A Heist with Markiplier | Official Trailer

  • Published on Oct 23, 2019
  • A Heist with Markiplier ► thexvid.com/video/9TjfkXmwbTs/video.html
    How would you rob the world’s most secure museum? Would you kick in the front doors, guns blazing? Or would you rather sneak through the sewers like a shadow in the night? Decide for yourself and see where your story takes my newest interactive adventure.
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  • Markiplier
    Markiplier  24 days ago +47407

    I'M SO HAPPY TO FINALLY BE ABLE TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU!! I've been working on this for over a year and now we're just a week away from releasing it to you all FOR FREE!!
    Thank you all so much for making this possible and you have NO IDEA what's in store in this new adventure of ours!

    • Ryan Monk
      Ryan Monk 10 days ago

      Theory time: from 0:55, the characters all say you or your or something to do with us, the character we play in the story. I think that either 1. they talk about us in the trailer so we can make up our own character for ourselves, or 2. During the story even though we are mainly focusing on mark, us the character is actually more Important then him in the story, just a couple theories I might be right or wrong (:

    • Papyrus
      Papyrus 10 days ago


    • Amren Hunter of the dark soul
      Amren Hunter of the dark soul 18 days ago

      Is this only me but...
      This reminds of those telltale games where what you do does little but it seems super duper big

    • mario mtn gaming
      mario mtn gaming 19 days ago

      Does your cast not know how to be responsible with guns?

    • Nada Khaled
      Nada Khaled 23 days ago +1

      Can I just.....thank you so much :'') you are awsome

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy 6 hours ago

    Damn it...this trailer made my nipples hard

  • Mckensie Innes
    Mckensie Innes 6 hours ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I love this!! Yaaaaaay

    CODED 7 hours ago

    0:46 Ik that reference. Does anybody know what comic it's from?

  • Donna Michelle
    Donna Michelle 15 hours ago

    Going back and watching this after seeing the entire Heist makes me really appreciate this trailer!

  • Dokun Origunwa
    Dokun Origunwa 16 hours ago


  • Coza Gaming
    Coza Gaming 23 hours ago

    Plot twist Mark is John Wick's son

  • William De
    William De Day ago

    I watched it and it is great

  • Salvador Monroy
    Salvador Monroy Day ago

    unus annus...

  • Brandon Bumgardner

    Sierra Madre is the only heist worth pulling off, all 37 gold bars are mine.

  • Кайена Арельяно

    Are you deleting your channel to start movies? Or?..

  • Darkzx
    Darkzx Day ago

    unus annus...

  • Idiot Omega
    Idiot Omega Day ago

    Mark you've outdone your self a bit 2 much. Time to take a chill pill.

  • Whisk3y
    Whisk3y 2 days ago

    This should be the actual Scare PewDiePie season 3

  • The Red Knight
    The Red Knight 2 days ago


  • Cristofher Ar.C
    Cristofher Ar.C 2 days ago

    Benjadoes eres tu??

  • Mah darp
    Mah darp 2 days ago +1

    Markiplier: *its free real estate*

  • Retas V
    Retas V 2 days ago

    Its like Farcry but better!

  • Elena Costinescu
    Elena Costinescu 2 days ago

    I love this trailer

  • mountopian 1
    mountopian 1 3 days ago

    I hope your plane crashes into the ocean and they never find your body.

  • Cheapy
    Cheapy 3 days ago +1

    Breaking news: Crime rates have gone up every sense the premier of “A Heist With Markiplier”.

  • LennyDaLegend
    LennyDaLegend 3 days ago

    it was a zombie apocalypse, A adventure with Indiana jones, being in prison, we met madpat, looked for treasure with pirates, met aliens. Yeah, this is insane

  • Feist
    Feist 3 days ago

    If this series was a bit serious, it would have been more famous (like showing off very cool stuff RP and characters behavior)

  • maria hassani
    maria hassani 3 days ago

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  • ItzNicGaming 123
    ItzNicGaming 123 3 days ago

    Amazing trailer 👌🏻

  • Boomclash gamer
    Boomclash gamer 3 days ago +1

    Nobody :
    Literally not a single soul
    Markaplier :its free 👀

  • Dark Lucario
    Dark Lucario 3 days ago

    Bob and wade are worst security guards ever

  • GD Shadow Oliver
    GD Shadow Oliver 3 days ago

    Damn mark be hitting those

  • Lily_Cookie Gacha
    Lily_Cookie Gacha 3 days ago +1


  • Lady Firefly
    Lady Firefly 4 days ago

    A date with-
    I mean, a heist with THE markiplier?

