Ukrainian Orphan Allegedly Abandoned By Adoptive Parents Insists She Is 16 Years Old

  • Published on Nov 7, 2019
  • The Ukrainian orphan who is accused of being an adult and was allegedly abandoned by her adoptive parents speaks out in an exclusive interview.
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  • Mia V
    Mia V Day ago

    Bruh just polygraph it 👩🏻‍🦲👩🏻‍🦲👩🏻‍🦲💀💀💀💀💀

  • Mia V
    Mia V Day ago

    She sounds 16 tho wtf

  • Jadyn Kenn
    Jadyn Kenn Day ago

    i just watched the full episode and her birth mother was contacted and proved that she was 16.

  • McKay Campbell
    McKay Campbell Day ago

    So let's just say everyone is the age that they look, there are a lot of 16 year olds that look 19. I guess they're 19. If you look at all of her old pictures when she was younger she looks the same age, it could be a part of her dwarfism. And you also dont know what those other parents were like.

  • Brenda Zelina
    Brenda Zelina Day ago

    She did not look 6 in the pics she’s lying scammer!!

  • Chanelle Booysen

    How can you not remember when you're only 16 come on

  • Christina Zhang
    Christina Zhang 2 days ago


    FRANKY 2 days ago

    If she’s been with 30 families she’s old lol

  • Amanda Martin
    Amanda Martin 2 days ago

    I agree that she is MUCH older than 16.

  • S A
    S A 2 days ago

    She took Danielle Cohn to another level

  • Hina Ali
    Hina Ali 2 days ago

    full on lies

  • Ónodi-Andrade Liliána

    **cough cough** Danielle Chon **cough cough**

  • Kaenicole
    Kaenicole 2 days ago

    She’s definitely lying

  • Angelicamaria Escobedo

    She said she's 16 and her birthday is September 4 2003 if that was her birthday she wouldn't be 16 she would be 15

  • Dukjin Im
    Dukjin Im 2 days ago

    I don’t know what the truth is but you don’t have to listen for more than 5 seconds to recognize she has a personality disorder and lies... a LOT. When she says “I don’t remember”, she’s practically screaming “I’m lying”.

  • Star Whitlow
    Star Whitlow 2 days ago

    She lieing... She much older..

  • Sonya paris
    Sonya paris 2 days ago

    All she says is “I don’t know”. Clearly liar

  • KiralaFrost
    KiralaFrost 2 days ago

    She's a lier

  • Nicole Truong
    Nicole Truong 2 days ago

    An eight year old CANNOT talk like that !! I REPEAT!! My brothers eight and he does not talk like that. You can go to a random 8 year old and they don’t talk like that !!

  • Bella Giglio
    Bella Giglio 2 days ago

    that awkward moment when you realize a potential psychopath killer on dr. phil has the same birthday as you 👀👀👀👀

  • La Vie En Rose
    La Vie En Rose 2 days ago +4

    this whole interview was just full of

    "I dont remember"

  • Ezen Tv
    Ezen Tv 2 days ago


  • anju chan
    anju chan 2 days ago

    doesnt this remind u of s movie called orphan?

  • Char C
    Char C 3 days ago

    Full adult woman

  • GTA 5 How 2
    GTA 5 How 2 3 days ago

    She did a ddt on the kid and then a perfect miniature arm bar

  • Amanda Razon
    Amanda Razon 3 days ago

    Hm maybe a lie detector test ????

  • MaKayla Ann Goodwin
    MaKayla Ann Goodwin 3 days ago

    Dwarfism affect their body different, than not having it. She does have a birth certificate proving how old she is. You people are ducked up, she was not an adult at the time she was 8. People have been trying to use her to gain fame which is destroying her.

  • Samantha Edouard
    Samantha Edouard 3 days ago

    Living with 30 famiies for a short period of time then something ani't right...

  • Jana Šlechtová
    Jana Šlechtová 3 days ago

    Either she came to the US before age 10 or so, or she is an American claiming to be from another country. No person over the age of about 10 can learn to speak a language like a native speaker. That's just how the language center of the brain works.

  • Jana Šlechtová
    Jana Šlechtová 3 days ago

    There is no way she would have learned English like a native speaker if she had been more than about age 10 when she first came to the US.

