Wireless Keyboard Prank HACK on Kid Playing Fortnite (Kaylen)

  • Published on Dec 28, 2019
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Comments • 7 030

  • Vyper_PlayZ_YT
    Vyper_PlayZ_YT Year ago +87

    Imagine how hard Jarvis had to hold his laugh 😂😂😂

  • Lewis Green
    Lewis Green Year ago +4

    It's so funny how jarvis is soooooo chill

  • Ire Osho
    Ire Osho Year ago +10

    His face tho when he realises it was Kay trolling him 🤣

  • Darkearthsilent
    Darkearthsilent Year ago +1

    Kay was just having so much fun lol

  • vromane
    vromane 2 years ago +23

    Watching him rage literally almost made me pass out😂😂😂😂

  • Axel Quispe
    Axel Quispe 11 months ago +1

    9:38 through 9:48 look at Kaylens face 😂😂

  • Evan Mills-Ramm
    Evan Mills-Ramm Year ago

    I love how if he payed attention he would’ve known cause when he uses the keyboard and not touch the controller it show all the mouse controls not controller controls

    PROMIUM5 Year ago +2

    I like how Kay is having a lot of fun😂

    • Seu.
      Seu. Year ago +1

      Yea he love to troll kaylen😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kelsey Gamer
    Kelsey Gamer Year ago

    I love how he laughed

  • Dara Leon
    Dara Leon 2 years ago +19

    I love how at the start he was just laughing and saying fortnite is buggy until he went mad and started raging super hard lol

  • Flow
    Flow Year ago

    dude i laughed so hard this is so funny

  • sus
    sus Year ago

    Watching Kaylin rage is so satisfying lol

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah Year ago

    5:12 we all know jarvis got that kill

  • Jake Zayed
    Jake Zayed Year ago

    9:46 looked like he was gonna bash the controller onto the desk so it breaks and fly out the window lol

  • BoyYouGoofy
    BoyYouGoofy 2 years ago +168

    “Wireless keyboard prank HACK on kid playing fortnite”
    Jarvis hacking again smh

  • Connor Watene
    Connor Watene Year ago +1

    I don't think he's going to laugh for long lol

  • MrMcgamerman
    MrMcgamerman Year ago +1

    5:08 did anyone notice how much health that one guy HAD IT WAS INSANE

  • Jackie Hervieux
    Jackie Hervieux Year ago

    So funny I was laughing my butt off

  • M145
    M145 Year ago

    Even tho Jarvis got banned I'm glad he makes vids with kaylen and his brothers and the rest of the people in the faze house

  • KhaledM
    KhaledM 2 years ago +214

    When he said "is he pulling a jarvis" I felt that.🤣

    • Edward
      Edward 2 years ago


    • 1LEO1
      1LEO1 2 years ago

      @KhaledM ohhh lol thx

    • KhaledM
      KhaledM 2 years ago

      @1LEO1 he got lasered and jarvis got caught aimboting

    • 1LEO1
      1LEO1 2 years ago

      I dont get it someone tell me wat it mean

    • lee gledhill
      lee gledhill 2 years ago +2

      The way I read this comment while scrolling down wondered where he said and he literally said it that second in the video lmao

  • Кемерон Стюарт

    Seeing kids rage is my life complete

  • Rjay Garcia
    Rjay Garcia Year ago +16

    Jarvis: this is a serious game
    Also him: uses aim bot

  • Claridge Kids
    Claridge Kids Year ago

    Jarvis:OMG how did you do that
    Kaylen:Cause I’m the best player in the world
    Bugah:am I a joke to you

  • nickynyeIII
    nickynyeIII Year ago

    Honestly I would send Jarvis a friend request if I could

  • CEO Of NotWastingTime
    CEO Of NotWastingTime 2 years ago +11

    When Jarvis Can’t Even Play ...
    *If I Can’t Do It . No One Can*

  • Mr.Melon Man
    Mr.Melon Man Year ago +1

    Imagine having one kill

  • ALEX
    ALEX Year ago +77

    1:12 imagine if Kay pressed w LMAO

  • Jimi Jickson
    Jimi Jickson 6 months ago

    Bro kaylen was actually chill like usually hes just calling jarvis a bot and apparently hes better than jarvis.

