Trump & Macron Clash At NATO Meeting In London | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • At the 2019 NATO summit, President Trump spars with French President Emmanuel Macron over trade policies and ISIS fighters in an increasingly uncomfortable press conference.
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Comments • 523

  • Comedy Central UK
    Comedy Central UK  Month ago +123

    On a scale of 1 - 10, how uncomfortable was that Trump/Macron meeting? 😬

    • Lee Wright
      Lee Wright Month ago +1

      @trinispeed01 onya mate for having morals courage and facts!!!

    • Lee Wright
      Lee Wright Month ago

      Just noticed there's NO TRUE AMERICANS WATCHING Twevor Noah. Ahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • John Freedman
      John Freedman Month ago +2

      0, I think it was pretty funny. Trump rolled all over him, and Macron took it. Why don't the french take care of Syria then? They also complain about different parts of NATO. Trump wants to downsize Team America world police, and Macron wants to keep disrupting the M.E.

    • Michiel Van Kets
      Michiel Van Kets Month ago +1

      bad for macron, but trump was having a blast

    • This isn’t the wholesome future for Canadians-
      This isn’t the wholesome future for Canadians- Month ago

      Comedy Central UK Macron is goof..

  • Rebecca Ekwuruke
    Rebecca Ekwuruke Month ago

    These two presidents are comedians 😂

  • thegreatmountain
    thegreatmountain Month ago

    Mon président est courageux. Pourquoi se foutre de lui ??

  • KY
    KY Month ago

    Ha ha ha

  • Margarita M.
    Margarita M. Month ago

    Psst guys does anyone want some n i c e i s i s f i g h t e r s

  • Kartoshkafool Boi
    Kartoshkafool Boi Month ago +3

    Trump is the goat, dissing presidents to their face

  • Tristen Rempel
    Tristen Rempel Month ago

    #trump2020 impeachment is a pile of bs

  • The Law
    The Law Month ago +1

    Globalist Macron BTFO.

  • lovelymawithbrains05

    Steven Crowder has something to say to you. Have fun!


    1 - Trump disapproves NATO, wants to leave it
    2 - Macron says since America is not supporting NATO, it has become brain dead
    3- Trump says that Macron is wrong and comes back to NATO and will be financing it.
    Reverse psychology works on this American president 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lil Stack'n
    Lil Stack'n Month ago

    This comment section is amazing. The most self righteous, rude, filled with hate and anger, comment section I have seen.
    The irony is amazing.
    You people would all morally justify killing someone you disagree with in the name of equality and freedom.
    You bunch of clowns

  • Steve Emmanuel
    Steve Emmanuel Month ago +1

    If only Trevor were Nigerian and Trump was Buhari, by now he'd be in DSS detention incommunicado

  • Janghir khan
    Janghir khan Month ago

    NATO finished USA nearly dead china next super power

  • *TrySeven* 7
    *TrySeven* 7 Month ago +1

    So this wannabe edgy midget thinks he's funny or something i guess

  • Phantom Lancers
    Phantom Lancers Month ago

    these ppl mocking trevor noah

  • james marshall
    james marshall Month ago

    This is so not funny

  • Bob Channel
    Bob Channel Month ago

    Most the world thinks Trump is awesome. I wish Australia had a Trump. Hes doing so well for your country.

  • Lee Wright
    Lee Wright Month ago

    Trevor has the same depth of character Emmanuel has, not to mention scrotal displacement

  • Sigma Geranimo
    Sigma Geranimo Month ago +1

    I learn from history, dont make french hungry.

  • Privatise TheNHS
    Privatise TheNHS Month ago

    Trump telling it how it is, love the man.

  • Cris Corcoran
    Cris Corcoran Month ago

    Is this funny?

  • Kenny Dave
    Kenny Dave Month ago +6

    This is why we need for Trump for 2020!!!!

  • Ezekiel Carvalho
    Ezekiel Carvalho Month ago

    During the heated remarks from Trump and Macron, you can easily see the anger in their eyes towards each other.

  • Ezekiel Carvalho
    Ezekiel Carvalho Month ago

    Certainly Trump would hate NATO. He hates the EU, and NATO, except his own union of the USA.