  • Marie Doboue
    Marie Doboue 3 days ago

    the same thing happened to me

  • The Garf
    The Garf 4 days ago +26

    so hold on, people ACTUALLY believe an “8 year old” lived on her own in an apartment?And furthermore, took herself to school and cooked her own food? trust me, if i was 8 and given freedom like that i would’ve never attended school or been able to cook myself a diet to survive off of!

  • BiggLynch
    BiggLynch 4 days ago

    Dude she’s copying the movie 🎥 orphan

  • Lala Jamison
    Lala Jamison 4 days ago

    She definitely looks different from "6yrs old" to now idk how old she is but somes going on

  • Joy Eyitsede
    Joy Eyitsede 4 days ago +1

    If she's 16 shouldn't she be functioning like 14? She sounds 30

  • Sarah Oh
    Sarah Oh 4 days ago +3

    Just run a lie detector test on her. Like the Steve Wilkos Show.

  • Shelby Connors
    Shelby Connors 4 days ago +23

    All she says is "i dont know" "i dont remember" like come on

  • Mehrangiz Bahronova
    Mehrangiz Bahronova 4 days ago

    It’s literally obvious that she’s lyingggg

  • hey hey
    hey hey 4 days ago +4

    The way the husband looks at the girl like "The only person you're fooling is this woman. I see u girl👀👀👀!"

  • Joanna Williams
    Joanna Williams 4 days ago

    Shes anywhere from 24 to 34

  • Hlompho Ramorakane
    Hlompho Ramorakane 4 days ago

    How come she doesn’t remember anything???

  • Leo DX
    Leo DX 5 days ago +1

    Man she looks scary and even like possessed demon

  • ancient power
    ancient power 5 days ago

    She's cute

  • Ayesha Davis
    Ayesha Davis 5 days ago

    Damn the real story of Orphan

  • Mi Nennuka
    Mi Nennuka 5 days ago

    That is not an Ukrainian accent , and the use of words and sentences is not of an emigrant with few years learning English. She looks 30

  • F Santo
    F Santo 5 days ago

    If she's 16, I'm 10

  • Cyndi M
    Cyndi M 5 days ago

    U guys stop hating her! Most of you don't know anything about psychology or body language and the likes. She is more credible than the other weird couple who abandoned her. Why does the victim needs to be bullied?? Most of the people commenting here have a very poor judgement.

  • Angie Marie
    Angie Marie 5 days ago

    How would you not remember going through 30 families

  • write to speak
    write to speak 5 days ago

    Sooo she was with 30 families in 6 years!???

    LOUISA CHALK 5 days ago

    I saw this on Snapchat lol

  • Layla Reeves
    Layla Reeves 5 days ago

    Why doesn’t she have any memories of Ukraine and zero accent? I don’t believe her, she’s an adult, scamming the system. She’s psycho. She’s an American, she didn’t come over from anywhere.

  • Colton Minger
    Colton Minger 5 days ago

    incredible that she is sticking with it

  • Neptune the Cat
    Neptune the Cat 5 days ago

    Sis needs to clean them fools out. How is anyone buying this? FOH!!! 30 families, 16 but you can't remember 😲

  • The Wholesome Taste
    The Wholesome Taste 5 days ago +1

    this is like the real-life story of the movie "orphan"

  • Andy
    Andy 6 days ago

    She'd be perfect for Epstein if he was alive

  • Malu
    Malu 6 days ago

    The hormones couldve affected her periods and losing her baby teeth. All the physical "aging" can be blamed on her condition. But the way she talks kinda makes it clear that she's lying. It somehow makes me feel she is totally lying. It is just not the way someone would talk like after being adopted and abandoned by 30 families. Her speech pattern and the fact that she took care of herself at 8 or 9?? It is not until my late teens that I could fully take care of myself. I mean alone in a house. Ofc, sometimes you're forced to grow up but she did that at 8?? That sounds fishy. Smth about her isn't convincing at all to me

  • Ma. Angelica Callueng
    Ma. Angelica Callueng 6 days ago +1

    Now this sounds like the movie "The Orphan" to me. It looked the same story to me, well i may be wrong. Can you guys enlighten me?

  • Stacey Lynn
    Stacey Lynn 6 days ago

    Her teeth are not of a 6 year old.

  • ThePokerbrat626
    ThePokerbrat626 6 days ago

    Shes the devil

  • Camilla Scanlon
    Camilla Scanlon 6 days ago