Problematic K-Pop Stans...

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
  • Today we look at some problematic k-pop stans, supporters of groups like BTS, Blackpink and Loona who are problematic on Twitter and the internet in general. This does not concern the entire fandom, but the specific people mentioned. If you want more videos on different groups of stans please leave a comment!
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    LOVE_SCENARIO 13 hours ago

    You just sent a literal army of kpop stans on the comment section.. like I feel like after 2017 I saw bts and kpop fans in every corner.

  • AdXp7
    AdXp7 Day ago

    Mount the attack!!!!!

  • Eduard Wille
    Eduard Wille Day ago

    Kpop is shit music imo, so pretentious :D.

  • Olivia Lambert
    Olivia Lambert Day ago

    Literally spit out my water.

  • Jade Lin Lee Chen

    James flies between sarcastically condescending and trying not to get hate the entire video. Make up your mind James.

  • Darius
    Darius Day ago +1

    Yeah, I can clearly see that this comment section is more retarded than a man having 10 iq, the majority of them having no sense at all.

  • AIR Productions
    AIR Productions Day ago +1

    Kinda feel bad about myself that I love kpop so much especially the blackpink ( & bts ) but I feel like those people aren’t real blinks I just think they are psycho and only love the idea of them.

  • Xartier TheMan
    Xartier TheMan 2 days ago

    I don't like K-pop

  • lara_mage 64
    lara_mage 64 2 days ago

    I heard the g in kpop stands for good music

  • Xorishy
    Xorishy 2 days ago

    Damn Twitter users are literally butthurt lmao

  • Nova Alexandria
    Nova Alexandria 2 days ago

    6:24 oh I thought that was memeulous’ channel.......... ok bye

  • don’t let me be gone


  • Alderheart, I am sick and I need help

    I avoid kpop twitter bcs of fans like this. I stayed for a while but when I started seeing BTS fans shitting on Jonghyun after he'd committed suicide I was like 'yeah fuck this unstanning BTS and leaving twitter' anyway now I have a big dislike towards BTS bcs of their fans and ik it's not the members fault but ehh ARMY are the absolute worst

  • Alderheart, I am sick and I need help

    I'm not even a minute in anD OH MY GOD I L O V E THIS VIDEO ???? making fun of k-pop stans is one of the reasons I still listen to k-pop. Granted, SHINee are 90% of why I still listen, but making fun of fans is about 5%

  • mckenna
    mckenna 2 days ago

    as a k-pop fan i can't fucking stand people like this (the twitter users, not the guy. i completely agree with the guy.)

  • Deslion
    Deslion 3 days ago

    I absolutely hate K-pop, I just find it funny to watch videos to mock the fans really... But this was gold.

  • amy hopwood
    amy hopwood 3 days ago

    some of these are valid but half the tweets are purely just weird kpop sarcasm

  • IJ WD
    IJ WD 3 days ago

    As a kpop fan of 7 years there's nothing more I hate than kpop fans. Trust me, no one hates these people more than us

  • Taylor Wright
    Taylor Wright 3 days ago

    Matt Healy is the best, and I love how sometimes he pushes back his hair that’s in his face just to reposition it in front of his face again. Anyway The 1975 is a mood.

  • Baka Bish
    Baka Bish 3 days ago

    you are just reading the worst commends, from koreaboos or cringe people in general! all of that comments that you've chosen are either cringe or racist! I feel insulted as an Kpop fan and an asian myself!

  • jasmine g
    jasmine g 3 days ago

    yikes imagine hating black people that stan EXACTLY the same people as you

  • GreyFolk
    GreyFolk 3 days ago

    Your face and mannerisms makes be squint so fucking hard.

  • GreyFolk
    GreyFolk 3 days ago +1

    I’ve grown to hate the word ‘problematic’.

  • Petra
    Petra 3 days ago

    Bruh... I commented a hate comment on one of bts's songs and not even 1 minute THEY ARE ALREADY ATTACKING ME!!!

