Killswitch Engage - I Am Broken Too

  • Published on Aug 5, 2019
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    "The video is a reflection of real-life events that loved ones have gone through," says singer Jesse Leach. "Kyle Cogan and Zack Stauffer did an amazing job of bringing it all to life. The result is a powerful video that captures the essence and desperation of the song."
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    Cast: Craig Stark, Kristina Denton, Sarah French, Tony Do, Bertand Corbi, Alexander Gettlan
    Directors: Kyle Cogan and Zack Stauffer
    Creative Director: Ian McFarland
    Director of Photography: Justyn Moro
    Producers: Paige Klone and Zack Stauffer
    Production Coordinator: Jason Pundt
    1st AD: Nick Johnson
    1st AC: Alex Watson
    Gaffer: Ionel Diaconescu
    BBE: Raul O. Morales
    Key Grip: Pablo Ruff-Berganza
    BBG: Michael Moore
    HMU: Wren Witting
    PA: Robert Main
    Editors: Kyle Cogan and Zack Stauffer
    Colorist: Pierre Habib
    Executive Producer: Brendan Garrett
    Production Company: SIMIAN.LA
    #KillswitchEngage #IAmBrokenToo #HopefortheDay
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  • j.
    j. 18 hours ago

    Less than a million views. That's a bit sad. What a band!

  • Azuetallica
    Azuetallica Day ago

    The breaking point in life of any type is the most painful a human being can go thru. To me its different than what this video shows, but its a song that I am glad exists and helped me weather the storm!! Thanks KSE for this and awesome work on this song overall!!! \m/

  • Supanij 8220
    Supanij 8220 2 days ago

    Only you can overcome the worst.

  • Este men Xdxd
    Este men Xdxd 7 days ago

    buen tema

  • Ian Davidson
    Ian Davidson 10 days ago

    The song is too short! I need more!

  • Jessie Bristow
    Jessie Bristow 10 days ago +2

    This song gives me chills, so many vets feel this way..the opening scene in the bathtub is relateable. You're never alone...reach out

  • Filya 69
    Filya 69 12 days ago +1


  • Richard Guevara
    Richard Guevara 13 days ago

    Battled suicide and being diagnosed with major depression at the age of 11. Somedays songs like this can make life seem worth trying to live. And let others know mental illness is something you can let eat you alive or choose to use the hurt and pain use it as strength to carry on.

  • Chante Tamar
    Chante Tamar 14 days ago

    If you only knew how much I needed you 🖤

  • Tom Brown
    Tom Brown 14 days ago

    I see lots of people leaving their personal stories of how they can relate to this song. I'll give mine. All my life for as long as I can remember I have struggled with depression and anxiety. 3 years ago they were at an all time high, I was very frustrated, angry and toxic and I believed it all got too much for my then girlriend. We were together for 9 years and I believed we would be for life. Well we broke up right when I was going through the worst I have ever been. I didn't think I could survive without her, she was all I had in a life of misery but I was horrible to her and I don't know how she tolerated me for as long as she did. I have never endured a pain as bad in my life as when we ended and I was left alone with this crippling depression and anxiety. For two years after we finished I spent all my free time trying to literally hide from myself and my thoughts. Every possible minute I would get black-out drunk, take pills and snort coke. I'd beg people to stay out drinking til the dawn or to bring me back to their place cause I couldn't bear to be alone. I would wander the streets at all hours of the night and morning in a drunken haze, tears streaming down my face. Many times I passed out asleep on the street. I lost all desire to live and respect for my body and mind. A few times I came close to ending my life and confessed this to my ex until she told my family and they reached out to me in worry. I ended up in a constant state of dating and associating myself with toxic people who only made me worse. I ended up sitting the streets with homeless people in the late hours, giving them whatever I could and spending time talking with them to try make use of my life by helping them. After a few years of this madness I managed to pull myself together and eventually beat my own demons and find myself a special person who was like a light in the darkness. I honestly don't know how I survied the madness I put my mind and body through. These days I feel like a totally different person with a totally different outlook on life. I appreciate all the people and blessings I have in my life. The depression and anxiety is still there but I've learned to deal with them a lot more efficiently and healthily, cause I believe these things never really completely go away. If you would have told me 3 years ago that I would be who I am today I would honestly laugh with disbelief. I now believe there is always a way back from the brink, given enough time.