  • Madridista74
    Madridista74 Month ago

    It’s hilarious😂😂😂
    Vive la France 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

  • Ant B
    Ant B Month ago

    Trump performed just like your average US tourist to the UK... He was loud, obnoxious and argumentative and, when he left, he was convinced that all the misunderstandings were the fault of the hosts...

  • Liam
    Liam Month ago

    Not funny bring back John Stewart

  • Black Gold
    Black Gold Month ago

    Trump is such a child 🤣😂

  • swagunique
    swagunique Month ago +1

    Trevor Noah has lost his funny

  • B33 San
    B33 San Month ago

    Is Trevor Noah considered funny?

  • richard ramfire
    richard ramfire Month ago +6

    I love how trumptards think he’s alpha when he goes home crying

  • rachid chaker
    rachid chaker Month ago

    That is normal because the fall in of USA is close .

  • debbie541
    debbie541 Month ago +1

    not uncomfortable about it at all, totally oblivious to what was even said, no clue even as to what is going on, excepted that he is not talking. probably did not understand anything macron said basically way out of his league - looked like he tuned out the conversation as soon as a macron started talking,

  • 66vapor66
    66vapor66 Month ago +10

    Trump is an absolute boss. Leftist mouth-pieces like Trevor Noah will only facilitate his re-election!

  • Ezekiel Carvalho
    Ezekiel Carvalho Month ago

    I guess that bromance has officially come to an end right? That 2nd tree that Macron gave must be dead and long gone (signifying the Trump-Macron friendship).

  • Badara Sow
    Badara Sow Month ago

    In world 🗺 where comedian's make more sense than normal journalists 🤷🏿‍♂️...

  • Richard Lee
    Richard Lee Month ago

    This guy, Baldwin, and the Demon Rats, in fact, are obsessed with Trump. The amount of impressions I've seen by deranged Lefties is crazy. They literally talk about him all the time 🤣 they're unhinged and demented.

  • Pannkakaize
    Pannkakaize Month ago

    You People dont know you are getting played by People who only want power, blame Trump all you want.

  • Paul Hancock
    Paul Hancock Month ago

    Take a look what's happening in france today. Macron is hated in france and elsewhere. The cou try has ground to a halt with a national strike.
    I wish DT was our leader in the UK.

    • stephen10
      stephen10 Month ago

      for you , a youtube vlog with an american fantasy writer living in paris since 3 years you 'll can discover the daily /weekly real life in france

    • Paul Hancock
      Paul Hancock Month ago

      I'm sure you know. Not.
      You're ignorant. Go and live in France if it's that wonderful.

    • stephen10
      stephen10 Month ago

      @Paul Hancock the yellow vest are some thousand on saturday , a band of extrem right /left antifa , black bloc , poeple hating macron since the beginning . Nothing serious

    • Paul Hancock
      Paul Hancock Month ago +1

      For one year now the yellow vests have been protesting. Let that sink in. It doesn't mean the EU poodle us right. He's made his money as a Goldman Sachs banker. He's an establishment yes man, and laughing at the likes of you.

    • stephen10
      stephen10 Month ago

      Macron wants to reform retirement law and france , he is courageous and doesn't need to be loved. Only french presidents lazy are loved . They reform nothing

  • Em-Jay Taylor
    Em-Jay Taylor Month ago

    We know Trump cannot see past his own reflection, but he really doesn’t seem to have given thought about the motivations of Macrons “NATO is brain dead” comments or where Macron is trying to push European political conversation.
    Over the last three years, Trump has undermined US’ commitment to Article 5 of the agreement (attack on one is an attack on all NATO members). Political traction for a United European Defence Force has been growing within the 27 nation states. Macron is building momentum by pointing out that America’s word can no longer be trusted. The view is that the US is an unreliable ally in war too after Trumps Syrian surprise withdrawal which trapped their French allies in Syria. Thus Europe should turn from US to get on with the Defence Force.
    Previous US presidents understood Europe would be pushed together to build a force capable of defending (challenging?) the US. Past presidents felt it unwise for the US security if such a force was formed. This is why they let the 2% GDP contribution slide for so long, they knew that the 27 nations had no cause to build such a force if NATO thrived. But Trump won’t listen to the US National Security community when warned about something that is over his horizon of the next news cycle so..this is where we are at now

  • dpj1
    dpj1 Month ago

    “Makrone” 1:03 😰

  • anna v7
    anna v7 Month ago


  • Koime One
    Koime One Month ago

    You do realize that "French Fries" were invented in Belgium, right?