  • Cook Oo
    Cook Oo 3 days ago

    I will like the video as soon as you call yourself daddy

  • Tacopranto MSP
    Tacopranto MSP 3 days ago

    This is why everyone hates us as kpop fans...i promise we are not all like this😔

  • paparachi
    paparachi 3 days ago

    maybe if u stanned loona u’d be a loona stan 🙄💅

  • Otaku Cherry
    Otaku Cherry 3 days ago

    If only Kpop stans stanned James they wouldn’t be so problematic

  • why am i here fr why

    that cow hybrid thing is the kind of thing you see in ao3 fanfics trust me

  • Kim Namjams
    Kim Namjams 4 days ago +4

    Only some tho because I’m not I promise

  • bleh x
    bleh x 4 days ago

    this is why twitter is free

  • Shaine Notmyreallastname

    I literally just got a black pink ad while he was saying this channel was going to be all about black pink jeSuS--

  • Shaine Notmyreallastname

    I literally just got a black pink ad while he was saying this channel was going to be all about black pink jeSuS--

  • Sad_boi Noodle
    Sad_boi Noodle 4 days ago

    1:56 the fact that he doesn’t know taemin is a gay ship is so f*cking great I love it😭

  • bowties are cool
    bowties are cool 4 days ago

    Stans are the worst lol

  • Cloud 9
    Cloud 9 4 days ago

    Sometimes the fandom is like frozen water you have to walk lightly or the fandom will BREAK.

  • 자이크Jake
    자이크Jake 4 days ago

    Loona Stans who grew up with Disney Channel: *MAYBE IF CAMERON BOYCE STANNED LOONA* *!1!1!1!*

  • Ene Channie
    Ene Channie 4 days ago

    Lmao he was talking about not unsubscribing to his channel but I literally smashed the subscribe and like button. He seriously needs more subscribers cause he deserves it.

  • ¡shelby!
    ¡shelby! 4 days ago

    at least u didn't get into the omega slick side of stan twt, love..

  • ¡shelby!
    ¡shelby! 4 days ago

    3:06 fuckin hell mf who said they were scared 4 him has the same pfp i used 2 have on insta but edited😭 tragic, didn't know deobis would b dragged into this

  • Penny Mara
    Penny Mara 4 days ago +1


  • Zaynab A
    Zaynab A 5 days ago

    i hate you i was watching this in the living room with the speakers at full volume then you started talking about sex and my mom gave me a death stare ugh how am i supposed to explain this now. ive seen this happen to ppl but why me

  • daehwhip
    daehwhip 5 days ago

    as a bts / kpop fans half of us is a uneducated clown and im not in it

  • Marissa•loves•k-pop owo

    The thumbnail ain’t loona that’s bp. Sry just needed to address that .-.

  • umm_ chaeyoung
    umm_ chaeyoung 5 days ago

    Well I don't relate I only like 3 girl groups (blackpink twice and red velvet) I literally hate those fans

  • z0om 02
    z0om 02 5 days ago

    "・no hispanics, blacks or asians please"
    I could literally comment anything and you would never notice where I'm from, lol

  • Ya Boi Diglett thank you pewdiepie

    Pewdiepie is a kpop stan

  • NamjoonTiddies I’m so sorry

    Sometimes I’m truly ashamed of being a Kpop stan

  • Yuno mi
    Yuno mi 5 days ago

    Wait- did he just put stan loona on a blackpink pic-

  • Ratel.H Badger
    Ratel.H Badger 5 days ago

    That was weird and disturbing... I teach 10 & 11 year olds, some of the girls are obsessed with BlackPink and BTS... we are going to have to have a talk next week when school starts again.