  • Steven Torres
    Steven Torres 15 days ago

    I can't stop hearing this song...

  • Steven Huddleston
    Steven Huddleston 15 days ago

    This shit jus literally brought a tear...because am broken too

  • Jeffrey Freeman
    Jeffrey Freeman 16 days ago

    Best song on an already forgettable album.
    Bring back that epic Times of Grace sound.

  • J Bender
    J Bender 16 days ago +1

    After dealing with PTSD with being abused as a kid, my Mom dying in my arms from a drug overdose, and much more for over 25 years now, this song hits me hard in the feels and speaks volumes to me.
    But it also a real eye opener, it shows me that I am not alone in this fight. Thank you Killswitch Engage for your dark, beautiful, prolific lyrics. They have been truly inspirational, to say the very least.
    #IAmBrokenToo #HopeForTheDay

  • Andres Cardona Rua
    Andres Cardona Rua 17 days ago

    This song is for howard :(

  • Dele Mate
    Dele Mate 18 days ago

    I find myself in this Video Thousand times.
    Depression Kills me 2.

    • Bernd
      Bernd 15 days ago +1

      Me too and I found that the video is kind of encouraging. Stay strong mate, be yourself, you are worth it.

  • david baumgras
    david baumgras 18 days ago

    Keep on being strong, hold onto those you love, no matter how bad it may seem, we all want you to LIVE! Wish I couldve played this song for several friends that I've lost. #22aday #22toomany #survivor #iwasbrokentoo

  • Canal BySpeed
    Canal BySpeed 18 days ago

    0:32 seens like nickelback.. lol.. amazing!

  • David
    David 18 days ago

    This song hits me deep

  • Ween The Savage
    Ween The Savage 21 day ago


  • Luke Pearson
    Luke Pearson 22 days ago +1

    One of the best KSE songs - suicide prevention for men! We are often forgotten and silent.

  • Hybrid Civilian
    Hybrid Civilian 22 days ago

    The alcohol bottles in the shower say everything...

  • Cheston Saylors
    Cheston Saylors 23 days ago

    This is a bad ass song

  • heelgill
    heelgill 24 days ago

    Love how this band has been on for years now and when I'm older I'll be bragging about how I listened to Kill Switch Engage as a teen! I wish I listened at first when Howard was on as well!

  • Anferny Garcia
    Anferny Garcia 25 days ago

    La historia de mi vida

    ISAAC ARG98 25 days ago

    oh my good this video deserves more fucking views!!!

  • Alsax1985
    Alsax1985 28 days ago

    Spent a year in Afghanistan 10 years ago. Different but a same place as you...

  • WAProdthejohman
    WAProdthejohman 28 days ago

    Brilliant work!

  • Manuel Ignacio Pèrez Ruiz

    you can fight that invisible pain, like you i am also broken and you who ever iit is you not alone

  • M WJ82
    M WJ82 Month ago

    Powerful...........Thank You KSE

  • Carlos G. Avilés Gutierrez

    Anxiety is my doom, this song helps a lot

  • kakashi0465
    kakashi0465 Month ago

    This song is really deep it's beautiful

  • SpeedSodom
    SpeedSodom Month ago

    what happen next ?

  • Patrick Baron
    Patrick Baron Month ago

    Just put the drink down and walk away. The only cure is yourself. I drank a gallon of vodka every two days for twenty five long years and now fourteen years sober.👊☮️

  • Savage509to505
    Savage509to505 Month ago +1

    Somedays music is thr only thing that saves me, thank you.

