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Ellen Is Ashamed of Watching This Addictive Reality TV Show

  • Published on Aug 8, 2018
  • Every year, Ellen promises herself not to get caught up watching "The Bachelor". This season was no exception... but she finally came forward with an embarrassing confession.
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  • Fayrouz Hammadi
    Fayrouz Hammadi 8 months ago

    معجبة من المغرب بالين دي جنريس fun from Morocco of ellen de generees & my only wich is meeting her

  • Priyanka Jain
    Priyanka Jain 9 months ago

    Just love Ellen..

  • Sajida Rana
    Sajida Rana 9 months ago


  • Elly_ Belly07
    Elly_ Belly07 9 months ago

    I live in the east coast and it’s meh degrees here but of course I’m watching this probably years later

  • Madusha Gunasinghe
    Madusha Gunasinghe 9 months ago

    Love u beautiful lady u r......😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙

  • Helio Ramollari
    Helio Ramollari 9 months ago

    ellen ! What were you eating during the recap ???

  • MomoTunkaraOfficial
    MomoTunkaraOfficial 9 months ago

    I love u Ellen

  • Vikas vikksy
    Vikas vikksy 9 months ago

    u hv no idea how Indian mega serials are...... sas bahu villain n a dummy hero... they run for years without a fail 5000episodes minimum 😖😭😭😢

  • Sarah F
    Sarah F 9 months ago

    what was ellen eating a the end?

  • chakre katia
    chakre katia 9 months ago

    Lol lol

  • greimalkin
    greimalkin 9 months ago

    Starts at 0:26

  • tracy halpin
    tracy halpin 9 months ago +1

    Mad that she was caught taken out her lozenger at the end 🤣🤣

  • kalpana bhandari
    kalpana bhandari 9 months ago

    I want to meet u once in my life ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ELLEN❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • There is a town Called Scratchy Bottom

    Ammm 30 degree is cold ?

  • Ramya P
    Ramya P 9 months ago

    Did anybody else notice Ellen popping out the cough drop out of her mouth at the end? 🤣

  • Debbie McBride
    Debbie McBride 10 months ago

    Hey Ellen, you seen the show The Pimple Popper? Just watch one show........;) on TheXvid lol, let us know... Dr. Sandra Lee, she has MANY FOLLOWINGS. She would be a great guest.....

  • stevey626
    stevey626 10 months ago

    This chick annoy's me so much. She only does viral shit! And she looks like the kid from Home Impovement.

  • Jenisha Chauhan
    Jenisha Chauhan 10 months ago +1

    can someone make me clear what was the meaning of 'kakah' that ellen used to do back then . Thank you in advance

  • Anmol Jain
    Anmol Jain 10 months ago

    Just a hey

  • Anmol Jain
    Anmol Jain 10 months ago

    Hey ellen

  • Assia Sifodil7
    Assia Sifodil7 10 months ago

    i love this women 😍😍😍😍

  • Lily Medley
    Lily Medley 10 months ago

    You need to have Miranda sings/Colleen ballenger on the show she’s hilarious you two would be so funny

  • rannie hante
    rannie hante 10 months ago +3

    I am dying to hear portia and ellen's love story

  • Helen- Kopan
    Helen- Kopan 10 months ago +3

    For God's sake i thought she is in her thirties omg omg..

  • suavykim21
    suavykim21 10 months ago

    I wonder when they aired this segment since its August and super hot

  • Joy Kaiza828
    Joy Kaiza828 10 months ago

    How do these women end up on there.

  • Alexander Matthews
    Alexander Matthews 10 months ago

    I'd be no good for that show I'd be like if I kiss this one the other one might find out....he just said F%^& it and kissed em all!

  • Indiana Troupe
    Indiana Troupe 10 months ago

    You guys are back!! Literally after every show of the bachelor/ette/in paradise I come to watch the recap from you guys!

  • Chedder Cheese
    Chedder Cheese 10 months ago

    3:44 what is she spitting out?

  • giselle joseph
    giselle joseph 10 months ago

    O ellen i dont like the bachelor

  • Ummiya Shaikh
    Ummiya Shaikh 10 months ago +4

    Hi ellen i am from india(mumbai) and i want to meet you someday i hope my dream come true love u ellen and hope someday I'll meet u

  • Cody Bell
    Cody Bell 10 months ago

    Ellen loves the band Cage the Elephant - such a good live band and new album coming soon

  • Nelly Souls
    Nelly Souls 10 months ago +3

    I thought it was #90DayFiance 😂😂😂

  • Matteo Moreau
    Matteo Moreau 10 months ago

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  • May Chen
    May Chen 10 months ago

    hello red cough drop

  • Mary H
    Mary H 10 months ago +1


  • Mary H
    Mary H 10 months ago


  • monique phillips
    monique phillips 10 months ago

    Hi Ellen... I love your show

    • monique phillips
      monique phillips 10 months ago

      Mohamed Ghadbane she who????? Cause I know your not talking about Ellen DeGeneres

  • Dyanna McCann
    Dyanna McCann 10 months ago

    Ellen I wath your vids so much your amazing your so cool I'm 7 years old I rilly want to go to your show your kind your faith is so good my mom said I can't rite to you but she'd love if we cud come love me

  • Anthony Meredith
    Anthony Meredith 10 months ago

  • Elke B
    Elke B 10 months ago

    I don't do much comment Ellen, today i did 'cause you made my day! Thanks! i do watch you everyday! love you.

