The Secret Soviet Plan to Crush NATO in 7 Days

  • Published on Jan 15, 2019
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Comments • 11 027

  • Bloodthra5her
    Bloodthra5her 6 hours ago +1

    Britain still gods do fook off

  • Ayaan Karim
    Ayaan Karim 6 hours ago

    many nukes on Russia.
    many nukes on NATO except UK,USA,Canada & France.
    Soviet Union explodes.
    UK:Wow this is the toughest war I ever had and it's tougher than World War II.
    USA:Let's replace the USSR's countries.

  • F.B.I -Federal Bureau of Investigation-

    Switzerland: What a tragedy
    Yugoslavia: Indeed
    Ireland: You can say that again

  • JJ12
    JJ12 Day ago

    Soviet union is not a thing anymore.

  • Janusz Krysztofiak
    Janusz Krysztofiak 2 days ago

    I would not be so sure the Soviet calculations were that off track. The thing is the famous article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty commits other members to undertake some action but the nature of such an "action" is rather vaguely stated and can be anything, ranging from a diplomatic protest, through dropping propaganda leaflets to a nuclear strike. It is basically a loophole dressed in nice words. In the time of need, non-nuclear members may be effectively left to their own devices. We've got saying: "you can count? count on yourself then".

  • Χρήστος Παπαδόπουλος

    What is this music?

  • Pysocal
    Pysocal 3 days ago +1

    Imagine stalin actually caring about the people of the Soviet Union

  • Emolga Info Productions

    Stalin: Let's nuke Germany
    US nukes in Germany and Nederland: Hm.

  • Mr. Spetznaz
    Mr. Spetznaz 3 days ago

    *Soviet General sniffs as he wipes cocaine from his nose*

    "So guys, I just came up this amazing idea to deal with NATO!"

  • wennyg82
    wennyg82 4 days ago

    Portugal: ahhh sh*t,here I’m out

  • alieni generis
    alieni generis 4 days ago

    In space, two aliens are having a conversation:
    The first alien says: The dominant life forms on this planet earth have developed satellite-based nuclear weapons.
    The second alien asks: Are they an emerging intelligence species?
    The first alien responds: I don't think so. They have them aimed at themselves.

  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann 4 days ago

    Can we pls have war on US territory?

  • XxGalaxy_ GamerxX
    XxGalaxy_ GamerxX 4 days ago

    What about switzerland,Ireland and spain ? It's also neutral

  • MrColz
    MrColz 5 days ago +2

    I'm confused why everyone thinks it's ok to nuke each other knowing dang well it means the end of the world.

  • Matthew Lowe Ellis
    Matthew Lowe Ellis 5 days ago

    Well I mean the plan isn't that secret if an American youtuber knows it lol

  • Addcond5
    Addcond5 5 days ago

    That sponsor Segway was smoother than butter.

  • taxcolins
    taxcolins 5 days ago +1

    Donald Trumps nuke code cant be figured out cuz he use Dashlane

  • MrAndy9572ac
    MrAndy9572ac 5 days ago

    Red Storm rising???

  • Popop Duck
    Popop Duck 6 days ago

    so the plan was to push troops in a nuclear waste land?

  • Victor Aquino
    Victor Aquino 7 days ago +1

    5:17 portugal: invade spain?? ight i’m heading out of Nato

  • Anestis Bonnie
    Anestis Bonnie 7 days ago +1

    imagine watching this video in a fallout shelter

  • Dmitri Kozlowsky
    Dmitri Kozlowsky 7 days ago

    Nuking non-nuclear NATO members is same as nuking nuclear armed ones. There would be nuclear retaliation from USA and UK. POssibly also from France.

  • Avatar Ang
    Avatar Ang 7 days ago

    if it's a secret why is it on youtube? lol

  • Juan Olivier
    Juan Olivier 7 days ago

    It would have worked as well as the Commie system works.

  • Капитан FAIL :C

    So the soviets decided not to make all of rurope ot even the world into fallout wannabe's if it came to this.But nato didnt give a single fuck,if it means winning the war,then let it destroy civilization itslef,nice.

  • I'm D4wmin4tor
    I'm D4wmin4tor 8 days ago

    Yeah so true, a youtube chanel found a goverment secret i think its a bs

  • PandemicLui
    PandemicLui 8 days ago

    ive learned more in 10 videos of reallifelore than an entire school year in world history class

  • Blue WHALE Studio BlenderAnimations/dominoes/etc

    well techicky checkoslovakia was "baited" into the pact and after a short time didn't want to be with the pact anymore

  • GWS
    GWS 8 days ago

    "Quick! We must plan for invasion comrades!"
    "I have idea! We invade NATO in 14 days and nuke them and they'll never attack the motherland!"
    "Are you fucking absurd my communist brother! There's no way that'd work!"
    "I know! You wanted plan. You never said good plan!"

