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Lady Gaga's FULL Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show | NFL

  • Published on Feb 6, 2017
  • Watch Lady Gaga goes from the roof to the stage in one of the most acrobatic & incredible Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime show performances of all time.
    Set list:
    God Bless America
    This Land is Your Land
    Poker Face
    Born this Way
    Just Dance
    Million Reasons
    Bad Romance
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Comments • 69 019

  • Bianka Diaz
    Bianka Diaz 53 minutes ago


  • Leif Harmsen
    Leif Harmsen Hour ago


  • Elvira Berrones
    Elvira Berrones 2 hours ago

    once show that show in t.v. she's cool

  • Amanda Lopez
    Amanda Lopez 8 hours ago

    Awesome!! She is a fantastic performer, we love you Lady Gaga.

  • brotherscup
    brotherscup 9 hours ago

    A million reasons why she's better than Maroon 5.

  • Camila Braga
    Camila Braga 10 hours ago


  • 3
    3 16 hours ago

    Patrick: Spongebob what happened?
    Spongebob: The NFL cheated

  • 한열
    한열 20 hours ago

    She must do SuperBowl 54 Halftime Show

  • nhan nguyen
    nhan nguyen 20 hours ago +1

    This is absolutely best performance ò all time. Bravo lady 2019. I have watched almost 100 hundred times

  • Khanh Tran
    Khanh Tran 21 hour ago

    Woah It's very long time when she's play back all songs in her golden time. But this time, you're diamond.

  • Movies and stuff with Mike Mike

    She smashed it. I don’t think anyone else is gonna gonna match it. Having a shitty time at the moment and she and her crew in this video made me cry but in a really good way. Watching this will make my day better. Oh and hey America lots of love from Britainx

    EOS DEESSE Day ago +1

    My God... I've never seen such a beautiful spectacle as the gaga show.

  • Alan Pereira
    Alan Pereira Day ago

    Wonderful artist e human

  • erica middleton
    erica middleton Day ago +1

    Did anyone notice the backup dancer towards the front of the stage on the left that fell at 2:55-2:57?

  • Minerva Rosas Cruz
    Minerva Rosas Cruz 2 days ago

    I love lady gaga

    EOS DEESSE 2 days ago +2

    gaga puts everyone in one place. Born this way

  • Daisy 3 Tears
    Daisy 3 Tears 3 days ago +10

    Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga both hold the best halftime shows in history in my opinion. Artists these days are just so boring. There's no oomph left anymore.
    Keep it alive Gaga!

  • Alvin Maghopoy
    Alvin Maghopoy 4 days ago +6

    People are asking where did Lady Gaga get her energy all throughout the show? I mean, hello? She IS a MONSTER! The MOTHER MONSTER! Proud Little Monster here! Slay Lady Gaga Slay!

  • Sophie Pieters
    Sophie Pieters 4 days ago

    2:00 better not accidentally drop the mic

    • Loopy Adrian
      Loopy Adrian Day ago

      Sophie Pieters katy perry had to have it tied up to her hand

  • Laurie Gelinas
    Laurie Gelinas 4 days ago +1

    Stephanie, you make the world seem better!!:)

  • José Espinoza
    José Espinoza 4 days ago

    Gran Espectaculo, no podia esperar menos de Ella..!!!!! Wiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! Toda una estrella...!!!!

    JM ESTRUCTURAS Mendez 4 days ago +1

    Tan bella¡¡ saluda a sus papis en el 8:39?

  • M. A.
    M. A. 4 days ago

    This was the last Gaga. She is Lady anymore...

  • InternetSavage
    InternetSavage 4 days ago

    She does sound a bit nervous in a Million Reasons, you can hear when she takes breathes.

    • Josh Lugliani
      Josh Lugliani Day ago

      InternetSavage it was her first time performing it in front of a live audience, and her mom and dad we’re watching, and the song is written for them so yeah she would be a bit nervous :)

  • Katarina Bentes
    Katarina Bentes 4 days ago

    Como era mesmo o mundo antes da Gaga??? 💗

  • Rennieboy
    Rennieboy 5 days ago

    Icon! 😍

  • Amanda Ouellet
    Amanda Ouellet 5 days ago

    Ummmm wow. She is perfect

  • Marissa Starr
    Marissa Starr 5 days ago +2

    That Telephone dance was amazing.

  • Hector Madrid
    Hector Madrid 5 days ago

    La Mejooooooooor Lady Gaga!👑😍❤

  • Channerens Pinargote

    The best!

    BEN GHANA 5 days ago

    Meh, I'll take MJ's performance over any I've seen so far, with him just standing there for 3 minutes creating more excitement than any of the modern day circus acts that's become the norm of Super Bowl halftime shows.

      BEN GHANA Hour ago

      +Jorge Issac , I'm not just comparing MJ's performance to Gaga, but I'm comparing the overall excitement, and total experience of the event, to include Gaga's along with every other Super Bowl half-time shows that followed MJ's, as well as those before. There simply was nothing like it, and probably never will be. No different than comparing Jordan to everyone else as the G.O.A.T, where time no longer matters.

