• Published on Jan 3, 2019
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    In this video I break down the costs during my travel to Puerto Rico. I cover the hotel, restaurant, Island and transport costs during my vacation. Hopefully this video gives you a better idea on how much a trip to Puerto Rico will cost you :D
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  • Brent Coldiron
    Brent Coldiron 14 days ago +1

    In regards to downloading google maps, Isn’t Puerto Rico in your wireless carrier network?

    • Brent Coldiron
      Brent Coldiron 13 days ago

      That’s a great point I’m a go ahead and do that

    • Jumping Places
      Jumping Places  13 days ago

      Yeah but if your in some mountain with no signal you can still use the offline map

  • JustBianca
    JustBianca 22 days ago

    I’m considering going to PR for my honeymoon in July. Any advice locals want to give me? Thanks 😊

  • wacho1978
    wacho1978 23 days ago

    So , i will go for 3 days , what do you recomend to visit ? Also should i rent a car for those 3 days ?

  • Jaxen - X
    Jaxen - X 23 days ago

    Your content for old San Juan area is fantastic!

    My wife and I are booked on a Royal Caribbean cruise for mid January 2020 and by no means are cruise vacation cheap. So anyway we can save money on shore excursion is a plus and your channel is just what the doctor ordered.

    Unfortunately, our ship is scheduled to dock at 3pm, which is unusual when in past cruises we docked at 7am. That said, this time around, we can't take advantage of your recommendation to spend a day at CULEBRA - PARADISE IN PUERTO RICO (PLAYA FLAMENCO). However, we plan to use your Puerto Rico vlogs for future visits because we cruise the Caribbean every other year and Puerto Rico is always be in the itinerary.

    Going forward, "Jumping Places" will be part of my vacation planner. Great content for budget mined vacationer and look forward to more tips in your future travels....Thx ✌

  • Chavson
    Chavson Month ago +1

    You practically did all my homework for me man. Will be there in a few weeks! Cheers!

  • Pat Clements
    Pat Clements Month ago


  • Joy H.
    Joy H. Month ago

    Thank you Chris! Very helpful 🌟


    Aguadilla is my home town. Crash Boat beat is better but playa escodida is also beautiful..

  • Godz Sun
    Godz Sun 2 months ago +1

    Bro i love your videos keep up the great work. Very informative and helpful💯

  • Wilson Garcia
    Wilson Garcia 2 months ago

    Legal, coloca legenda em 🇧🇷 please

  • Rocky and Rebecca
    Rocky and Rebecca 2 months ago +1

    sick video we went to puerto rico last year and loved it

    • Jumping Places
      Jumping Places  2 months ago

      Yeah it was the dream vacations, every single day was awesome

  • moejoe101
    moejoe101 2 months ago +1

    great info. thanks mate.

  • Ron Bjork
    Ron Bjork 3 months ago +1

    So did you book any of your accommodations in advance or just figure it out as you went along each day?

    • Jumping Places
      Jumping Places  3 months ago

      Just winged it, usually would book on airbnb on the same day and book for 1/2 nights

  • KimmyNicoleTV
    KimmyNicoleTV 3 months ago

    Love this, visited PR for the first time this year and it was so beautiful! ❤️🇵🇷

  • Maru DeJesus
    Maru DeJesus 4 months ago

    Big shout out to thank you Chris and Carol for the island insights. Well be using your PR "Trip Tips" during our visit🐓🐟🌴

  • Norma González
    Norma González 5 months ago +4

    If you want to enjoy more, get out of tourist areas. San Juan is much more than Old San Juan and there is a bus system called AMA for 75 cents. Vacía Talega is in Loiza municipality... We have 78 towns. Our Metropolitan Área (San Juan, the old and the modern, and about 7 more towns) is a very modern city. There are many chiper restaurant where workers have lunch or dinner... everyday... and also is real o authentic food...
    And the other thing is that you pronounce Mayagüez pronouncing the "u"'s not "Mayaguez" that's the reason of the two points on top of the "u"

    • Delfino Zuniga
      Delfino Zuniga 2 months ago

      Norma González I think that would be an interesting video in itself. Would be cool if someone made one of interesting places that can be reached all by public transit. I’m going next month so debating renting a car.

