if you don't think stray kids are funny, think again

  • Published on Jul 24, 2018
  • i love these kids so much

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  • 박희영
    박희영 3 hours ago

    Snow man mate is what Aussies usually say

  • Bin.flappy.Bernycorn dance.like.a.rainbow

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  • ch0vuu
    ch0vuu Day ago

    11:05 i think he just said 'do you wanna build a snowman, mate'

  • tommo91
    tommo91 Day ago

    group/song at start anyone?

  • Lily Bennett
    Lily Bennett Day ago

    5:31 what video is that from i still dont know

    • ch0vuu
      ch0vuu Day ago

      it's from vlive, here's the link www.vlive.tv/video/67674/playlist/19334

  • nicole loves kpop
    nicole loves kpop 2 days ago

    8:56 where can I find this video?

  • Tu Phongsuwan
    Tu Phongsuwan 5 days ago

    “New York Shitty”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jeo 131
    Jeo 131 5 days ago +1

    That video was sm fun !
    -read it in Felix’s girlish tone

  • Onemama pinkelvetidleunmitomorrystalbang

    Jesus christ Felix's voice is so satisfying when he's whispering

  • Chloe The weirdo
    Chloe The weirdo 8 days ago

    My birthday was 2 days after this was posted

  • c9rolina
    c9rolina 9 days ago

    I wanna hear Felix say in his low asmr voice do the stanky leg if your a gamer

  • Gladys Tan
    Gladys Tan 10 days ago

    1:23 are you sure Lee Know said the "MMM" part?

  • Miriam R
    Miriam R 11 days ago +1

    are we gonna talk about how the chord was perfectly in tune for like two seconds at 9:24 and then it became a mess XD

  • Panda luvs
    Panda luvs 11 days ago


  • Isabella Golar
    Isabella Golar 12 days ago

    Being an Australian, I shit myself every time I hear the Aussie line speak English. It catches me off guard every damn time

  • Amanda Bloomstrom
    Amanda Bloomstrom 12 days ago +1

    8:22 🤣👌 That's gotta be my fav part Haha I Love Felix So much

  • Hannah Sullivan
    Hannah Sullivan 13 days ago

    3:43 do we have a real ASMRtist???? Omg

  • Sheily Cruz
    Sheily Cruz 14 days ago +1

    They are not funny but hilarious

  • Virda Mahmood
    Virda Mahmood 15 days ago +1

    Lol I love the member that is funnier than any comedy movie
    (Imma just say umm all of them)

  • Park BTS
    Park BTS 15 days ago

    0:58 me when I get an A on my test and I tell great like Hyunjin and everybody looks at me like I'm crazy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • PrincessSakuno
    PrincessSakuno 16 days ago

    Felix defs has watched ASMR before becoz he's a fucking pro. That finger fluttering. HE KNOWS. THAT MIC JUST WASNT GOOD ENOUGH TO PICK IT UP

  • Charlie G.
    Charlie G. 16 days ago

    Okay okay, Felix’s voice sounds like it should come from a mafia boss. When Felix is this sweet little sunshine Aussie baby and he must be protected. UwU

  • eresyno
    eresyno 16 days ago

    9:33 Somebody know the song? , _ ,

  • Rachel Kobes
    Rachel Kobes 16 days ago

    9:22 when seungmin joins the harmonizing😍😍 it sounds so good

  • Rachel Kobes
    Rachel Kobes 16 days ago

    I love those crackheads

  • Sumeya Abdirahim
    Sumeya Abdirahim 16 days ago

    6:46-6:55 Made my day😂😂

  • Grace 22
    Grace 22 17 days ago +1

    "How old are you?
    "I'm fine Thank you" ahahahah 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nahidha Nawas
    Nahidha Nawas 18 days ago +13

    Chan: Did u eat dinner
    Woojin:I'm fInE tHaNk yOu

  • Kpop Idiot
    Kpop Idiot 18 days ago +2

    7:57 just let them be😂 that's their only happens hahaha! Aigooo stray kids!!! I love you, you 9 dorks😂😍

  • Asiah Carson
    Asiah Carson 19 days ago


  • peachy fox
    peachy fox 19 days ago +1

    I'm fine thank you and you?

