Tour of my Home Bike Shop after almost 2 years


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  • Peter Repstock
    Peter Repstock 21 hour ago

    If you dont mind hearing an opinion; remounting the vise would let you get more use out of it.
    If the inner jaw was flush with the bench edge it would hold longer items in more positions.

  • Toby Wright
    Toby Wright Day ago

    love the bike shop you have i hope i can make one when i have my own place

  • Clieef Alfri
    Clieef Alfri 2 days ago

    Replace Pegboard with Wallcontrol ;)

  • kerry edmonds
    kerry edmonds 2 days ago

    Seth, what are those wheels you have on the longboard you hang on the right below the kicker ramp? Never seen anything like them

  • Kellan Murphy
    Kellan Murphy 3 days ago

    Hey Seth, I had been riding a MTB for about a month before I found your channel and I was only really in it for fitness. Now two years later I've been in races and I'm addicted. Thank you.

  • Digging and Riding
    Digging and Riding 4 days ago

    Best. Garage. Ever!!!

  • Sven Laht
    Sven Laht 4 days ago


  • Wes W
    Wes W 4 days ago

    I wish other garage organization videos were this informative and well made.

  • Joey Pickavance
    Joey Pickavance 4 days ago

    Always good insight this Seth Bike Hacks provides. I picked up some great ideas on this video. Thanks Seth!

  • Christian Rambissoon

    your gutters need a bike hack lolol :)

  • Talal Alsaad
    Talal Alsaad 4 days ago

    You are inspiring man, I am a big fan of your channel and I own a Kelly's hardtail and I must say you inspired me onto this sport. Keep it up !

  • adventures with nacho

    who else has watched this 3 times

  • Crimzixx
    Crimzixx 6 days ago

    3:17 bacon 🥓 ????????????

  • Mallchad
    Mallchad 7 days ago


  • yamaha r1
    yamaha r1 7 days ago +1

    Seth I startred a company last year building bikes kinda like the new super 73 which I am in need of a at home mechanic like yourself who can work from home build some nice bikes but quality is key and earn roughly 100 grand from home

  • chuckleberrry
    chuckleberrry 7 days ago

    Clean those gutters, hoss! l

  • Leteziaz
    Leteziaz 7 days ago

    9:16 You're not even riding a bike 😂

  • Aum Thakore
    Aum Thakore 7 days ago

    Hey seth! I think you should invert your flooring upside down so that the new clean unused surface will face up! It'll save you a lot of time, money and effort of cleaning, plus you won't have to worry about your flooring for another 2 to 3 years 😜

  • Rakano
    Rakano 7 days ago

    How do you have time to build that and time to obtain these items? i mean for me to work and get proper budget I'd need a few years 5+ here where i live.

  • Mason 360
    Mason 360 7 days ago

    5:15 Is that the old chainring from your Trek 4900?

  • Mr Rosen
    Mr Rosen 8 days ago

    Do me seth

  • Bradan Graney
    Bradan Graney 8 days ago

    A week and 1 day since last video REEE

  • YaWty
    YaWty 8 days ago

    Go to Alton alps in MN in the summer

  • AvE
    AvE 8 days ago

    Shitty vise = $ ; Good vise = priceless. Buy once, cry once.

  • daniel charlie fernandez

    bike check pleeeease:))

  • Eric Schlaht
    Eric Schlaht 8 days ago

    love it man! Nice work

  • Markus Allgaier
    Markus Allgaier 8 days ago

    The cleanest spot in my basement is where I pulled apart a Marzocchi 888 which leaked a pint of old goo.

  • Shooter
    Shooter 8 days ago

    look nice Seth, i will take some ideas to my bike shop, regards from CHILE

  • Ada Lota Pizza
    Ada Lota Pizza 8 days ago +2

    Where's drama?

  • RenZayerGaming
    RenZayerGaming 8 days ago

    Is a Cannondale Trail5 26 good for mountainbiking?

  • PythoniX
    PythoniX 8 days ago

    Thanks Seth for everything! You informed me on everything I know about biking. I am now going to get my first decent bike. A diamondback overdrive. Thank you for everything.

  • Dustin Fordyce
    Dustin Fordyce 8 days ago

    You make me want to start riding mtb bikes again but I don't have $6000 laying around to build one. Can you test out more bikes from Walmart or any place

  • los skabros
    los skabros 8 days ago

    Your videos are so badass bro...some pro stuff

  • Mason Nettleton
    Mason Nettleton 8 days ago

    If you feel up to it there is a mtb race in the snow at powder ridge in ct on February 9th it starts at 9am and ends at 5 you can ride any bike you want but NO studded tires

  • amywaker
    amywaker 9 days ago

    Seth I think this would look great on your bike, TY BOLTS!!!