  • Gabe L
    Gabe L 5 months ago +2

    Thank you so much for detailing some of the cost on a lot of the point interest of the island, not q lot of TheXvidrs do this. Saludos from Pennsylvania and hope to see a vid of you in the Dominican Republic 👍

  • Randy Godwin
    Randy Godwin 5 months ago +3

    Thank you for the great video. I used it as a guide for my first, recent trip to PR. I absolutely loved PR. I went to some of the same locations, but did not have enough time for all of them. I am already scheduling another trip for next March. I can't wait to get back to those beautiful beaches and the wonderful people of PR. What a paradise.

    • nero jun
      nero jun 3 months ago

      how do you find local places? thanks in advance

  • James Smith
    James Smith 5 months ago +4

    His girl is so pretty damn!!

  • Howard Levine
    Howard Levine 5 months ago +1

    Thanks for sharing and great seeing locals commenting and offering advise! I'm planning for 2020 and would love to relocate. Thought about moving to the USVI but I think PR is a better fit for me, especially the tax breaks for business

  • Elvis Rodriguez
    Elvis Rodriguez 6 months ago

    Thank you for sharing, very informative! I plan to visit on December; haven't been since I was 9! I'm excited!

  • jose Tradamus
    jose Tradamus 6 months ago

    It’s so fun to see people explore Puerto Rico when u r from there and know every single part of the borinquen

  • Jay Low
    Jay Low 6 months ago

    Hey im taking a trip did you use a tour guide when you went to el yunque?

    • Jay Low
      Jay Low 6 months ago

      or is it pretty easy to navigate on your own?

  • Angel Santiago
    Angel Santiago 6 months ago

    To visit are ok but to stay to live are crapp, for Work there they ask people for a bachelor degree to work in Burger King or any job paying $7.25 hr and you have to have someone inside to get good job What the f...... Dumb ass and they driving on the road like dumb waoooooo that Government doesn't have no law at all and no power whatsoever with the people to make the people follow the law but the Puerto Rican people they come to United States and they follow each every laws so what that mean I went to visit my family and it's incredible dirty everywhere people that think they tough con un arma cualquiera y la policia le tiene miedo alos bandidos y nuestra familias sufriendo la delincuencia. We need someone working on the presidential cabinet aqui q gobierne la isla para haber de cual cuero se saca mas correas. PR tierra de la guiritaaa, listeria y primero yo ante q tu. Aquien le gusta el juey sacaoo.

  • VeganEngineer
    VeganEngineer 7 months ago

    is it easy to walk to most places....i figured the cities in puerto rico would be small enough that you can get around without a car/public transportation....

  • Ricardo Tongol
    Ricardo Tongol 7 months ago

    Nice informative suggestion.

  • Stacy Swift
    Stacy Swift 7 months ago

    I am going next week I am excited

  • Danka
    Danka 7 months ago +1

    Are there public or cheap places to camp?

  • Nelly
    Nelly 7 months ago


  • Yara Serrano
    Yara Serrano 8 months ago +3

    Jumping places next time you guys come to Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 you could stay in my house for free food included

  • PR surf Adventures
    PR surf Adventures 8 months ago

    Hey!! You did a great job going through the different options on the island! If you make it back, or have more questions, please contact me at -there are definitely cheaper options in different areas and I’m happy to help!

  • ddbp123
    ddbp123 8 months ago +5

    This is the BEST visitor's info video I've seen!!
    Thanks, man! ✌

  • Archy88
    Archy88 8 months ago

    Oh no. The pot holes were there before Maria.

