REVIEW: Majority HiFi Tuner (FM/DAB/Internet Radio) & Network Music Streamer. Cheap at 1/2 the price

  • A DAB radio, FM Radio, Internet Radio, Network Music Streamer, Music File Player, Spotify Connect Receiver and Bluetooth Receiver - a bit of a ‘jack of all trades...master of none’ but if you buy one on the right day (which might now only exist in the past) you can/could get a good deal.
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    While the only finish currently available in the UK is Black - you can get both Black and Silver in some other countries.
    As it's a DAB Radio Receiver - it's only sold in countries with DAB Radio Broadcasts
    (So not USA, or CANADA etc - they have HD Radio and Sirius instead)
    Extra info - a few patrons have mentioned the similarity of the menus to various other radios from companies including Roberts - it appears that they must share a common chipset or a slight variation of it. This is no surprise really - as we’ve seen with the modern cassette decks - they’re just assembled from a few ready made components sourced from various suppliers. Amp from here, power supply from there, chipset from somewhere else... etc. Stick a badge on it and Bob’s your uncle.
    The important things to take from this though are not to overpay for the same internals just to get a familiar logo on the front..but also to be aware that this operating system appears to be quite common - and it’s lacking in some areas.
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  • Barry P
    Barry P 5 days ago

    Tthe display on your device is issued to other manufacturers I had a Roberts DAB radio with internet and the display is exactly the same

  • ghiagoo - War Robots

    Shout out for TWiT

  • Jay Dunstan
    Jay Dunstan 9 days ago

    Hi Res Moan

  • lacase111
    lacase111 11 days ago

    Excellent Review and very good that you pointed out it has doubled in price

  • RoseOfHizaki
    RoseOfHizaki 22 days ago

    This product really appealed to me as i have an old Yamaha AVR which has had its net functionality removed. This is product is definitely something i would of been interested in till i heard that the price had almost doubled. I cant justify spending that kind of money when i could now just replace my current AVR for a more modern one for the same money albeit a pre-owned one.

  • Daniel Cordell
    Daniel Cordell 23 days ago

    Looks good for a digital radio but what about AM radio you an stil get that on a few radio apps and in the car and a lot of more local radio channels in the middlesex area still use it. Not that stuff like Punjab Radio, Polish Radio and Sunrise Radio as well as a few others that have radio buildings all saying AM around my area are the best stations for listening to anyways but want to listen to local out of sheer interest its mostly AM.

  • Patrica omas
    Patrica omas 26 days ago

    You don't moan that much!

  • Savneet Singh rai rai

    Well u got a bargain...n favourite brushed aluminum finish ...the new one is 2x priced looks dull in graphite 50£ its best with aluminum I need a time go back n buy🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Neil Cook
    Neil Cook Month ago

    The silver is back on sale and version 2 too

  • Marcus Nolte
    Marcus Nolte Month ago

    Well, what did it sound like ?

  • Casoncasoncasoncason

    I would like one of these for the internet radio & the convenient socket on the front panel for playing music files from usb stick, to replace the tuner in my hifi system, but I am waiting for another company to produce a similar unit with better build quality. There appears to be no other similar product on the market - all other internet radios seem to be designed as stand-alone units with built-in amp & speakers, not suitable to add to a hifi system.

  • rudolfst
    rudolfst Month ago

    I have a Hama type "DIT2000 / 00054821" which is virtually the same machine. De buttons on the front are positioned a bit differently, but have the same functionality. The layout of the screen is exactly the same.

  • Scott Cocker
    Scott Cocker Month ago

    Another great review. I'm sure a lot of followers would like it if you listed your favorite old school hip hop from the 80s and early 90s.

  • RT Curtis
    RT Curtis Month ago

    What Internet Radio aggregator service does this unit enlist? TuneIn, Reciva, etc.?

  • MrAmberol
    MrAmberol Month ago

    I have a majority box, the remote is crap, the clock/display is crappier, so defo a compromise machine. There endeth the lesson. Sound is fine though, bluetooth is ok... so, not really much to rave about... not this model, the brown one... faux wood... rubbish

  • Yhygyhby Huhhgggf
    Yhygyhby Huhhgggf Month ago

    Techmoan rocking out to snoop dog is something my mind just can't compute....

