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unpopular jyp opinions

  • Published on Oct 13, 2018
  • the trend is dead but does it look like i care? yes

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  • momo girls make do
    momo girls make do  7 months ago +1619

    i’m tired of repeating the same thing so i’m gonna say it here:
    no where in the video did i say i hate got7’s songs. they’re literally in my library
    i never said jackson WILL leave. i said if it would be anyone, it would be jackson because to ME he looks out of it since look era
    i don’t get why everyone’s trying to defend their choreo... they didn’t make it so it’s not that serious
    dragging twice to retaliate isn’t gonna do anything to me... so you can try i guess
    i never said twice ARE the biggest contributors to jyp sales. i said “one of if not...” PLEASE i’m tired of y’all selective hearing
    if i, ME, find their stages boring.. do you really thing writing paragraphs is gonna change my mind? like am i gonna suddenly find them interesting again?
    if i got more to say i’ll edit this

    • im 3out
      im 3out Month ago

      F__k u n ur mum

    • rosyish
      rosyish 3 months ago

      momo girls make do why can’t we leave our opinions when you can? what do you honestly expect when your video is basically “unpopular opinions”

    • dash D
      dash D 5 months ago +1

      Unpopular Opinion...Twice needs a break, Got7 needs more comebacks, and i aggree w half of these tbh

    • The Madame
      The Madame 5 months ago +1

      What is your opinion of Yubin after Thank You Sooo Much?

    • Rumyana Romelova
      Rumyana Romelova 5 months ago

      I wanted to ask why didn't you include any Stray Kids opinions in the video? (BTW the video is great and I agree with a lot of your opinions)

  • carlee duvall
    carlee duvall 2 days ago

    Yooooo that lullaby stage was like ommmgggg

  • c o r a l i e
    c o r a l i e 7 days ago

    Opinion :
    ITZY, Twice, Day6 and Stray Kids, are, for me, the best thing JYP did.

    MYAURA ITSUKI 9 days ago

    Of course GOT7 is *BORING!*
    JYP DON'T CARE ABOUT THEM!. jyp is ignoring GOT7 and they only care about TWICE.
    listen, it looks like I'm a hater but *not at all* TWICE are my girls!.
    It just that u can see jyp is ignoring them and they give TWICE and other groups more attention!.
    I think it's bad cause they have alot of potential.

  • Dahyun Stan
    Dahyun Stan 10 days ago

    3:46 well they have Itzy now

  • A sweet cup of Tae
    A sweet cup of Tae 11 days ago

    Jackson also has that Jennie vibe. Jennie also kinda wants to be more than just a rapper. Idk i just get that feeling Jen and Jackson would be the first to leave their grp

  • Lee Minhyuk is the gay icon of k-pop

    Where is day6?
    Is day6 not from JYP?

  • jimin step on me
    jimin step on me 14 days ago

    im older than everyone in boy story...

  • musicalpanda10
    musicalpanda10 16 days ago

    JYP doesn’t really care about money, he even said so himself, he cares about his artists and wants what’s best for them and the company

  • I Know Im Wrong But ,
    I Know Im Wrong But , 17 days ago

    How did you make the video? I want to make one!
    Also, I got butthurt about the Yubin opinion. I kinda agree, but her music is firee

  • Gabriela skja
    Gabriela skja 17 days ago

    I came fron the future, TWICE changed their concept JKASJKSAJKAS.

    • Gabriela skja
      Gabriela skja 17 days ago

      X2. ITZY debuted and was a success. But they need be promoting moooreeeeee.

    • Gabriela skja
      Gabriela skja 17 days ago

      X2. ITZY debuted and was a success. But they need be promoting moooreeeeee.

  • Gabriela skja
    Gabriela skja 17 days ago

    I came fron the future, TWICE changed their concept JKASJKSAJKAS.

  • Amy Crystal
    Amy Crystal 20 days ago

    Unpopular popular opinion: *YA'LL SHOULD STOP SLEEPING ON DAY6*

  • itsme alek
    itsme alek 22 days ago

    i almost threw my phone when you said boy story shouldn’t have debuted

  • Julissa Wang
    Julissa Wang 24 days ago

    To me My favorite choreography of Got7 is Lullaby so I don’t understand why you say they don’t try hard in the song. They look like they always try hard in that song. I agree in some of the vids they do look tired but that’s because their choreography is hard, you try doing it. And Jackson first to leave the group? He always gets mad when people tell him that. I don’t see him leaving first because he loves his group so much.

