Tour of my Home Bike Shop after almost 2 years

  • Published on Jan 2, 2019
  • It’s been almost two years since I built my home bike shop. Today, we’re going to do a little build project and then take a tour of the Hack Shack. What worked? What didn’t? Find out in this video.
    Original Build Video
    Fat Biking the Wake of a Cruise Ship
    Retractable Power Cord
    Foam Flooring: (I needed 240 square feet for my 1 car garage)
    LED Strip:
    Vertical Bike Rack
    Bike Hook:
    Charging Brick
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  • Andy
    Andy Hour ago

    Hey Seth you should let me polish your brass nut

  • BlueHooper Pranks
    BlueHooper Pranks 17 hours ago

    That nut also serves for self-defense.

  • cool music
    cool music 2 days ago

    The top of the bench, I would cover it in sheet metal. Do a update video on the under the porch storage area.

  • Jayden Keevil
    Jayden Keevil 3 days ago

    why does it say bacon?

  • Jami Moilanen
    Jami Moilanen 3 days ago

    So your garage is a shop? Where you sell things or do you fix bikes or is it something else than a shop?

  • O K
    O K 4 days ago

    Seth i have the same LED lights in my room i got them of off amazon for £14.99

  • Christian Burrell
    Christian Burrell 5 days ago

    Thank you Seth. Your videos of the shop inspired me to build my own repair shop in my garage. You’d notice some similarities between my designs and yours. But “Crisco’s Crankworks” is uniquely my own. Next time you are in Utah, drop me a line on your way to Eric Porter’s place and come see. I’d love to put a photo of us on the wall.

  • Jerk around Johnny
    Jerk around Johnny 6 days ago

    Get a retractable light

  • dusneed
    dusneed 8 days ago

    Horse stall mats are really good for floors

  • Volunteer Fisherman
    Volunteer Fisherman 9 days ago

    Best recommendation for beginner mountain bike under $400??

  • Alexander Craven
    Alexander Craven 11 days ago

    I would not change the floor, it has stories with every stain

  • Unknown 9173
    Unknown 9173 12 days ago

    why waste time and cutting stuff when you could’ve just bought a real shoe rack?..

  • The outdoors
    The outdoors 12 days ago +2

    4:53 Haha be missed the outlet!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Koen Rampersad
    Koen Rampersad 18 days ago

    I have the same LED’s

    REACTION 19 days ago

    Hehe... nice change.. Well done!

  • UnoWild
    UnoWild 22 days ago

    Next project, clean the Rain Gutters :-P

  • Toby Gillett
    Toby Gillett 27 days ago +1

    Great I’ve been a subscriber since 50k

  • Wumpus-
    Wumpus- 27 days ago

    now u have only mustard cable u should have left it like ketchup mustard😂😂

  • Sean
    Sean 28 days ago +1

    How to clean your floor mats:
    Step 1: Flip the tiles over to reveal the clean side.
    Step 2: Never spill shit on it again.

  • Charlie Greenslade
    Charlie Greenslade 28 days ago

    Why don’t you ride cross country?

  • James Warren
    James Warren 29 days ago

    I'm glad seth became a mountain biker and not a super villain.

  • Matty Evans
    Matty Evans Month ago +1

    6:34 when u realise she is better then u thought

  • XxAmusedsquidxX
    XxAmusedsquidxX Month ago

    I have been subscribed to you since 40k subs!

  • Semi dude Perfect
    Semi dude Perfect Month ago

    Did he even move?

  • Sillyzombie666
    Sillyzombie666 Month ago

    is it me or is that pipe abit over sized?

  • Lukas A.
    Lukas A. Month ago

    How do you successfully heat up your garage in winter times without a gas oven or a small (and maybe inefficient) electric heater?
    I got a petroleum heater, but the smell and the gases are a pain in the ass, so it's not possible to heat up the garage to a comfortable temperature

  • Dominic Rinaldi
    Dominic Rinaldi Month ago

    how did you add that hook to the fish scale?

    DANIEL TATEM Month ago

    Great vid and tell your wife not to complain about putting her car in the garage because bikes are more important

  • Aiden Robertson
    Aiden Robertson Month ago

    I wish I had money to create a workshop but I’m 14 and have to use a spare space in the garage😕

  • Ric Peters
    Ric Peters Month ago

    Seth is so creative I have learned. SO Much watching his program thank you

  • nottacop
    nottacop Month ago

    Clean your eaves bro!

  • Sge Entertainment Sge Entertainment

    More diy on the channel please

  • Arman S
    Arman S Month ago

    Braa i want to make a mtb shop and backyard mtb trail and you are soo good youtuber i want to be pro rider like you

  • Iconic_productions _
    Iconic_productions _ Month ago +2

    Is anybody wondering what happened to the wood chim that he used to get the workbench level

      DANIEL TATEM Month ago

      Shim not chim and he sanded it to make it look part of the desk if that answers your question then good otherwise bother someone else

  • Bikes with Ben
    Bikes with Ben Month ago +6

    Seth said Velcro is called hook and loop but had it named as Velcro?