  • Shorna Tameika Astin

    Look how much damage the guy had

  • PlotsAnnoyin
    PlotsAnnoyin 2 years ago +140

    4:12 Kaylen lowkey hurt Jarvis feelings.😂

  • Daxton Cary
    Daxton Cary Year ago

    Jarvis controlling it when he’s banned

  • IShowDaddyDemitrius

    Jarvis sounds like a squeaker in this video compared to now lol 😂

  • AmgsanomoreЖD
    AmgsanomoreЖD Year ago +2

    Kaylens character is drunk as hell in this vid 😂
    Cause:wireless keyboard
    Effect:Kaylen’s character is high as hell

  • J Red
    J Red Year ago +2

    frazier: talking about what jarvis called kaylen
    kaylen: sayng STOP STOP when they talking about the prank

  • Teun Dekker
    Teun Dekker 2 years ago +671

    Its funny how Kaylen says 'kid' every time,
    Hes A KID

  • Charlie
    Charlie Year ago

    This still counts as Jarvis playing

  • jeannie eristhee
    jeannie eristhee Year ago +1

    Kaylen rages more then my mom trying to use her phone

  • thuggyman
    thuggyman Year ago

    10:22 look at kaylens face lmao

  • bh c r y p t i c
    bh c r y p t i c  8 months ago

    that clean shot tho at 6:27

  • Tacfyi
    Tacfyi 2 years ago +62

    I’m pretty sure Jarvis is playing on someone’s account in his spare time

    • Tacfyi
      Tacfyi 2 years ago

      MerkZ whole thing is believable except the epic

    • Tacfyi
      Tacfyi 2 years ago

      MapsFIFA yeah

    • cra
      cra 2 years ago

      @Killua Zoldyck why would epic tell u

    • Kerolos
      Kerolos 2 years ago

      @It’s Blinkx Whos gonna tell em XD

  • XxShadow's Roblox World

    i like how he rages so Quick and Screams🤣🤣🤣 😲😲😲

  • Blixvii
    Blixvii Year ago +3

    I like how kaylen is living everyone’s dream to hangout with Kay and Jarvis and he treats them like garbage if I where Kay and Jarvis I’d tell him to leave

  • David AB
    David AB 2 years ago +12

    5:09 look at his health bar

  • Swift Gaming
    Swift Gaming Year ago

    4:13 he toasted Jarvis 😂

  • Biplav
    Biplav 2 years ago +579

    Jarvis: *can’t play himself*
    Also Jarvis: *doesn’t let the kid play either*

    • AR Mxrtavius
      AR Mxrtavius 2 years ago


    • Young Rich
      Young Rich 2 years ago

      Jarvis could play fortnite if he wants to all he have to do is play it off stream

    • Captain Junior
      Captain Junior 2 years ago

      @That Dude Ømaha but he is a kid

    • aotashiro
      aotashiro 2 years ago

      Jarvis its stupid rn

  • Haaris
    Haaris Year ago

    Frazier's face when he was touching the keyboard tho 😄😄

  • reverse-card
    reverse-card Year ago +15

    4:12 it low key hurt him when he said that

  • Josh J
    Josh J Year ago

    5:08 that health tho

  • Douwe.
    Douwe. Year ago

    Kay should’ve pressed W lmao

  • Rozimond Quartz
    Rozimond Quartz 2 years ago +175

    Who remembers Kaylen's mom throwing his ps4 out the window.

  • Bartek Szulc
    Bartek Szulc Year ago +5

    The most toxic ki in the owld goes to: WHAT THE HELL MAN-KAYLEN

  • Gaming with Blo
    Gaming with Blo 4 months ago

    my guy raging is harder than my grandma fell down the stairs and starts to cry at the end

  • QtClaps Spam
    QtClaps Spam Year ago

    1:03 “Get bodied kid your not even good” TAKE NOTES GUYS HE’s the best player

  • Damain240
    Damain240 2 years ago

    We ain't gonna talk about the enemies health 5:08

  • Bestmarky
    Bestmarky 2 years ago +24

    Who else misses Jarvis showing his controller binds.

    • Bestmarky
      Bestmarky 2 years ago

      Dylan Jacques that’s true lol.

    • ImDylanツ
      ImDylanツ 2 years ago


    • Bestmarky
      Bestmarky 2 years ago

      Dylan Jacques ok I removed it. I only asked for likes so Jarvis could see this... sorry...

    • ImDylanツ
      ImDylanツ 2 years ago

      i do but no like begger

    • Dario Miskovic
      Dario Miskovic 2 years ago

      Init I don’t remember your just chatting

  • Phantom
    Phantom Year ago

    Honestly I could destroy kaylen with only mobile

  • Sana Shoaib
    Sana Shoaib 2 years ago +1

    Your vids are lit 🔥 keep it up

  • μήλο TV
    μήλο TV Year ago

    5:06 look at his health

  • Dimas Soares
    Dimas Soares Year ago

    That default that was spamming kaylen was hacking look at his health

  • Ibrahim Saeed
    Ibrahim Saeed 2 years ago +35

    3:53 kay is a meme 😂😂😂

  • Kata ZR
    Kata ZR Year ago

    The only part I enjoyed was the kid raging

  • Jayden Artwell
    Jayden Artwell Year ago +1

    Kaylen: best hairline in the world
    The world: omg man that is worse than Jupiter’s ring

