Problematic K-Pop Stans...

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
  • Today we look at some problematic k-pop stans, supporters of groups like BTS, Blackpink and Loona who are problematic on Twitter and the internet in general. This does not concern the entire fandom, but the specific people mentioned. If you want more videos on different groups of stans please leave a comment!
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  • Neotron
    Neotron Day ago

    I will click the dislike button not because your video suck, truly because like and dislike ratio don't matter. its up to your video preference taste. But shit taste can lead you to "nobody would ever want to watch your favorite overrated videos" guy if you had some bad oddities

  • Imtaelovely :3
    Imtaelovely :3 Day ago

    2:11 sis no

  • StarShade
    StarShade Day ago

    This is why Twitter needs better age restrictions. These 14 year olds have no business posting about how horny they are or how stanning loona will grant immortality.

  • wende
    wende 2 days ago

    remember the
    _why stan lee if you could _*_stan loona_*

  • sean B
    sean B 4 days ago

    K-pop Stan fans are shit

    I'm waiting

  • Kawaii Strawberries
    Kawaii Strawberries 5 days ago +1


    he also helped me through my 13-year long suicidal state so...

  • Danny Galvan
    Danny Galvan 6 days ago

    K pop gets annoying

  • Jay Pt.2
    Jay Pt.2 7 days ago

    1.1K people who disliked are the problematic kpop fans.

  • Suga_bts_army
    Suga_bts_army 8 days ago

    Any army here?

  • trusfrated
    trusfrated 8 days ago

    These lunatic k-pop stans are toxic even for their own fandoms.

  • Cyber Knight
    Cyber Knight 8 days ago

    Problematic people in the fandom. Did someone say my hero, or perhaps jojos bizarre adventure

  • Kris Vu
    Kris Vu 8 days ago

    you REALLY need to do more videos like these . So that I know I ain’t the only one thinking this kinda shit

  • Aurela Hasa
    Aurela Hasa 9 days ago +1

    U just know the BTS fandom is coming for James

  • Sophia Nazir
    Sophia Nazir 10 days ago +1

    Ah yes, my favourite Kpop group Dan and Phil

  • kat k
    kat k 12 days ago

    me: *stans a non-existent rockstar from 1986*

  • LilYoongleツ
    LilYoongleツ 13 days ago

    Most of them are just trying to be funny like the "y'all need to be alert jungkook is learning English" but the "if you stanned black pink your mom would be alive" is rude af

  • Trixxiee•
    Trixxiee• 13 days ago

    I like kpop but im so so annoyed they just cant listen to other peoples annoyed 🙄🤡☕

  • Samantha
    Samantha 13 days ago

    my favorite part of these video's is James' likes all these fucked up posts to include them

  • Subddys
    Subddys 13 days ago

    im bout to drop my new soundcloud mixtape next week on these bitches.

  • Animated Creature
    Animated Creature 14 days ago

    As a K-POP fan, I will admit that these people are real, everyone at least comes a cross one during their time in the community.
    The vocal minority isn't the majority, but its understandable if someone assumes it is.
    It does suck though to see that this is the reason as of why people will be upset or angered if someone even admits that they like kpop and some people are even scared to say it, like me, for this reason. Maybe there will be a day where people will just enjoy something as is and never take it this far to show their appreciation for this type of music.
    On a side note, the whole "Maybe if they stanned _____ they would be alive" is where it reaches its peak of sadness. The whole stan thing came from a song about a technical stalker, which is why the word stan can get misused, but its used for humor purposes. The stan LOONA was pretty annoying, but that is hopefully over by now.
    Kpop fans aren't exactly toxic, I know people who are genuinely pretty nice and accepting, but every single fandom you will find as some sort of toxicity, even if you don't want to admit it. That's why I like that he stated that he isn't hating on the fandom itself or the video isn't directed in that way. There is bound to be these types of people in every fandom.

  • Grizzly Gates
    Grizzly Gates 15 days ago

    Honestly, as a more chill fan of K-pop, I sometimes get embarrassed to be a part of the community. And it's not just the sasaengs that I'm disappointed in, most K-pop fans are completely wack and don't even realize it. Tbh, I actively avoid anyone who unironically uses the word 'stan', because it just tells me that they're obsessed and, quite possibly, deranged.

  • Ghost 316x
    Ghost 316x 15 days ago

    James Marriott - the TheXvid vibrator.

  • Erika Kováts
    Erika Kováts 16 days ago +2

    I read the original of the Beatles comment, and it's not aggressive, but a fcking dark joke, because the op is old and probs won't be alive in 50 can see it on their profile pic

  • Mia Q
    Mia Q 16 days ago

    when they say Hispanics cant be in the white group chat but Hispanic ismt a race and you can be a white hispanic

  • Minni •
    Minni • 16 days ago

    tbh its funny when people make fun of toxic kpop stans

  • Billie Bobbie
    Billie Bobbie 16 days ago

    You should promote this video more, it’s one of your best works

  • Aguyfrom theuk
    Aguyfrom theuk 17 days ago +1

    Kpop stans unite

  • Waluigi The Third
    Waluigi The Third 17 days ago +4

    How to spot a kpop stan :
    •Kpop pfp
    •Korean username for no reason
    •uses the phrase "bish"
    •Uses google translate to try and speak Korean to seem "cool"
    •Doesn't have a stable relationship/desperate
    •Doesn't stop talking about people like "Loona" or "Jimin"
    I honestly think Kpop sounds trash, but if you like it I don't care, just keep that shit away from me, I salute the kpop fans who have a braincell

  • {Midnight _Wolf}
    {Midnight _Wolf} 17 days ago

    omg ive loved kpop for 4 years now nearly 5 and this vid just discusts me not you James I meant the stanners XD they really are messed up.... just like my life 😂

  • Don't, Just Don't
    Don't, Just Don't 18 days ago +1

    ¨And I'll catch you next time¨ Is that a threat?

