Tour of my Home Bike Shop after almost 2 years

  • Published on Jan 2, 2019
  • It’s been almost two years since I built my home bike shop. Today, we’re going to do a little build project and then take a tour of the Hack Shack. What worked? What didn’t? Find out in this video.
    Original Build Video
    Fat Biking the Wake of a Cruise Ship
    Retractable Power Cord
    Foam Flooring: (I needed 240 square feet for my 1 car garage)
    LED Strip:
    Vertical Bike Rack
    Bike Hook:
    Charging Brick
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  • Louisse Anne Perez
    Louisse Anne Perez 9 hours ago

    Deeeym! I envy you sir.😥😥😥 hope one day i can.

  • Sebastian Graham
    Sebastian Graham 19 hours ago

    Use metal pegboard. It doesn't deteriorate.

  • MTBTuber
    MTBTuber 2 days ago

    That ending drone shoot was on point. 👌

  • A.F.S
    A.F.S 4 days ago

    I need a go pro !!!
    Seriously though like a hero 4 or 3 or 5 any...

  • david productions
    david productions 7 days ago

    You should put the play mat on the work bench

  • BioCord FPV
    BioCord FPV 8 days ago

    Sweet Miles board , how do you like it?

  • Bogan Phelps
    Bogan Phelps 9 days ago

    You could use some old bike chain as a support for your under workbench shelf door on each end

  • Calingasan Restie D
    Calingasan Restie D 10 days ago

    Good job bro

  • Davis's Adventures
    Davis's Adventures 11 days ago

    Dude replace the vice

  • Russ Cambell
    Russ Cambell 12 days ago

    I would be like “bike please break down now”

  • Russ Cambell
    Russ Cambell 12 days ago

    I would say hey thanks for the shoes

  • Luke Mark Botes
    Luke Mark Botes 13 days ago

    I love your though for bikes Seth!!!

  • haran wood
    haran wood 13 days ago

    swisstrax is the ultimate solution to your floor

  • Naiki Ruffer
    Naiki Ruffer 14 days ago

    Swisstrax is a good option for your floor ;)

  • Cody Dewitt
    Cody Dewitt 16 days ago

    you need dewalt

  • Daniel Duffy
    Daniel Duffy 18 days ago

    Should use Swiss tracks

  • rafiol fajri
    rafiol fajri 19 days ago

    I like

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones 19 days ago

    Need to clean those gutters man....

  • Egg Graphics
    Egg Graphics 20 days ago

    when using that floor matting, if it gets dirty, maybe trying to flip it all over to show the new clean side?

  • Jacob Sosnoski
    Jacob Sosnoski 22 days ago

    Use fiberglass coating to protect the top of the tool bench

  • Matthew Yates
    Matthew Yates 22 days ago +2

    Seth you should use the pvc to make an obstacle in your backyard like to ride over them or ride it like a skinny.

  • Lt. Dan
    Lt. Dan 24 days ago

    Care to make a recommendation of which bench vise you like?

  • Daniil Oxyuk
    Daniil Oxyuk 24 days ago

    I asked a few videos ago!

  • Alden Koskoff
    Alden Koskoff 25 days ago

    Casey neistat who?

  • Demo Owner
    Demo Owner 25 days ago +1

    2:00 thats the old drill :D

  • Liam Goodwin
    Liam Goodwin 26 days ago

    4:15 the tub says Velcro not self stick hook and loop

  • Quinn Kaminski
    Quinn Kaminski 26 days ago

    skiing is fun

  • David Cote
    David Cote 27 days ago

    How about that a garage, which NOBODY uses as a garage, turned into a useful space. Good job.

  • Anderson’s Editz Mtb

    Yea well my bench vice snapped whilst clamp a piece of metal

  • Raggavabbiez
    Raggavabbiez 28 days ago

    Man i thought it was a beer fridge, the sticker storage cabinet :(

  • Jasper Connelly
    Jasper Connelly 28 days ago +1

    You need Swiss Trax for your flooring. It's an incredible product

  • Kevin Alarcón
    Kevin Alarcón Month ago

    yeah my entire shack issa box

  • Frederick Hartray
    Frederick Hartray Month ago

    An epoxy floor is easier to keep clean. Pad your shoe insoles, not the whole floor.