  • Rossmeister General
    Rossmeister General Month ago +1

    I bought this exact same model for my Hi-Fi setup for nearly £80 a year ago. Going through the menus and stations on it's tiny screen takes as long as a 9 to 5 job and I can't find a way to type in letters whilst searching with the remote, but apart from that most of the features seem to work as they should and the bit rate of some internet radio stations even as far as Japan beats out DAB stations here in the UK!
    There are so many internet stations out there that I even managed to find radio stations that have most of my families names on them including mine! Most of those stations sound pretty good but some of my favourite stations include SomaFM, Café Del Mar, Absolute Radio 60s - 90s and Jazz FM.📻👍

  • Gabriel Vieira
    Gabriel Vieira Month ago

    What about AM and MW?

    • SevelRomanov
      SevelRomanov Month ago

      AM is pretty much dead. We can't even receive one darn station now where i live.
      20 years ago the image was completely different, there we could receive lots of them.

  • Space Otter
    Space Otter Month ago

    Internet radio killed pirate radio. :( I remember watching the movie 'Pump up the Volume' ... And then a few years later came the internet.

  • MyName Here
    MyName Here Month ago

    Junk radio form Aliexpress. What idiot will buy it for this price?

  • Nodak81
    Nodak81 Month ago

    I'd guess your unit was "bent" at the factory. Just poor fitting parts and/or poor assembly.

  • Lyndon b
    Lyndon b Month ago

    • Lyndon b
      Lyndon b Month ago

      seen this Cassette Deck !

  • shermanmacoy
    shermanmacoy Month ago

    Nice Stuff ...thank you techmoan you are the us this marvelus things..

  • Απόστολος Κ

    1000th comment

  • mike969696
    mike969696 Month ago

    I watched the video to find out, or at least get some assessment of how good the DAC was. I have finished it none the wiser.

  • Lawrence Maithya Mutie

    How do I contact you

  • duncan rmi
    duncan rmi Month ago

    take a gander at this- this is how I find new & interesting internet radio stations:

  • dahobbs9
    dahobbs9 Month ago

    In th US it's sold as the Ocean Digital WR10 Hi-Fi tuner, tho Internet Radio Tuner
    DAB/DAB+/FM(DAB/DAB+ is not available in USA/Canada) ($115 US as of January 2020)

  • Alan Leyland
    Alan Leyland Month ago

    Chubb Rock!!!!! Mr. Moan you are true hip-hop fan. Peace.

  • ashwin sujith
    ashwin sujith Month ago

    This model has a flaw in the bluetooth mode, where it cuts off and goes to standby mode automatically after 15min, inspite of being connected to a device. ( even if the unit is playing audio).

  • Mstry Chessboxn
    Mstry Chessboxn Month ago

    I bet you still listen to that Onyx techmoan

  • The0Meerkat
    The0Meerkat Month ago

    You only need one internet radio station. Cheesy FM.

  • pinkace
    pinkace Month ago

    Can you open it up & show what’s inside? I bet it’s a raspberry pi!

  • Sevca Czech
    Sevca Czech Month ago

    Techmoan: all the radios like Hama, SilverCrest (Lidl), TechniSat, Medion, Auna, Majority etc. are the same, because function are given and based on the same or similar chips by Frontier Silicon. So no matter what internet radio/DAB you review all have the same display, lines on it, will have at least Spotify Connect, can play flac up to 24/48k etc. They differ only in small functions (bluetooth etc). BTW, you can use an app called Undok to use all the functions instead of using your remote control. You then search your stations on mobile which is faster and more user-friendly. And because all the machines are same, you can download Medion, SilverCrest, TechniSat app etc. and it will always work with your Majority Frontier-Silicon radio. ;) I use Hama DIT 2000 for more than one year and I am very satisfied. My display is 3" and all the function you showed are 100% identical.

  • staticmunk7777
    staticmunk7777 2 months ago

    I do love variety and this tech marvel has a lot of it I hope to get a 2 or even 3 in the future I do like the black one much better too

  • Magna Ryuu
    Magna Ryuu 2 months ago

    Found this on the US amazon. It would seem to use the same screen as this product

  • Magna Ryuu
    Magna Ryuu 2 months ago

    I wonder if the new version addresses some of the issues you had

  • Reed Hedges
    Reed Hedges 2 months ago

    Anyone have a recommendation of something similar without the DAB receiver? Just FM and streaming? (Or just streams really? Most of the radio stations I listen to also have mp3 streams, though I fear those will start being discontinued as radio stations force you to download some crass and buggy app instead, ugh.)

  • The 4 horsemen 666
    The 4 horsemen 666 2 months ago

    I just spent 2 grand in a one box all-in-one DAC, network player and amplifier . Techmoan will think I’m mad .

  • Raphael Sainte-Claire
    Raphael Sainte-Claire 2 months ago

    the menu/OS and overall design of this device is almost identical to the JVC RA-D58B
    Does this mean that the software it uses is an industry standard application?

