• Published on Jun 24, 2018
  • this video is finally uppppp! I poured ma heart and soul into it so hope you like it and decide to stan!
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  • kpoptrash
    kpoptrash  Year ago +3131

    Who's your Stray Kids bias? (mines Jeongin

  • kelly tran
    kelly tran 2 hours ago

    felix kills me everytime he breathes

  • 파스타로제 pastarosé

    omfg chan crying made me feel bad for not stanning them sooner

  • Jimin got yes jams
    Jimin got yes jams 10 hours ago


  • Stardust 610
    Stardust 610 12 hours ago


  • Hyo Ri
    Hyo Ri Day ago

    I cried a lot when Jeongin said that he always smile beacause he don't want to show that he can't
    (Sorry, my English isn't very good)

  • McKenzie Baker
    McKenzie Baker Day ago +1

    III CAAANNTTT PIIIIICKKK AAAA BIAAASSS might as well just have all of them as my bias ( ˙꒳˙ )

  • McKenzie Baker
    McKenzie Baker Day ago

    Excuse me WHAT?! D,: can someone explain what’s happening at 1:50

    • JYP STAN
      JYP STAN 11 hours ago

      that was when felix got eliminated since jyp said he was still lacking and felix’s skill in the korean language wasn’t enough to debut and he still has a lot to improve.

  • Lexi Hoskins
    Lexi Hoskins 2 days ago

    My bias is Felix

  • Lexi Hoskins
    Lexi Hoskins 2 days ago

    Stray kids already my ult group

  • Rafael Netto
    Rafael Netto 2 days ago

    hyunjin's MAIN DANCER and LEAD RAPPER

  • Jimin is everything
    Jimin is everything 2 days ago


  • meeg crowther
    meeg crowther 3 days ago

    Can we talk about how the boys from AUS pre much do everything! good of them!

  • Kookie Wonho
    Kookie Wonho 3 days ago

    Hannnnn he soo adorable . I love itt

  • orraya Ellway
    orraya Ellway 4 days ago +2

    I’m selling play buttons for free

  • ElliiMochi
    ElliiMochi 4 days ago

    everytime i see minho all i can think about is my crush rejecting me vhdjhfdjshdjdhfdjs

  • Chrysanthemum Mochi
    Chrysanthemum Mochi 4 days ago

    Bias-Bang Chan!!

  • holyhyejoo
    holyhyejoo 4 days ago

    admit it. when you first saw felix you thought he had a high voice now that you heard his voice you can't even imagine him talking with a high voice.

  • wanna be a multifandom

    Legit a skz add popped out before the video 💀 and i know skz just seeing this stuffs again

  • Mary Sue
    Mary Sue 8 days ago

    Damn, I just realized that I'm older than most of the members 😂😂👌

  • Strawberry Banana Milk

    I remember hearing district 9 and hellavator last year and trying to Stan but I forgot to :( but now I’m stanning :)

  • Strawberry Banana Milk

    I can’t decide a bias 😩 it’s tied with hyungjin, jisung, and Felix

  • Sheena Miranda
    Sheena Miranda 12 days ago

    18:24 LOL Look at chan face 😂
    I almost die cause of it😂

  • Majestic
    Majestic 12 days ago


  • ᴍᴀʜᴀ The fellow hooman


  • Autumn DeLong
    Autumn DeLong 12 days ago

    wait why was chan crying for another member? what happened? (sorry im new here)

    • xJelena
      xJelena 9 days ago +1

      skz came from an elimination show, and originally felix and minho got kicked out by jyp, and chan was feeling like he failed them. but in the end they were able to debut as 9, so channie is a happy baby

  • mramelade _
    mramelade _ 13 days ago

    I'm a new stay but 3:04 felix's laugh made me find a bias -

  • infires maaan
    infires maaan 13 days ago

    This and another video made it official 😂 Two hours ago I made to the decision to stan Stray Kids❣ How can I choose a bias? Literally impossible 🤔😭

  • susan barnes
    susan barnes 14 days ago +1


  • Force Cat
    Force Cat 15 days ago

    Hyunjin la divaza

  • Alison Rodgers
    Alison Rodgers 17 days ago

    Thanks for this video. It helped me learn the members. I had recently gotten introduced to skz by a friend and your video was the best at introducing me to all the members. Now I can talk to my friend all I want about stray kids without embarrassment of getting anything wrong. My bias is Seungmin and my bias wrecker is Jeongin.

  • LJ Fajardo
    LJ Fajardo 17 days ago

    And just like that I can’t remember their names

  • Chelsea Mui
    Chelsea Mui 18 days ago

    Woojin is just as cute as Jin from BTS. Not only that, but they’re voices kinda sound the same when they speak English.

  • TinyWhiney.
    TinyWhiney. 18 days ago

    i think after this video seungmin but it will probably change lol cos with other groups it does.