  • J Roberts
    J Roberts 9 days ago

    Can you do a mash up of recommended trails NC/Tennessee/KY and Virginia for us road-trippers out there

  • J.S
    J.S 9 days ago +1

    Please try screwing screws into tires protruding outward, snow tires!!

  • Stallion gamer Studios
    Stallion gamer Studios 9 days ago +1

    I like my own comment as no one else likes it 😕😃

  • Brandon Loge
    Brandon Loge 9 days ago

    Hey do you have any videos on how to precisely straighten handlebars???

  • Eli Carter
    Eli Carter 9 days ago

    What is your favorite DIY bike rack for small spaces

  • poopfartnugget
    poopfartnugget 9 days ago

    Seth what voice over mic are you using?

  • alex lmdtv
    alex lmdtv 9 days ago

    Just got around to watching this video about the updates to the shack.
    You know what would make your shop stand out..
    Painting your work table with raptor liner or linex. The stuff will protect your surface keep water, wd40, chain oil and anything else you drop on it.Just pick it up at you local auto shop.
    I personally will recommend the raptor liner. For around $100 you can probably paint your work bench and maybe your bike wash deck i will even paint your picnic table while am at it. Lol
    Love the vids dude.
    Keep it up, good job!!!

  • Kaveman Robinson
    Kaveman Robinson 9 days ago

    Hey, I need to build a bike by spring. Money is tight. What order should I buy parts. Been looking thru your videos and trust your advice. Cant afford 500 up front but 100-150 a month towards parts for an entry level hard tail for a 5'7 rider light trails and jumps/light commuting

  • Naoya Miyamoto
    Naoya Miyamoto 9 days ago

    I want to get a entry-level mtb, and do you think the Gaint ATX 2 (2018) is good enough?

  • Zackary Trask
    Zackary Trask 10 days ago

    I no longer watch these videos for fun, but because I feel obligated...

  • Lien De Vos
    Lien De Vos 10 days ago

    Please do another van video

  • Demonops
    Demonops 10 days ago

    what do you think of 300€ mountainbikes are they good ? (example serious rockaway)

  • Rémy Métailler
    Rémy Métailler 10 days ago

    Man that set up ! And I thought my new garage was cool and had every detail ahah.

  • Cordeiro Woodworks
    Cordeiro Woodworks 10 days ago

    Awesome dude, love the shoe rack, and that jig was genius!

  • ShaneCycles
    ShaneCycles 10 days ago

    Wish I had a garage instead of my damp shed :). Great workshop ...

  • kevin read
    kevin read 10 days ago

    Seth, I love your Y. T. pieces But clean out your gutters!!! In The Front,,,,, your drone shot shows!!!

    RIKZ TIVI 10 days ago

    Seth, you inspired me to ride a mountain bike. I always rode my urban road bike before, and your shop is great!!

  • MANIPATRUNI srinivasarao

    Your bike shop is oddly satisfying and extremely beautiful.

  • john frailey
    john frailey 10 days ago

    In your video, you mentioned next time you would not use PegBoard. What would you use instead? Just plywood and drill holes where you want brackets?

  • John appleton
    John appleton 11 days ago

    Seth I found a big box bike called the hyper hydroform and I'm thinking of buying it but not sure would you recommend it for a beginner

  • Benjamin Helm
    Benjamin Helm 11 days ago

    48 on trending!

  • John Wilde
    John Wilde 11 days ago

    Oh man, you are so organised, I wish I could keep my shed in half as good condition! Hope you are healing well. Good vibes from Ireland!

  • Ryan Almudraa
    Ryan Almudraa 11 days ago

    Hey Seth could you ask diamond back to send you a kids 24 in bike and use it to the extreme

  • Lembäälän läsgitossaja

    What is good and cheap mudguard for mtb?

  • Sayko Riders
    Sayko Riders 11 days ago

    nice video again seth

  • Anton Sidorenko
    Anton Sidorenko 11 days ago

    Perfect! Just perfect!

  • Tom Tucker
    Tom Tucker 11 days ago


  • Jacob Umble
    Jacob Umble 11 days ago

    And I'm only 11 years old

  • Jacob Umble
    Jacob Umble 11 days ago

    What's the best 500 hundred dollar
    Mountain bike so if I won't to buy one witch should I get

  • Justin Cone
    Justin Cone 11 days ago

    Been a bike guy for little over two decades and love the channel. Keep up the good work. Let me know if you are in need of any more bike hacks for your videos, or more bike related stickers for that matter.

