• Published on Nov 27, 2019
  • I used math, science and tears to create a snake AI which always wins (sometimes).
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    Art created by @Dachi.art dachi.art

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  • Felix Moffat
    Felix Moffat 2 years ago +12

    I swear, Evan is going to end up building the Terminator.

  • The Drawing Kid/Animated kid

    Ai: misses by one pixel

  • TheMoldySausage

    "I'm back guys!"

  • Gabriel Madan
    Gabriel Madan Year ago +1

    No one's talking about how claustrophobic that snake must be feeling

  • Salmon
    Salmon Year ago +4

    This would be an awesome like monitor background just a constant repetiting game of snake for your screen saver

  • Steen Grundy
    Steen Grundy Year ago +1

    I have never met a coder with more personality than this guy.

  • Brody Frable
    Brody Frable Year ago +6

    I like that everyone just looked over the fact that adrian single-handedly killed

  • xcesiv
    xcesiv Year ago +4

    Plot twist: he was the one playing and he is secretly the best snek player ever.

  • Inappropriate Polarbear

    "The snake will get pissed off and take an angry nap" is a phrase I need to use more in my life.

  • M E R M E R
    M E R M E R Year ago +3

    First rule of snake: snake eat apple

  • Alexandra Antimie
    Alexandra Antimie Year ago +737

    My anxiety reaches a whole new level when the snake circles the apple and leaves the smallest opening

  • Irys
    Irys  +631


  • The Truth
    The Truth 2 years ago +6

    “He didn’t die, he just kinda gave up” This hit to close to home 😂

  • samurai2871

    Dude if your GPS was actually like that, I'd totally buy one.

  • NorthernAlgerianHorseman92

    Adrian: exists

  • Naveed Nawwaf
    Naveed Nawwaf Year ago +155


  • 蟻Beru
    蟻Beru Year ago +170

    Code Bullet: Edits in that he forgot to edit and says “there was a squirrel” via words.

  • LonelyPepper

    That AI must have a REALLY good gaming chair

  • Leddy
    Leddy 2 years ago +22

    It’s not an ai, he’s just really good at snake

    GREENRULES Year ago +551

    The clothes he animates on looks really comfy