Joe Rogan Experience #1314 - Charlamagne tha God & Andrew Schulz

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
  • Charlamagne tha God is a radio presenter, television personality, and author. Andrew Schulz is a stand up comedian known for his work on Guy Code. Check out their podcast called "The Brilliant Idiots" available on Apple Podcasts & TheXvid.

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  • Brian Sullivan
    Brian Sullivan 2 hours ago

    If you listen close enough to Charlamagne, you’ll see how he’s low key racist.

    • Aleksandro Gora
      Aleksandro Gora 2 hours ago

      Everybody lowkey "racist", people need to stop with the labelling shit. Just let people be how they are as long as they not a threat to themselves or others

  • Aleksandro Gora
    Aleksandro Gora 2 hours ago

    That death stare Joe gives Jamie when he laughs at 24:48 Hahaha

  • D. Ah
    D. Ah Day ago

    "Juggling dildos" bwahahaha

  • jmh31890
    jmh31890 Day ago

    Charlemagne is not only a racist prick, but also a moron. Cool. Now we know.

  • OOC Media
    OOC Media Day ago

    “I wrote a couple books... with a ghost writer” lol

  • hellohell77
    hellohell77 Day ago

    Schultz being his normal asshole self for 2 hours then he becomes all moral and philosophical with the Ticketmaster topic. Lol

  • Mr Banks
    Mr Banks 2 days ago

    Andrews hyena laugh is A+😅🤣😂

  • j z a
    j z a 2 days ago

    “ I gave him donkey of the day for no fuckin reason “ 😂😂😂

  • Chris Jenkins
    Chris Jenkins 2 days ago

    1:22:15 what adversity have you gone through Andrew Schultz?

  • The Fonz
    The Fonz 2 days ago

    Our thoughts do not become things. Only an idiot would believe that.

  • Mazal Tawab
    Mazal Tawab 2 days ago

    Did Andrew Schulz try to rationalize some fucked up shit? Based on the actions of... bears

  • alex L
    alex L 2 days ago

    @02:08:47 2 HOUR ride to BURGER KING? Nah fam just meal prep lol

  • Youcef BB
    Youcef BB 2 days ago

    Time travel a select part of the population so it ages less rapidly while another select part works on solving the planet’s problems and alternate so people live longer and can solve problems more rapidly.

  • iLL 619
    iLL 619 2 days ago

    These 3 are so funny together lol

  • Slick Rock
    Slick Rock 2 days ago

    Charlemagne is a bigoted racist.

  • Anon zee
    Anon zee 2 days ago

    I was put into boarding school, got molested and now I'm 28 without a job living with my parents.

  • V
    V 2 days ago

    Charlamagne didn't even need 6 minutes to display his below average IQ.

  • C Dread
    C Dread 3 days ago

    Americans sound ridiculous pronouncing twat like “twot”

  • Jr
    Jr 3 days ago


  • Born to gaze into night skies

    "There is no such thing as mainstream because there's not just one stream anymore"

  • Young Beige
    Young Beige 4 days ago

    Yo charla, u ain’t too old to do coke... I shit you not, I was smoking coke with a 70 year old man a month ago.... fucking epic... I’m the only lil white suburb kid in a crackhouse of 8 ppl that were all too high on heroin to try and rob me hahaha. Fucking crazy, I’m never smoking coke again

  • OutdoorsTubeFX
    OutdoorsTubeFX 4 days ago

    bigfoot can be found in the woods surrounding nuclear lake in pawling ny off the appalachin trail

  • 91blackR
    91blackR 4 days ago +1

    Sleep paralizses is when ur mind is sleep still sleeping so u can’t move at all. It tends to happen when u sleep on ur back

    • ChronosJG
      ChronosJG 3 days ago

      It tends to happen from stress, the position of how u sleep doesn't matter. I've had it over 10 times and seen so many crazy shit lol.

    • Shamicka White
      Shamicka White 3 days ago

      91blackR that shit happens to me when I sleep on my stomach, ugh I hate it

  • Ding Chavez
    Ding Chavez 4 days ago

    saying this fucking ass clown is the last great radio host? hes fucking trash and no one likes his gossiping ass

  • TheLegend Himself
    TheLegend Himself 4 days ago

    Get Stone Cold Steve Austin on the junt

  • Chaos
    Chaos 4 days ago

    I learned Schulz is smarter than I thought, and Charlemagne is an absolute idiot.