  • xMinaCutie
    xMinaCutie 27 days ago

    1:04 I think TWICE did that this comeback ;)

  • JM Condez
    JM Condez 29 days ago

    miss A has a lot of potential but didn't get enough promotion.

  • Kiwi got no jams
    Kiwi got no jams 29 days ago

    I mean... I listen to Boy story's music actively. I listen to them at least 9 times a day if not more. I know quite a lot of people who like Boy Story a lot too I mean they have a really dedicated fan base. Also Boy Story auditioned to become a part of the group so obviously they wanted to do it. They sit go to a regular school so they must have friends They hang out with its not like they are preparing for a comeback 24/7.

  • Vtan
    Vtan 29 days ago

    Fact: twice is payin the bills

  • Jay Lei
    Jay Lei 29 days ago

    Cries a single tear for wonder girls I miss them so much

  • Queen DoesRandom
    Queen DoesRandom Month ago

    lmao I started to cry a bit when she said that Jackson would be the 1st to leave got7

  • Miaya Maddness
    Miaya Maddness Month ago

    I honestly agree with the boystory opinion

  • its.alexa
    its.alexa Month ago

    Idk bout y'all but i love Twice's I want You back 🤠👍

  • Raph_13 ReVel
    Raph_13 ReVel Month ago

    Unpopular Opinion: About the Miss A one......
    I think that Hush, I don't need a man and ofc GOODBYE BABY was their best title tracks i didn't really get into Only You and Bad Girl Good Girl😐

  • loona wolf
    loona wolf Month ago

    yes twice have good vocals .... mmm...

  • Blue Wolf
    Blue Wolf Month ago

    UwU now twice already try new stuff with the b-side song~~~👌

  • Kpop Bott
    Kpop Bott Month ago

    Do yg next

  • Beh Cheng Jun
    Beh Cheng Jun Month ago

    Twice changed their concept: (:)

  • Angel Wings
    Angel Wings Month ago

    Chaeyoung is a weak rapper

  • Dingdonghyuck
    Dingdonghyuck Month ago

    I- kinda ruthless....

  • jaebutt
    jaebutt Month ago

    I'm sorry but those who are always saying that old Got7 is better and the current group is crappy, are just disrespecting their work. If u don't enjoy their songs it's fine, but don't put them down bc u don't like it. Maybe its not the groups best comeback or whatever, RESPECT at least the ones who like it. Don't say its boring or i don't know. Just ignore if you dont enjoy them anymore, oh my god.

  • Christle Lempao
    Christle Lempao Month ago

    What abt stray kids they have a lot of rappers

  • Stan NCT hoes
    Stan NCT hoes Month ago

    I understand all your opinions, in fact, I agree with all of them.

  • Blinks Fighting
    Blinks Fighting Month ago

    2:08 yaasss😭👊
    Leave her allooooneeee

  • Kayla Khotsombath
    Kayla Khotsombath Month ago

    Bruh I agree w you experimenting in the side tracks. The background music you used for the video is SUCH an underrated song by TWICE.

  • Zach's Fan
    Zach's Fan Month ago

    Very weak rapper ?

  • Diana Leaf
    Diana Leaf Month ago +1

    Unpopular opinion: Stray Kids saved all JYP's rappers that ever existed

  • •Strawberry Jeongyeon•

    Unpopular opinion: Momo doesn't need to have that high pitched voice.... I want her voice in the sixteen days :(

  • Likey Dubu
    Likey Dubu Month ago

    Tbh the moment I saw that Jackson and Twice follows somi on insta and YG and JYP are friends I really didn't care anymore I instantly followed her after I thought of it

  • EXO Saranghayeo
    EXO Saranghayeo Month ago

    Indeed Twice is JYP Favorite.No need to explain Everyone know tge reason Chillllllllll

  • Oasis is V
    Oasis is V Month ago

    2:05 .I think JYP heard you bc On this glorious day we were blessed by a teaser for Fancy You. By my bias Yoo Jeongyeon. And I cried.

