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Lady Gaga's FULL Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show | NFL

  • Published on Feb 6, 2017
  • Watch Lady Gaga goes from the roof to the stage in one of the most acrobatic & incredible Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime show performances of all time.
    Set list:
    God Bless America
    This Land is Your Land
    Poker Face
    Born this Way
    Just Dance
    Million Reasons
    Bad Romance
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Comments • 67 683

  • Elias G
    Elias G 4 hours ago

    These 13mins felt like 3mins tbh

  • Mickey Cook
    Mickey Cook 6 hours ago

    Pretty much set the standard for what a Super Bowl performance should look and sound like. Really talented dame. I say that respectfully.

  • Protim Borah
    Protim Borah 6 hours ago +1

    I just came here to refresh my mind after 2019 super bowl worst performance

  • Rachel Keegan
    Rachel Keegan 6 hours ago

    At least she can actually sing, Maroon 5 needed auto tune bad!

  • Jonas Galvao
    Jonas Galvao 7 hours ago

    It's Gaga Queen ❤

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike 7 hours ago +1

    Anyone here after watching her special on Netflix?

  • Vintage Gemini
    Vintage Gemini 8 hours ago

    Idk if anyone can top her performance...

  • Maria
    Maria 9 hours ago

    the only super bowl performance that ive watch from start to finish without any skips.
    god.shes amazing.

  • Kim Creamy98
    Kim Creamy98 9 hours ago

    Genuine voice mother monster

  • Meggy Peggy
    Meggy Peggy 13 hours ago

    Hm... I wonder why this is being promoted right now....

  • sude yılmaz
    sude yılmaz 14 hours ago

    Thats Real show... Queen GaGa

  • Ying Labrador
    Ying Labrador 16 hours ago +1

    can't believe anyone would dislike this.. This is just WOW..

  • sp00ky
    sp00ky 18 hours ago


  • Richard Williams
    Richard Williams 18 hours ago

    America land of the free... Has the highest percentage of incarcerated citizens of any country on the planet.

  • Jamie Morgan
    Jamie Morgan 20 hours ago

    He music is so damn catchy that I can remember this entire performance word for word, beat for beat.

  • the whistle boner
    the whistle boner 22 hours ago +1

    I just realized, gaga didn't have guests.

  • natasha syberia
    natasha syberia 22 hours ago

    Those pauses at the very beginning didn't quite work. But, jee, does she do agreat job throughout )))) that's a level.

  • laramiaizz
    laramiaizz 22 hours ago +1

    Only Gaga and Beyoncé did it right..

  • Baecon Chim-Chim
    Baecon Chim-Chim 23 hours ago

    She's simply amazing

  • Teguh Hardian
    Teguh Hardian Day ago

    February 2019, anyone still?

  • Eli Westerfield
    Eli Westerfield Day ago +1

    She just gonna Cirque du Soleil while singing perfectly

  • Da Tammy
    Da Tammy Day ago

    1:05 a beautiful meme was born.

    I literally die laughing whenever I see this.

  • AirForce1s 13
    AirForce1s 13 Day ago +1

    I’m here to become pure again- forget Maroon V, this is pure talent

  • maxibohemio
    maxibohemio Day ago

    Now this is a good performance

  • Midnight Moon
    Midnight Moon Day ago

    She can only count to 3!😝😝😝

  • James Logan
    James Logan Day ago +1

    Lady Gaga killed it. Period.

  • einfach nur Leo
    einfach nur Leo Day ago

    Why is the NFL advertising for this now?

  • Elliot Warren
    Elliot Warren Day ago

    2:55 my man on the stage. Press F

  • Omar U
    Omar U Day ago

    More like : sponsored by the thousand ads you made me watch during this vid.

  • Chimera Kuchar
    Chimera Kuchar Day ago

    Lady gaga would have sung sweet victory

  • Bruno Rodrigues
    Bruno Rodrigues Day ago

    Love you Lady gaga

  • Janette Smith
    Janette Smith Day ago +1

    Phenomenal performance ...down to every production detail . AMAZING. The only one I'd still bookmark above this is Prince... but I mean, it's PRINCE! Both out of this world gifted in their own right!

  • Ben’s Art
    Ben’s Art Day ago

    Can we all agree she looks like spongebob in the spongebob movie

  • Heather Marshall
    Heather Marshall Day ago +1

    I'm so proud of GaGa...she worked her ass for that performance. And 2018 was a great year for her. Ill forever be a lil monster

  • Kübra Gürpınar
    Kübra Gürpınar Day ago +2

    this show was the most beautiful show I've ever seen😍😍

  • Maria A Fredolia E
    Maria A Fredolia E Day ago +2

    I'm shock how her voice so steady from the start to the end of performance.