  • cherry blossoms
    cherry blossoms 5 days ago +2

    I just think most new wave kpop fans are mentally stunted. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Eevee White
    Eevee White 5 days ago

    Drop an f in chat, and dont expect any new videos 😔😔

  • natty is weird
    natty is weird 5 days ago

    you should see what they say about John Lennon and his death

  • Spyro
    Spyro 5 days ago

    im hurting you by liking

  • A Random weeb
    A Random weeb 5 days ago

    That title was one letter away from stands

  • Uria Chan
    Uria Chan 5 days ago +1

    “Alright I know you’re already going to click the dislike button”
    *immediately hits like button*

  • Fatalbutterfly
    Fatalbutterfly 5 days ago

    to be true is fact anybody who say ''1 bad thing '' get direcly attack by there fandom... something funny the Member of bts dont like it if fans attack other people who dont like there music or other group how ironic >w>
    btw i dont say all of the fani only talk about the one that are so crazy they caint even accept someone else opstion why they dont like them or why they hate the (like stalking , giveing creepy note ect)

    To all good Fans keep doing what you you make the mamebrs of BTS proud to have fans keep surproting them, i only wish those other fans destory your fandom and that everyone should remember there good fand and bad fand and only should focus on the good fans who help them

  • Parker Nelson
    Parker Nelson 5 days ago

    Haha, I loved this. You are hilarious!

  • Error 404
    Error 404 5 days ago

    The reason there's so many problematic k-pop stans is because the fandoms are so big, more fans = more problematic fans sadly

  • I’ve lived in America for four years

    Man, sasaengs and koreaboos are so fucking annoying and give kpop fans a bad names

  • _ ExtremelySpicyPotato _

    It’s an enemy stan!

  • Melonn
    Melonn 5 days ago

    My cousin is obsessed with BTS, and she was scrolling through her Twitter feed and I saw this post thing that was sending DEATH THREATS to someone who didn't stand up when one member came on stage, but stood up for all the others. And thats why people don't like BTS.

  • amitteresexu
    amitteresexu 5 days ago

    as a kpop stan i cannot stand kpo stans, esp those stanning the bigg name groups like bts or blackpink

  • Kpop hell
    Kpop hell 5 days ago

    Me: kpop is asian
    *nice try :) but their Korean you racists*

  • _smol_ _baby_
    _smol_ _baby_ 5 days ago

    Honestly tho you should stan Loona

  • Mina The Raichu
    Mina The Raichu 5 days ago +1

    A bts stan told me I was racist for saying they're a k pop group. That is all.

  • Anyway
    Anyway 5 days ago

    *armys after writing another fanfic about them having sex with someone with bts*

  • Aaydin Underwood
    Aaydin Underwood 5 days ago

    Seeing that these are actual legitimate tweets that people thought were okay to post genuinely makes me want to die. I love tons of artists so much to the bottom of my heart from their music or acting to their personalities. BUT NO CELEBRITY IS THAT GOOD TO THE POINT WHERE YOU WISH HARM UPON OTHER PEOPLE! That's just a fact. If you think that a celebrity is just so amazing to the point where if someone doesn't like them, you threaten them or wish bad upon them, you're a psychopath and you need a reality check.

  • Abigail Ragsdale
    Abigail Ragsdale 5 days ago

    I'm not too fussy

  • Abigail Ragsdale
    Abigail Ragsdale 6 days ago +1

    I was sitting here and my stomach started turning like I was nervous and now I'm going to throw up

  • cringeclikkiepolice rät

    kpoop is stinky, stream truce

  • kai
    kai 6 days ago

    i'm a kpop stan and i'm very concerned for these people...

  • kai
    kai 6 days ago

    i'm a kpop stan and i clicked to laugh, and i did.

