4 Game Devs Jam Off the Same Art Kit (Devlog)

  • Published on Aug 2, 2020
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    Thanks for watching! This is my experience participating in Four Game Developers Jam Off the Same Art Kit. With Miziziziz, Adam Pype, and John Jackson. It wasn't my easiest jam. But I had fun and made an interesting game. I hope you enjoy!
    Miziziziz's Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRMeD...
    Other devs
    Miziziziz: thexvid.com/channel/UCaoq...
    Adam Pype: adampi
    John Jackson: thexvid.com/channel/UCF3d...
    Art made by Kenney: www.kenney.nl/assets/micro-ro...
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Comments • 110

  • Dragonier 135
    Dragonier 135 Year ago +205

    "we were both really surprised when I just chose the title oh rats"
    ah yes, not understanding your own actions, true chaos.

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  Year ago +35

      I can't be held accountable for what goes in the game in the final hours ;P

  • Stepford
    Stepford Year ago +89

    Hey man! Love both videos, but you seemed a little hard on yourself during this Dev Log. We all make compromises and mistakes during jams, it's just a matter of whoever makes the least visible ones + an interesting idea.
    Even if you aren't as big as some of the other indie dev youtubers, I think you've got charisma and voice talent that far surpasses those who are in the same bracket. Keep at it man.

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  Year ago +24

      Thanks, I use these devlogs as postmortems as well (the one in Miziziziz's vid was only 2 min so not time to dwell). So I analyze what I think I did right and wrong to improve for the future. I learn more from my failures so I may focus a bit to much on them but I like to see where I can do better. Sorry if I came off as too negative. :)
      And thank you for the kind words

    • Josh J
      Josh J Year ago +17

      This is a very well worded comment. I wholeheartedly agree.

  • Rugbug Redfern
    Rugbug Redfern Year ago +65

    Love this game jam style!

  • Aquablast
    Aquablast Year ago +74

    Vimlark: I need a title for my game about rats
    Friend: Sorry didn't hear you, about what?
    Vimlark: Rats
    Friend: Oh rats... ummm...
    Vimlark: Great I'll use that, thanks.
    Friend: Wait what no

  • Eudoxia Mysteries
    Eudoxia Mysteries Year ago +2

    Always a blast watching these. Keep up the great work!

  • TwinGhosts
    TwinGhosts Year ago +1

    Cool stash man. And this is awesome, it's really cool to see you jam with this group, I hope there will be more!

  • Malek Elsady
    Malek Elsady Year ago +19

    i just watched the hosts video about it earlier today
    i like your game but the snake game was the most unique

  • WormJuice
    WormJuice Year ago +5

    Great to see the skateboarding game you were talking about!
    And Oh Rats, love how that turned out.
    Gingers name for the win.

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  Year ago +1

      Yeah, you showed off your skateboarding game a little while after I gave up on this one and it is so much better than what I was making. I'm happy a good 2D-ish skateboard game is being made. :)

  • Games By Saul
    Games By Saul Year ago +1

    What a cool idea! A topdown platformer, that is something I cant think of any off the top of my head! So great work :D

  • PhilDev
    PhilDev Year ago +1

    Loved this! keep up the good work!

  • Shamskiboy
    Shamskiboy Year ago +2

    Really good video ive been waiting so long for this video especially since the first stream i ever saw was the third skateboard game stream and it turned out amazing so it was worth the wait

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  Year ago

      Thanks for still hanging out!

  • mindelofortes12345
    mindelofortes12345 Year ago +1

    Congrats man 👌 i enjoy watching the misisisis channel and its awesome to see you tried out for the challenge

  • Just Here
    Just Here Year ago +1

    Great video as usual! Congratulations on 20k, Can’t wait for when you hit 100k!

  • vANNAlles
    vANNAlles Year ago +1

    Love what you do!
    I am really inspired by you to make my own game dev youtube channel!
    Thanks to you I realised that there are engines without coding and now I can make my own games!
    thanks for everything

  • Dublyn Johnson
    Dublyn Johnson Year ago +1

    I’m new and I love your videos! I am learning to code and I really like watching other people do it!

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  Year ago

      That's how I got into it. Good luck!

  • Joshua Riegel
    Joshua Riegel Year ago

    This is aweome! Do you have any tips for level design? I feel like your video style would make for a great tutorial on it... and I could also use the tips lol

  • Warcookie
    Warcookie Year ago +3

    Love your content. Really thought u got a ton more subs. Hope u get a ton more soon. :)

  • akamag
    akamag Year ago

    This video was super fun to watch! Don't know what pops out bout this one but I really enjoyed it!

