Honest Trailers - Tomb Raider / Pacific Rim: Uprising


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  • Screen Junkies
    Screen Junkies  7 months ago +723

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  • flameroad123
    flameroad123 3 days ago

    You should have just called this video rim raider or Pacific tomb.

  • Khaja Azharuddin Siddiqui

    That "Alan" in the end got me. Hahaha.

  • Jose Madrigal
    Jose Madrigal 14 days ago


  • aayush paliwal
    aayush paliwal 16 days ago


  • 北岡霊人
    北岡霊人 17 days ago +1

    Pacific Rim Uprising looks good but not bad.

  • N-Rage
    N-Rage 23 days ago

    Pacific Rim Uprising should be erased from existence.

  • Juan David Cárdenas Leal

    That Alan at the end killed me!

  • Ethan Eggeman
    Ethan Eggeman 25 days ago


  • Alexander Schulz
    Alexander Schulz 26 days ago

    please do WESTWORLD!

  • ArtReacts
    ArtReacts 27 days ago

    I still enjoyed Pacific Rim 2 but there were many things that could've made it better, but now that Del Toro is done chasing his Oscar he can come back for the sequel and drip it in his usual gritty style! :D

  • Tom Beattie
    Tom Beattie Month ago

    Master Chieflets 😂

  • Christina Hansen
    Christina Hansen Month ago

    The fact that they made a Tomb Raider movie where the twist was it WASN'T magic is killing me.

  • Brains before BS
    Brains before BS Month ago

    Can’t blame Finn, pretty sure after Star Wars he better take any job he can get

  • Costa Makz
    Costa Makz Month ago

    Wuuuuu! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sandeep Dutta
    Sandeep Dutta Month ago

    Tiny Stark

  • Mr. Orange
    Mr. Orange Month ago

    I liked none of Tomb Raider

  • Mr. Orange
    Mr. Orange Month ago

    I liked none of Tomb Raider

  • Tashiko Weinstein
    Tashiko Weinstein Month ago

    Please do galaxy quest and the dark crystal

  • Tamahome OneofSakurasSuzaku7

    They should have given Ghost in the Shell to Ms. Rinko Kikuchi rather than Scarlett Johansson!

  • Jacob Lowe
    Jacob Lowe Month ago

    Are you doing the cricket commercials?

  • tubbyteo
    tubbyteo Month ago

    laura croft fit (nod to cross fit anyone)

  • William Nichols
    William Nichols Month ago

    Are you ready to do Free Willy yet?

  • Banana Narwhals
    Banana Narwhals Month ago

    I really didn't like Pacific Rim uprising. If you think there is anything from the second movie, the first one did it better. There is no reason to watch the second, and it's sad.

  • InfinityGold
    InfinityGold Month ago

    Is anyone going to talk about how none of the KIDS died in Pacific Rim 2? Like not a single one died in the ending fight. They haven't even been remotely properly trained for that! Not like the actual adult pilots.

  • Klojoost
    Klojoost Month ago

    uprising wasn't okay. it was bad

  • Anzil Moideen
    Anzil Moideen Month ago

    Tiny stark😂😂

  • Geoffrey Morris
    Geoffrey Morris Month ago

    or the next time you leave FX on on a Sunday afternoon lmaoooo

  • Maddie L
    Maddie L Month ago

    I liked tomb raider for some reason

  • German Matos
    German Matos Month ago

    Do Aquaman the 2018' movie

  • Dan the Dangerous
    Dan the Dangerous 2 months ago


  • Danny Gush
    Danny Gush 2 months ago

    I watched tomb raider last night and I loved it

  • Marcel Gardner
    Marcel Gardner 2 months ago

    The first Pacific Rim sucked. Yeah I said it.
    And I enjoyed tomb raider. Yeah I said it.