  • Maeve Butler
    Maeve Butler 6 days ago

    God kpop stans are the worst

  • Maeve Butler
    Maeve Butler 6 days ago

    Kpop more like kpoop

  • Shadows Crawl
    Shadows Crawl 6 days ago

    I'm a quarter Japanese, and before I graduated there were a couple of k-pop fans who for whatever reasons fixated on me, we shared a lunch period so they always sat with me, when I moved away from the table we normally sat at, they followed me. Over all it made me really uncomfortable, their conversations were almost always weirdly sexual. at one point one of them said "wow I look so asian today" (not exact words, but thats basically what he said) I'm not even sure they realized that I'm asian, as unless you know, I pretty much just look white. I tend to avoid talking to any and all k-pop fans, as they generally just fetishise asian people and it makes me EXTREMELY uncomfortable

  • Jay Pt.2
    Jay Pt.2 6 days ago

    i hOPe YOUR dAD dIeS iN a cARCRASH
    *my dad is already dead.*

  • isabella tyree
    isabella tyree 6 days ago

    Your obviously the hottest man in the room........ but the guitar is killing it

  • Stella mala
    Stella mala 6 days ago

    i love your content for two resons
    *the way y say evrything
    *your reactions

  • Hijwe
    Hijwe 6 days ago

    No musician is as beautiful as Roger Daltrey

  • Swa Ine Kim
    Swa Ine Kim 6 days ago

    Honestly i think the same about the 1975 man

  • KreaTiefpunkt
    KreaTiefpunkt 6 days ago

    5:15 I swear the weeks and months before the debut of LOONA as the full group were incredibly cancerous.

  • chloe
    chloe 6 days ago

    god this video is so fucking funny

  • wispy ghost
    wispy ghost 6 days ago

    you know what? i'll take being a weeb over being a kpop stan. that's fine.

  • beat_rice
    beat_rice 6 days ago

    my favourite part of this video is James calling his own channel TheXvid's vibrator

  • D e a k y M a y
    D e a k y M a y 6 days ago +1

    There’s a tweet from a k-pop fan that says
    “Can’t wait until all the classic rocks faves are dead 😂😂 like their beloved Paul McCartney” 😩🙄🙄
    It hurt my soul and made me cry, lol, #CLASSICROCKFANDOMDESERVESLOVETOO Just kidding ✌🏻✌🏻
    Edit: I wonder why Janet looks like Michael, K-POP FANDOM LEAVE THE BEATLES ALONE! AND DAN HOWELL DESERVES LOVE!
    Edit 2: this is really cancerous

  • 5th bitch god damn 0

    I know you may not see this but please do more kpop related videos

  • auroni mark
    auroni mark 6 days ago

    the 1975? weakass. chase atlantic is more talented stan chase atlantic 😩😤

  • doomed multifandom
    doomed multifandom 6 days ago

    Twitter kpop stans are the worst kind.

  • doomed multifandom
    doomed multifandom 6 days ago

    A lot of kpop stans seem to like fucking hybrids like what
    does jungkook with a tail and licking his own asshole turn you guys on

  • Regi gail
    Regi gail 6 days ago

    actually i was here to dislike the video but when i watched it properly i had to agree with it.

  • Jaqueso Thiccck
    Jaqueso Thiccck 6 days ago

    don't take loon Stans on Stan twitter seriously we all clowns there

  • de sp
    de sp 6 days ago

    Haha okay but Stan loona

  • yogini yoongi
    yogini yoongi 6 days ago

    okay okay , but hear me out- most of us wanna die so please just let us live out our fantasies of being killed by said k pop member-

  • yogini yoongi
    yogini yoongi 6 days ago


  • cat
    cat 6 days ago

    Wait... who ARE you?

  • hello
    hello 6 days ago

    That first one hurt. I don't know if I'll be able to go on

  • plurple uwu
    plurple uwu 6 days ago +2

    Somebody please tell me why the Twitter post in the thumbnail is about Loona but has a photo of BLACKPINK attached to it?

  • 윤정인
    윤정인 6 days ago

    lmao I had to skip parts of the video because I couldn't handle the cringe

  • Lorelei Catherine
    Lorelei Catherine 6 days ago +1

    As a person who discovered k pop in 2003 and have been a fan of j pop since like 1997, I am scared of the hardcore bts “Stans” and reluctantly admit.....I prefer super junior....or block b...please don’t kill me....