  • Mike Caldicott
    Mike Caldicott 2 months ago +1

    I've had one of these for a few months. Worth mentioning that the sound quality is really very good, particularily from Spotify.

    I wonder how long you tested the blutooth connetivity for? Mine will only work for about 15 minutes and then the unit powers itself down as if it thinks it's not in use.

    • ashwin sujith
      ashwin sujith Month ago

      I face the same issue, when i asked the Cust care they said that its not designed for long bluetooth usage. I personally think they did that wantedly because user would start using old much better amplifiers ( denon dra 365r in my case) and won't buy their other products.

  • Torbjörn Hagenstam
    Torbjörn Hagenstam 2 months ago

    I was actually quite interested but then I saw the price of the new version and any interest died quickly.
    But it at least opened my eyes to a digital music player with many different types of inputs, right now I have some speakers in the garage and connect my phone to that via wire, but something like this that could play Spotify, Bluetooth and internet radio-stations wirelessly would make for a much better solution.
    (Not for 115 euro though)

  • Adam Krawczyk
    Adam Krawczyk 2 months ago

    You're probably better off with a SANGEAN WFT3D

  • pinball30
    pinball30 2 months ago

    Looks a lot like a very updated netgear mp101

  • Psychesoap [aka Schizo Maddcap]

    First time watcher and subscriber...THIS IS THE BEST KEPT SECRET ON THIS PLATFORM. Retro or not...Techmoan is the TRUTH!!!

  • JawzXlives
    JawzXlives 2 months ago

    Don't know if you'll see this, but when I saw it you immediately came to mind...

  • Davaro Smith
    Davaro Smith 2 months ago

    I bought a record player made by Auna that looks like a music centre of the seventies. It's called the Auna Birmingham , nothing to do with BSR!. Anyway I was wondering if you would like to try it out?. £229 is the price on ebay , it has a magnetic pick up stylus with counter weight. It has a cd player and separate speakers. USB record feature as well as DAB , spotifi , internet radio. I think you may want to do a review on it. You would not be disappointed!

  • Chris Watson
    Chris Watson 2 months ago

    This guy must be raking in the $$. He has almost 3000 patreon supporters which is insane!!

  • Paul Mansfield
    Paul Mansfield 2 months ago

    Can you plug in a USB keyboard to make it easier to use?

  • DubsBrown
    DubsBrown 2 months ago

    Even if you discontinue the product Techmoan will find you!

  • Mac Patten
    Mac Patten 2 months ago

    Amazon is sponsoring and promoting what looks to be the second generation, just rebadged and without DAB, for the US Market

  • Me My Self and I
    Me My Self and I 2 months ago

    I bought one mainly to use as a music streamer, pulling and playing music from my NAS. I use the output of this to feed a small Medium Wave transmitter, to provide a signal for my valve (tube) radios, one of which acts as an alarm clock waking me up every day. At this job, the Majority fails. It can't play all tracks from all folders containing all albums in a random sequence. If you have the patience to create a playlist which has all tracks in it, arranged in a random sequence, with the file/folder locations pointing to them on the NAS, it will play them. Of course as soon as you add more tracks to your NAS, you have to generate another playlist. I gave up. Bought a cheap as chips Android TV box from China, loaded VLC on it, shoved in a pair of 128Gb USB sticks with all my music tracks on and it has been ultra reliable. At a lower price than the Majority by some significant margin, and with the big advantage that the display isn't four inches, but forty inches so no ridiculous scrolling issues.

  • Lance Thacker
    Lance Thacker 2 months ago

    Are you aware of the HIFIBERRY

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 2 months ago

    internet radio? is that like back when you could listen to music from windows media player?

  • Lambchop 71 mint sauce
    Lambchop 71 mint sauce 2 months ago

    Sonically DAB is so disappointing I seriously wonder why on earth did I bother investing so much in it years ago when all you get is mono crap, and even stereo is only 128 kbps as for DAB+ that sounds dreadful as well looks like we've regressed to a format Mp2 that is only slightly better than AM, of course that's probably an exaggeration but I was expecting a lot better than what we ended up with, they take us for mugs ☹

  • Steve Pomfret
    Steve Pomfret 2 months ago

    This interface on this machine looks an awful lot like the Roberts 93i - same icons and tuning - same modes - is there some link between Majority and Roberts? Be interesting to know if there is a link.

  • Luke Lesoil
    Luke Lesoil 2 months ago

    It's all generic components... Here are the same specs in another shell:

  • Akirasan Akirasan
    Akirasan Akirasan 2 months ago

    The screen is exactly the same as the Roberts internet radio which is a bit of a pain to look at stations.