  • Tina N
    Tina N 2 days ago

    Let's hear it for Houston, where Super Bowl LI took place in 2017, AND for Texas 01:38

  • Tina N
    Tina N 2 days ago +1

    Robotic performance of a copycat(!) flying 'machine'. Also talented entertainers do not hide behind this many fireworks...!! Her songs stress me out and her voice is quite shouty.

  • ncsweetie24
    ncsweetie24 2 days ago

    Best Super Bowl performance EVER!!!!

  • Nathaniel Famisan
    Nathaniel Famisan 2 days ago

    This was the real peak of the NFL. Lady Gaga performing live at halftime without any guests, and the Super Bowl game reaching overtime. It's increasingly unlikely to top Super Bowl 2017 due to both factors at this point.

  • Hello Challenge
    Hello Challenge 2 days ago

    I had an anxiety attack the first time I watched her jump off

  • Henry Perez
    Henry Perez 2 days ago +1

    One of the greatest performers ❤️

  • Hoswendt
    Hoswendt 2 days ago +2

    She’s like Madonna. Not the greatest voice but a good performer.

    • Nick Harris
      Nick Harris 7 hours ago +1

      Gaga has more vocal and musical ability in her C3 vertebrae than Madonna has in her entire body and back catalogue. Add acting to that as well. Madonna is a performer. Gaga is that and 1000x more. End of story. Game over. See you next week #GagaAlltimeGreatHistoryWillShow

    • JimTheCactus
      JimTheCactus Day ago +3

      She's a better singer than Madonna

    • Loopy Adrian
      Loopy Adrian Day ago +4


  • Phoenix Rose
    Phoenix Rose 2 days ago

    Omg I just realized this was on the NFL channel lmao. Comments full of Gaga stans 💗💗💗💗💗

  • zeldafreak701
    zeldafreak701 2 days ago +22

    Let's not forget she is actually singing. WHILE dancing. Incredible.

  • Rainbowcreep 1
    Rainbowcreep 1 2 days ago

    I love how the crowd knows what to do at what parts

  • Michaela andrusko
    Michaela andrusko 2 days ago

    honestly if you’re gonna play the super bowl the production better be as good as this otherwise it’s not worth watching

  • Glenda
    Glenda 2 days ago +1

    That's why I watched Lady Gaga again. Never gets old.

  • Neon Madness
    Neon Madness 2 days ago +1

    She should have been the one who performed Sweet Victory

  • Jay Bròn
    Jay Bròn 2 days ago

    Take notes Adam this is what a halftime show looks like

  • jake wells
    jake wells 2 days ago +1

    I was there

  • Purple Nazli
    Purple Nazli 2 days ago +2

    I don't understand where she gets the stamina from to sing so powerfully WHILE DANCING. EVEN AFTER 10 MINUTES. I'm not kidding I can't sing anymore after climbing the stairs to my room cause I simply can't get enough breath...

  • Monster K
    Monster K 2 days ago +1

    She's Born to be kind

  • Greyすさまじい
    Greyすさまじい 2 days ago +1


    XXXMAS THREE 2 days ago

    Still waiting for Alejandro...

  • Kathy Senior
    Kathy Senior 2 days ago +1

    Did she have a wig change!!!

  • Aizen K
    Aizen K 2 days ago +8

    We need Gaga and Beyonce on the next half time show. The arena will explode!

  • Flora Dai
    Flora Dai 2 days ago +2

    She's super star

  • Valerie Tower
    Valerie Tower 2 days ago +2

    This give me goosebumps every time I watch it. She is INCREDIBLE!!!

  • Sara Swift
    Sara Swift 2 days ago +1


  • Phillip Guiller
    Phillip Guiller 2 days ago +2

    1:04 me jumping to conclusions

  • Sahar Darabi
    Sahar Darabi 2 days ago +13

    Hands down the BEST superbowl performance so far

  • Kristyle Mwa
    Kristyle Mwa 2 days ago +2

    i'm a proud lil monster. my momah is a legend.

