When K-pop idols confidently talk about plastic surgery 😎😎😎

  • Published on Mar 26, 2019
  • When K-pop idols confidently talk about plastic surgery
    Hi guys, I'm Satisfying and Relaxing 1510. It has been a long time since I uploaded videos. I'm back now 😋😘
    Hope you guys like this video and enjoy it as much as I do. Thank you very very much guys~

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  • Relaxfying
    Relaxfying  2 months ago +57

    This is how your Kpop idols are secretly dating!

    • Limario Syndrome
      Limario Syndrome Month ago

      people dont know the magic of make up ehh

    • K Acient4ME
      K Acient4ME 2 months ago +1

      @Erick Marcero no I'm not bieng stupid if any thing you are blind.
      her nose definately looks different from her predebute pictures
      its undeniable

    • Erick Marcero
      Erick Marcero 2 months ago

      @K Acient4ME are you stupid???
      I folow lisa before she debut in blackpink.
      If you real blink, you must know about her

    • K Acient4ME
      K Acient4ME 2 months ago +2

      @Erick Marcero she is NOT allowed to have plastic surgery
      but her nose does look different. puberty?

    • Erick Marcero
      Erick Marcero 2 months ago +1

      Lisa not??
      Please see her nose.
      Before debut and now.

  • Leanne Vdc
    Leanne Vdc 10 hours ago

    Howeve i respect them for doing surgery, first: it is their money, second: to feel confident and not be bullied.

  • Leanne Vdc
    Leanne Vdc 10 hours ago

    Somi and other mixed races in korea are undoubtedly natural and beautiful.

  • Sharon P
    Sharon P Day ago

    Ppl who lie about their plastic surgery r more fake.

  • Jokers Known
    Jokers Known 2 days ago

    Did not know plastic surgery was that popular but still love all my Korean idols and actors the same ❤️

  • jaydisen
    jaydisen 2 days ago

    i genuinely hope that you guys don't care if your fav idols got plastic surgery or not because if it makes them happy and more confident, they should get it. yeah some people might regret getting it, but if someone wants to have more confidence, why should you stop them? let people live, plastic surgery shouldn't look down upon lskxjdkcj

  •  2 days ago

    now i know why a lot of koreans are pretty.....

  • Juuzou Suzuya
    Juuzou Suzuya 6 days ago

    which episode of knowing bros was the pink hair girl in?


    Jessi literally making guys feel embarrassed for talking about her breasts .lol I love her

  • Taurean Diamond
    Taurean Diamond 10 days ago

    Kwang hee💙💙

  • Maya Holt
    Maya Holt 10 days ago

    It’s nice when the celebrities bring it up themselves and are confident, but for some the MCs were just digging answers out of them and they looked uncomfortable. They shouldn’t be forced to talk about it if they don’t want to. It’s wrong

  • bugs bunny
    bugs bunny 11 days ago

    a lot of i dols had nose and jawline surgery its too obvious.

  • Rose Dawn
    Rose Dawn 11 days ago

    Shinhwa too 😂😍

  • J Kim
    J Kim 12 days ago

    Tbh they don’t look that good for people who got plastic surgery in korea where th doctors are extra skilled compared to others...

  • cocagguk
    cocagguk 12 days ago

    Its lovely that people are speaking their truths and not getting judged for it however i feel deeply annoyed that alot of these idols were told by their companies or other people that they'd look "less mean", "prettier" or "more charming" if they got plastic surgery. Korea have a really insecure generation and the fact that cosmetic surgery is the norm rattles me slightly. Parents get their teenagers surgery as birthday gifts and children as young as 14 get things like eyelid surgery and nose jobs. Instead of pushing people into surgery they should teach them about self acceptance and loving themselves.

  • I Ship TaeTzu
    I Ship TaeTzu 13 days ago +6

    Jessi making the mens so uncomfortable with her boob job
    We love a Confident Queen ❤️

  • lina chhem
    lina chhem 13 days ago +1

    I like how their confidence and honest to fan and people around. Like the man say if he keep it himself he will have a hard time to live.

  • Brett F.
    Brett F. 14 days ago

    Even though Jessi got a ton of shit from Internet trolls about her boob job, I'm happy she didn't let the negativity bring her down.