  • Yoshi Dinono
    Yoshi Dinono 2 months ago

    They are lowing the bar

  • Nagasa Dragon
    Nagasa Dragon 2 months ago

    Please: Do an Honest Trailer for the new Bumblebee movie. Please

  • Lightning
    Lightning 2 months ago

    the Tomb Raider fans click here 👍

  • Lightning
    Lightning 2 months ago

    i don't know about the movie it's debatable but the video game franchise is AWESOME

  • Lars
    Lars 2 months ago

    The old Tomb Raider Movies were so much better! And I am not a particular fan of Angelina Jolie...

  • Kazi Nadbir Alam Adit
    Kazi Nadbir Alam Adit 2 months ago

    Pacific rim uprising had to have guiermo del toro in it then it would not have been bad though he did produced but in my opinion he should have been allowed to direct the movie.

  • Thewakanda NiGga6969696969 gay

    Why just why

  • Jason Brown
    Jason Brown 2 months ago

    Tomb Raider was boring. It was nothing like the Angelina Jolie ones.

  • Alan Williams
    Alan Williams 2 months ago


  • Chris Dunn
    Chris Dunn 2 months ago


  • Sweet Potato
    Sweet Potato 2 months ago

    I wish someone would do tomb raider justice. I grew up playing the 2006 reboot and obviously lara was sexualised but she was capable and intelligent and she actually kicked ass instead of the 2013 version where she's just annoying and p useless. She was like my idol when I was a kid man,,

  • 100% S
    100% S 2 months ago

    Okay did just fine!

  • Sergi Medina
    Sergi Medina 2 months ago

    _Tomb Raider_ was better than the Angelina Jolie's movies.
    But _Tomb Raider_ is _Tomb Raider IV_ (and 1, 2 and 3) for me... No other product after IV managed to create the same feelings.
    And _Pacific Rim: Uprising_ is just awful. Bad and boring.

  • Eli Myers
    Eli Myers 2 months ago

    2:06 to 2:18 geez, it's still no nut november.

  • robcastsflare
    robcastsflare 3 months ago

    Uprising sucked so hard

  • dan hemmerling
    dan hemmerling 3 months ago

    I am so over chinese people bad acting in movies in English.

  • susanne anique
    susanne anique 3 months ago

    could not finish Tomb raider 🙄

  • susanne anique
    susanne anique 3 months ago

    We totally went to see Black Panther instead 😂

  • Darahas BJ
    Darahas BJ 3 months ago

    Say: taking fire need assistance

  • KỳNam Văn
    KỳNam Văn 3 months ago

    It is a good idea to put these 2 movies together because they are both horrible

  • Evan James
    Evan James 3 months ago

    Pacific rim uprising is not OK its bad really bad

  • InsideOut Fan2001
    InsideOut Fan2001 3 months ago +4

    I actually love Tomb Raider. But yeah Pacific Rim Uprising was forgettable.

  • artemkras
    artemkras 3 months ago


  • vincent salt
    vincent salt 3 months ago


  • ramora339
    ramora339 3 months ago

    I love every single time you manage to mention "Alan" in a random trailer.

  • eLJaybud
    eLJaybud 3 months ago

    Uprimmer... Isn't that something she refuses to do in fifty shades of grey? 😂

  • Bastets Tomb
    Bastets Tomb 3 months ago

    just wait till they try their hands at rise of, and shadow of, the tomb raider. That'll be laughable.

  • Mason Wendland
    Mason Wendland 3 months ago

    I love that Badji and Sunny from into the Badlands are in tomb raider together

    ABHINOV TIWARI 3 months ago

    I liked this tomb raider

  • Celestine Lepcha
    Celestine Lepcha 3 months ago

    that wuuuuuu was so funny

  • Auron 888
    Auron 888 4 months ago

    actually ... Tomb Raider was far better than Urprising in my opinion :| i wouldn´t mix them up and put them together

  • Vincent Ernst
    Vincent Ernst 4 months ago

    Pacific Twomb


  • Sailesh Mishra
    Sailesh Mishra 4 months ago

    Do hereditary

  • waste of time
    waste of time 4 months ago

    Uprising is way less than okay.