  • Jennifer Romero
    Jennifer Romero 18 days ago +1

    Okay I like stray kids now

  • honey xbearxtae
    honey xbearxtae 19 days ago

    2:09 - i'm half Australian hehe :3

  • Yasher Faith Galzote
    Yasher Faith Galzote 19 days ago

    Correction Hyunjin is also the main dancer

  • Opinion Is mine
    Opinion Is mine 19 days ago +2

    When I first saw kpop, I thought all leaders were serious and Mature all the time-
    *sees bang Chan*

  • Raghad Alsulami
    Raghad Alsulami 19 days ago

    Felix and Chan who took my eyes

  • Atlitzin Silva
    Atlitzin Silva 20 days ago


  • Maddie Poling
    Maddie Poling 20 days ago +1

    OMG that so much for the vid!! I have been listening to their music lately and wanted to learn more about them!! This vid helped so much and was glorious!!!!👌👌

  • mini jiminie
    mini jiminie 20 days ago

    Whelp I’ve been sucked into the fandom, and can I just say... JEONGIN. Like crap, I’m love this cutie so much already. And everyone else but like... the Aussie line, jeongin and hyunjin already hold a special place in my heart 😭💜

  • rashel younes
    rashel younes 20 days ago

    hyungjin and felix are adorable they all are but theu caught my eye the most

  • Caroline Lee
    Caroline Lee 21 day ago

    8:56 why does that sound and look like jimin

  • Lil Kimochi Ru
    Lil Kimochi Ru 22 days ago

    My bias is:
    Han Jisung, Bang Cristopher(Chan) and Lee Felix

  • Multifandom Army
    Multifandom Army 22 days ago

    Me:*Watches kpop tweets,Sees a “Do you guys remember bla bla bla FELIX bla bla bla DISTRICT 9 bla bla bla bla”
    Also me:*had seen the name Felix a lot of time and decides to search “District 9” sees that he is in Stray kids, ends up at this video,And wants to stan* (this all happened in not more than 5 minutes)

  • Eileen Lim
    Eileen Lim 22 days ago

    Felix learned a lot from BamBam, when I mean a lot I mean A LOOTTTTTTTTTTT

  • Dewi Fatimah
    Dewi Fatimah 23 days ago

    So much luv 4 jeongin 💖💋💋💖💋💖💋

  • Amayrani Rodriguez
    Amayrani Rodriguez 24 days ago

    i think i HAVE to stan Stray Kids from now on.

  • ItzMaraPlays
    ItzMaraPlays 24 days ago

    Jeongin would have to be my bias.

  • Morgan Marie
    Morgan Marie 24 days ago

    When the clip of Chan crying bc of Felix's elimination played I literally started crying. iTs OnLy 10:40 Am WhY dO yOu Do ThIs To Me

  • Little Croissants
    Little Croissants 24 days ago

    Lee know kinda looks like Dongjun from ze:a

  • CreamySeungmin
    CreamySeungmin 25 days ago


  • ArmyBlinkStay •
    ArmyBlinkStay • 25 days ago +1

    me: knows almost everything about Stray Kids but still watching :)

  • Jwolf Sayuri Flores
    Jwolf Sayuri Flores 25 days ago

    My bias is seungmin

  • Jwolf Sayuri Flores
    Jwolf Sayuri Flores 25 days ago

    Why are all the members cute 😍😍😍🤔

  • AA - 08DM - Hazel McCallion Sr PS (1549)

    I'm so glad I watched this now! Now I'm starting to become a fan ❤️

  • just.an.ordinary.human.being

    And... am I suppose to choose one bias?... I don't see that happening anytime soon

  • AnimeLover1234
    AnimeLover1234 28 days ago

    You just *had* to use that picture of Felix

  • Maricat 122
    Maricat 122 29 days ago

    I’m so happy that you made this, I’ve been getting into Stray Kids a lot and I was having trouble but this video helped a lot

  • Luiza Tavares
    Luiza Tavares 29 days ago

    4:26 kkkkkkkk amei

  • Carina Chainey
    Carina Chainey Month ago

    "Then Chan went to go and comfort him"

    **slaps* *ass**

  • Shae Naidoo
    Shae Naidoo Month ago

    Love all of 'em but Felix will forever be my bias 😍

  • imnotakoreaboo
    imnotakoreaboo Month ago +1

    i feel so proud of being Australian rn

  • Fangirl 1805
    Fangirl 1805 Month ago

    Jeongin well heck boy 💘

  • Fangirl 1805
    Fangirl 1805 Month ago

    Seungmin's "STRaY KEEDS" shit boys got me whipped

  • Fangirl 1805
    Fangirl 1805 Month ago


  • Fangirl 1805
    Fangirl 1805 Month ago

    I am very satisfied thank you so much I love Stray Kids and I like to be just dumped into fandoms with all the weird and cute and serious stuff at once so thank you very much

  • Poh Li Lim
    Poh Li Lim Month ago


  • Min Areum Chan
    Min Areum Chan Month ago

    SH1T FELIX 😡😡😡😡😡
    im so dead

  • I purple you or whatever

    Random thought that came into my mind watching this: I was always into boy groups or that feeling of being a fan of a group cause there's so much to talk about and everything... so a year ago i wasn't a part of the Kpop World at all i didn't even know it existed. I remember saying to a friend of mine: Oh man, i wish there's a big ass group again so i can be a fan and going to their concert and screaming my ass off etc etc. I literally said that at a time where on the other side of the world were hundreds of boy groups and girl groups to stan. Like wtf is wrong with me?!!! I ask myself everyday why i was so blind😅

    Okay hahah besides that Bts is my Ult group but i also fell for NCT and now Stray Kids might be too :) So far i'm whipped for Chan and Changbin

  • yoonmin's jams
    yoonmin's jams Month ago

    Jisung is literally *one day* older than Felix lmao

  • JiMiN's JaMs
    JiMiN's JaMs Month ago

    so um
    i think my bias is Hyunjin and my bias wrecker is Felix....? but idk lol. Jeongin is definitely my bias wrecker's wrecker ahahaha

  • ウンジ
    ウンジ Month ago

    but they're so cute how come i haven't got interested in them before :(