  • Franceska Desiderio
    Franceska Desiderio 8 months ago

    I am Puerto Rican I love pr

  • Aragon Hunter
    Aragon Hunter 8 months ago +1

    Lol I'm from Puerto Rico and I'm literally sick of this place

    • Gabby :].
      Gabby :]. 6 months ago

      I am Puerto Rican too, and I am used to this. But, unlike you, I find it interesting, fun and am proud of it.

  • pyronmasters
    pyronmasters 8 months ago +3

    For the food, find a cheap looking "chin-chorro" with metal sheet roofing, tons of food for low price and watch "Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations" Airbnb for stay, if your budget is tight?, stay away from San Juan tourist areas, you missed Icacos Island, Boqueron Beach, There's also the Camuy Caverns and SETI (worlds largest radio telescope) in Arecibo.

  • Gumi Neko
    Gumi Neko 8 months ago +1


  • musicman787
    musicman787 8 months ago

    gotta gtfo of the tourist areas and hit the country side,you will spend half of what you spend over in the tourist parts

  • EnriqueNY193
    EnriqueNY193 8 months ago +1

    if Hotel accomodation could be at least at little bid all inclusive, more poeple travel more to PR, instead of Punta Cana.

  • Gaby Chuels
    Gaby Chuels 8 months ago

    Glad you came here! Haha
    And yeah ofc don’t expect anything to be cheaper. Everything if anything is more expensive bc our government is corrupt and they don’t like to fix the roads, they put very high taxes.
    We’re a beautiful island with truly beautiful natural sights but just remember that there are a lot of flaws to this islands as well as violence.

  • ms. fortnite gamer
    ms. fortnite gamer 8 months ago +3

    In puerto rican to San Juan Cayey ponse...🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷💪

  • Mitchell AL
    Mitchell AL 8 months ago

    Nice overall trip! I'm always happy to see people visit more then just the touristy area. && I agree that to be able to explore the island we have to spend a little more then we want, but there are a lot of cheaper options around. Like other commenters said, when you visit PR, you gotta befriend some locals they will point you to financially comfortable places.

  • Michael Ortiz
    Michael Ortiz 8 months ago

    Do you think that November is the best time to go, I’ve never been around that time ?, looking to go when less people are around.

  • Luis otero
    Luis otero 8 months ago

    Hello jumping places!!!
    I have to say, sadly but true, Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 wich is my land, my home my whole life, ITS TOO EXPENSIVE, i use to watch a lot of videos about traveling and most of the countries are half or quarter cheaper than here in my island, there are a lot of puertorrican that will say is not true or will say anything negative from this fact, i was in boracay and I know you was in el nido and you can do a lot more with the quarter of the money you expended in here, obviously due to many reasons, government issues, taxes, expensive essential services, the import and export issues, poor local agricultural industry, poor or non fishing industry, government makes public transportation the worst and expensive, making people to not provide better or cheaper public transportation as use to find in others countries, most of the biggest issues is the colonial status imposed by USA 🇺🇸 wich is a huge factor of rising cost of life, we had way a lot more like a train system made by french and spain but was destroyed by USA to make people to buy cars, our lands where we grow our food was sell to pharmaceuticals industry brought by USA our fishing industry killed by the government same with the tourism industry that can not provide better prices to the tourist, and lot more, that’s to be honest and to mention few of the biggest problems here and the fact of the expensive cost of life, im so glad to watch your video, and honestly im glad you say the truth about how expensive is traveling here, many people said you better get some local friends but I think is not fair, we should have better prices inexpensive places to eat good food made and harvested localy, not from others countries, im not meaning to down my own island, but i can not lie about it because the thing is that people is traveling the world and find so cheap places and we here in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 are loosing that tourism.... thanks for coming and sharing your videos about us!!! 😎👍🏼🇵🇷

  • María Mejias
    María Mejias 8 months ago

    It’s incredible how I’m from Puerto Rico and haven’t been to some of the places you mentioned! Excited to visit them thanks for the list and prices