  • Alexandre Melo
    Alexandre Melo 2 months ago

    The prices of everything you review are skyrocketing. Such credibility comes with a price.

  • Scott DiMora
    Scott DiMora 2 months ago

    Yo, techmoan guy, I have a working solution for suction cups falling off the windsceen.

  • Anthony Hegedus
    Anthony Hegedus 2 months ago

    Is it my imagination or do you speak faster in this review than normal?

  • Subby Tights
    Subby Tights 2 months ago +1

    Not an unreasonable review, but totally failed to mention the very useful application available which basically renders the remote and fascia display redundant. I arent sure why this unit failed to play Flac files, I only use flac , and they worked fine on a usb stick, perhaps bitrate ?.
    A few points though. I paid £65.00 for mine, the MK1 version in sliver. I found most things about the unit acceptable for the price, a couple of things not so acceptable, namely the remote and the two large dials at the extreme of the unit. High quality build is immediately obvious when one turns a control or presses a button on any audio component and compared to equipment I have used previously I found the Majority internet tuner lacking in build quality, however, not a problem, I got this unit to use completely for internet radio, FM for me is as dated as vinyl and compact cassette, DAB is haphazard at the best of times, so as said, I only needed it for internet station access and it performed very impressively. I found the coaxial output the best option for getting the best sound from the unit, the rca phonos were okay, and the toslink the worst, on my system. What I really liked about this unit was that it provided me with a great introduction to internet radio, I listen to a lot of radio and the easiest way to find what you enjoy listening isn't to play around with the majority tuner and its small screen and fiddly controls, the easiest way is to plonk oneself down on ones pc and do some homework, find the genres you prefer, the stations that appeal and then simply access them on the Majority and store them, easy.
    The major downside on this unit for me was the reason I replaced it, the sound quality, it isn't bad, don't get me wrong, for the casual listener its perfectly acceptable but compare it to a budget avr reciever and the difference is oceans apart, compare it to your pc with a decent sound card and the gap widens more, compare it to a good avr receiver and its a no comparison scenario. Now, dont get me wrong here, I enjoyed using this tuner, it cost 65 quid, and it would have been delusional and unfair of me to expect to compete on a sound quality level with a pc armed with xonar essence stx2 audiophile sound card installed, or my denon avr 3600h. To conclude, if you want a cheap way of discovering and exploring the thousands of internet radio stations available at a fair price then assuming you can get one of these for what I paid and others have paid, then go for it, you won't regret it. On the other hand at 125 quid, it is entering dangerous territory and there are better options available. Keep your eye on the prices of all electronics, from a to z , the prices fluctuate massively. Happy listening.

    I forgot to mention. The display on this unit isn't that bad, its perfectly acceptable. Once you have tuned your stations in you will find you never use the display on the fascia. I don't know if its mentioned in the video here, but once you have the unit installed you download a application, which is free and controls the tuner in its entirety, far more flexible and user friendly than the provided remote and fascia display.

    • Sevca Czech
      Sevca Czech Month ago

      all the machines like Hama, SilverCrest, Majority are based on the same Frontier Silicon chip that gives them all the functionality. So these machines can play flac up to 24/48k. Anyway try Undok app on your mobile (or other apps for Medion, SilverCrest, TechniSat etc., they are all the same) and you can use it instead of remote ctrl. It's faster and more user-friendly. I even found a solution to play Tidal at 16bit/44100 on my Hama DIT machine which is not directly supported on Hama/Majority machines.

  • Liam Premak
    Liam Premak 2 months ago

    Just wondering you or anyone else have ever done work on a toshiba Kt-4538 cassette player. If so I would like to know maybe how to fix the cassette part. Thanks

  • John Gramaglia
    John Gramaglia 2 months ago

    Love your videos. Can you do one on quadrophonic stereos from the 70's? A great forgotten tech.

  • Cezary Siwek
    Cezary Siwek 2 months ago

    One of shops on ebay sells Manufacturer refurbished stock of Majority. I've bough my radio for £23 - it looked like a brand new . It has almost identical GUI (and speed). Yes - the GUI is pretty ugly but you usually add few stations to your favourites and that's it. We use it as day to day kitchen radio. Our version also displays weather when it's on standby which is pretty handy, Mine does not have Spotify but we don't use it anyway

  • print master
    print master 2 months ago

    and a monitor out port could help. What is the all important sound quality like?

  • Collin Baillie
    Collin Baillie 2 months ago

    I wonder who makes these? The Hama DIT2000 seems to be variant of the same thing.