  • D C
    D C Month ago

    Footage looks nice and crispy. What camera/ settings do you prefer?

  • Heinrich Herget
    Heinrich Herget Month ago

    For the love of god Seth Get rid of that ancient underpowered Ryobi and get a new drill

  • MJThe DJ
    MJThe DJ Month ago

    1:14 realizes that wash station is not level...

  • Joel Parker
    Joel Parker Month ago

    I’m pretty sure that fat bike cruise ship video was the first Seth vid I ever watched

  • Riley Hay
    Riley Hay Month ago

    Whats up guys today il be showing you the fastest way to rob my house

  • Cory McCallum
    Cory McCallum Month ago

    Sweet garage workshop Seth!

  • Ryan Hrbek
    Ryan Hrbek Month ago

    Huh I thought I was the only one who had big nuts

  • Jairo Nato
    Jairo Nato Month ago

    Pony up for Swiss Trax for your garage floor and would never regret it

  • Sticky Note
    Sticky Note Month ago

    What is the skateboard on the left??

  • Ethan Revitch
    Ethan Revitch Month ago

    I made a tool bench cart

  • Joe Mamma
    Joe Mamma Month ago


  • Alex Shirley
    Alex Shirley Month ago

    Jeez when is GoPro going to sponsor you

  • Mitch Blocher
    Mitch Blocher Month ago

    Quick tip use 5 gallon buckets instead! We have loads of them and they make nice boot racks

  • WHAT ARE Thoes!!!!!!!!

    Anyone know a TheXvidr like Seth but for bmx?

  • Ryan Chalmers
    Ryan Chalmers Month ago

    Now you need a fridge

  • Tearyatobitz
    Tearyatobitz Month ago

    Where’s the beer? 🍻

  • jason gallegos
    jason gallegos Month ago

    It’s so cool how we both like bikes well I’m not as good as you but our dads both work in demolition I thought it was cool and I would like it know if box components are good ?

  • theafi824
    theafi824 Month ago

    Next episode... Seth cleans his gutters

  • Xx Clan
    Xx Clan Month ago

    Does anyone shop there

  • ThunderNatee
    ThunderNatee Month ago

    Now this is sick!!

  • GunnerCc cronauer
    GunnerCc cronauer Month ago

    That’s a big nut

  • noname
    noname Month ago

    Orrr, you could just buy a shoe rack

  • T-Perm J-Perm
    T-Perm J-Perm Month ago

    The nut is just a paper weight.

  • SurviventheOnslaught

    i judge a mans capability by his garage, anyone without a vise cant do shit, lol

  • Oliver Slater
    Oliver Slater Month ago

    hello bro i love seth

  • Bálint Tamás
    Bálint Tamás Month ago

    Dream garage, nice work.

  • Declan Miley
    Declan Miley Month ago

    Seth, I love your videos! I was wondering how much all of your stuff in the garage except your bikes cost in total. I also want to know what to get to make a starter version of your workshop.

  • Kelvin Mwanza
    Kelvin Mwanza Month ago

    Seth clean your gutters

  • Daniel Roper
    Daniel Roper Month ago

    I want your house.

  • Lughnerson
    Lughnerson Month ago

    Right on about the vise and retractable extension cord.

  • Ian Layok
    Ian Layok Month ago

    I love this

  • I AM XC
    I AM XC Month ago +1

    That blue shoes is Alex's
    I saw it in mtb product reviews
    The chainsaw one
    Like if Agree!

  • The K-p king
    The K-p king Month ago

    Seth you should buy a metal pin board next time as they won’t deteriorate

  • Troy Lewis
    Troy Lewis Month ago

    nice setup... OCD anyone! ps your tees are ridiculously expensive!.. sorry :(

  • christian coleman
    christian coleman Month ago

    Just bring the mat outside and pressure wash it

  • Morgan Senzamici
    Morgan Senzamici Month ago

    Whoa! Somehow my Amazon shopping cart magically filled with $300 of stuff for my garage while watching this video. Weird.

  • tony wyant
    tony wyant 2 months ago

    I like the workbench. What's the height, width and depth?? cool video too.