  • Tall Guy Me LV
    Tall Guy Me LV Year ago

    I would really love if you also included the art file. Because i want to do the challenge myself

  • Marcelo Kuchiki
    Marcelo Kuchiki Year ago +1

    Vimlark, what exactly prevented you from adding the skate on the second game? It would be awesome!!! The plataforms on the second idea could perfectly work as intended... if you think about it, in the final game it actually looks like hes skating on a invisible board =P

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  Year ago +1

      I guess I could have. Honestly I just lost interest in the skateboard idea. I love the Tony Hawk games but I realized I didn't really want to make a skateboarding game myself.

    • a12 ahxbsje
      a12 ahxbsje Year ago +1

      Maybe he didnt think about it

  • R4zorcl4w77
    R4zorcl4w77 Year ago +1

    This is such a sick idea!

  • Acropolise
    Acropolise Year ago +1

    Great video Vimlark, how did you divide your itch.io games into sections?
    Thanks in advance

    • Acropolise
      Acropolise Year ago

      @Vimlark Thanks :)

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  Year ago

      You hide all the games from the page in Edit Theme. The add them to different collections and show the collections. Hope that helps :)

  • JohnnyHotshot
    JohnnyHotshot Year ago

    I love that your wife was the one who came up with the top-down platformer concept. It's one of those ideas that nobody too immersed into game dev would think of because "that's just not how things are done", but it's exactly that type of outside-the-box thinking that makes really unique games.

  • Blitz54
    Blitz54 Year ago

    Haven't joined a game jam yet, but I'd love to join one where everyone uses the same assets! Sounds like a fun time

  • Pedro Braga
    Pedro Braga Year ago

    As a Construct user, I have a tip, I guess... with pixel art styles, it may be better to use grow rate instead of opacity to make particles disappear. With opacity, it may look kinda smooshy but with grow rate it looks like... yeah

  • Alpha Cat
    Alpha Cat Year ago

    Dude that jump was a really good idea you and your wife made a good team on that idea.

  • SuperGamersGames
    SuperGamersGames Year ago

    Actually, I had similar idea to build a top down platformer using sprite stacking to make it look 3D and it looked pretty good. It was, unfortunately, too stressful to make an entire game using fake 3D so I ended up leaving it behind.

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment Year ago

    3:35 ladylark is always right and has the best ideas

  • arBofu
    arBofu Year ago +1

    your amazing! happy 20k subs! ive been subscribed to you since you were at 1700 subs!

  • Floofy Ducc Gang
    Floofy Ducc Gang Year ago +1

    Nice it seems fun I'm downloading rn
    Edit: ok it was really fun but a little tricky but in the end a Great game keep going and making YT videos and games I'm a big fan and have been watching all the dev logs + game jam games you've made! You gave me the courage to start game development my self! Thank you I really love game development and it has been my dream to be a indie Dev since I was a young thank you again😁

  • Cipher Sharp Dev
    Cipher Sharp Dev Year ago

    Your channel is a great representation of you don’t need to code to create an awesome video game. Know this is kinda cringe to say but whatevs

  • Toby K
    Toby K Year ago +16

    Did you guys play each other’s games recently or back when you made them?

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  Year ago +7

      We played them closer to when we finished them.

  • Evan Magill
    Evan Magill Year ago

    Found your channel from that jam. Great content!

  • Soul Grinder
    Soul Grinder Year ago

    Haven't done one of these types of jams yet. Sounds like a fun challenge

  • Nicholas Jones
    Nicholas Jones Year ago

    Your wife rules! That was a great idea!

  • PsyDunk
    PsyDunk Year ago +5

    Good job man, but I lost it at the end of level 5...

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  Year ago +1

      Yeah difficulty is not really balanced.

  • Jayvien
    Jayvien 11 months ago

    If you need some insperation for top down platforming the Mario and luigi Rpgs do it pretty well by giving you some movement tools that help progression and break up the combat so neither gameply style feels like they're getting to boring.

  • Good sofa lol
    Good sofa lol 3 months ago

    This game is very similar to the brilliant game called UNSIGHTED, it's also basically a top down platformer, it's a lot more polished of course but still very similar

    FRANKDEV Year ago +1

    I think it could be cool to let 4 developers make a art kit and you all have to use them all in a game

  • Zippy Silver
    Zippy Silver Year ago +8

    Dang, I never noticed you only have 20k subscribers.. I always just kind of assumed you were in the low millions

  • Alexander Mertens
    Alexander Mertens Year ago +1

    The end killed me!

  • Jasper Mol
    Jasper Mol Year ago +1

    Second time i saw your game, amazing!