  • Luc Williams
    Luc Williams 4 days ago

    GAVIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mason R. Toys
    Mason R. Toys 4 days ago +1

    2021: A WWIII With Markiplier

  • Mason R. Toys
    Mason R. Toys 4 days ago +3

    2017: A Date with Markiplier
    2019: A Heist With Markiplier
    2021: A The Flash With Markiplier
    2023: A Cartel With Markiplier

  • Lil_Man_Jess
    Lil_Man_Jess 4 days ago

    This looks very promising

  • Jett’s Dad Died
    Jett’s Dad Died 4 days ago

    I like how he started ascending
    Before the grappling hook reached the roof

  • Mike Luch
    Mike Luch 4 days ago

    Pop Out Remix youtube Mike Luch Pop Out Remix. He ripped this! J Cole Middle Chikd remix you gotta youtube Mike Luch. Subscribe. 8 yr old daughter on the Ransom Remix. Lil Tecca Mike Luch!

  • xXShadow WarlockXx
    xXShadow WarlockXx 4 days ago +1

    1:04 I love this part bc it's the same story but different story and/or ending

  • Thanos cat Sans
    Thanos cat Sans 4 days ago +1

    1:07 wait.......................is that.............mat pat.

  • Ventodivino87
    Ventodivino87 5 days ago

    Watching this after playing it feels so... I don't know... good :}

  • My Email
    My Email 5 days ago

    Everyone talks about u constantly, what u do thats got en talkin. U make videos play pc games or fortnite?

  • Engee_ _
    Engee_ _ 5 days ago

    Didn't you just upload "the problem with TheXvid"?

  • MetalBurst Ninja
    MetalBurst Ninja 5 days ago

    Multiplier scared me into watch it with his y oh laugh you lose vudeo

  • Flower
    Flower 5 days ago

    If "damn." could be expressed into a single video, itd be this. Damn.

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 5 days ago

    Two security guards just flop there guns around

  • Michelle Meade
    Michelle Meade 5 days ago

    Mark plz tell me that's gonna be a real movie

  • Xion
    Xion 5 days ago

    Looks cool. Congrats on getting your own show mark!

  • More Tuguin
    More Tuguin 5 days ago +1

    I just wanna say I had a blast playing this game

  • Minegaming LP
    Minegaming LP 5 days ago

    I would be really happy if there was an vr expierence for this

  • Drift Soda
    Drift Soda 5 days ago

    It came out on my birthday October 23

  • Alexander Terrazas
    Alexander Terrazas 5 days ago

    Mark I see numbers on the question mark

  • Ramez rawashdeh
    Ramez rawashdeh 5 days ago

    Hhhhhhh TheXvid origin finally

  • Max Ema
    Max Ema 5 days ago

    Was that Sodapopin? at 1:09

  • Blitztein beta
    Blitztein beta 6 days ago

    So I tried to see the story in the most insane way, if you were to see this as 1 whole event
    (Everything below is on the trailer, except for the names and identifiers, so I'd still recommend to do the heist even when the trailer is the only thing here included, for maximum enjoyment.
    Some parts have been fabricated to connect events)
    First, you and mark enter the museum to get the box. You and mark succeed, but on your way out, you got spotted by a guard, you tried to flee and hide, but near the exit vent you got caught. You are now in prison. You and Mark think of a jailbreak, collecting the confiscated box, and leaving through the sewers. You escape successfully, meeting up with your associates and using a car as an escape vehicle. The car crashes, knocking you unconscious. You now wake up, regaining your consciousness in the morning, you realize you're in a jungle. All communication devices are now malfunctioned. You and mark walk through the jungle, then seeing a secure base. Desperate, you befriend the guard, letting you in. The inside is actually a lab. Singlehandedly run by a private scientist. The scientist's goal is to develop a disease-killing disease. She sees the box you and mark stole, and without any explanation, she calls you a traitor, charging her blaster at you, you and mark dodged, throwing random chemicals at her. One of them is a virus that makes people into zombies. She gets infected, as well as the staff in the facility, you and mark flee, running as zombies chase you. You and mark seem to have lost the zombies. You and mark are now at shore, with a boat nearby without anyone in it. Mark hotwires the ignition, revving up the boat. The fuel could only take you to an uncivilized island, where you and mark drop off. You come across a caveman, welcoming you to his cave, but inside, the last words you heard was "watch your head", as the caveman hacks you and mark with a sharp object. The caveman then feasts on your remains, and this is where your journey ends . . .

  • McCunf N
    McCunf N 6 days ago

    All this just to get a hextech chest and you don’t even have a key

  • NinoNotachat
    NinoNotachat 6 days ago

    OH MY F*** god

  • Creepi 1456
    Creepi 1456 6 days ago


  • honeypeqches
    honeypeqches 6 days ago

    I read it as *Atheist*

  • Adrian Daniel
    Adrian Daniel 6 days ago


  • Idk Lol
    Idk Lol 6 days ago


  • Star 123
    Star 123 6 days ago

    Mark I have several questions
    .........but first
    how’s Selene
    is she...uh...Ya know Still resting
    I hope she’s getting better
    sooo uh
    I’m guessing you really liked Warfstaches idea on making TV show

    (I have yet to see the video, I’m just trying to use past knowledge kinda)