  • shubham singh
    shubham singh 10 months ago


  • Misty Y
    Misty Y 10 months ago


  • Mz Das Das
    Mz Das Das 10 months ago +12

    That recap is accurate AF

  • Jada Cameryn
    Jada Cameryn 10 months ago

    Ellen is the best

  • Boy Uiki
    Boy Uiki 10 months ago +1

    Hey Ellen I love your videos

  • Divya M
    Divya M 10 months ago

    Ellen is a legend. I love her so much !!

  • abedkhan noori
    abedkhan noori 10 months ago

    Hey Elen, invite Lionel messi or Ronaldo somedays.... I hope we can see them there ..c

  • orxan orucov
    orxan orucov 10 months ago

    l love american freedoom

  • Abdul Rehman Zarmalwal
    Abdul Rehman Zarmalwal 10 months ago

    Hey ellen🥀

  • Arisha Azfar Khan
    Arisha Azfar Khan 10 months ago

    Please invite Johnny Orlando and Mackenzie Ziegler to your show

  • Bint Dubai
    Bint Dubai 10 months ago

    98% of this Reality Shows are fake as hell... I really hate them... waste of time!!

  • Wendy Alejandra
    Wendy Alejandra 10 months ago +21

    Something that I’m very proud of that I’ve never watched it, and never will 💁🏻

  • S H
    S H 10 months ago

    How have I seen this????

  • Rosanna Lantigua
    Rosanna Lantigua 10 months ago +23

    Oh hell no that man is kissing every woman I’m sure he is passing something to them all ewww poor ladies fighting over one guy not worth it. They need to go find themselves a real man!

  • Rosanna Lantigua
    Rosanna Lantigua 10 months ago

    Love Ellen she so funny ❤️

  • Elvis Paulino
    Elvis Paulino 10 months ago

    Please tell Ellen to tell drake I said hi cause I know she knows him and that would be insane just for him to know my name 😂😂

  • Habble Nabble
    Habble Nabble 10 months ago

    Me:Millie Bobby Brown Stranger Things Recap?

  • Helen- Kopan
    Helen- Kopan 10 months ago +2

    Wish u weren't a lesbian ellen😶...bye"

  • Gim Al Arong
    Gim Al Arong 10 months ago

    Love you Ellen. Your so hilarious!.

  • Lindaberry Berry
    Lindaberry Berry 10 months ago

    I luv u Ellen 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Ning Zhang8
    Ning Zhang8 10 months ago


  • whidi arto
    whidi arto 10 months ago

    I swear, i just hate that show, nothing romantic with 15 more woman/man trying to catch one man/woman in one room knowing that he/she kiss everybody in the room already. Its like sharing your future husband/wife lips with others openly infront all viewers in the whole world, and have big posibility for being dump that for me, are just the same with willing to be humiliated.
    I just don't get it. Why they want being part of this love buffet.

  • Rachael May
    Rachael May 10 months ago

    I love you so much 💖 💗 💕

  • Ava and Grace
    Ava and Grace 10 months ago

    It’s 80 degrees here

  • Metian Derrick
    Metian Derrick 10 months ago


  • Saw Eh
    Saw Eh 10 months ago

    Happy birthday Ellen 🎂

  • lisa koola
    lisa koola 10 months ago

    nooooooo i don’t watch the Bachelor nor the Bachelorette yikes!

  • Julieanns Vlog
    Julieanns Vlog 10 months ago

    Bachelorette ahahahh :4

  • lovemoviesful2
    lovemoviesful2 10 months ago +2

    Yep that's pretty sum of the bachelor.

  • Kathy Santos
    Kathy Santos 10 months ago

    27 MILLION!!! Subs

  • Just Me
    Just Me 10 months ago

    She’s soooo awesomeness!!

  • hifw
    hifw 10 months ago +2

    What sweet is that? 👀

  • Shanallee Mcfarlane
    Shanallee Mcfarlane 10 months ago

    Ellen mi love you who is with mi drop a like @JAM DOWN

  • Disaster King
    Disaster King 10 months ago +6

    ellen winks...
    audience: burst out laughing...

  • gigi Almondsbury
    gigi Almondsbury 10 months ago +29

    Hey Ellen fam😊 Today's my birthday !