  • apex2000
    apex2000 4 months ago

    Why can''t they build something good from Tomb Raider? Even the "realistic reboots" have magic in them. Lets get a dinosaur or a dragon out here!

  • RollandB
    RollandB 4 months ago

    Sexualisation is not objectification Screen Junkies.

  • Augustus Tranello
    Augustus Tranello 4 months ago


  • Adrián Rego
    Adrián Rego 4 months ago

    Do Venom next!!

  • Adrián Rego
    Adrián Rego 4 months ago

    Do Venom next!!

  • MintArcade
    MintArcade 4 months ago

    Yeah, one is enough!

  • L.T. Fanboy
    L.T. Fanboy 4 months ago

    Do lost in space next

  • L.T. Fanboy
    L.T. Fanboy 4 months ago

    say " an acorn a day keeps the squirrels away. "

  • Adam Williams
    Adam Williams 4 months ago

    Wait...Pacific Twomb?
    ...where does the 'W' come from..?

  • Beaudoin Motorsports
    Beaudoin Motorsports 4 months ago

    Pacific Tomb Uprising Raider.

  • Krosly
    Krosly 4 months ago

    How to watch Pacific Rim - skip to the last 50 minutes.

  • Matthiau Steelez
    Matthiau Steelez 4 months ago

    3:43 Click this for fun time

  • goonies gonzo
    goonies gonzo 4 months ago

    Goonies.......goonies.....goonies.....honestly don't know why I keep trying.................GOONIES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FrshJurassicPrnceYA
    FrshJurassicPrnceYA 4 months ago

    They did the unthinkable and made me want to watch these two now...

  • Nabeel Shahbaz
    Nabeel Shahbaz 5 months ago

    hahaha tiny stark

  • Dog Poo Fairy
    Dog Poo Fairy 5 months ago

    What's all this "Alan" business with Jurassic Park?

  • Dog Poo Fairy
    Dog Poo Fairy 5 months ago

    What's all this "Alan" business with Jurassic Park?

  • BrassBoy1120
    BrassBoy1120 5 months ago

    I don't know about you guys, but I really enjoyed the Tomb Raider movie!

  • Bradley Buyer
    Bradley Buyer 5 months ago

    Ain't no such thing as too much Rinko.

  • KianteWench
    KianteWench 5 months ago

    Perfect honest review. For real I felt exactly all this and the running gag "alan" is hilarious!

  • Dr Phot
    Dr Phot 5 months ago

    Where in the f is my Pacific Rim video game?

  • Milocinia
    Milocinia 5 months ago

    That ending. rofl

  • José Jeová Zé
    José Jeová Zé 5 months ago +2

    Alan! Always gets me.

  • Eddie Uribe
    Eddie Uribe 5 months ago

    Wasn't Tomb Raider supposed to be Rated R??

  • your comment might not work so please

    Hoonest or ooonest,booths goot 🐦 nest in it

  • Gaming on Wheelz
    Gaming on Wheelz 5 months ago

    Why is charlie day a villain?????

  • Justin Hughes
    Justin Hughes 5 months ago

    I liked Tomb Raider. Still havent seen Pacific Rim

  • Lee Saunders
    Lee Saunders 5 months ago

    Pacific Rim Raiding!...just an idea

  • Falah Khalid
    Falah Khalid 5 months ago

    Dis ting goes skripapapa.

  • Ian Johnson
    Ian Johnson 5 months ago

    I find John Boyega’s characters to just be annoying.

  • hellohihellohi11
    hellohihellohi11 5 months ago

    I watched them both back to back on plain

  • The Earth Is Bread
    The Earth Is Bread 5 months ago

    I’m glad i never went to one of these

  • J
    J 5 months ago

    You guys suck
    These movies are good
    Pacific Rim: Uprising isn’t sitting around for an hour with boring human characters
    It has better action and a good twist
    The new Tomb Raider is more grounded in reality and Alicia Vikander sells the part
    After Jolie only did two movies they better make more