Doja Cat's Guide to E-Girl Beauty | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

  • Published on Dec 24, 2019
  • LA-born musician Doja Cat offers up a video tutorial of her personal tips for E-girl makeup-perfectly tuned for freezing cold weather.
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    Director: Rebecca Fourteau
    Filmed at The Standard, High Line
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    Doja Cat's Guide to E-Girl Beauty | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

Comments • 28 912

  • Vogue
    Vogue  Year ago +3

    Shop this beauty routine:

  • czarface
    czarface 2 years ago +15

    I’m a 40 year old father of 4 girls and I’m not sure how this got in my suggestion or how I could go my whole life and not have any idea how complicated makeup is

  • _Tay.tay23_

    I love how every other celebrity does like a semi-natural makeup look. And Doja is straight up like, "So here's a e-girl makeup tutorial🤙"

  • Alex
    Alex  +7

    I love how she starts with literally nothing, like her face totally natural, which btw not only she looks stunning but trying to tell us how it’s her skincare routine starting by cero, just gotten out of the bed, not like other celebrities that alredy have some stuff in their face, like base.

  • silvana s.w

    other people: e girl makeup is a large wing with lots of blush and large lashes!

  • msarang
    msarang  +2

    ngl as a brown woman seeing her hyperpigmentation and upper lip hairs (just like mine!) was pretty awesome. <3 you doja cat thank you for being real

  • [NeverlandWinwin]夢幻島 昀昀

    i love Doja, she's not only showing us, but she's teaching us too. for someone who is a beginner with make up this video is so useful!

  • Ares Jay
    Ares Jay 2 years ago +20

    she’s that girl that everyone wants to be friends with

  • meow meow

    She specifically explains everything behind applying each product on her face which is really interesting and actually made a lot sense. When she put powder on her brows I was like "yeah queen so true"

  • Shinobu Morita

    Doja: "You're supposed to be gentle... but I'm not."

  • Girl who eats carrots

    Me: Focusing on her face and not looking at her hairline

  • Steph
    Steph  +5

    Anyone else notice she’s the only one who has actually ever done her makeup. Everyone else just taps their face and is like “I pinch my cheeks, put on lip balm and go🥰”

  • Ruby Clark
    Ruby Clark  +470

    I love how Doja can be a baddie but she's also like the sweetest person in the world!!! :D

  • La Bruja Violet
    La Bruja Violet Year ago +28

    I like her. She's pretty natural and honest, not putting an act or anything. Its just herself. That's cool.

  • Entertaining Shorts

    this may sound weird, but i could see her being a great mom

  • Keridwen X
    Keridwen X  +739

    I swear she's so methodical and scientific in the way she does her makeup and you can just tell she loves it, and she sounds so intelligent and well spoken even on such a simple everyday topic. Also when she pulled out that Maybelline mascara i knew she was real

  • emi エミ
    emi エミ  +124

    Tip: DON'T EXFOLIATE TWICE A DAY 😱you're stripping your skin of essential oils and you'll either dry it out and break the skin or it'll overcompensate by over-producing oil and it'll become really greasy. Only need to exfoliate it once or twice a week, same with your hair it has its own healthy oils.

  • Zanayiah Elizabeth!!

    I love how Doja is funny without even trying that she has a natural humor and not to mention she is also naturally stunning ☺️

  • Aleah Cordoba

    I love how much of an artist she is. You can tell she notices little things and has an eye for aesthetics. So cool.

  • April Evans
    April Evans 2 years ago +20

    Bro she’s actually so sweet. You can tell she’s a good person.