  • Andres Bruno
    Andres Bruno 8 months ago

    Thats why every body has cars

  • Andres Bruno
    Andres Bruno 8 months ago

    Uber over here in puerto rico only works in san juan other than that its going to be very hard to find an uber

  • Kevin Santiago
    Kevin Santiago 8 months ago

    Gilligan is my back yard lol

  • Francisco Neto
    Francisco Neto 8 months ago

    Luquillo beach San Juan

  • Claudii Seyer
    Claudii Seyer 8 months ago +1

    Everything we sell in Puerto Rico we can't get from any country. Everything goes first to US and then to the island. So, because of that since everything is imported from US, its expensive for us, so we charge higher.

  • Gogofan240
    Gogofan240 8 months ago

    The speed limit in PR is 60 on highways and your supposed to drive 10 m/hr under if you’re driving at night.

    • Gogofan240
      Gogofan240 8 months ago

      True that, if you ever visit again try going to Crash Boat Beach. Also did you go to the bio luminescent bay?

    • Jumping Places
      Jumping Places  8 months ago

      Yeah I think I forgot the limit at the time of the vid, 50 still not a nice speed to go into a pothole though

  • David Rosario
    David Rosario 8 months ago +1

    Renting a car in San Juan, It was almost double. If you land in Aguadilla it would be better. Only issue the flights land real late at night. Cheaper cost for Car rental and AirBNB.

    • Delfino Zuniga
      Delfino Zuniga 2 months ago

      David Rosario ugh,...didn’t consider that. Going next month. Oh well.

  • David Rosario
    David Rosario 8 months ago

    Man We had a spot for $17 a Night. I rented the Whole House one time for $30 a Day. in Aguadilla on AirBNB and it was closet to the Airport, Also It was about 15 Minutes to Crash Boat. Our Rental Car was also under $25 a day. They took care of us when we landed and we picked up the car and was on the road ASAP, under 15 minutes to our room. I have family out there so getting cheap food was easy. Plus we had Coffee every morning at the Airport in Aguadilla. It was a 30 Minute Drive to Rincon and all the Beaches to see the Sunset. Deals are there and Know where to stay is on the West side. Staying on the East side cost more and is not a safe place at night. Glad you had a great time out there. We did the Sailing Catamaran for about $80 per person. Best 6 hours with unlimited Drinks and Food. Even got a chance to sail the ship myself. It was great.

    • Lesly J.
      Lesly J. 8 months ago

      David Rosario I wanna go to Puerto Rico! So glad to see someone saying it’s not that expensive. what’s the best part to visit?

  • Fredy3646
    Fredy3646 8 months ago


  • Fredy3646
    Fredy3646 8 months ago +1

    I live here it’s high in costs

  • reiniel Jimenez
    reiniel Jimenez 8 months ago

    Its Mayagüez

  • Raven Valle
    Raven Valle 8 months ago

    Yo you a liar bro I was born in Puerto Rico it's a great Island we have a lot of good stuff you see the Taurus I you don't see the real side of the island bro

  • Keisha Santana
    Keisha Santana 8 months ago +3

    YES!! Finally someone who ventures out of the San Juan area!!! Cueva Ventana used to be free until they privatized it. I find the entry fee excessive tbh. Love Playa Buyé and Crash Boat. A couple of weeks ago I went to Vieques and fell in love! You should visit the Bioluminescent Bay there! The tour guide told us it has a Guinness Record for how bright it shines!! Great video! Glad you enjoy the Island I call home! ❤️

  • Ekaterina Putin Krovic
    Ekaterina Putin Krovic 8 months ago +1

    I think that the south is better Hotel was Copa Marina it was really great did visit Gillian island and Mata LA gata in parguera at night I went to the glass bottom boat did snorkeling with paradise scuba group

  • Eddie Diaz
    Eddie Diaz 8 months ago

    advice, Gustazos and Ofertones, and Clasificados online, all ways to find a place. and rent a car is best and the farry will take your car for less then a rental to Viueques or culebra