more inside play.

  • soldier2009
    soldier2009 29 days ago

    I'd add James Harden. Now everyone in the courts is doing his signature double step back travel

  • Jerome Michael Llemos
    Jerome Michael Llemos 29 days ago

    "Game 7? What is that?" HILARIOUS! 😂

  • ggk0326
    ggk0326 Month ago

    Scottie: "What's a Game 7?" 😆😂

  • Stxrm
    Stxrm Month ago

    d rose

    JRT 4JUSTICE Month ago

    Steph...aside from all the obvious...he is the Tiger Woods of the NBA. A new generation of kids are wearing his jersey! Both Lebrun and Steph are leaders..KD is a mama s boy looking to be nurtured all the time. The WSJ article speaks for itself.

  • Rahul Shome
    Rahul Shome Month ago

    2010-2016 Lebron
    2016-2019 Curry

  • Way of Jay
    Way of Jay Month ago

    “What is game 7?” - Scottie

  • Jrock420blam
    Jrock420blam Month ago

    I mean it took two of those to team up to beat one....

  • God God
    God God Month ago +1

    Notice how none of the top games they listed were after KD went to the Warriors. Lol people still think this didn't ruin the league for a few years.

  • BayouBeezy
    BayouBeezy Month ago

    Don't people get it if you mention people in a category then how do you put them up against each other they all changed the game

  • I Had To Make This Account

    Curry, he changed the game.

  • Ryan Gonzaga
    Ryan Gonzaga Month ago +1

    Curry. No doubt. Just watch how the games are played nowadays.

  • SugarRay2
    SugarRay2 Month ago

    KD for joining Steph’s team!

  • Shut up
    Shut up Month ago +1

    Lebron 2010-2015
    Steph 2015-2019
    In terms of influence to the game and the era, Steph wins by a country mile. Teams are trying to play like him and warriors and the amount of 3s in a game is rising.

    • Surfin' Brain
      Surfin' Brain 25 days ago

      after 2015 they shared the spotlight. It's not like LeBron disappeared.

    TROS SPONSOR Month ago


  • Connor Riccilli
    Connor Riccilli Month ago

    It’s Lebron and Steph. Lebron changed the way the league operates and even players going into college. Steph changed the way the game is played. KD hasn’t changed anything and certainly not in the same realm of degree that the other two have.

  • Russell Westbrook Fan

    Curry and lebron. You can’t argue anyone else

  • Jack Liu
    Jack Liu Month ago +1

    Steph revolutionized the modern nba and its 3 point shooting, won 3 chips, and beat lebron 3 out of 4 times. Curry should be number 1, followed closely by Lebron, then KD

  • Svtchel G
    Svtchel G Month ago

    So he going to disrespect Reggie Miller

  • randy K15
    randy K15 Month ago

    Those guys had to team up to beat lebron why is this a question? 😂

  • mario duarte
    mario duarte Month ago

    Curry, KD and Lebron. Obviously. But can the Mamba at least get a single mention? 2010 did happen. He also kept them in the conversation thru to 2013 not discounting the fact that he's got 5 rings!

  • Ihuoma O
    Ihuoma O Month ago

    To be honest Steph. The league is too 3 happy

  • Monty Wills V
    Monty Wills V Month ago

    It’s David West