  • 짱쯔위
    짱쯔위 Month ago +1

    Unpopular Opinion: I love Want You Back. I don't mind though because everyone has diff. tastes.

  • Myat Pan Khit
    Myat Pan Khit Month ago +1

    Who's your mama was not only JYP Nation. Seventeen also collaborated in that. I know it's catchy but the lyrics are too .....

  • shruti bhanot
    shruti bhanot Month ago

    I totally oppose this.. among big 3 ( sm jyp and former big 3 yg) sm is best.. best vocal.. best dance also their rapline is fair.. visual wise sm is best.. even production wise i feel they are good. I dont doubt stray kids rapline (they are lit) but sm is overall best among those...

  • dahyun? yes or yes?

    even though its an unpopular opinions SOME I AGREE👍
    and also to those some jyp stans STOP SAYING SOMI BETRAYED JYP, IDIOTS IT WAS ALREADY TALKED ABOUT BETWEEN THEM (i can't say all bc i disagree abt. the somi issue but not rlly an issue)

  • jennie's trashcan
    jennie's trashcan Month ago

    I want you back (not want you back) was a bop, y'all need to get your hearing checked 😂😂

  • jennie's trashcan
    jennie's trashcan Month ago

    can you not put a long gap in between opinions? it's annoying and makes me bored. thank u, next

  • Ria Reneé
    Ria Reneé Month ago

    about yubin i think thank you so much was a better fit because she was so fierce and everything about it was just...... i don't know how to put it into words but i guess powerful in its own way

  • im 3out
    im 3out Month ago

    Twice are not JYP's fav. Like yeah they are but not in that sense. Jyp prefers twice cuz they are the only group that sells the most. So technically they are bound to put more pressure on twice. :)

  • im 3out
    im 3out Month ago

    Jyp company is a mess? What about YG then? 😂

  • mean Hoe
    mean Hoe Month ago

    Unpopular opinion
    Signal is the best album of twice

  • Sparxy
    Sparxy Month ago

    I disagree with your opinion of Twices I WANT YOU BACK cover being bad, I thought it was great.

  • Blink U
    Blink U Month ago

    The one with twice cover was bad I completely disagree with that one

  • miraennie_ •
    miraennie_ • Month ago +1

    i feel bad for boy story,,,, one of them is my age and i know they chose to be idols, but my main concern is if they get overworked too much and get stressed because of school and the idol life, i hope they’re doing well :(((

  • Raquel Archer
    Raquel Archer Month ago

    want you back was great or is it just me

  • potato
    potato Month ago

    Who expected Day6 to be here :)))

  • Golden Bunnies
    Golden Bunnies Month ago

    Wow this was literally the nicest Unpopular opinions vid I’ve ever seen.
    Usually people bash other groups and hate on them, procceding to then say that it’s just their “opinion” so that justifies the rudeness.
    But instead you say things in the nicest way you can and even if what you’re saying is mean it doesn’t really feel like it.
    Sry for this long as comment 😅 I just thought that I should point this out.

  • Rose Salvatore
    Rose Salvatore Month ago

    Thank you so much for the Why So Lonely made my day T_T

  • jin's pink hair
    jin's pink hair Month ago

    "sm has few good dancers" yea okay go off ig

  • Adventure Time
    Adventure Time Month ago

    My opinion:
    I liked i want back and glad it was released. Honestly was suprised hearing it was a bad move. Plus the dance was super cute and suited the concept.

  • Mizu Neko
    Mizu Neko Month ago

    Why do most JYP stans ignore the fact that day6 exists lmao

  • I ship NaJeoMoSaJiMiDaChaeTzu

    unpopular opinion: boy story is the best boy group under JYPE.
    btw boy story does get time off.

