• Published on Dec 2, 2017
  • Do you guys know my friend CHAD?
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Comments • 829

  • Gacha Adriana
    Gacha Adriana Year ago

    I love gravity falls

  • Shock Trooper Productions

    How cool

  • Daniel Trace
    Daniel Trace Year ago

    wait, why did loud house get in trouble?

  • jim my
    jim my Year ago


  • Mortan Árting Mørk

    Lewtoons’ lists are so good

  • Belaited Waif
    Belaited Waif Year ago

    “Your name is Chad?”

  • Cyclone _
    Cyclone _ Year ago

    You're a Jerry Seinfeld knock off

  • Vibez
    Vibez Year ago

    lol i am the 3k like

  • wesley patterson
    wesley patterson Year ago

    Get someone who does a lot of voice acting or just a lot of voices and play a game like this one accept you have to say a line from the show or movie you pull.

  • jimin is a mochi
    jimin is a mochi Year ago +1

    If I were there I would describe power puff girls by......

    Girls who are magical and come from a crock pot XD

  • SmasherGaming
    SmasherGaming Year ago

    I still can’t believe you hit 1 mill, I’ve been subbed for so long like if you agree

  • Actitout
    Actitout Year ago +1

    Cookies and cream is my favorite flavor too!

  • Rotlinux9
    Rotlinux9 Year ago +1

    *You sounds like the bee movie*

  • Roakey5
    Roakey5 Year ago

    The point system makes no sense, why would you not get points for giving a good enough of a description for the other person to guess correctly. You could always pretend to give bad ones to win.

    • Roakey5
      Roakey5 Year ago

      Oh, they said something like that in the show, probably should watch the entire thing before i comment (they didn't change the point system though, should have it so they both share points, and they want to reach a certain goal)

  • Charlie Burgers
    Charlie Burgers Year ago

    You're in TheXvid Rewind :D

  • Sync Hyper
    Sync Hyper Year ago

    TheXvid REWIND !!!

  • Jose2raw
    Jose2raw Year ago

    u made it to utube rewind!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex Baradarvar’s
    Alex Baradarvar’s Year ago +1


  • Alfie Gwinnell
    Alfie Gwinnell Year ago +1


  • T Rowe
    T Rowe Year ago

    You made it to rewind! Awesome!

  • Taurus Eartherdos
    Taurus Eartherdos Year ago +1

    Theoddsobesout Jayden animations and Alex are in 2017 TheXvid rewind

  • ShadowAlpha100
    ShadowAlpha100 Year ago

    i'm ashamed that i dont know know alot of these

  • Isabella 98
    Isabella 98 Year ago


  • MCbavo
    MCbavo Year ago

    OMG UR IN TheXvid REWIND!!!
    thexvid.com/user/theyearinreviewBE in the credits screen

  • Luis Galvvis
    Luis Galvvis Year ago

    Congrats for the rewind

  • Toxic Trooper
    Toxic Trooper Year ago

    Yay! You where featured in TheXvid rewind! Congrats!

  • Diego Del hierro
    Diego Del hierro Year ago +1

    Alexs Clark in TheXvid Rewind?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Iago Ferrer
    Iago Ferrer Year ago


  • Zebasan
    Zebasan Year ago

    congrats w. rewind

  • RePlex
    RePlex Year ago +1

    when can we download your music video?

  • JustANorwegian
    JustANorwegian Year ago


  • Blessedone333AZ
    Blessedone333AZ Year ago

    so... you cheated and actually said the Actor, then said "parents" which is part of the actual ANSWER

  • Delvin Lora
    Delvin Lora Year ago +1

    We need Idubbz here.

  • Green Eggs
    Green Eggs Year ago +1

    Congrats on TheXvid Rewind dude!!!!!!

  • Mr Lunch
    Mr Lunch Year ago

    Ya like jazz?

  • Rufffisher
    Rufffisher Year ago

    i just realized alex sounds like jerry seinfeild

  • Anime LIKE
    Anime LIKE Year ago

    Waiting for new video but can u do in live chat

  • Keren Hunt
    Keren Hunt Year ago

    You should watch attack on titan :) season 3 is coming out in july of 2018!!!

  • Have fun Kaboom
    Have fun Kaboom Year ago

    Go to taxes it was cool it over 45co 42co

  • Autumm Stoddard
    Autumm Stoddard Year ago

    You sound like dat boi from the bee movie.

  • FA00
    FA00 Year ago

    Part 3 ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )

  • Whip Lash
    Whip Lash Year ago

    you do not have that many girlfirends, and have not kissed a girl in you life you lier. you did not kiss a girl.

  • Tranae Jones
    Tranae Jones Year ago

    Where is part 3 of your babysitter story

  • Severakon
    Severakon Year ago

    i have the perfect anime for you Alex its called guilty crown

  • KO Productions
    KO Productions Year ago

    I think Alex should do at least two stories every week the first one should be on Monday and then the second one should be on Wednesday like normal but the Monday doesn’t have to be animated. Like if you agree

  • Andrew Stewart
    Andrew Stewart Year ago

    Love your videos bro

  • Elianie Rivera
    Elianie Rivera Year ago +1

    I love the video

  • orel Gabai
    orel Gabai Year ago

    give us the babysitter again no cliffhangers. you copy!??!??!?!?!?!?!?!??

  • Stopmotion Spiderman

    Property of ernie gang

  • Lokx fox
    Lokx fox Year ago

    hey alex clark what is you ps4 account ill add you i have overwtch and a headset

  • 6x Tutorials
    6x Tutorials Year ago


  • Asher Ketchup
    Asher Ketchup Year ago +1

    LewToons looks waaay different

  • OzBoss027 B
    OzBoss027 B Year ago +1

    Where's the next baby sitter video!

  • Farhana Haque
    Farhana Haque Year ago

    Mr.Alex May I ask a favour? Can u show ur sister in one of ur videos

  • Trinity Keetin
    Trinity Keetin Year ago

    love you

  • Levi Cheney
    Levi Cheney Year ago

    Wow I'm surprised that's the only person who has said cookies and cream! Mine is cookies and cream!

  • Myles Farmer
    Myles Farmer Year ago


  • Unknown ?
    Unknown ? Year ago +1

    Make your sisters voice like a girl voice not a grown ass 40 year old man with a raspy voice plz and thank u

  • Hats and Hoodies
    Hats and Hoodies Year ago

    Whats in the wacom box

  • Annie Mae
    Annie Mae Year ago

    If u like anime, I recommend u watch Yuri on Ice. IT'S AMAZING