  • felixlmaoo !
    felixlmaoo ! 15 days ago +4

    man i love jessi so much. she’s just so confident and so chill about it

  • Allison Li
    Allison Li 15 days ago

    We all stan confident queen jessi

  • Eye In A Fishbowl
    Eye In A Fishbowl 15 days ago


  • Last ELF Stand
    Last ELF Stand 19 days ago

    Double eyelids in korea is very normal surgey and for me its normal too it didn't change the face so the one who make for me is still look natural


    Kwang hee, naging kamukha kana ni ROBI DOMINGO ng philippines

  • Carmela Lorenz Mendoza

    People should let people enjoy things...and let other people do what makes them feel better (as long as it's still healthy/does not hurt other people)...what i think is truly hurtful is not admiting u got work done and younger girls getting insecure about it...

  • Eriko Nishiyama
    Eriko Nishiyama 27 days ago +1

    It's so unfair and ridiculous that some people would ridicule kpop idols for not being beautiful enough, but when they undergo surgeries to meet their beauty standards, they again get ridiculed for going through surgery.

  • Megan Rosè
    Megan Rosè 29 days ago

    I dont really support plastic surgery for beauty purposes but I love it when idols are honest with plstic surgery.

  • Y/N stuvvle
    Y/N stuvvle Month ago +1

    They are so confident, my shameful self is cryin

  • Zyra Gao
    Zyra Gao Month ago

    Why do we even care?? Shouldn’t we just support them as artists and not care about their personal decisions? Just a thought.

  • infrmnt
    infrmnt Month ago

    kwanghee has always said that hes known because he got that surgery....but honestly, his friendly personality helps a lot, too

  • Empelizh Crib
    Empelizh Crib Month ago

    I thought eyelid is inborn.. I didnt know that it could grow during puberty stage...

  • Myla Katryn
    Myla Katryn Month ago

    8:41 former IOI member, Jung Chaeyeon but she is currently a member of DIA.
    She didn't undergo eyelid surgery, jaw surgery or whatever, only her nose.
    P.S. STAN DIA!!

  • 박개인
    박개인 Month ago +1

    규현은 피부가 문제지

  • jess0099
    jess0099 Month ago

    I respect them for being honest. Sometimes it’s so obvious that they had work done, but still denying what’s done.

  • Fiona Francisca Jailis

    They are not fake person...they tell everything.....well done.....

  • taeyeon is luv
    taeyeon is luv Month ago

    How the heck did dahyun get here?😂😂😂

  • Teodoro Hannah
    Teodoro Hannah Month ago +1

    Where is Hong Jinyoung's iconic

  • Mariel Ang
    Mariel Ang Month ago

    some are hypocritical denying their plastic surgery or calling someone else out without admitting their own... be like jessi. own it

  • 선미강
    선미강 Month ago +5

    And for the idols who aren't honest about it. Its honestly nobody's business what they do with their body.

  • 933roastduck
    933roastduck Month ago

    The last lady was so exaggerating. She doesn't look diff at all. Just double eyelid. She say till her whole face was changed. She still look the same before double eyelid.

  • Ahgase - Aroha
    Ahgase - Aroha Month ago +3

    Respect for all those idols who confess and are confident that they had a surgery

  • Truth prevails
    Truth prevails Month ago

    Can the V trend surgery for men die for ever.....some of the best faces in the industry were ruined by it.

  • Koro Hentai
    Koro Hentai Month ago +1

    _Jessi is a mood_

  • Rose Jayson
    Rose Jayson Month ago

    Jessi and Kwanghee are the real winner😂😂

  • YG Dungeon
    YG Dungeon Month ago

    Tbh I always thought Hyolyn had gotten a nose job because I thought she had a perfectly shaped nose

  • Mockavel Velli
    Mockavel Velli Month ago +2

    Sooo sick of this topic.