  • Tiara Ko
    Tiara Ko Month ago


  • jooheons dimples
    jooheons dimples Month ago

    your opinion about jackerson: jackson said in a recent live that he loves working with got7 and said he wants people to stop asking him "will you leave got7?" he got really annoyed at that. i know you didnt aay that he would, but theres a little insight. :)

  • Fashion Bliss
    Fashion Bliss Month ago

    I hope you’ll read this yeah you’re right now that I think about it you’re pretty right somi shines in a gg but it’s her choice if she wants to go solo but i saw in a kpop 2019 prediction video that she’s gonna have concept similar to sunmis and she’s gonna be famous

  • mork
    mork Month ago

    i can't believe you didn't mention day6 to get the recognition they deserve

  • ice pop
    ice pop 2 months ago

    I agree on everything sis 🤟🏿

  • Jazzy ___
    Jazzy ___ 2 months ago

    It is crazy how people will say Twice is overworked but don't see how overworked Got7 is they had a comeback then a world tour then another comeback. I also saw a recent interview when Jackson says he is in Korea for 6 months with his and I quote "homeboys Got7" then while the boys a re resting he is in China for 6 months. Yes twice have multiple comebacks but the two groups cannot compare. I also think Got7 brings in more revenue they even hinted it when they talked about the new building. That is why JYP can never say anything against them because they bring in too much money.Like come on they sold out every arena for their tour only to have a comeback a couple of weeks after.

  • Yukino Aguria XD
    Yukino Aguria XD 2 months ago

    no stray kids opinoins?

  • yeontan stan
    yeontan stan 2 months ago

    stray kids rap line is god tier level.

  • Bing Wu
    Bing Wu 2 months ago

    Wtf what happend with my chae, why is she in the thumbnail 😢

  • guardianoftheuniverse
    guardianoftheuniverse 2 months ago

    I'm pretty sure "Who's Your Mama" was meant to be a parody of western music? Correct me if I'm wrong

  • MariaakaAnnie - Cosplay

    Unpopular opinions:
    1. I Want You Back was not that bad, especially not compared to other covers of that song, and at least we got Jihyo's power vocal high notes back
    2. People need to stop the "Twice get all the attention" hype, without Twice groups like Day6 (who are amazing btw and ya'll should stan them) would not get comebacks. A comeback costs soooooo much money for the company to produce, so if a group or artist isn't making that money on their own the company needs to take that money from somewhere else. And what is the biggest bucket of gold in JYPE? It is Twice. That's why Twice needs comebacks, promotions, repackages, because JYPE knows that Twice will sell no matter what and that will pay for their non well selling artists' comebacks. Like you want a Park Jimin or NakJoon comeback, ya'll better believe the money for that will come from Twice's sales, that's how business works.
    3. Like Ooh Ahh is still the best Twice title track and had the best styling, you can't change my opinion on this
    4. Twice's styling has gone down since Heart Shaker came out. Dance The Night Away was okay and at least had a concept, but What Is Love didn't have a clear styling throughout promotions (and I'm sorry I liked the showcase outfits, way more then the girly dresses as they did not fit the choreo at all), and Yes or Yes pretty much had a combination of Like Ooh Ahh and Likey's outfits. Before that you could always be sure which era it was, Like Ooh Ahh had a more bad ass styling and lots of plaid, Cheer Up had the cheerleader/sports thing, TT had the oversized shirts and layers, Knock Knock had colorful stripes and large patterns, Signal had a play on school uniforms, Likey had a youthful and chill vibe (can't really define it but I could still reckognize the era), Heart Shaker had the blue jeans. After that, apart from the summery outfits for Dance The Night Away, the eras have been kind of unclear in terms of styling

  • Lea Kampenhuber
    Lea Kampenhuber 2 months ago

    Stray Kids are the rookies of the century and have one of the best raplines in kpop and no one can tell me otherwise

  • Evan Griffiths
    Evan Griffiths 2 months ago

    It is impossible for jyp to neglect other groups for twice because each group has its own team who manages them independently thanks to jyp 2.0

  • Remi
    Remi 2 months ago

    honestly while yeah only 1 or 2 in JYP groups are usually rappers my GOD stray kids pop off

  • Liyan Black
    Liyan Black 2 months ago

    Unpopular opinion: Bad Girl Good Girl is the only iconic song that has come out of JYP

  • kpop kpop
    kpop kpop 2 months ago +1

    7:29 just because he stars solo career that doesn't mean Got7 will disband or Jackson will leave Got7, and about his performances he is just tired, try to understand him. He really love Got7 and Igot7 and always doing the best for making us happy💚

  • kpop kpop
    kpop kpop 2 months ago +1

    "a few really good dancers"? SM has the best dancers in kpop. Please, Taemin, Kai, Hyoyeon, Taeyong and Seulgi did you ever heard about them? Also SM groups have members with the best dancing skills.