  • Emmanuel Segovia Salazar

    “This kid is a try hard”😂

  • Mugesan Anandarajah

    is Javis still technically playing fortnite when he toutches the keybored

  • Jr Ismaelツ
    Jr Ismaelツ 2 years ago +36

    Jarvis now looks like a retired veteran😂

    • Jr Ismaelツ
      Jr Ismaelツ 2 years ago

      Ok everyone how is this fake tf

    • cixx
      cixx 2 years ago

      Osvin Chicker violets*

    • Evk Vortex
      Evk Vortex 2 years ago

      @Sway how can a comment be fake

    • MopishManatee89
      MopishManatee89 2 years ago

      @Sway I know right, this is so fake

  • pLaStIc ArSeNaL fAn
    pLaStIc ArSeNaL fAn Year ago +1

    1:02 i like how he says kid, but he looks like he's about 8

  • Jaemin and Jaelord
    Jaemin and Jaelord Year ago +58

    4:50 i thought he was a controller player...

    • tikothebestfortnitewinneryoutuber
      tikothebestfortnitewinneryoutuber Year ago


    • Cyan
      Cyan Year ago

      @wishie ya he doodoo 💩

    • slakqs
      slakqs Year ago

      @AndroEditz either he meant that or he meant kaylin says shut up good

  • Springfield
    Springfield 2 years ago

    This kid is gonna grow up to be one sweaty player man...

  • Tremaine McGowens
    Tremaine McGowens 2 months ago

    5:08 look at his health

  • Shane Kozak
    Shane Kozak 2 years ago +7

    no one :
    literally no one at all :
    kay : shoves face into keyboard

  • jvg 45
    jvg 45 11 months ago

    5:08 how did that guy had 23k hp?

  • caca
    caca Year ago

    It’s called drifting 😂😂😂

  • TreyTreytofresh
    TreyTreytofresh Year ago

    Imagine only gettin one kill

  • Ramenoodles
    Ramenoodles Year ago

    He always flexes his editing thing and he ran out of mats
    Also, he was like bruh stop toasting me
    Me: You called the eight year old and Kay trash in fortnite when they are pretty good

  • Andy Snow
    Andy Snow 2 years ago +405

    This kid is so toxic and he even thinks he’s the best.

  • Cursed Vxbes
    Cursed Vxbes Year ago

    Bet kaylen made the whole world heard his screen

  • Michelle Waller
    Michelle Waller Year ago

    The reason that kaelyn was going against had a lot of help more than healthineers supposed to have

  • Chillax :/
    Chillax :/ Year ago

    the timing of im not gonna get sniped was insane!

  • Isra Haque
    Isra Haque Year ago +1

    2:38 LOL😂

  • ilyzxn
    ilyzxn 2 years ago +13

    9:00 onwards is the funniest part I couldn’t stop watching it or laughing

  • Family plushies
    Family plushies Year ago

    His health is so big look at the man health he’s liking

  • Isabella Rojas
    Isabella Rojas Year ago

    someone should make a compilation on how much Kaylen rages.

  • Bolivar Baltazar Jr

    Jarvis wish you all the best in your life.

  • RougeFn
    RougeFn Year ago

    kaylen is actually pretty good

  • Tessa Binding
    Tessa Binding 2 years ago +66

    Me: Found the keyboard plugins on building
    Jarvis Brain: I'm gonna end this man's whole career

  • FuZiOn Clan
    FuZiOn Clan Year ago

    5:08 all I'm gonna say is look at the health???

  • ÆLD Omar _
    ÆLD Omar _ Year ago

    No one: Jarvis wireless keyboard prank
    Me: aren’t you banned

  • Skyler thwaites
    Skyler thwaites Year ago

    He’s like my young brother screaming cuz I closed his water bottle

  • Marko Petrovic
    Marko Petrovic Year ago

    5:09 that kid was hacker look at sih health

  • Sean Hepner
    Sean Hepner 2 years ago +44

    4:40 when kaylen try’s to roast an insane player

  • /IDK
    /IDK Year ago

    6:20 kaylen I am not going to get snipe Jarvis yea you didn’t got sniped 💀💀💀

  • ItsYehBoiJohnBobson

    Why am I not surprised that Kaylen kept the Kylo Ren saber over the others?

  • Mikaeel_ M
    Mikaeel_ M Year ago

    He would probably be more mad if you had a Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

  • Showerade
    Showerade Year ago +1

    imagine if he pressed w when kaylen was infront of the trap

  • Killerskull
    Killerskull 2 years ago +3

    I like how kaylen Calls Jarvis trash even though kaylen didn’t qualify for any of the tournament

  • bluetoocool
    bluetoocool Year ago

    How did he not realize there’s keyboard keybinds

  • Theme Park Recreation

    does kaylen not see the notification that you get when a usb is plugged in

  • Malachi’s animals!

    Why does kaylen do that thing with his eyes 😂

    ZONERR_ Year ago

    5:07 did you see his health

  • TFP Saint
    TFP Saint 2 years ago +3

    My question is is that this kid is literally the same skill or allmost the same skill as a lot of ppl but still gets his own room in faze house