Slough | Learn Guitar With David Brent

  • Published on Jul 27, 2013
  • David Brent responds to more questions from the fans, and gives a guitar tutorial for the song 'Slough'.
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • r rr10
    r rr10 5 years ago +107

    One of the major facets of Brent as a character is that he does have talent. If every song really was purely comedic it would be harder to empathise with Brent as a character. Gervais subtly draws out many loveable characteristics of Brent, i.e. his longing to be liked, his awkward understanding of political correctness and his persistence even when excessively mocked. Songs such as this just further highlight the depth of Brent.

  • Kasey Escape
    Kasey Escape 8 years ago +219

    Definitely my favorite Brent tune! Not only is it funny, catchy and a genuinely good song, but its also quite lovely. It makes me think about someone who lives somewhere mundane but loves it anyway because its there home.

    • Jake Cordina
      Jake Cordina Year ago

      @TheStrober it’s been seven years

    • TheStrober
      TheStrober Year ago

      @scott stockwell Care to elaborate my friend

    • Ruski K
      Ruski K Year ago

      wow well written.

    • Coldeb 89
      Coldeb 89 2 years ago

      Kasey Escape actually... yes, your absolutely right, it is a genuinely good song, some people just don’t actually get it, it flys over their heads, their loss really. Ricky’s ‘Falter Ego’ David Brent , the Rep with Delusions of musical grandeur is poignant comic genius, ...and the thing is, Ricky is a very accomplished guitarist songwriter and writer, ... he’s playing simple C D G Am chord progression, but it’s not as easy as it looks to create a song no one else has written with those base chords, especially a comical one , that’s were the genius is... and did you notice how gave it a bit of a ‘Noel Gallagher esq’ sound in the chorus... Brilliant, simply Brilliant 😊

    • Mr Tambourine Man
      Mr Tambourine Man 2 years ago

      Shit man I was thinking much darker than that! Death comes to us all in this pointless but poignant place.

  • James Doyle
    James Doyle 2 years ago +63

    I actually like this song. Gervais is a genius.

    • Adam Covfefe
      Adam Covfefe Year ago

      It's basically The River... which is a good thing

    • Kake Robertson
      Kake Robertson Year ago

      @Kevin McGee haha no silly, David Brent is a character who is played by Ricky Gervais

  • insectogram
    insectogram 8 years ago +120

    "It's equidistant between London and reading" - what a great line!

  • Marphale
    Marphale 5 years ago +16

    This song is beautiful. The chorus gives me chills. It doesn't really matter if it's supposed to be funny; clearly it's full of love.

  • Tic Tac Toe
    Tic Tac Toe 8 years ago +3

    David Brent really shines on this one. Echoes of Bowie and Dylan abound. His voice is much underrated, much like Grohl, Astley and Barlow.

  • Josh Waters
    Josh Waters 7 years ago +29

    Brent starts this off but you can definitely see Ricky get lost in it towards the end and let the song take over him. Beautiful

  • James Doyle
    James Doyle 2 years ago +3

    I can't stop watching this, his expressions are amazing and he plays nicely aswell

    ASSMAN 8 months ago +2

    Giddy Up! David, your guitar lessons are a tremendous help and inspiration for all of us guitar players. Please keep the lessons and performances coming. Thanks so much.

  • genizot
    genizot 8 years ago +16

    Another classic example of perfectly poised and well balanced humour and talent!

  • Kingsley Freedom Show
    Kingsley Freedom Show 6 years ago +2

    love that Am minor and soft vocal change in the chorus!... That's a really beautiful tune

  • JBMarkham
    JBMarkham 8 years ago +4

    I love the chord changes, what a chorus!

  • Learning Guitar
    Learning Guitar 8 years ago +6

    David Brent seems to cover just about all the guitar techniques in his videos -his teaching videos are enormous in number and great in quality

  • Donna Claire
    Donna Claire 2 years ago +7

    I could watch this with no sound and Brents expressions alone would keep me in belly laughs alone - brilliant.

  • neuroscram
    neuroscram 7 months ago +4

    He's basically a chilled out entertainer

  • HummDrumm
    HummDrumm Year ago +2

    Amazing song and beautifully sung!

  • Asher Jane
    Asher Jane 6 years ago +17

    Just so brilliant. Could watch a hundred times.