    • Sevca Czech
      Sevca Czech Month ago

      functionalities of all those Hama, SilverCrest, TechniSat, Auna etc. machines are given by Frontier Silicon chip. These machines have the same or very similar chip. So it does not matter what you buy, the basic functions will be always the same.. Ocean Digital radios use other chipset. There are actually only 2-3 chipsets for these cheap devices but the Frontier is the most used one. More expansive devices like Onkyo, Yamaha, Cambridge use their own parts.

  • Attila Kocziszky
    Attila Kocziszky 2 months ago

    Damn! I'm 100% sure Techmoan plays a role in the new Pet Shop Boys video. :O Don't deny it!

  • Jay
    Jay 2 months ago

    No AM? No sale for me.

  • xnonsuchx
    xnonsuchx 2 months ago

    The display on that looks so 10-15 years ago.

  • Christopher Noel
    Christopher Noel 2 months ago

    (5:12) That is a _very painfully slow_ scroll speed. I bought a Sony Walkman MP3 player approximately in 2010 (or about then), and its scroll speed is much faster than that version 1 model Majority receiver.
    I'm assuming it's equally compatible with .wma files as it is with .mp3. I couldn't imagine it would be incompatible with Microsoft's Windows Media Player format.

  • onens oneens
    onens oneens 2 months ago

    I sell the brand ''Tiny'' in the Netherlands in a store. This menu is the same as this radio. It looks like a cheap chinese device what rebranded is multiple times. I tell people to use an app to use the radio because the screen is very slow. For the price the quality is pretty good, but if you want quality, buy another brand

    • Sevca Czech
      Sevca Czech Month ago

      based on Frontier Silicon chipset, all such devices must be the same (Hama, SilverCrest, Auna, Tiny etc.). If you want better quality you have to buy Yamaha, Onkyo etc. But prices are 2-3x higher ..

  • Mark The Metal Detective

    I have a very similar model to this, mine is a Hama DIT2000 it is nearly the same as this, minus the bluetooth mode. The remote control is the same. I think I paid about £180 for it. Nice bit of kit though, had it around 3 years.

    • Sevca Czech
      Sevca Czech Month ago

      yup, I have Hama DIT 2000. All the machines based with Frontier chipset are the same. Must be the same if they have the same chip ;)

  • gudenau
    gudenau 2 months ago

    I feel like this could be done for this price much better with a raspberry pi sort of system. Sure you have software development costs, but it shouldn't be too bad.

  • Robbie Steel
    Robbie Steel 2 months ago

    I guess the "Best Of The 60's" Radio station was using internet from the 60's? jk

  • clever musicbox
    clever musicbox 2 months ago

    New one: flopped sales, upped prices, sales utterly tank after this review. Second look? Maybe, but the damage is done, tey released a shit product with a half-baked UI designed by idiots and accountants.
    Floppity flop flop.

  • Watcher680116
    Watcher680116 2 months ago

    Try an app to control it, in my aldi terris device's manual they link to "undok" . Same menus on my device and crappy bt implementation. Switches off amplification at any pause and looses a second on cannot be used for audiobooks.

    • Sevca Czech
      Sevca Czech Month ago

      he can use apps for all the Frontier devices (Undok, Medion, SilverCrest, Auna). No matter what he chose it works. All the Frontier machines are the same :)

  • DriveInFreak
    DriveInFreak 2 months ago +1

    As an AM broadcaster I just have to :AAAAAAAAARG! I really dislike it when they don't include AM/MW as it just makes no sence to me. Not only are you missing out on an enire band, but it's the band that I make my living broadcasting content on.
    Not to be a stick in the mud, nor to rain on anyone's parade, but I just had to say something as I am literally sitting in the booth of an AM radio station (and about 10 feet away from a transmitter) taking a break from production work as I write this. I put so much time, money , and effort into it not to be heard at all become someone couldn't be bothered to include the $1 it would take to include AM on their tuner design.
    Sorry for the rant, but...oy vey iz mir. I love what I do here, thus can't help but become frustrated at such things.
    Keep up the good work. Love your videos.

  • BiddieTube
    BiddieTube 2 months ago

    at 1:30 Specifications MODE USB: MMP3,.. !! What is that? I websearched it, can only come up with a Human Gene!

  • Michael Lambert
    Michael Lambert 2 months ago

    I’ve got a Roberts radio with pretty much all the same features, and the software it uses looks exactly like this one on the screen

    • Sevca Czech
      Sevca Czech Month ago

      now you found out you have a device based on Frontier Silicon chipset, so no matter what you buy (Hama, SilverCrest, Auna, Majority), all the will be nearly the same and you can use Undok app with them.