  • DeepSolstice
    DeepSolstice 9 days ago

    Would the US really launch nuclear ICBMs at Soviet cities and risk global exchange, just to avenge allies who've had their ports and railroads hit with tactical ballistic missiles?
    Would they though, seriously??

  • Mexico ball
    Mexico ball 9 days ago

    Only comrade Pikalov could go from Moscow to París with all that radiation.

  • Jens and JR Vlog
    Jens and JR Vlog 9 days ago

    So my husband escaped Korea because he knows World War 3 is coming. 🤔

  • Robert Reppert
    Robert Reppert 9 days ago

    Bs. All this “secret plan” is a military exercise. Essentially a game of what if that usually once a year a nations military works together to simulate purely as a way of working together so they can work quickly together should something (like 911-terror war) occur.

  • Orlando 1701
    Orlando 1701 9 days ago

    Soviet Russia: our country is crap and most people have short miserable lives, we much force our way of life on everyone else so that they too can have crappy, short lives too!

  • Hamwar Ali
    Hamwar Ali 9 days ago

    OK, if this happen what was the casualties?

  • A C
    A C 10 days ago

    This Plan is so dumb when a NATO Country gets attacked by nuclear weapons germany has nukes under us Command which can be dropped anytime. And if the Ussr would Strike the Nato with nukes they would do the same just better

  • Debashish Mahananda
    Debashish Mahananda 10 days ago

    Soviet Union collapsed already that's a reality accept it

  • wayforyou
    wayforyou 10 days ago

    Does anyone know what's the music in the background?

  • Mihai -Alexandru Belei

    Portugal b gone

  • Larry Swanson
    Larry Swanson 11 days ago

    7 days to river rhine
    sounds like a wet dream

  • felix karlishev
    felix karlishev 11 days ago

    Ok but in the real world united states has invaded about 20 countries past 75 years ussr 0..

  • Cope Lipovan
    Cope Lipovan 11 days ago

    well i think for sure that if it was only russia vs rest of europe now, russia will win that easly. Only problem are shitty americans

  • Gabriel Gonçalves Ribeiro

    So... sources?

  • Logic Police
    Logic Police 11 days ago

    Australia, Asia 🍿

  • Xpressivo Lírico
    Xpressivo Lírico 12 days ago

    What is The soundtrack?

  • SomeDawidGuy
    SomeDawidGuy 12 days ago

    Russia: has nukes
    USA, France and UK: has nukes
    Rhine: destroyed
    Switzerland: completely fine
    RealLifeLore: lost password

  • LeToBi
    LeToBi 12 days ago

    Why are Russian plans always so over the top unrealistic

  • Stooven McStoovenson
    Stooven McStoovenson 13 days ago

    *red alert 3 theme intensifies*

  • DaBomJr
    DaBomJr 13 days ago +1

    You forget the First Rule of NATO: An Attack on one is an attack all. You nuke the Netherlands, the USA unleashes it's nukes. This plan is pure fantasy.

    • Suspect on foot[FIN]
      Suspect on foot[FIN] 10 days ago

      NATO Article 5 mentions "the all for one doctrine" but it doesn't define any actual measures other than some form of "assisting". The article is only a promise without any obligations. It's naive to assume what you just did.

  • Brent Gibson
    Brent Gibson 13 days ago

    1991 rip ussr

  • Shadowmourne 8739
    Shadowmourne 8739 13 days ago

    It’s not secret if it’s on YT

  • BalanceMovie
    BalanceMovie 13 days ago

    USA - terrorist country #1 in the world!

  • BalanceMovie
    BalanceMovie 13 days ago

    Bull shit. There were no such Soviet plans. It's a lie.

  • MrcabooseVG
    MrcabooseVG 14 days ago

    USSR ignoring Britain, didn't work well for the Germans and wouldn't work well for the Soviets. The idea that this was even written up as a good idea is hilarious

  • derpaderp
    derpaderp 16 days ago

    As fucked as that is it's also kind of nice to know that the Soviets thought that by nuking countries that couldn't nuke back they were avoiding fallout 4 I still think that the response would've been deadly though

  • Rosco P. Coltrane
    Rosco P. Coltrane 16 days ago

    NATO has no point in the modern era.

  • Chavdar Naidenov
    Chavdar Naidenov 16 days ago

    Pure fantasy. Doesn't even pretend to have a source. Actually, US & UK trained for a sudden full-scale attack, starting with the launch of ICBMs. And that isn't even denied. Which almost brought a real nuclear conflagration in 1983 . Yet poor Westeners persist in thinking Reagan an Thatcher were lesser enemies to them than the Soviet Union.

  • Xsam As
    Xsam As 17 days ago

    didnt the germans invade france in two weeks? lol. 7 days new record

  • lutfun nahar lutfun nahar Khan

    world in conflict

  • J_D_Gamer20
    J_D_Gamer20 17 days ago

    You bet that Russia probably has a similar plan today.