  • 권미연
    권미연 2 months ago +1

    "sm has weak rappers" BISH WHERE??? *WHERE???*
    i respect your opinion tho BUT I DON'T UNDERSTAND

    • SL P
      SL P 2 months ago +3

      Name one strong rapper with indulging delivery from SM other than Mark and Taeyong.

  • Ronan Pogi
    Ronan Pogi 3 months ago

    Ay ay ay ay ay

  • Hyunjeans
    Hyunjeans 3 months ago

    This was basically twice and got7 I mean come on really

  • hanna v
    hanna v 3 months ago

    Yubin is queen.

  • lejindary
    lejindary 3 months ago

    I’m not interested in got 7’s music but god bless their souls because they have one of the best personalities in kpop tbh

  • Space Mooch
    Space Mooch 3 months ago


  • Space Mooch
    Space Mooch 3 months ago

    Can people please stop attacking her? It’s just her opinions. Don’t click the video or comment hate if you find it unappealing to you. Just let her be

  • rosyish
    rosyish 3 months ago

    i disagree with you on the got7 ones, they had to perform right after their world tour. their choreography is super hard as well. and about jackson, he has taken many medical breaks and is just v tired and sick, no shade or hate, just stating it out there...

  • Malina Shrestha
    Malina Shrestha 3 months ago +1

    If you think boy story is too young then how did you feel about NCT dream

  • Malina Shrestha
    Malina Shrestha 3 months ago +1

    I lost interest in got7

  • Ari Wenger
    Ari Wenger 3 months ago

    i think jyp is the best bc their management is better than sm's and their lineup is very varied,,,, eg they have bgs like got7, stray kids and day6. theyre all "boy groups" yet have wildly different concepts and musical styles. sm's groups are kind of the same, you just choose which one's music and concept you like more. they all follow the same formula. nct is sm's most different thing theyve done yet, and aside from the "infinite members" concept, they arent THAT wild tbh

  • Bianca EXO-L
    Bianca EXO-L 3 months ago

    I think it is good and natural for twice to have many comebacks since they are succesful, imagine stanning a good and succesful group with 1 comeback per year. This is EXO's case. If a group is good companies shouldn't keep them in the basement

  • ซาทีน่า วากเนอร์

    If they see opportunity to get money, they take it.
    Well YG doesn't. He still treats BP like shit.😂😂😂

  • Julie DCA
    Julie DCA 3 months ago

    Well say Hello to GOT7's Lullaby who had 8 wins.

  • 지성
    지성 3 months ago

    stray kids :(?

  • Ryan
    Ryan 3 months ago

    I think you should be more respectful and not make others look bad

  • Beau Gabriel
    Beau Gabriel 3 months ago

    but honestly twice sidetracks are so different (like 1-10, ho!, touchdown and so many more) so idk what you're saying about them experimenting with them and truthfully i didn't really think of their title tracks cute probably because i didn't watch the music videos while first listening to them (the only exception to this is maybe TT and knock knock the others weren't really 'cutesy' to me, cheerful probably but not cute)

    • Beau Gabriel
      Beau Gabriel 3 months ago

      others also like candy boy, do it again, like a fool, and i honestly love rolling and omo im just going to say that i love all their songa

  • Merila lala
    Merila lala 3 months ago

    what's youre opinion abt itzy? they haven't debuted yet but i think you might have some ideas for the concept n such

  • Merila lala
    Merila lala 3 months ago

    but i think yubin's thank you sooo much was better than lady so-

  • JP Entreteriment
    JP Entreteriment 3 months ago

    Sooo what about Stray kids and Day6?

  • Praphasiri Kamlangsing
    Praphasiri Kamlangsing 3 months ago

    unpopular opinion: many of JYP artist side track are lit and people should check them out
    but i specially want everyone to listen to Jimins park side tracks from three of her solo album.
    People stop bashing Groups or artist before you know the real shit or the company or the person who reperesents it

    being a little bit biased eek