    • Jan Bily
      Jan Bily Month ago

      Fries were invented by native Indians than white people came.

    • stephen10
      stephen10 Month ago

      May be in the extrem north of france

  • Mehreen Gul
    Mehreen Gul Month ago +1

    Well he definitely lost his female demographic. If we have to choose between him and hand bags. HAND BAGS will always win.

  • Falko Geubels
    Falko Geubels Month ago

    Im from europe and trump is right!! U left wing idiots are always wrong!!! Grtz from belgium..

  • KY
    KY Month ago

    Trump crazy boy

  • atinis
    atinis Month ago +1

    *If I just look at his face I laugh non stop Gosh he's the only comedian President I ever saw!* 😂😂😂

  • Alex Jordon
    Alex Jordon Month ago +1

    America was the brain of NATO and since trump- Yes is it becoming brain dead

  • Rambo John
    Rambo John Month ago +1

    trump more reliable then macron..he do what he does

  • shafiqa shafiqa
    shafiqa shafiqa Month ago

    Trump's face makes me laugh 🤣😂😆

  • Amy Amanawit
    Amy Amanawit Month ago +1

    Would you like some ISIS fighters? I died 😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

  • Stop D. Insanity
    Stop D. Insanity Month ago

    I have an enormous amount of sympathy for anyone who has to be in the same room as Trump.

  • JHeartU
    JHeartU Month ago +2

    Trump is really rude and arrogant grandfather, whom no one likes.

    • Jk channel
      Jk channel Month ago

      ya, enjoy your daily Koolaid. It will keep the socialist world sane

  • trinispeed01
    trinispeed01 Month ago

    NATO members agreed to spend 2 percent of their GDPs on the defense. US pays 3.2 % ,Canada 1.27 %. The US pays much more than any other country. Trump is right on calling those elitist out. Its American taxpayers dollars being spent and he answers to the American people. It is unfair for Americans to continously foot the bill and pay above the minimum requirements. These are FACTS.

    • jo
      jo Month ago

      It is America who has enemies all around the globe and the rest gets dragged in to it.
      Technically America should pay 20 %.

    • stephen10
      stephen10 Month ago

      Another thing ,even under 2 % you can have an efficient army better than others with 2 % . For example france has 1,81 % but has the nukes , nuclear carrier , modern aircraft , tank and subs . No others have such weapons even with 2 %

    • stephen10
      stephen10 Month ago

      The 2 % doesn't pay nato's budget , it's for the national military budget of each members of nato .
      The nato ´s civil budget is only 2 billions dollars'per years and for'example,france pays 10,64 % of it . Germany pays 14 % etc ...

  • Joey Caruso
    Joey Caruso Month ago

    Gotta love you sheep who believe this small clips as the whole story hahaha. Your dems are a total joke. He meant America will be the only ones with the advantage of having these American companies. Can you please listen to some actual facts

  • tan00002
    tan00002 Month ago

    The leaders of the world were corrupts, so he insult them

  • Philip McCaffery
    Philip McCaffery Month ago +1

    How many times have the media and people gone after Trump and failed... can see it a mile off... just don't be disappointed when it turns out to be another embarrassing and failed attempt. (P.S. not a fan of Trump but at the end of the day he was elected in a democratic election of possibly the worlds most powerful country and the international community need to at least respect that)

    • Maximilian van Vliet
      Maximilian van Vliet Month ago +2

      Pfft. We don't need to respect anything Trump or the United States does. Respect is earned through respectable deeds and actions, and with Trump in charge, the International Respect Account of the United States is in the red. Even if they elected the greatest president in history next, the damage is done and it will take generations before the international community respects and trusts the United States again. Do something respectable, and we will respect that, but don't for one second think that we owe you any respect by virtue of you being the United States.

  • fabi_87
    fabi_87 Month ago +2

    lets be serious! Of course nothing about Trump is serious.

  • Sébastien Fraggl
    Sébastien Fraggl Month ago +1

    I'm french and you made cry out of laughter !

  • Luqe Prisecaru
    Luqe Prisecaru Month ago +1

    get him in prison already.