• Published on Dec 13, 2019
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  • Tyler Hopkins
    Tyler Hopkins 22 hours ago

    Try making Jammie Dodger blondies!!

  • In the pan with Joe and Dianne Fan

    Love this channel

  • RoseBakes
    RoseBakes 2 days ago

    Where do u get the merch ? Xx

  • ChallengeBrosTv
    ChallengeBrosTv 2 days ago

    Joes side

  • Kimberley Smith
    Kimberley Smith 5 days ago

    I'm comming to see your show on the 5th of April I'm so exited

  • Hi I'm An Azzyland Lover

    Hi I'm writing this on the 19 th of January : Dianne you were Outstanding last night at the live Tour you must of been exhausted !!?

  • Chloe Kelly
    Chloe Kelly 15 days ago

    Can someone please send me a link where I can get in the pan merch pleaseee be use I would really like some please help thanks xx

  • katherine collins
    katherine collins 18 days ago

    This was so sweet

  • Khalisha Ahmed
    Khalisha Ahmed 19 days ago

    Where can I get merch from

  • Nikkita Dalton
    Nikkita Dalton 22 days ago +1

    I don’t think diannes mic was on
    Joe: sihahehdjeusuiaiwjajaaaaahrjdbd
    Dianne: bless you

  • Jessie Plays
    Jessie Plays 25 days ago +1

    Can't wait to see what are you going to do next you've been brilliant so far loved watching you guys💚💚💚💚💚

  • leah x
    leah x 29 days ago

    I got your merch for xmas x

  • Jade Lauren
    Jade Lauren Month ago

    Congrats on 250k subscribers!! Watching this just before I go to sleep for Christmas day 💕

  • e l l a
    e l l a Month ago +1

    Dianne- "Carot, Avocardo"

  • Richard Blackwell
    Richard Blackwell Month ago

    What’s the backing music when Joe and Dianne are icing their house ?

  • Amy King
    Amy King Month ago

    I will watch the Christmas special

  • Danielle Rice
    Danielle Rice Month ago

    So good and funny video

  • NekoYokoshima
    NekoYokoshima Month ago

    Diane's mic was off by a mile

  • Lottie Whetton
    Lottie Whetton Month ago +1

    Dianne for the win

  • cheer spirit11
    cheer spirit11 Month ago +1

    the link doesn't work for me or my friend :(

  • Morgan .x.
    Morgan .x. Month ago +3

    The way joes keeps calling her Dot. Melts my lil heart 🥺🥺❤️

  • NY Enas
    NY Enas Month ago

    Carrots for the win

  • Betty Warnock
    Betty Warnock Month ago

    No joke, I sneezed at the same time as joe and got confused when Diana said bless you. Straight up thought she was saying it to me ahah

  • aoife dillon
    aoife dillon Month ago +1

    Love this series💜

  • Cavorting Chloe
    Cavorting Chloe Month ago

    The R from carrot jumped into avacado [avacardo]

  • Goodvibess Xoxo
    Goodvibess Xoxo Month ago

    I was soooo excited when they announced the merch I bombed it out my room snatched my phone of charge and went straight to the website 😂😂😂

  • Jiya Solanki
    Jiya Solanki Month ago +1

    Got my Joe And Dianne tickets for my bday !

  • Meg Tee
    Meg Tee Month ago

    has anyone actually bought their merch ahaha

  • lottie lowrie
    lottie lowrie Month ago +2

    I love that he calls her dot like her parents do 🥺♥️

  • lifestyle
    lifestyle Month ago +1

    I can't wait,til Joe and Di move in together

  • Julia Sicilia
    Julia Sicilia Month ago +4

    no one:
    not a single person:

    noice 👍🏼

  • Declan Clancy
    Declan Clancy Month ago

    So Dianne took the second "R" from Carrot and added it to Avocado to make "AvocaRdo"? 😂😂 Joe for the win 😂😂😂

  • Nicky Clark
    Nicky Clark Month ago

    Merry Christmas to you both xx

  • Lauren Tordoff
    Lauren Tordoff Month ago +3

    “It’s like the smoke you had in your Viennese waltz to hide your bad footwork”- dianne 2019😂

  • Teddy 2Shoes
    Teddy 2Shoes Month ago

    On the Can with Jo and Dianne ....oops sorry in the Pan I meant...

  • Tanni Henry
    Tanni Henry Month ago

    Dianne’s side of the ginger bread house wasn’t bad but Joe’s side was better 🤩

  • SophieLouiseFit
    SophieLouiseFit Month ago

    joe defo won and i hate to say it lol

  • Emma Yt
    Emma Yt Month ago

    You should do Yt couples come dine with me- you two, Oli and Evie and Casper and his gf!

  • Carys Taylor
    Carys Taylor Month ago

    Just brought mine so happy been wanting merch forever xx

  • Talkies
    Talkies Month ago +1

    Can’t wait for a new season of ITP. Merry Christmas! 🎄❤️

  • Dena Mayes
    Dena Mayes Month ago

    Joes is better

  • Phoebe Thale
    Phoebe Thale Month ago

    Honestly there are moments during these videos where I can’t help but compare Dianne to Julien in J&J’s Kitchen, an absolute hurricane

  • amyx_louisexo5 ig
    amyx_louisexo5 ig Month ago +2

    *#43 ON TRENDING*

  • Jess X
    Jess X Month ago

    love how dianne is spelling carrot and avocado

  • Cheyenne Clark
    Cheyenne Clark Month ago

    to answer your question about how u eat it i wouldnt cause they never taste nice they dont taste like actual gingerbread

  • audilover70
    audilover70 Month ago

    Oh shit that kid went to my school lol still a melt though

  • Amy Mulligan
    Amy Mulligan Month ago +1

    5 mins in and the kitchen is already messy this is gonna be a good vid

  • aoife dillon
    aoife dillon Month ago

    I want the apron

  • Eva Sadler
    Eva Sadler Month ago +1

    aVoCaRdO?? Seriously 😂

  • Paige Bowden
    Paige Bowden Month ago

    Anyone noticed how dianne had icing on her face and jumper somehow 😂💗

  • L BLOX
    L BLOX Month ago +1

    Dianne:if we left this for santa he would be a happy slayer
    Joe:if we left this over night it will get destroyed by ants
    For some reason I find this funny 12:19

  • nobody
    nobody Month ago


    HTFC FAN Month ago

    Joe wins

  • Lotte van Atten
    Lotte van Atten Month ago

    Been waiting the entire video for Joe to point out that Dianne has written AVOCARDO instead of avocado and CAROT in stead of carrot, but he didn't and now I wonder if he noticed it at all or that he has just accepted that's the way Dianne writes hahaha 😂

  • Beth Jefferies
    Beth Jefferies Month ago +1

    dianne: wears the apron
    also dianne: gets it all over her jumper

  • SGXc AsYLuM
    SGXc AsYLuM Month ago

    Way worse things for your lungs like smoking, while I'm smoking.
    Thanks for reminding me haha

  • Kayleigh Jones
    Kayleigh Jones Month ago

    i’m making a lego gingerbread house ❤️

  • Casey
    Casey Month ago


  • Ada Jones Fan
    Ada Jones Fan Month ago

    I HATE Chtistmas.

  • sTar.E_xo May
    sTar.E_xo May Month ago

    Oh dianne... it’s avocado and carrot not avocaRdo and carot😂😂
    Bless her she isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed ❤️