  • 0064ghost
    0064ghost 8 years ago +2

    Excellent episode, this series just gets better and better! I was very skeptical of Ricky returning to the role of Brent after all those years but he's proving he's still got it.

  • DeeSnowJDM
    DeeSnowJDM 8 years ago +3

    I cannot get enough of your voice! Love you Ricky (^_^)

  • LogicalStatements3
    LogicalStatements3 8 years ago +4

    4:54 :
    "Don't listen to what the critics say"
    That is Brent and Gervais-esque/philosophy.
    Love it.

  • JohnFrumFromAmerica
    JohnFrumFromAmerica 2 years ago +1

    I want to thank David so much for these guitar tutorials my guitar playing has improved a lot.

  • Joshua ten doornkaat
    Joshua ten doornkaat 2 years ago +1

    actually a great song, good lyrics, good playing, good singing

  • A Cockney's Look At
    A Cockney's Look At 8 years ago +1

    He needs to put these songs onto an album, they're hilarious yet insanely catchy!

  • Krugsie1979
    Krugsie1979 8 years ago +1

    Another great lesson , always brings a smile to my face :) great stuff. Thank you

  • Alf
    Alf 8 years ago +5

    Literally stuck in my head whenever I pass junction 6 on the M4... it's driving me crazy, great song haha!

  • Linda Matejek
    Linda Matejek 6 years ago +5

    all kidding and funny stuff aside...this man has really got it going on!

  • richarc4317
    richarc4317 6 years ago +48

    You can hear the Bowie influence...lovely song!

  • Christopher Blackwell
    Christopher Blackwell 2 years ago +1

    Love Ricky Gervais humour and love the songs - I cant help but feel there’s a lot of Brent in Ricky and Ricky in Brent! I don’t know if Gervais would admit that ..also Ricky has raw talent and although I love the funny aspect I would also love to hear a genuine album by him without hiding behind the humour! The feel of the guitar playing and the way he uses his voice is actually just as listenable as cat Stevens or David Bowie 😀😀😀

  • TheShana1979
    TheShana1979 8 years ago +1

    Yet another excellent edition to the series. Looking forward to the next one (",)

  • GloriaNak
    GloriaNak 8 years ago +1

    Wonderful song writing David. Love your videos. :)

  • Stan Gosling
    Stan Gosling 3 years ago +46

    i am playing Ricky's songs to Thai people, luckily they dont understand the lyrics but they love the tunes.

  • saintsjordan
    saintsjordan 8 years ago +1

    Loving this series! We need a Brent Album!

  • Tony Peacock
    Tony Peacock 8 years ago +1

    Finally the recognition it deserves. Thank you Brent, beautiful.

  • telsah1
    telsah1 8 years ago

    I really love those lyrics. Thank you for doing these videos. They are awesome. I love them.

  • avlisk
    avlisk 8 years ago +1

    So great to revisit Mr. Brent. He keeps on giving. Many thanks to Ricky for these.

  • JC vd Dolder
    JC vd Dolder 8 years ago

    Great series! You really inspire me to play guitar! I think you are awesome and an amazing gitarist. Keep em coming lad ;)

  • DoctorMeatDic
    DoctorMeatDic 9 months ago +2

    Gervais is an amazing actor, you can tell he spent those years in that office just watching people. His line about "Mammogram" and "sexual assault" is so perfect. He feels angry that Mammogram has let the band down by sexually assaulting someone. (18 months is a pretty serious offence too, the nickname tells us it's groping someone's tits). Brent doesn't care about the victim, just about the band. You can tell he has thought about letting Mammogram back in, but he knows it's not good publicity, but he's not sure exactly why. It's like racism. He knows it's bad but he doesn't know why. He lives in his tiny bubble in Slough.
    Gervais's line about the dad with the kids isn't funny, because Gervais doesn't have any kids and doesn't understand that no father thinks like that. No father would ever think "kill me now" no matter how much his kids are annoying him.
    But when Gervais is talking about something he knows, he is always spot on.

    • David Apps
      David Apps Month ago

      It’s hilarious. All of it lol

  • J Bermingham
    J Bermingham 6 years ago +5

    'oh Slough, my kinda town.
    I don't know how anyone could put you down'
    Great lyrics!