  • Joe Knights
    Joe Knights 11 days ago

    Hey Seth, just wondering if you will ever come to Australia and try the trails and jumps down here.

  • Keagan Bittick
    Keagan Bittick 11 days ago

    I have chop saw with all the wood under on a shelf

  • Erik_with_k
    Erik_with_k 11 days ago

    Metal peg board?

  • Preston Rountree
    Preston Rountree 11 days ago

    That is the ultimate hack shack

  • Tim
    Tim 11 days ago

    What are some good/trustworthy shops to buy a mountain bike

  • hayden b
    hayden b 11 days ago +1

    Do you thank that he should get that wall ride like if you agree

  • Indy_ MTB
    Indy_ MTB 11 days ago

    Can you do a review on the Fasst Flexx Enduro handlebars

  • little laz
    little laz 11 days ago

    You should get some rubber mats that look the same. My dad has had some in his shop for a while now and they look nice.

  • Kevin Toly
    Kevin Toly 12 days ago

    Grody- bringing back adjectives from the late ‘90s and early ‘00s.

  • Ben Schwartz
    Ben Schwartz 12 days ago

    Because winter is coming up, you should do a video with the snowboard ski bike, the SNOGO!!

  • Nicoya
    Nicoya 12 days ago

    Only one? I thought you needed a pair of brass nuts to go off the Drama Drop.

  • Project Return of the MAC

    A nice clean, tidy workshop. Pretty much the opposite of mine. 😞

  • Hunter's Weapons
    Hunter's Weapons 12 days ago

    Man time go’s by fast

  • Jason Rothman
    Jason Rothman 12 days ago

    You should replace the floor with the rubber swisstrax. They are easily cleaned and look super nice.

  • Rc King
    Rc King 12 days ago

    Where is seth

  • Alex Cunliffe
    Alex Cunliffe 12 days ago

    A lot of Wtb saddles there: what's your saddle of choice Seth. Looking to change my stick saddle soon and thinking wtb, fabric scoop, or charge spoon.

  • TobzMTB
    TobzMTB 12 days ago

    Bro I love you today I fell off my bike and now have a broken wrist and u were the only person that kept me sain the 5 hours u was in the hospital ❤️

  • Rainbow Bacon69
    Rainbow Bacon69 12 days ago

    Hey Seth, so I own the mongoose hitch fat bike and I'm trying to find an affordable transmission that has shorter gears, I was hoping you would know of any brands. I don't really know bikes well but I would like to actually get up hills on my fat bike. If you know of any transmissions, please comment back on this. Thanks!

  • TheCrazy MTBiker
    TheCrazy MTBiker 12 days ago

    Next time use a French cleat system

  • Nathan Clukey
    Nathan Clukey 12 days ago

    Seth come mountainbike SANTA CRUZ! I actually mountainboard but this town has some legit mountain bike culture! I got my multi purpose work space ski tuning bench set up in my garage .. ya Im 5 minutes from surfing and 4 hours from skiing and snowboarding !!

  • Owner 2222
    Owner 2222 12 days ago

    How to fix taco'd rim pls help

  • Noel Mendes
    Noel Mendes 12 days ago

    Or it will just come out of by Riding sorta

  • Noel Mendes
    Noel Mendes 12 days ago

    Or by jerking the bike

  • Noel Mendes
    Noel Mendes 12 days ago

    I know a trick to remove doggy 💩from the tires by doing a wheelie or a bunny hop etc

  • Spare time mountain biker

    I dream of that one day I can have a bike workshop like that

  • Wayne Shaffer
    Wayne Shaffer 12 days ago

    Shop envy!!!!

  • Thomas Gurney
    Thomas Gurney 12 days ago

    do you ship tshirts internationally? to the uk

  • sapinva
    sapinva 12 days ago

    Your organizational skills are borderline ocd, Adrian Monk would like your shop. Can you come stay at my house for a week or two?

  • Napoleon Malacca
    Napoleon Malacca 12 days ago

    Neat .

  • Jonathan Christie
    Jonathan Christie 12 days ago

    Please review the syncros hixon bars

  • Harvey Cording
    Harvey Cording 12 days ago +1

    how often do you get a puncture on the trails?

  • Piotr Gubernak
    Piotr Gubernak 12 days ago

    What camera do you use? 😄

  • Илко Евгениев

    New bike day btwin rockrider 520s

  • Tarra Films
    Tarra Films 12 days ago

    Hi Seth I am looking for a full squish trail bike under 3000 AUD any suggestions

  • johnnymwmadden
    johnnymwmadden 12 days ago

    This shop is a dream! Only thing you need now is a DIY shop stereo! grab an old PSU and a car stereo and wire it up!