    • Chaos
      Chaos 3 days ago

      Gauud I never said he wasn’t-did I? I simply stated that he’s an idiot, so your comment is irrelevant.

    • Gauud
      Gauud 3 days ago

      Charlemagne is an entertainer. He’s one of the best at it

  • Manny Oni
    Manny Oni 5 days ago +8

    "endogenous psychedelic chemicals". Just say DMT, joe rogan.

  • Luis AC
    Luis AC 5 days ago

    He's always on some racist Shit, always got something to say against anyone who isn't Black. Although he comes on a White persons show for public recognition. Go Fuck your Mother, he has NO morals. Stick by your racism even when it comes to recognition. I'll respect you then PUNK

  • Not Applicable
    Not Applicable 5 days ago

    He’s the last great one? Hahaha, we are afforded a personal opinion in America.

  • Timothy O'Neil
    Timothy O'Neil 5 days ago

    Charlamagne is batshit! I love Andrew and Joe :)

  • iLL 619
    iLL 619 5 days ago

    Need to have Andrew and CTG back on..great interview

  • Jay Sizzle
    Jay Sizzle 5 days ago +3

    Idk why, but I cant stand that skinny white guy on here.

    • Jay Sizzle
      Jay Sizzle 2 days ago

      @Sean WillChene OH OK! That's the guy Bill Burr hates or went off on live to his face because he made fun of a guy trying stand up for the first time. I knew I hated that guy! He sucks!

      MK TAKE OFF 3 days ago +1

      I agree for example when he talks to the black guy he try’s to sound like a hood gangster. 😂 he’s a lil dweeb!

    • Sean WillChene
      Sean WillChene 3 days ago

      Dude he's hilarious hes a standup comic who does improv.
      His name is Andrew Schulz btw


    I wanna see Joe chalamane and 69 podcast 🤣🤣🤣😭

  • Maverick
    Maverick 5 days ago

    4.2 million views. Crazy...

  • Jeremy Sallgren
    Jeremy Sallgren 5 days ago +3

    It's bootlegged booze at the resorts.
    The resorts know that's the highest costing supply they have to replace with these young people that go there to party. So they curb the costs with unsafe home made booze.

    • C Dread
      C Dread 2 days ago

      Jeremy Sallgren “fairly verified”? Erm...

    • Jeremy Sallgren
      Jeremy Sallgren 2 days ago

      It's been a fairly verified rumor for awhile and it's also Occam's razor. At this point it's all but proven because the deaths are always related to the mini bars in these hotels.

    • Jose Martins
      Jose Martins 2 days ago +1

      You seem pretty confident. How do you know?

    • Jose Martins
      Jose Martins 2 days ago

      @C Dread but to die? And nobody know why?

    • C Dread
      C Dread 3 days ago

      Usually its the ice cubes that get people sick, people avoid the water but forget with the ice in the drinks

  • Yung Dez
    Yung Dez 6 days ago

    dude the pimple on CTGs neck is fuckin bothering me dude

  • ¿? ¿?
    ¿? ¿? 6 days ago

    Charlamagne "The (Lisp) God"

  • Kaleidoscopic Videos

    Can’t find the song smile bitch by izzy can someone send me a link?

  • shaunii
    shaunii 6 days ago

    I dunno but the conversation around the 58:00 minute mark made me feel q little better about being constantly shit on by people that never seem to get it back!