  • Nathalie Over
    Nathalie Over 8 years ago +21

    Ever since I saw The office, Slough has become one of my goals whenever I go to England. I've never been there so there's a lot to see -_-

  • easementh
    easementh 8 years ago

    You know you love this channel when you never skip the intro!

  • Emma S
    Emma S 8 years ago

    Wow Ricky, I love your voice and guitar playing :)

  • gcampa
    gcampa 5 years ago +1

    Well, thank you Mr Brent for the free lessons, I've learned a lot today :)

  • And Love Is All You Need
    And Love Is All You Need 8 years ago +10

    Genuinely such a great song!

  • lois marshall
    lois marshall 8 years ago

    This is amazing as is everything ricky dose!! :) brilliant song with classic Brent and its dead sweet how he looks dead serious but not to much so. Would have ended up making me cry if there had been a tear like I cried when David cried about being made redundant :'(

  • Keepo
    Keepo 8 years ago +14

    Thank you David, for the opportunity and continued support in the music-related arena, but I've done that, I wanna better myself, I wanna move on. Can you make that dream come true, to, AKA, for me?

  • Talking Tree
    Talking Tree 8 years ago +1

    Loving the tune ya twonk, keep the good stuff coming!

  • Ritchie Beckett
    Ritchie Beckett 7 years ago

    Thank you Ricky what a beautiful song ! This guy has talent double threat

  • negativethree
    negativethree 8 years ago

    Loving the series, keep it up Ricky!

  • Tegan Boundy
    Tegan Boundy 23 days ago +1

    This was actually beautiful

  • MrExplodeable
    MrExplodeable 8 years ago

    I was really surprised by how good his singing voice is, he's a pretty good singer and I love all of his podcasts and his radio shows

  • mario artesi
    mario artesi 8 years ago

    Great song Ricky, this time no sarcasm, shock or awe, just a sincere love for your Slough and man.....You can sing....!!!!! Thank You for making my life a little more bearable !!!!!

  • SuperChronic79
    SuperChronic79 2 years ago

    Genius, multi-talented, entertaining mastermind. Never give up Ricky!!!

  • Travel And Dine
    Travel And Dine 8 years ago

    This is my favourite yet! Thanks David.

  • Seth Gittens
    Seth Gittens 8 years ago

    Hahaha the best one yet! The emotion in his eyes is priceless!

  • Orthodox Outdoorsman
    Orthodox Outdoorsman 8 years ago

    Absolutely brilliant! The best song so far.

  • Andres Velasco
    Andres Velasco 2 years ago +1

    I love how engaged he is in the song when he's playing it hahaha

  • KieranRogers1
    KieranRogers1 8 years ago

    This is definitely my favourite song so far!

  • Bradical Habibkhoda
    Bradical Habibkhoda 5 years ago +23

    It was a bit slougher paced than his other songs

  • William Tretois
    William Tretois 6 years ago +1

    This song is truly beautiful ! The office is the funniest show ever btw ;)

  • peter reilly
    peter reilly 4 years ago

    The actual melody and chord structure is really beautiful.

  • KevinBorgOfDeath
    KevinBorgOfDeath 7 years ago +5

    This song is fucking brilliant. The other ones are more humouristic but this has a great mood to it.

  • Rebeccajane1990
    Rebeccajane1990 7 years ago

    This song is so well written, he is very talented. He sounds like he is influenced by David Bowie in this song. Love it.

    SPARC 8 years ago

    this one has been my favorite so far!

  • Steve Wood
    Steve Wood 8 years ago

    Ricky's a pretty good song writer I'd love to see him right a really serious one. The chorus in this one is great for example.

  • Jim Mower
    Jim Mower 8 years ago

    Love it Ricky. Great song!

  • geekrockrats
    geekrockrats 8 years ago +21

    I almost forgot it was fiction and got psyched when he said hes looking for band mates. Im too old for that to keep happening

  • Mackenzie Gordon-Smih
    Mackenzie Gordon-Smih 8 years ago +6

    That Martin is a beautiful instrument... I'd love to jam with David Brent

  • JackManDemand
    JackManDemand 8 years ago

    Beautiful song ! listen to it everyday.. thx mr. Brent ;)

  • GerryBolger
    GerryBolger 5 years ago +113

    Apparently David Bowie loved this song..