  • Marife Gamayon
    Marife Gamayon 3 days ago

    1:05 omg wtf

  • Tek Santiago
    Tek Santiago 3 days ago


  • Y!Gavin P!British
    Y!Gavin P!British 3 days ago +1

    Only lady gaga🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏👏

  • Sarah Maguire
    Sarah Maguire 3 days ago

    4:54 omg Tiffany from tns?!?

  • Josie Clayton
    Josie Clayton 3 days ago +1

    This is without a doubt one of the best half time shows ever.

  • Zarah Rashidi
    Zarah Rashidi 3 days ago

    12:28 into the video, while scrolling thru comments i saw a 1 year ago comment and i was like *wait.... what...* when was this actually? Checked the description and like baaaam 2017 huh?! Why is this in my recommendation.... why now.... love gaga!!!! ❤❤❤

  • justrrt Rada
    justrrt Rada 3 days ago

    Did I am the only one who saw happened on 2:56 ?

  • Patrycja Oświęcimska

    looooooove youuu

  • Kristen B
    Kristen B 3 days ago

    Loved it!

  • Jason Rey Jacob
    Jason Rey Jacob 3 days ago +4

    Gaga be like " THIS IS HOW TO START A HALFTIME SHOW!! " 😤😤😤 This years halftime show is definitely a trash!! 😤😤 Lady Gaga is 👑

  • Cheddar
    Cheddar 3 days ago

    For as short as she is and the shoes she wears is amazing

  • Íris Líndalz
    Íris Líndalz 3 days ago +2

    I´m out of breath just by watching her performance ! No Way I´m gonna watch Maroons 5 half time show ! I have never enjoyed their music neither can I stand Adams voice. Greetings from Iceland !

  • Vivian Soucie
    Vivian Soucie 3 days ago

    I feel so relived this has almost recovered me from the cringe levels I experienced during maroon 5s performance

  • Puja Rawat
    Puja Rawat 3 days ago

    O M G she is fire 🔥

  • Slowbro
    Slowbro 3 days ago +1

    Gaga’s backup dancers were getting after it! Hell of a performance by all involved

  • Stephanie Olds
    Stephanie Olds 3 days ago

    QUEEN!!!!!! SHE IS A QUEENN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Ross
    Joe Ross 3 days ago

    the crowd dancing in sync at 11:08 is actually pretty cool

  • Kimberly Carrillo
    Kimberly Carrillo 3 days ago

    I came back after maroon 5 disappointing performance the shirtless effect help for 5 second I miss Gaga 😓😂

  • Miguel Quintero
    Miguel Quintero 3 days ago

    WOW now i get why this year Maroom 5 sucked

  • Skyler Isaac
    Skyler Isaac 3 days ago +2

    So funny how she jumps off at the top and then in the end jumps off omfg that was too funny

  • Bjswac
    Bjswac 3 days ago

    God bless america.

  • DeweyThePug PlaysFortnite

    Lady HHaHHa

  • youtube is not healthy
    youtube is not healthy 3 days ago +6

    Super bowl 2020: Beyonce and Lady Gaga Telephone Part 2

  • Benilda Regis
    Benilda Regis 3 days ago

    The best half time show ever!! No one can top That!!!!M

  • Joshua Salem
    Joshua Salem 3 days ago

    One of the best performances for the best super bowl game ever

  • Pepeh
    Pepeh 3 days ago

    Karma, Adam Levine! "Ugh..recycling old art for a younger generation doesn't make you an artist".
    I see a real superstar righ here.

  • Mj WinBlake
    Mj WinBlake 3 days ago +1

    She really put here singing born this way we STAN this queen she gave us the sweet victory

  • andjelica 92
    andjelica 92 3 days ago

    jedna jedina

  • posterlion
    posterlion 3 days ago

    The song makes sense though, we are all born the way we are, i.e., this way. Other than that, no new info. Let us celebrate this unique fact. :)

  • posterlion
    posterlion 3 days ago

    Still wondering why people watch the absurdity known as the super bowl.

  • posterlion
    posterlion 3 days ago

    Oh, I thought they let her do the super bowl again. Never mind, this is two years old :)

  • Green Grass
    Green Grass 3 days ago

    Houstonian is super super lucky. They have Lady Gaga !!!!!!!!

  • Leah M
    Leah M 3 days ago

    Her stamina is absolutely incredible!

  • nancy
    nancy 3 days ago

    Lady Gaga's voice is so amazing

  • Donnie Darko
    Donnie Darko 3 days ago

    I C O N I C

  • Dominika Mahorowska
    Dominika Mahorowska 3 days ago

    Lady ga ga the Queen.