  • Boxcarcifer
    Boxcarcifer 7 days ago +1

    Charlamagne tha God Elizebeth Warren
    Liz Warren - now dubbed Rachel Dolezal - can’t hide from fake heritage claim
    Pocahontas, step aside. There’s a new nickname following Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign: Rachel Dolezal.
    And unlike the original Pocahontas, Dolezal was not a hero, but a fraud.
    Warren, appearing on a popular New York-based radio show, “The
    Breakfast Club,” was compared to Dolezal, the infamous former NAACP
    leader later proven to be white, during an uncomfortable interview with
    host Charlamagne tha God.
    The exchange showed that the Native American ancestry claims made by
    Warren aren’t going away anytime soon, despite the Massachusetts
    senator’s attempts to avoid the controversy or drown it out with policy
    “You’re kind of like the original Rachel Dolezal, a little bit.
    Rachel Dolezal was a white woman who pretended to be black.” Charlamagne
    says unhelpfully.
    “No, this is what I learned from my family,” a visibly uncomfortable Warren says.
    This was clearly not your usual easy interview with Stephen Colbert.
    “Like, why did you do that?” Charlamagne bluntly asked about Warren’s past claims to be an American Indian.
    “So it’s what I believe,” a somewhat stunned Warren responded. “It’s what I learned from my family.”
    But it didn’t end there. The host insisted on prodding Warren more
    about whether she got any “benefits” to claiming to be a Cherokee
    “The Boston Globe did a full investigation,” Warren weakly responded,
    repeating what has been her go-to phrase to show she never got promoted
    or hired because she claimed to be a minority.
    “I’m not a person of color, I’m not a citizen of a tribe and I
    shouldn’t have done it,” Warren said in what amounts to the closest
    she’s come to admitting what she did was wrong.
    “Wait, your family told you you were Native American?,” Charlamagne asks.
    “Yeah.” Warren says.
    “Yeah?” Charlamagne repeats.
    “Yeah,” Warren responds.
    Warren’s campaign actually had showed a little momentum lately, but
    this damaging interview puts an end to that. It’s a lesson to Warren
    that she’s never going to be able to escape from her fraudulent past.
    With the Democratic presidential debates coming up in a few weeks,
    Warren may find herself the target of one of her opponents, and the
    Dolezal moniker might find itself into the next stump speech of Trump.
    And unlike the “Pocahontas” insults coming from President Trump, this
    time the Native American controversy was resurrected by the black host
    of a syndicated show that the Cambridge Democrat should have been able
    to handle easily.
    But it shows that for Warren, danger lurks around every corner, even ones that seem safe.

  • Yves Ilboudo
    Yves Ilboudo 7 days ago

    I wish the other guy would shut up more

  • Resilient
    Resilient 7 days ago

    I feel like I'm in the room just kickin it with the guys. Awesome podcast

  • gopal krishna
    gopal krishna 7 days ago +1

    Andrew - Klitschko is an old guy ... he is weak .... he had Chernobyl in him ... hahahahaha this guy is genius

  • Harsh
    Harsh 7 days ago +4

    If it's possible bring Keanu Reeves in podcast

  • Emmanuel Mendez
    Emmanuel Mendez 8 days ago +1

    andrew the best wingman

  • Aaron Mc Namee
    Aaron Mc Namee 8 days ago +1

    Best job ever but he deserves it hes great in what he does. Great knowledge

  • John
    John 9 days ago

    fucking idiot name, who does he think he is?

  • Austin Roper
    Austin Roper 9 days ago

    Char: tiffany haddish’s teddy bears used to come to life and fuck with her
    Joe: yeah man, but UFO abductions.

  • Lynch 666
    Lynch 666 9 days ago +1

    The only Smokable Cocain product is when it’s cooked into crack.. lmfao

    • Milkymanz
      Milkymanz 6 days ago

      people put cocaine in joints all the time

  • ThatBoyTrey
    ThatBoyTrey 9 days ago

    you never had a real job if you never listened to bobby bones in the morning rest in peace bobby bones

  • Eric Whalen
    Eric Whalen 9 days ago

    I'll stomp on the fraud charlatampon

  • Ian Payne
    Ian Payne 9 days ago +8

    Joe "did you know coke is good for you?" Rogan

  • Iforgetmygoogle Account

    Andrew reminds me of an annoying little brother. inflated ego

    • dudeimgeorge
      dudeimgeorge 6 days ago

      Well he is a professional comedian sooo..

  • kevykevsportspicks and cooking plus lowriders

    Howard Stern 300 million there should be a salary cap on human beings. There's too much real estate out there for us to be the only ones take that to the bank.

  • Thomas H
    Thomas H 10 days ago

    He mentally I'll, schizophrenic maybe.

  • Mateo Solano
    Mateo Solano 10 days ago

    I watched all of this from beginning to end... it was lit

  • Melanin Money Magic
    Melanin Money Magic 10 days ago

  • 2L Jacoby
    2L Jacoby 11 days ago +8

    “You believe in everything... you believe in toys that can harass you as a kid” 😂

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B 11 days ago +1

    I never thought I would hear those two voices together. Gonna be a good podcast.

  • TungstenArc '94
    TungstenArc '94 11 days ago

    Fuck I've been saying especially wrong.