    • Will Smith
      Will Smith 2 years ago +2

      it is very David bowie esk

    • The Stainless
      The Stainless 3 years ago +2

      @Umbrella Sound what podcast? Would love to listen to that....

    • The Stainless
      The Stainless 3 years ago +1

      @Natashahoneypot really? Would love to hear the backstory to that :)

    • Umbrella Sound
      Umbrella Sound 4 years ago +5

      Yeah it blew my mind when I found out from podcast about that.

    • Natashahoneypot
      Natashahoneypot 4 years ago +9

      GerryBolger I can't help thinking that David Bowie wrote this song.

  • GourmetPez
    GourmetPez 8 years ago

    I keep coming back just to listen to the song, it's really quite beautiful

  • NW80AH
    NW80AH 8 years ago

    Ok, this man is a genius. And a great musician!

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis 8 years ago

    Best one so far, thanks David!

  • Sean Brenner
    Sean Brenner 8 months ago +2

    Absolutely Flabulous!

  • Tom Bombadil
    Tom Bombadil 8 years ago +1

    It's just the way he holds the guitar in the still photo.. gets me every time.

  • Darran Ball
    Darran Ball 8 years ago

    These are great, release an album!

  • RDaggard
    RDaggard 8 years ago

    I'd like to see this one released as a single. I can see David in the video, walking around the street(s?) Of Slough in the cold grey morning, greeting it's people like the celebrity he is. Make it so David!

  • docpaul
    docpaul 8 years ago

    I'm in Slough right now, on the Bath Road! Holy cow...
    Loving it!

  • Adam Howes
    Adam Howes 8 years ago

    Love these you need you to release an album haha

  • Bagginsian76
    Bagginsian76 8 years ago

    Very touching. I love it towards the end, starts to remind me of the best bits of James Blunt, One Direction and a 1960s folk group with hairy pits.

  • RDaggard
    RDaggard 8 years ago

    My favourite of this series David. It really needs a video.

  • The Stainless
    The Stainless 3 years ago

    It's pretty clear he's a legitimately talented musician also.

  • Johan Kermit Boback
    Johan Kermit Boback 8 years ago

    YEPP!! We NEED a Brent album for sure!!

  • Rick Fricano
    Rick Fricano 6 years ago +49

    I actually like this song....alot.

  • James Adcock
    James Adcock 2 years ago

    Genius so clever the lyrics are amazing

  • RaggedM88
    RaggedM88 8 years ago

    this is so great. I like this series alot.

  • John Park
    John Park 8 years ago +2

    Brilliant! You've got Hillingdon the other way! I'd jam with you any day.

  • mainstream sux
    mainstream sux 6 years ago

    That was surprisingly moving lol...he's awesome

  • Central Scrutinizer
    Central Scrutinizer 5 years ago +18

    Seldom is the word "equidistant " used in a song. I've been trying to work the words "Boolean logic" and "polynomial" into songs for months.

    • Clark999
      Clark999 2 years ago +1

      Reminds me of the emotional Barenaked Ladies ballad "Break Your Heart". It contains the word "half-assedly".

  • purr bug
    purr bug 8 years ago

    The intro really cracks me up where he knows when the cameras are switching and his head slowly turns. That slow head turn with the cameras makes me literally laugh out loud every time.

  • BertieWebb
    BertieWebb 8 years ago

    If you're looking for a backing band my group would love to help you out! Loving your work Mr. Gervais

  • San C
    San C 8 years ago

    love you ricky! so funny.... one of the best parodies ;)

  • Mrcrimsonchin101
    Mrcrimsonchin101 8 years ago

    Please release these songs on a David brent album!

  • Michael Macer
    Michael Macer 2 years ago

    Brett Anderson would be proud of this song. Great tune!

  • Jack Pilkington
    Jack Pilkington 8 years ago

    Great sounding tune Brent!!

  • Chloe Chapman
    Chloe Chapman 8 years ago

    The chorus actually has such a good melody!

  • Eddie Urine
    Eddie Urine 8 years ago

    It's really an excellent song..well done Ricky

  • Stanley Gray
    Stanley Gray 8 years ago

    This is my favorite song so far!

  • Dave's Nature Productions

    You defiantly need to do a tour with this music! Brill stuff.

  • NumBeeMD
    NumBeeMD 5 years ago

    Love you Ricky, you are a comedy hero!

  • Quist
    Quist 8 years ago +24