I Won Solo Cash Cup

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Showing you my games from the Solo Cash Cup🐐

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  • StarPlayer BS
    StarPlayer BS Month ago +473

    0:00 is what u came for. Use code *200iq*

    • Sorrow Full
      Sorrow Full Month ago +2

      somerled macleod shut the fuck up, nobody asked for ur dumbass

    • Oh yeah yeah
      Oh yeah yeah Month ago +1

      somerled macleod calm down big man don’t get so toxic

    • Avbls
      Avbls Month ago

      Dick ride some more

    • Grant Woodard
      Grant Woodard Month ago


  • filip jansky
    filip jansky 6 days ago

    benjy get shit on

  • Stine Bøen
    Stine Bøen 11 days ago

    Kan du snake norsk en video plz

  • FireDSF
    FireDSF 14 days ago

    he showed this but not when mongraal one pumped him lol

  • Nathanhas200 iq
    Nathanhas200 iq 23 days ago

    Dumbass mongraal fanboys call him washed up. Savage be goated as ever.

  • zaatuka hi
    zaatuka hi 28 days ago

    How many traps

    MRSAVAGE yes

  • EnZoP
    EnZoP Month ago

    And you found Aqua

  • Flo4tedoldacc
    Flo4tedoldacc Month ago +1

    Bois I was in mrsavages game

  • Its_Kyros
    Its_Kyros Month ago +1

    Well,TheGrefg kills u can see it in my last video.

  • Brayden75_
    Brayden75_ Month ago +1

    Just dropped a new video go and watch it

  • Saify
    Saify Month ago +1

    u will win Winter royale no cap

  • Ricardo Jonathan Guevara quesñay

    Sooo good Bro

  • Coco
    Coco Month ago +1

    14:25 name the song?

  • Hooks_ AmirYT
    Hooks_ AmirYT Month ago

    does anyone know why he stopped playing with benji?

  • Bang Bang Barry
    Bang Bang Barry Month ago

    If you wanna see the worst player to play fortnite watch my vid

  • IIBopYew -.-
    IIBopYew -.- Month ago

    Is mrsavge tfue

  • Levanlove ,
    Levanlove , Month ago +1

    9:17 OlegPipsil best Russian player

  • Aleksander’s Cooking

    What time is it cet i cant find it...

  • Onkelsid
    Onkelsid Month ago


  • Just Reacts Ent
    Just Reacts Ent Month ago +1

    He died to mongraal the game after he won

  • Covet
    Covet Month ago +4

    people without a brain: “savage is washed”
    meanwhile: savage winning the cash cup

  • Da Ny
    Da Ny Month ago +1

    End Song plss

  • XxGermanHavoKzxX
    XxGermanHavoKzxX Month ago

    clean and smart rotations + Plays, you are top notch in EU and the world !

  • TXTArnavalverde
    TXTArnavalverde Month ago

    The best

  • NoHandDE
    NoHandDE Month ago

    Nice shit on benji

  • Enzzo
    Enzzo Month ago

    You’d probably be relevant if you had a better name than *MrSavage* 😬

  • عبدالله البلوي

    راندر احسن منك

  • Helping Peeps
    Helping Peeps Month ago

    13:13 you welcome.

  • Pymf
    Pymf Month ago

    And then I was like

  • Legit_Crazy
    Legit_Crazy Month ago

    Are you going to play winter royal with benjy??

  • Lough
    Lough Month ago

    nobody else does this when they win a cash cup and just commentating streaming and recording it is just a little desperate all we want is kills and endgames

  • Lough
    Lough Month ago

    the funny thing is nobody cares

  • 4E Ringting
    4E Ringting Month ago

    Good luck in war legends- 4E are staying ahead of you tho ;)

  • Blanket
    Blanket Month ago

    3:18 best edits I’ve seen

  • Swahab Memon
    Swahab Memon Month ago

    Mr savage m im
    bat im you big fun bro

  • Max Besco
    Max Besco Month ago

    benjy is the final boss to win the cash cup
    good shots

  • dxbeats
    dxbeats Month ago +1


  • VEG EnerG
    VEG EnerG Month ago


  • Jhon Villalba
    Jhon Villalba Month ago

    Savage Mi amor

  • Robert Spear
    Robert Spear Month ago

    New drinking game, take a shot every time he says shit

  • Odyssey Beast V
    Odyssey Beast V Month ago

    Love you bro

  • Wavy virre
    Wavy virre Month ago +1

    all i can say is rip 🍹🌏

  • ReyRey Gaming
    ReyRey Gaming Month ago

    He sounds like mitr0

  • noah b
    noah b Month ago +1

    Who else was like Hell No when they Saw IT was a repl.ay

  • Illan Weiner
    Illan Weiner Month ago +2

    When MrSavage makes an entire video revolving his revenge against Benjy

  • Sanyko Rodrigues
    Sanyko Rodrigues Month ago +1

    Justicle said you were healthy

  • Aric Mor
    Aric Mor Month ago

    This video is the absolute boss move hahahahah

  • Artic_ Switch
    Artic_ Switch Month ago

    I got in your playground layton16james him 😱😱I love your vids so much

  • Gucci Snakes
    Gucci Snakes Month ago

    Savage is a savage

  • rijn hartman
    rijn hartman Month ago

    hate that it's replay mode...

  • MrGabr1el
    MrGabr1el Month ago +1

    Can you do a Video when you show your fortnite settings and maus settings plsss!!

  • AminFNBR
    AminFNBR Month ago

    show all games in one video like benjy does'

  • Alexandreee —
    Alexandreee — Month ago +1

    Ez clap for savage gg’s

  • Whos Slots
    Whos Slots Month ago

    Move to NA and duo with unknown army

  • Masterz `
    Masterz ` Month ago

    10:57 He said BenjyBitchy xD

  • Spyros bad at FN
    Spyros bad at FN Month ago

    What a cash cup

  • phantomphoenix
    phantomphoenix Month ago

    I find it funny that all these NRG pro players treat sym like he's their insignificant little bro who sucks at the game, but he's like older than all of them and has a gf.

  • k. o.
    k. o. Month ago

    BENJI is much BETTER than u :-) he would shit on u if he had mats!!!!

  • Zachary Yetton
    Zachary Yetton Month ago

    Washed player

    FATAL DuckNAA Month ago

    You are insane!!!! USE CODE 200IQ