    • Jorge Issac
      Jorge Issac Hour ago

      BEN GHANA idk why people compare these two performances. He had his time now Gaga’s hers. Let’em be

  • Edd Smith
    Edd Smith 5 days ago

    gaga is so awesume

  • Special K 141
    Special K 141 6 days ago +2

    This was the only good halftime show in the past 10 years honestly

  • transkodak27
    transkodak27 6 days ago

    @ 1:04 when im sound asleep at 3am and my cat decides to jump off the nightstand onto my face

  • chey_saliban
    chey_saliban 6 days ago +2

    Am I the only one that loves Lady Gaga, she is amazing!!!

  • iAmSLASH
    iAmSLASH 7 days ago

    Trash 🗑

  • Susan Burns
    Susan Burns 7 days ago +7

    Since watching the Netflix Documentary about Gaga leading up to this Super Bowl performance I have seen this in such a different perspective. She was dealing with so much. A break-up, physical pain, landing a starring role in "A Star Is Born"...seeing her come out from the very beginning of this show. She was spot on, hot, and the most talented person I have ever seen. I am truly blessed to have gotten to see such a talent, but more importantly a wonderful person in my lifetime. Oh and she had just written A MIllion Reasons...

  • Johnny Goover
    Johnny Goover 7 days ago +2


  • ilias df
    ilias df 7 days ago +2

    Fantastic .. she is

  • Dani Miller
    Dani Miller 8 days ago +1

    The like/dislike ratio on this performance compared to Maroon 5’s performance says it all

  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

    0:20 Bruh even the fairy from Shrek had a better performance than this year’s bombshell

  • dokbrian
    dokbrian 8 days ago +6

    Gaga put the bar so high in 2017 that Justin and Adam got so many hates and disappointments. Goodluck to the next performer

  • Lily Lily
    Lily Lily 8 days ago


  • Jay Kohootech
    Jay Kohootech 8 days ago +10

    SHE COUGHT THE BALL OMG. I would totally fail even if I stood still.

  • Jet Corlet
    Jet Corlet 9 days ago +5

    am i the only who rewatching this just to feel better after 2019 half time show

  • Erika Sooy
    Erika Sooy 9 days ago +1

    I would just like to say I am in color guard and I appreciate the rifles used! They're the weird ones with holes instead of a solid center, but still!

  • oof man to the rescue
    oof man to the rescue 9 days ago +1

    Who else loves her but also wants her to go back to pop just revive it?

    BOMMIE PARK 9 days ago +2

    She is the queen 😍😍😍

  • Bass Trammel
    Bass Trammel 9 days ago

    The cool people got drunk during this part, and had a blast!

  • Simply Me
    Simply Me 9 days ago


  • Orhan Tutaysalgır
    Orhan Tutaysalgır 9 days ago +2

    Still best arty crafty show ever!! Her vision got me every time

  • Cherrie
    Cherrie 9 days ago

    0:30 how did they get those stars?

  • Joy Tumilap
    Joy Tumilap 9 days ago


  • fernanda chamberlain
    fernanda chamberlain 9 days ago +1

    Te amo gaga

  • My Blood
    My Blood 9 days ago +4

    This is why Pop Divas should always headline the Superbowl Halftime. They are real entertainers.

  • Mary Ayen Opague
    Mary Ayen Opague 10 days ago +4

    I appreciate this performance more every year. Love it gaga.

  • Lee legaspi
    Lee legaspi 10 days ago +1

    2019 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Arman XX
    Arman XX 10 days ago +1

    *what’s an Adam Levine*

  • Summer Medico
    Summer Medico 10 days ago

    10:25 she look like a whole different person

  • heady
    heady 10 days ago +2

    lady gaga>britney spears and madonna.

  • Alix
    Alix 11 days ago +3

    7:40. The song that made me love her. Despite her PTSD and Fibromyalgia, she continues to be strong. She is my idol.

  • Michael Pierre
    Michael Pierre 11 days ago +3

    This has to be the best performance of Bad Romance she has given

  • MrCoyotecorrecaminos
    MrCoyotecorrecaminos 11 days ago

    The position she makes when she throws herself into the void is so... ugly....
    And the harness she uses, makes her legs look like chicken legs wearing diapers...

  • Bev Trader
    Bev Trader 12 days ago +11

    Lady gaga is one of the best and hardest working women in show business period. Excellent performer.