  • Le cool cool
    Le cool cool Year ago

    does kenney have a youtube channel? I love the art so much

  • game falor
    game falor 10 months ago

    I've once also made a top down platformer on scratch

  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog Year ago

    Wouldn't it be cool to have a top down skateboarding plat former.

  • Dummy
    Dummy Year ago +2

    Honestly no cap your my favorite youtuber

  • Ika Grishashvili
    Ika Grishashvili Year ago

    You could've made a top-down platformer with skateboarding gameplay maybe? Eh the game was still good. :)

  • Spirit Blue
    Spirit Blue Year ago

    what program do you use for making the games?

  • ZooHair
    ZooHair Year ago +1

    The wobble walking is looking kinda sexy I'm not gonna lie

  • I Alex
    I Alex Year ago

    7:57 He sounded exactly like the hamster muffin guy

  • defryingpan
    defryingpan Year ago +1

    You’ve already talked to me before about why you aren’t making MWG right now, but is the game actually broken? Us players would really love v. 6.0/7.0 on Itch, if it isn’t completely broken. Who’s with me here?

  • Jake Rozewicz
    Jake Rozewicz Year ago +2

    4 devs 1 -cup- tile set

  • Jasper Mol
    Jasper Mol Year ago

    Video sugestion:
    Playing my fans games.
    You are the reason i started game making
    My itch page is CookieSalad.itch.io

  • Neat Games
    Neat Games Year ago +1

    Do a kickflip~~ Awesome idea for sure!!

  • Original M
    Original M Year ago

    *I didn't see him write any code, what programming language did he write this in?*

  • potot idot
    potot idot Year ago +3

    Vimlark do be sounding like a child seeing their favourite streamer read their comment

  • Dead Face Studios
    Dead Face Studios Year ago +1

    Awesome vid!

  • WexDex
    WexDex Year ago +2

    gotta love these

  • Beanie Bean
    Beanie Bean Year ago

    Look at all those rats! :D

  • Yoshibro26
    Yoshibro26 Year ago

    I thought one person did four games, but alright

  • HisHighness
    HisHighness Year ago

    Jesus, why cant Miziziziz just say you have 9 days

  • lonelyPorterCH
    lonelyPorterCH Year ago

    Would be great for me, I suck at art^^

  • SoulfulFakeAlligator

    I've noticed you're putting a red border around the thumbnail. It looks very similar to how it looks on mobile when the video is already watched. I've almost missed a few of your videos that way. I suggest you change the design of your thumbnails!

  • MartianBEAX
    MartianBEAX Year ago

    I'm trying to make a "wobble and Bob" animation in my game (construct) and I can't make it can someone help me?

  • hiddenfetus
    hiddenfetus Year ago +1

    What do you use to make your maps?

    • hiddenfetus
      hiddenfetus Year ago

      Vimlark thanks for the answer.

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  Year ago

      I was using the built in tilemap editor in Construct 3.

  • PureGl
    PureGl Year ago

    U should’ve made it like zelda

  • LifeAsDev
    LifeAsDev Year ago

    make a game multiplayer

  • Enigmatix the Cringe Champion

    Rats, we're rats, we're the rats.

  • prodoed gaming
    prodoed gaming Year ago +1

    The man uploads so much

  • yoinkling
    yoinkling Year ago

    omg it's the real vimlark

  • Thegolden3
    Thegolden3 Year ago

    Congrats on 20 K

    FRANKDEV Year ago +1

    Cool vid

  • ILain Embi
    ILain Embi Year ago

    Yes I love this

  • Human Kerbal
    Human Kerbal Year ago

    why do you use construct? im serious its so limited

  • 5GX™
    5GX™ Year ago

    it all started whit a table....

  • sa3doZ 22
    sa3doZ 22 Year ago

    I thought that video was an old video .. wow I need to be more attention

  • Dragonier 135
    Dragonier 135 Year ago +2

    20 k subs!!!

  • Chris De la Rey
    Chris De la Rey Year ago

    What language do you code?

  • X times 3
    X times 3 Year ago +1


  • ironman sorbet
    ironman sorbet Year ago +1

    Oh yeah!

  • Morris
    Morris Year ago

    ur channel is large

  • USER7281
    USER7281 Year ago

    Who here a likes banana pregnancy?

  • Icfauh
    Icfauh Year ago

    Where dani

  • CodeZombie
    CodeZombie Year ago +2

    I Was the 690th like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sanse
    Sanse Year ago +1


  • AndreBot06
    AndreBot06 Year ago +1


  • cool zack9
    cool zack9 Year ago

    Not first