  • vab
    vab Month ago +1

    i wish i could have the confidence like jessi

  • Seoul Mate
    Seoul Mate Month ago

    Is that Kwanghee? I almost didn’t recognize him

  • Wilted Rose
    Wilted Rose Month ago

    they aint fake the community thr society are just plain ol mean and judgemental

  • alisha j
    alisha j Month ago +1

    i need him & jessi to meet

  • Silka Fronda
    Silka Fronda Month ago

    Jessi is a legend😂😂😂

  • Farah Amanda
    Farah Amanda Month ago

    Did dahyun do plastic surgery? I do not understand why did u put her video as a bonus there?
    *sorry for my bad english

  • Gurple Purple
    Gurple Purple Month ago

    I don't like surgery but at least they aren't lying

  • ffs_mamamoo
    ffs_mamamoo Month ago

    Kwanghee even joked about it on Hello Counselor "I have nothing more to fix" lmao

  • Simon Says Yehet Ohorat


  • Kim Na
    Kim Na Month ago +5

    While others idols/celebs are denying they’re doing plastic surgery even it is so obvious, respect to jessi, kwanghee, chaeyeon, hyolyn for telling confidently

  • sage versace
    sage versace Month ago

    2:22 okay I really respect this boy for saying he got plastic surgeries and that he’s been earning money with his face not many would say that out loud I like him

  • Aisya aisya
    Aisya aisya Month ago

    Some of the comments said why the other idols denied about it, that's totally wrong because I think they didn't deny about it, it just that no one ( I mean mc or people on the show) ask them about it

  • nxxon noon
    nxxon noon Month ago +6

    Damn. That panel was very disrespectful towards Chaeyeon. They were fishing her out. You can tell how uncomfortable it was for her.

  • Anne J
    Anne J Month ago +2

    "My company doesn't want me to say it." - Soyou. I'd like to believe many have done it but had to deny it.

  • Anne J
    Anne J Month ago

    Idols that loose incredible amount of fat on the face isn't surgery. Went to Korea and asked around Gangnam that chin fillers, masseter botox, and v line injections are a thing now. Planning to get mine when I get back.

  • Kangae
    Kangae Month ago

    Am I the only one who is unable to see the difference before and after the surgery ? 😅

  • claudia V
    claudia V Month ago

    I like idol honest about plastic surgery
    It your own choice , u can do what ever u want
    But dont bully someone who doesnt fit your beautiful standart or have natural face/body
    I think both idol with plastic surgery and natural (not fit beauty standart) body/face get bullied in korea netizen

  • Sefty Wulandari
    Sefty Wulandari Month ago

    1:36 heechul is so pretty

  • Alice Park
    Alice Park 2 months ago

    JESSIIIIIII...I love her style 💜 She’s so outgoing and confident hehe

  • sonifyoudon't andtheywereroomates

    I live for confident idols and celebrities. Like Jessi said, If she had it done then what?

  • MysticMech
    MysticMech 2 months ago +1

    Sad ass people.

    Some of them , are already great looking.
    I don't get it.

  • Ellen Bulay
    Ellen Bulay 2 months ago

    If you are Korean and you have a perfect body especially face ,you are not exempted to be suspected that you under go surgery

    BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA 2 months ago

    I love how jessi makes the guys feel uncomfortable talking about her breasts, I wish I had her confidence

  • Mayadee
    Mayadee 2 months ago

    I used to hate my small eyes, even if I have natural double eyelids. People used to mock me for my eyes because I look too asian they say. Then again people also praise me for my fair and healthy skin. I used to hate my height, they mock me because I look like a midget. But then again people praise me for my straight & soft looking hair. In conclusion we have both good and bad traits running in our body, we should just appreciate the bad things and we should have accentuate the good trait we have in our body more. There will always be people who bash and hate you even if you are a perfect 10 anyway. I just wish Koreans could change their perceptions about the importance of physical appearance rather than what's hiding beneath.

  • Little Freak
    Little Freak 2 months ago

    Where is Naeun? She's also surgery.

  • buhay ofw
    buhay ofw 2 months ago

    Maybe 85prcent out 100 kceleb, do plastic surgery . .

  • Queen Of Thine Bitchery
    Queen Of Thine Bitchery 2 months ago +1

    I love that Jessi isn’t at all embarrassed to tell what she has done to her appearance. Like she said, she did it to feel confident and comfortable with herself and not to please others. So much respect to her.

  • Ahdn Srnde
    Ahdn Srnde 2 months ago

    do you put braces on? you should've "just be happy the way you are"
    do you wear top brand clothes?
    you should be more grateful and "be happy with what you have"

    KPOP FAN 2 months ago

    Jessi is braver than any idol i know 😂

  • allyas
    allyas 2 months ago

    Jessi is literally my spirit animal

  • Shaira Comeros
    Shaira Comeros 2 months ago

    Kwanghee's the best haha

    STAR1 SUBBER 2 months ago

    I'm not surprised that many idols confessed about their plastic surgery on Radio Show.