  • Matt Atkins
    Matt Atkins 12 days ago +7

    Wtf , this is one of the most talented woman who ever lived, exceptional

  • iima asama
    iima asama 12 days ago +1

    I don’t know why I’m crying right now

  • Michael Baram
    Michael Baram 12 days ago +22

    It’s insane how smoothly this runs, I’ve never seen such a flawless, intense, well thought out performance like that where absolutely nothing goes wrong and all the pieces fit perfectly together. What a wonderful, timeless performer 🙌🏻

  • Slaya of Zombies
    Slaya of Zombies 12 days ago +2

    If you don’t like this performance then you are a disgrace

  • Ryan Bintang
    Ryan Bintang 12 days ago +5

    The Fame ✔️
    The Fame Monster ✔️
    Born This Way ✔️
    Joanne ✔️
    Where's ARTPOP ?????????????

  • Juba Santos
    Juba Santos 12 days ago

    Roger that, Queen!

  • FireHorse36
    FireHorse36 13 days ago


  • Hör auf meinen Namen zu lesen

    Lady Gaga i love you !

  • P Ang
    P Ang 13 days ago +1

    She’s in a character every time she sings and you get lost watching her. Absolutely an amazing woman.

  • M eta
    M eta 13 days ago

    Amazing and Wonderful

  • Alex Wain
    Alex Wain 13 days ago +2

    Let's not forget that after halftime, Tom Brady made the comeback of what Champions are made of.

  • François
    François 13 days ago +2

    Thumbs up for that dancer at 11:24 that noticed lady gaga forgot to step back and so she manages to gently pull her while pretending it's part of the choreo. Such professionalism is amazing to see. Incredible show.

  • M. Marcam
    M. Marcam 13 days ago

    Nfl wants his money back they use ronaldo and a soccer ball in the superbowl.

  • jungefrau
    jungefrau 14 days ago

    I read the Gaga has fibromyalgia and I have no idea how she does what she does when she has fibro. She is the friggin Queen of the World!

  • Neil Dela Cruz
    Neil Dela Cruz 14 days ago

    7:30 look at it. Before NASA have a picture about black hole, Mamah monster already portrayed it.

  • Rhiam Monstress
    Rhiam Monstress 14 days ago

    I think she loves swinging on that thing😂 Ghad. Love her

  • The life of Young Leopxrd

    When this happened my WHOLE family that was in the same room as me all went to a different room the eat dinner (including me). NO RESPECTS TO GAGA

    • Loopy Adrian
      Loopy Adrian 6 days ago

      The life of Young Leopxrd your loss

  • Arthur Patombon
    Arthur Patombon 14 days ago


  • Chris Jericho
    Chris Jericho 14 days ago

    Who Else Here After Sicko Mode?

  • Crucify Phoenix
    Crucify Phoenix 14 days ago +1

    I don't understand the comparisons to Madonna. Madonna didn't invent the thrift store chic look, perhaps she popularized it, but she was not the first. Their voices are very different too. I think the only things Gaga and Madonna have in common is blonde hair and Italian ancestry.

  • Jeanette Degiulio
    Jeanette Degiulio 14 days ago

    She is spectacular💖💖💖

  • Static rice field And magnetic cornfield

    Adam wat you got to say

  • Jaime Moreno
    Jaime Moreno 15 days ago +3

    Talk about a LIVE performance. She's the ultimate professional. No lip syncing, no gimmicks.

  • mipts stpim
    mipts stpim 15 days ago

    Fearlessly well done performance! Most memorable NFL performance. I respect you as a beautiful artist. Hats off to you, Lady Gaga!

  • THE GZ
    THE GZ 15 days ago

    bruh I'm out of breath just watching this like wtf

  • Oliver Parker
    Oliver Parker 16 days ago +2

    Sorry Madonna but Gaga is the TRUE legend.

  • Drey
    Drey 16 days ago +3

    She is so under hyped!!!!!

  • ajaysisonify
    ajaysisonify 16 days ago +2

    Still AMAZING AS!

  • AjStylesFan1
    AjStylesFan1 17 days ago +2

    Best halftime show

  • Kayla Rose
    Kayla Rose 17 days ago +3

    i still get chills watching this omfg

  • Vio Spears
    Vio Spears 17 days ago


  • areallyniceperson duhh
    areallyniceperson duhh 17 days ago +2

    Maybe 2020 should be Beyonce Coldplay Bruno and lady gaga now that will be good because we need recovery from the maroon 5 performance

    • Pinhead Larry
      Pinhead Larry 16 days ago

      Riri and Shakira should do it next year. Both singing some of their songs and then singing "can't remember to forgot you" together. It would be a big step forward. But knowing the NFL they might get cardi b to do it instead lol.

  • Julie Lynch
    Julie Lynch 17 days ago +3

    No other super bowl will surpass this one to me! My Patriots won! And my favorite performer of all time kicked ass and put on the performance of a lifetime! Superbowl 51 forever. ❤ gaga forever ❤

  • Harold Santiago aka HaroldKing

    Pure, versatile, perfect and all live talent. 😊.

  • maina waweru
    maina waweru 17 days ago +4

    Lady Gaga is epic , such an amazing woman 🤘🏾🤘🏾👌🏾😍😍🔥❤️❤️❤️

  • Diana Smith
    Diana Smith 17 days ago +3