  • Aubrey San
    Aubrey San 20 days ago

    funniest video ngl 🥰👊

  • KAYKOOK 10197
    KAYKOOK 10197 20 days ago +2

    10:50 'Let It Go' Deadly Version

  • MeMeike
    MeMeike 20 days ago

    stan cracheads, stan Stray kids^^

  • Lee Felix
    Lee Felix 20 days ago


  • bihosub yeah
    bihosub yeah 22 days ago

    01:23 what program?

    • kim `
      kim ` 21 day ago

      Stray kids amigo tv

  • Jimin You have no jams

    I’m not a stray kids fan but this is funny as hell.

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin 24 days ago

    New York City? I only know New Yoerk Shitty

  • Jimin Stan
    Jimin Stan 24 days ago +1

    how old are you?

    im fine tank you

  • Edit Flavor
    Edit Flavor 25 days ago

    That's right lee felix when to a Catholic private school 😌

  • Dina Arias
    Dina Arias 25 days ago

    8:30 AHHAHAHAAHAH no supero esa vocesita ;D; >w

  • NAM YÊN luvu
    NAM YÊN luvu 26 days ago

    2:46 what program is it

  • my i-gotstayzen heart
    my i-gotstayzen heart 27 days ago

    3:17 idk if im alone but i paused the video for a full minute to stare at felix. how is he so perfect omg

  • littlejaeyong nCt
    littlejaeyong nCt 27 days ago

    10:09 why does it look like changbin is dancing with felix like .....?!?!?!? WTH calm ur tiddies dude XD

    stan Canglix btw ;)

  • DRA170
    DRA170 27 days ago +1

    3:10 Anyone can tell me where this video is from please ?:)

  • Raymalifalitiko Schwifties

    What song in the intro?

  • Rebecca H
    Rebecca H 29 days ago

    As a Lee Know biased I am dead

  • ItzJadeAndJerry !
    ItzJadeAndJerry ! Month ago +2

    I love the duality in Felix’s voice like it can change at any moment

  • Min Hope
    Min Hope Month ago

    *iM fiNe,thAnk YoU,AndUe YoU?*

  • BANGTAN Boys Armys
    BANGTAN Boys Armys Month ago

    Lee and the New York Shity thing cracked me up

  • BANGTAN Boys Armys
    BANGTAN Boys Armys Month ago

    They are so adorabley stupid I wish I got into these guys when they debuted.
    Please don't yell at me STAYS but I was literally looking up a picture with there names next to so I could figure whose name was who
    I'm a slow learner of names

  • ariana johnson
    ariana johnson Month ago

    1:01 i love the son dong pyo reference😂

  • Park Chanyeol
    Park Chanyeol Month ago

    New York Shitty😂

  • Kpop Lover Dolch
    Kpop Lover Dolch Month ago +1

    I dead inside 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kpop Lover Dolch
    Kpop Lover Dolch Month ago +1

    Woojin beautiful English

  • XxSomething BluexX
    XxSomething BluexX Month ago

    "We have a website" "I think so"

  • Kaya Lake
    Kaya Lake Month ago

    Felix honestly looks like the softest and then you hear his voice

  • Tiptop
    Tiptop Month ago

    this momoland cameo oah

  • QianaLikesKpop xX
    QianaLikesKpop xX Month ago +4

    Me: I’m going to find a good song to blast at my brother’s graduation.
    Also me: Let’S LIsteN tO CRacK

  • girl groups the world

    What song do u use for ur intro?

  • Mai Safira
    Mai Safira Month ago

    11:10 i really imagine aussie line version of anna and elsa 😂
    "do you wanna build a snowman mate?" *deep voice on* 😂

  • MarYa 92
    MarYa 92 Month ago

    As a I.N biased I can say that the english of he is the best thing in the world xd
    oH mY gAwD as a Felix Biased too I can say that Im dying

  • Mix Mix Mix Mix
    Mix Mix Mix Mix Month ago

    1:44 hahaaha

  • foreign swaggers
    foreign swaggers Month ago

    that *is it photosynthesis?* reminded me of sam kim asking *what's your opinion on photosynthesis* on weekly idol lmao

  • paigie inu
    paigie inu Month ago

    his “nyehhhhhhh” at 2:17 when his character in the game attacked is so freaking cute

  • studio S02
    studio S02 Month ago

    These guys... 😂😂😂

  • A cup of blueberry Tae

    Felix: get this album on our website-
    Chris: We have a website?..
    Felix: Uhh, I think so. And we have a cd
    Chris: We have a cd..!