  • Mochisung Pwark
    Mochisung Pwark 2 months ago

    If you done the plastic surgery because of people around told you to do it plz dont do it cause you make them become the person who is powerful,and you make step over you... But if you want to do it because want to and you want to do it for yourself than do it..

  • kanji kanta
    kanji kanta 2 months ago

    5:06 LOL hahahahaha

    EXO&NCT GÜEY 2 months ago

    Plastic surgery makes me uncomfortable if one talks about or it’s really noticeable. But here I am. I don’t care if people do it but sometimes I’m like “why’d you do that? You looked fine before” aka jimin from AOA and Namjoo from Apink

  • Anny's World
    Anny's World 2 months ago

    I colour my hair every now and then, because I am not 40 yet and have some grey hairs, vanity. If I had the money I might would remove my eyebags, I am pretty sure they're genetic, so I can't necessarily say I wouldn't do it, but I just wished people would make the standard of beauty to actually be healthy mentally and physically to your best abilities and nothing else.

  • Anny's World
    Anny's World 2 months ago

    Always remember we're talking about a culture that does not see botox as something else than a facemask. But to be fair why on earth shouldn't you admit to have had something done, I find that way more "ok" then hiding it. Also, I do believe some people, especially Artist who go through puberty in front of the camera could be falsely accused of it while it was just growing up. And not every Asian person has a monolid by nature and not every not - Asian person has a double eyelid even though it might be rare(r).

  • yeti yeri
    yeti yeri 2 months ago

    I'd still love them even if they had plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is normal.

    HI BIJJ 2 months ago +1

    *reads title*

  • Kassandra Bonilla
    Kassandra Bonilla 2 months ago

    Jessi is everything

  • Username 606
    Username 606 2 months ago

    5:40 Oh my god Jessi 😂😂😂

  • alex kn
    alex kn 2 months ago

    you're bold to choose this song for your outro
    i love that for you

  • TJQ X_X
    TJQ X_X 2 months ago

    "Do they look that real" Jessi 2k16

  • Bian Chang
    Bian Chang 2 months ago +1

    I feel that jooE is still pretty, just that poor styling choices don’t fit her. She keeps getting styled with bright hair and it doesn’t really suit her which is why many people said she looked better with black hair when she dyed it for real men.

  • Sem David Timothy Sitanggang

    wow kyuhyun also had plastic surgery, i didnt know that until now, is that mean that other sm artist also got the plastic surgery ?

  • Queen Scotland
    Queen Scotland 2 months ago

    Gosh, those frankly unattractive men talking about women getting plastic surgery is just wrong.

  • Asonta Olivia
    Asonta Olivia 2 months ago


  • _jeon_ggukie
    _jeon_ggukie 2 months ago

    I honestly don't see why it's a taboo to talk about plastic surgery in Korea. It's not like fans don't know that most idols are forced/strongly suggested to do it to fit their beauty standards. Beauty standards that the PUBLIC has set. Many people stan idols for their looks and trashtalk about those who they think are "ugly", and then they think it's scandalous if some of them decide to fix their face? Sounds inconsistent to me, pals.

  • burgerpatty
    burgerpatty 2 months ago

    So many beautiful women not satisfied with themselves yet the guys are mostly ugly and they're not doing anything about it. Society is harsh on women.

  • Techang Panda
    Techang Panda 2 months ago

    I really love Jessi!!! She's the realest!!!

  • glancedUp
    glancedUp 2 months ago

    When you're ugly: go get some plastic surgery
    When you got em and look good: eww you have plastic surgery

  • kng svdrunk
    kng svdrunk 2 months ago

    If you can't at least respect Jessi for staying true everytime, you need help.

  • jiadarabom
    jiadarabom 2 months ago

    You should have added Brown Eyed Girls' MV about plastic surgery xD

  • walaa ahmad
    walaa ahmad 2 months ago +1

    i see Kyuhyun i click

  • Kiyo21O2
    Kiyo21O2 2 months ago

    Kwanghee is the best tbh