  • MTB Geo
    MTB Geo 2 months ago

    does anyone know the music at 4:44 ?

  • Peyton Chambers
    Peyton Chambers 2 months ago

    after the troble double build a wallride

  • Tony Jee
    Tony Jee 2 months ago

    If you know anybody with a 3d printer you should look into getting custom pegboard holders/mounts/hooks made. I'm pretty sure you sold me on one of those retractable extension cords

  • Arbiter MTB
    Arbiter MTB 2 months ago

    You watching helplessly as the tube rolled down the wash station made me cry of laughter 😂

  • Timothy Elrod
    Timothy Elrod 2 months ago

    The horse stall mats from an Ag store like tractor supply or Big Blue make awesome garage flooring. Much more durable and resistant to stains than that interlocking stuff. I use them in my workspace and garage gym. They are roughly 5x7 and about $40 on sale. They do not interlock, but are so heavy they don’t move around.

  • Peter Repstock
    Peter Repstock 2 months ago

    If you dont mind hearing an opinion; remounting the vise would let you get more use out of it.
    If the inner jaw was flush with the bench edge it would hold longer items in more positions.

  • Toby Wright
    Toby Wright 2 months ago

    love the bike shop you have i hope i can make one when i have my own place

  • Clieef Alfri
    Clieef Alfri 2 months ago

    Replace Pegboard with Wallcontrol ;)

  • kerry edmonds
    kerry edmonds 2 months ago

    Seth, what are those wheels you have on the longboard you hang on the right below the kicker ramp? Never seen anything like them

  • Kellan Murphy
    Kellan Murphy 2 months ago

    Hey Seth, I had been riding a MTB for about a month before I found your channel and I was only really in it for fitness. Now two years later I've been in races and I'm addicted. Thank you.

  • Sven Laht
    Sven Laht 2 months ago


  • Wes W
    Wes W 2 months ago

    I wish other garage organization videos were this informative and well made.

  • Joey Pickavance
    Joey Pickavance 2 months ago

    Always good insight this Seth Bike Hacks provides. I picked up some great ideas on this video. Thanks Seth!

  • Christian Rambissoon
    Christian Rambissoon 2 months ago

    your gutters need a bike hack lolol :)

  • Talal Alsaad
    Talal Alsaad 2 months ago

    You are inspiring man, I am a big fan of your channel and I own a Kelly's hardtail and I must say you inspired me onto this sport. Keep it up !

  • adventures with nacho
    adventures with nacho 2 months ago

    who else has watched this 3 times

  • Crimzixx
    Crimzixx 2 months ago

    3:17 bacon 🥓 ????????????

  • Mallchad
    Mallchad 2 months ago


  • Yamaha R1
    Yamaha R1 2 months ago +1

    Seth I startred a company last year building bikes kinda like the new super 73 which I am in need of a at home mechanic like yourself who can work from home build some nice bikes but quality is key and earn roughly 100 grand from home

  • chuckleberrry
    chuckleberrry 2 months ago

    Clean those gutters, hoss! l

  • Leteziaz
    Leteziaz 2 months ago

    9:16 You're not even riding a bike 😂

  • Aum Thakore
    Aum Thakore 2 months ago

    Hey seth! I think you should invert your flooring upside down so that the new clean unused surface will face up! It'll save you a lot of time, money and effort of cleaning, plus you won't have to worry about your flooring for another 2 to 3 years 😜

  • Rakano
    Rakano 2 months ago

    How do you have time to build that and time to obtain these items? i mean for me to work and get proper budget I'd need a few years 5+ here where i live.

  • Mason 360
    Mason 360 2 months ago

    5:15 Is that the old chainring from your Trek 4900?

  • Mr. Birb
    Mr. Birb 2 months ago

    Do me seth

  • Bradan Graney
    Bradan Graney 2 months ago

    A week and 1 day since last video REEE

  • YaWty
    YaWty 2 months ago

    Go to Alton alps in MN in the summer

  • AvE
    AvE 2 months ago

    Shitty vise = $ ; Good vise = priceless. Buy once, cry once.

  • daniel charlie fernandez

    bike check pleeeease:))

  • Eric Schlaht
    Eric Schlaht 2 months ago

    love it man! Nice work