  • jisooturtleranbitkim UwU

    who here is an actual kpop fan that isn’t weird and obsessive about it 😂 im weirded out with all the sasaengs

  • Plum
    Plum 20 days ago +1

    All kpop fans are like this. Stay mad, but literally every kpop fan has a fetish for East Asians.

  • Plum
    Plum 20 days ago +1

    I stopped listening to kpop completely because of the toxic fan base. No way in hell am I going to associate myself with that.

  • Kevin Buschmann
    Kevin Buschmann 20 days ago

    *cries into the corner and cries while listening to kpop*
    okay so kpop is really toxic tho. some people . have met some disgusting people. some idols killed themselves because they got so much hate
    I hope it calms down a bit i dont want to go on twitter and get stabbed by an army

  • Nabihah Needs Jesus
    Nabihah Needs Jesus 21 day ago

    James : uploads
    Me : good thing I'm off my period ;)

  • Goddamn Door
    Goddamn Door 21 day ago


  • Linda Marquez
    Linda Marquez 22 days ago

    Poor Jimin ;-;

  • Gabby Beeaaannn
    Gabby Beeaaannn 23 days ago

    6:07 NO NO STOP

  • EHBprd
    EHBprd 23 days ago

    To be perfectly honest alot of the kpop fandom is so fucking toxic. Especially fandoms of the “bigger groups” like army, blinks and to some extend exo-l’s.

  • Radioactive Pi
    Radioactive Pi 24 days ago

    1:48 should we tell him taemin is a ship and not an idol?

  • Ew Existence
    Ew Existence 25 days ago

    I’m a Kpop Stan and I’m generally scared of Twitter

  • sweet chaos
    sweet chaos 25 days ago

    kpop stans are dumb

  • lemony fresh
    lemony fresh 25 days ago +1

    The only good Asian music are JoJo's intros

  • A normal metalhead
    A normal metalhead 26 days ago

    God I saw a fucking cringeworthy k-pop stan, it was on a weird video, and had absolutely no connection to anything about k-pop, yet they were replying to every comment saying what they thought k-pop stars would say when watching the video.

  • Nikki Luvs
    Nikki Luvs 27 days ago

    Bts is disgusting

  • William Afton
    William Afton 27 days ago

    No wonder this has more dislikes, I mean it is amazing

  • NFS Fanboi
    NFS Fanboi 28 days ago +1

    *My message to evey K-pop Stan*

    *"Fuck off and go nuke yourself."*

  • Cardinal of the Church of Tea

    Underage. Stan. Portsmouth. Oh dear God i think i know who this is.

  • erik bergström
    erik bergström 29 days ago

    so part 2 when we are att 82 thousand

  • Basically Linda
    Basically Linda 29 days ago +3

    "i seen dead people upload more than Dan"
    me, a phannie: :000000

  • Desert-Lily the Rain-SandWing

    James has the nicest eyelashes of anyone I know

    pls sub to me x

  • Max Banh
    Max Banh 29 days ago +1

    Koreans are Asian and its not racist because I’m Asian/Chinese. Goodness the cringe.

  • Kaden Nguyen
    Kaden Nguyen Month ago


  • CallumDoesStuff
    CallumDoesStuff Month ago

    I hate it when toxic ones just go on Twitter and put on random hashtags and a fan cam video. Like one time I saw a Stan upload a video on A very sensitive topic(homelessness and depression.)

  • Anik Bhowmik
    Anik Bhowmik Month ago

    I totally love you but are you gay?
    just asking

  • anitalake1
    anitalake1 Month ago

    Stop this stan bs watch the emminem music vid and stop this stan crap

    • Jacques Offah
      Jacques Offah Month ago

      Love how you just said "the emminem music vid." Like, _I_ know you meant The Real Slim Shady, but most of the people you're trying to talk to won't know that.

  • that's the queso
    that's the queso Month ago

    watch the same exact toxic kpop stans be pressed for this, bro fr the actually sane people inside the fandom don't even recognize them as being fans-

  • Lizzy Baby
    Lizzy Baby Month ago

    Im just giving you credit cuz i said one of your jokes and got alot of laughs
    My friends and i were conversing so i said
    “Look man, youre allowed to have an opinion, its subjective, its an opinion. Unless your opinion is wrong in which case ill desecrate you if you disagree with me”

  • Pencake.
    Pencake. Month ago

    Some of these remind me of the time someone wanted to use Selena Gomez as an fc and said "she's full korean but half asian" like-

  • Στεphhγ
    Στεphhγ Month ago

    This is why I don’t tell anyone I’m a kpop fan.... like these people embarrass me