  • Choi Taehyun Kai
    Choi Taehyun Kai Month ago +1

    1:22 MinhoE🤣

  • Jisungbby
    Jisungbby Month ago

    what song is in the intro??

  • ᯽peach 복숭아᯽

    Lee Know: nEw yOrk shiTtY
    Felix outside: Yeah! You spell it great xD

  • Prachi Maan
    Prachi Maan Month ago


  • Sofi Rolesu
    Sofi Rolesu Month ago

    chan dying for the ice cream KSKSSKS

  • :/ヌハ
    :/ヌハ Month ago

    n e w y o r k s h i t t y

  • Jeon Taehyung
    Jeon Taehyung Month ago

    10:08 y'all talking bout fuckboi felix but did y'all see jeongin swaying his hips

  • Jeon Taehyung
    Jeon Taehyung Month ago

    2:31 the moment felix opened his mouth i knew the demons were coming after me

  • Tina Quinn
    Tina Quinn Month ago


  • Mãlk Tëã
    Mãlk Tëã Month ago +1

    Im a new stay and whats their First song?

  • classicarii
    classicarii Month ago +5

    The duality Felix’s voice can go to deep-high

  • Keisha army from South Africa

    6:47 I'm dead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I can't deal with Chan anymore

  • Keep Hidden
    Keep Hidden Month ago +1

    Hyunjin should see this hshshhss

  • Amana Begum
    Amana Begum Month ago

    Why is this the first place I go to when I just started standing them 😂

  • Charisse Lumaban
    Charisse Lumaban Month ago

    2:28 what video is that were they talk and sleep after

  • Ruby A Bitch For Vkook

    What is the song that they listen to at 1:00??

  • Felix's little hands


    *Jisung literally turned silent and looked confused for a bit*

  • you make sTaY kids StRaY

    Jisung: **is trying to eat**

    mr. hwang hyunjin: i thought you were a hippo

    god if that aint me with my friends i love him

  • panda bear
    panda bear 2 months ago

    You all were wrong bish

  • Ieva Barkutė
    Ieva Barkutė 2 months ago

    1:11 remember when Taehyung said Ny shitty too? R they soulmates or what lmao?

  • Youssra Assamiri
    Youssra Assamiri 2 months ago

    I'm sorry but what it the song of the intro its sooo good and I love your videos they're lit and funny love u

  • Phebe Truong
    Phebe Truong 2 months ago

    skz is the definition of crackhead, and if you think otherwise, come catch these hands

    BTS ARMY BTS ARMY 2 months ago +1

    1:01 *I'm dying*
    8:27 *I'm dying of laughter*

  • luna_from _mars
    luna_from _mars 2 months ago

    may i ask which survival show (i think) the girls in the intro clip are from

  • Full of dreams
    Full of dreams 2 months ago

    I'm choking with laughter.

  • ᅣ락ᄉ
    ᅣ락ᄉ 2 months ago

    Felix with bright hair.....
    *Male* *Version* *Of* *Elsa*

  • New York Shitty
    New York Shitty 2 months ago

    My friend: I still don't know how that happened
    Me: Don't *question* it

  • Amp Hy
    Amp Hy 2 months ago

    1:14 When Minho said “New York Shitty” makes me laugh UwU he’s so cute! He’s bias wrecking me!!!!!

  • raga khalafallah
    raga khalafallah 2 months ago

    Felix isn't even trying to hide the fact that he regularly watches ASMR videos😂

  • Johnnys Manager
    Johnnys Manager 2 months ago


  • Chloe Mottram
    Chloe Mottram 2 months ago

    Asmr by Felix just nearly made me fall asleep

  • Эльза Кускарова

    Боже, они такие прелести❤️ умирала на моменте с холодным сердцем)

  • 리에고레이나
    리에고레이나 2 months ago

    New york shity HAHA lmao.