  • Amalia Gonzalez
    Amalia Gonzalez 10 months ago

    Earth is flat happy birthday. My gift😊

  • Pickle Nugget
    Pickle Nugget 10 months ago

    I luv Ellen

  • Therese Nydahl
    Therese Nydahl 10 months ago

    Ellen breaks it down brilliantly😃

  • Fouzia Jamal
    Fouzia Jamal 10 months ago +9

    Ellen shd invite Amber scholl

  • ravula seshasai
    ravula seshasai 10 months ago

    Ellen promoting iPhone x

  • bzi Benti
    bzi Benti 10 months ago

    0:10 un my country is 45 degree
    It s so hot

  • cant think of a good name
    cant think of a good name 10 months ago +5

    Jesus loves you all :)

  • ARK _Alex
    ARK _Alex 10 months ago +8

    Who loves ellen?

    • Diamond heart
      Diamond heart 10 months ago +3

      Alex Spencer who doesn't love her .....every body loves her

  • Maya Jaafar [GAMES]
    Maya Jaafar [GAMES] 10 months ago

    I love ellen😂😂

  • Shawn Sisler
    Shawn Sisler 10 months ago +53

    I do not understand women who subject themselves to the Bachelor, either to watch it or participating in the show. Some guy kisses me then kisses some other woman later it's "Buh-bye Bart". I don't share and I don't want to want some train wreck of bunch of women doing so.

    • MsNeela1
      MsNeela1 10 months ago +4

      Most of these people go on the show to get famous tho.. if they were looking for true love they wouldn’t be there tbh!

    • rko32491
      rko32491 10 months ago +5

      I call it having to respect for yourself. But that's just my opinion. I dont understand it either. I would never "compete" for a man.

    • whidi arto
      whidi arto 10 months ago +7

      Shawn Sisler also for man in bachelorette.
      yas girl, agree. I just don't get it why they willing to do that. Sharing your future patner is no option for me. either you with me or leave me. Don't make me as possibility, i'am not buffet.

  • All Things Random
    All Things Random 10 months ago

    Us on the east coast- It's 20 degrees, were wearing shorts and tang top

  • Kristen Nelson
    Kristen Nelson 10 months ago +7

    Is that a cough drop at the end, she takes out? I have seen her do that a few times in videos.😂

    • Amanda Vo
      Amanda Vo 4 months ago

      Wwr the other xwt too
      Wet and I ü or not but if I can

    • Amanda Vo
      Amanda Vo 4 months ago

      Kristen Nelson weyyeyr he was not in the office right where I will have

    • Amanda Vo
      Amanda Vo 4 months ago

      Kristen Nelson when I i I e hue lights ü shooting in y yes it is in the mail and t

  • IrishPotato
    IrishPotato 10 months ago +1

    This is an old vid isn't it

  • Grace Lieu
    Grace Lieu 10 months ago

    Didn't Arie's season end a few months ago??? Now it's Becca or whatever her name is spelt?

  • Silly Goose
    Silly Goose 10 months ago

    I love bachelor

  • Kayla Song
    Kayla Song 10 months ago

    I'm still very sad and upset over your staff Ellen. Andy is a disgusting pig who does not deserve to work for you. I haven't been watching the show since he harassed me and made fun of my singing. I wish you would do something about his bullying....

    • L 7
      L 7 10 months ago

      Kayla Song btw i watched some of your videos it's pretty good 😃 don't let other people down you😄

    • L 7
      L 7 10 months ago

      Kayla Song well i don't know how andy is in real life. But i think you shouldn't stop watching and supporting Ellen because of andy.

    • Kayla Song
      Kayla Song 10 months ago

      T 7 Through his Twitter he made fun of me and he added me to these lists he has. Made fun of my singing and called me a troll and Tomi Lahren Wannabe because I asked him to be nice to people. I know I shouldn't let someone get to me online but he really hurt my feelings with what he did and how he treated me. I have loved Ellen for years....wrote her many times nominating deserving people to meet her and be helped by her. Tried to grow as a person while Be Kind repeated in my head. Just seems very hypocritical to me. I haven't been watching her because of all this. Makes me sad....people can grow and change but I don't think Andy is capable.

    • L 7
      L 7 10 months ago

      Kayla Song did he do something personally or like cyber bullying!??

    • Kayla Song
      Kayla Song 10 months ago

      T 7 They deleted my comment. I told what happened here already. Censorship at its finest. Ed and Andy don't want people knowing they bully viewers. Sad. See Ellen, if your staff needs to delete comments that speak out about bullying then there is a problem with your staff and show! Kindness is what you preach and what I try to live by.... but your show is just a face. It's all about money and ratings. I'm hoping Ellen really does have REAL kindness in her heart but I know Andy Lassner doesn't.

  • Grace Joachim
    Grace Joachim 10 months ago

    Boooo arie boooooooo

  • Ann Kamau
    Ann Kamau 10 months ago

    Can't help it I watch it the whole day from youtube

  • Candy Cough
    Candy Cough 10 months ago

    4000 views 27 million subs
    Guess i am early

  • Makayla Stewart
    Makayla Stewart 10 months ago

    Love you Ellen 💙💙💙

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  • Michelle Hi There
    Michelle Hi There 10 months ago

    Good morning everyone!

    JAZZ n MOTION 10 months ago

    I'm early af!!

  • Profesionel Viewer
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