  • Randome things cats too

    Oh my goodness! This really hits the nail hard! The pain! Thanks!

  • Danny Dircio
    Danny Dircio Month ago

    This is emo as hell, *_ZEROOOO_*

  • Artemis Otsutsuki goddess of the moon and hunt

    Can someone explain to me why the guy in the video is so jacked up?

  • Harry Prasetyo
    Harry Prasetyo Month ago

    My wife is pregnant and I have no money

  • makeshift290
    makeshift290 Month ago +3

    This song and “signal of fire” came right along in the perfect time in my life, I just needed to hear this, especially from a influential band like themselves. The lyrical aspect of the whole album is fucking amazing, these two songs struck me and just made me cry. I didn’t realize how much I really did need to hear it, I even consider to even take my own life at one point, but KSE knocked it out of the park with this album. It brings back hope and it’s given me inspiration and mentally strength to push on through the bullshit ive been suffering and putting the people I LOVE through hell. Thanks again KSE you all are fucking amazing 🤘

    • ZipTyee ESO
      ZipTyee ESO 3 days ago

      makeshift290 keep pushing brother 💪🤘🏻

    • makeshift290
      makeshift290 3 days ago +1

      ZipTyee ESO every day is progress and everyday I’m grateful for. Appreciate the words of motivation. 👊

    • ZipTyee ESO
      ZipTyee ESO 5 days ago +1

      And in the end. Swallow any pride and seek/ask for help. It gets better, and a lot of people have been through the same shit. (I know I don’t know your exact situation. But the statement stands. Other people have been through it too)

  • Aaron Nealey
    Aaron Nealey Month ago +2

    If you only knew how much I needed you...... #ifonlythelostgotsavedintime

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  • 김보섭
    김보섭 Month ago +1

    "I WAS BROKEN TOO" is perfectly through this song

  • Acinoralas
    Acinoralas Month ago

    Hated this song the first few times I heard it. But it's a grower .

    • Marvin Sanchez
      Marvin Sanchez Month ago

      Same with me, but I was okay when I listened to it the first time

  • Seekingthetruth
    Seekingthetruth Month ago

    I lost my Grandma in 2016, she was murdered, killer never found, life is a bitch!!!

  • Satyajit Tarapdar
    Satyajit Tarapdar Month ago +1

    Beautiful and meaningful song.. That relate to everyone.. Just loneliness.. kse🤘

  • Tim Kordik
    Tim Kordik Month ago +1

    "And if you needed proof, I'll reopen my wounds In all the right places for you" Powerful stuff right there. Great song!

  • Kezijin
    Kezijin Month ago

    Hey you, yeah, you!
    You got this!

  • Ryan Tompkins
    Ryan Tompkins Month ago

    This fuckin video... hits deep...

  • Sweet Time
    Sweet Time Month ago


  • Stephen Ison
    Stephen Ison Month ago +4

    Negan from The walking Dead after the zombies and his wife 😑

  • Aaron_Skull Ds
    Aaron_Skull Ds Month ago

    Algum BR ouvindo essa música foda????

  • Aaron_Skull Ds
    Aaron_Skull Ds Month ago


    JJ JELL Month ago


  • RobbyDean Official
    RobbyDean Official Month ago

    Bryan Cranston??🤔


  • Wayward One
    Wayward One Month ago

    This band is simply amazing. I love them so much.

  • Fatman Zeitgeist
    Fatman Zeitgeist Month ago

    Dammit. I freakin' just bought a new replay button last week and now this one's broken.

  • Joseph Santizo
    Joseph Santizo Month ago

    The main difference between a full carrying emotion song and a shit song is the fact that no one here is saying "who listen on this month" this comment section is full of support and friendship. Who ever feel like shit or worthless, remember WE STILL HAVE MUSIC it's our only scape

  • Serg Bekker
    Serg Bekker Month ago

    Сильно.И не нуждается в комментариях.

  • Emerson Barbosa
    Emerson Barbosa Month ago

    Brasil lol