  • Bipu Pun Magar
    Bipu Pun Magar Month ago

    How much money for

    ŇƗҜĦƗŁ S Month ago

    One of the best bike shack i have only seen

  • Albert Haugen
    Albert Haugen Month ago

    you can get pegboard in metal so the holes dont wear down over time

  • OZoolydie
    OZoolydie Month ago

    Published on Jan 2, 2019

  • Ron Cooke
    Ron Cooke Month ago

    In Pink

  • Ron Cooke
    Ron Cooke Month ago

    Any size uk 8

  • Cixa e
    Cixa e Month ago +1

    You could have turned the shoe rack upside down and use the black PVC pipe to hold your helmets.

  • Remi Pepelko
    Remi Pepelko Month ago

    I have a bike stand that has all the stickers, and I have so many stickers on there that you can't tell what the original color is

  • Mitchell Broderick
    Mitchell Broderick Month ago

    Where do you get your MTB from?

  • Lil Cabbage
    Lil Cabbage Month ago


  • michael kadziolka
    michael kadziolka Month ago

    well, they will find the shoe rack 1000 years from now. LMAO

  • nathan hoover
    nathan hoover Month ago +1

    9:20 you might need to clean your gutters

  • California American

    Should bough something other than ryobi

  • Keanan Connor
    Keanan Connor Month ago

    I was going to mention you should have a parts assembly mat on you’re bench but then realised you’re plug is park tool and you have one on the bench already , you’re the man Seth ahah

  • Goho Poho
    Goho Poho Month ago +1

    Honestly I prefered your previous channel logo, you know - with more beard.

  • charley sweet
    charley sweet Month ago

    I couldn't make it through all of the comments so hopefully, someone didn't answer this already... You don't like the pegboard, what would you use next time. I was about to go out and buy some!

  • armando cardenas
    armando cardenas Month ago

    I love your Ridgeline ….. I'd choose that car over a Ferrari . Awesome shoe rack , I would have done the same .

  • JBratt
    JBratt Month ago

    The USBs in my toolbox have been far. They are great for charging my lights on my bike. Hope they last.

  • k niklaus
    k niklaus Month ago

    You should put a frame around the peg board to contain the led light

  • space Z
    space Z Month ago

    i just realized how long ive been watchin

  • frost hernandez
    frost hernandez 2 months ago

    yow seth is really good and always positive and always comes up with a Hack

  • Heath Drumm
    Heath Drumm 2 months ago

    I feel extremely bad for you, you used drywall screws it makes me cringe

  • Jean Rivera
    Jean Rivera 2 months ago

    Happy birthday garage! Best room in the house

  • terry and freind s
    terry and freind s 2 months ago


  • ollie garbutt
    ollie garbutt 2 months ago

    the only thing u need now is a tv

  • GEN1David
    GEN1David 2 months ago +1

    I see you with those Asics Gel Venture 6 shoes lmao

    FLIP3R4LIFE 2 months ago

    Do you recommend any website to order bike parts by any chance?

  • thedexterbros
    thedexterbros 2 months ago

    Man that's a great looking shop. Respect

  • Gerrard
    Gerrard 2 months ago

    Thanks for the vids Seth, I'm going to use your garage setup as a guide for my new home, gonna have to do it in stages though

  • Zac Fredericksen
    Zac Fredericksen 2 months ago

    Hey you should make\ buy a bike for your dog drama

  • crazypig _
    crazypig _ 2 months ago

    You should use that metal peg board stuff for your next shop

  • Madison Heape
    Madison Heape 2 months ago

    It's so freaking organized but how!????🤔🤨🤔🤨🤔🤨🤔🤨🙄

  • Madison Heape
    Madison Heape 2 months ago

    Bacon is why the label maker is one of the most important tools in the shop its is in almost any vid or the labels are handy in the vids lol love the brass nut

  • jrbbikerx
    jrbbikerx 2 months ago

    cheap tools are cheap for a reason. always buy good tools if you know youll be using them regularly

  • andrew lau
    andrew lau 2 months ago

    Umm that's a tri square my dude not just a ruler

  • Scot Kiber
    Scot Kiber 2 months ago

    Seth, they make metal pegboard. Holes wont wear out.

  • RCMits
    RCMits 2 months ago

    wow two years already? nice......

  • PumpkinEater69
    PumpkinEater69 2 months ago

    Seth should open a bike shop!

  • Mr. Adventure
    Mr. Adventure 2 months ago

    ur really good at biking

  • Alex_ 3336
    Alex_ 3336 2 months ago

    5:13 get Metal pegboard instead of wood

  • G. Fortin
    G. Fortin 2 months ago

    I do like what you have done with your shop.. I am going to use some of those ideas to fix a couple of my own issues. One word of caution, I had tried that exact floor foam and it does not breath, my cement was getting mildew so I ripped it all out. If your floor is sealed with epoxy you are probably good, but cement needs to breathe. I ended up getting resuarant kitchen mats that interlock. Pricey. Did only the traffic/standing areas. Solved the issue. Just an FYI

  • Oscar Murphy
    Oscar Murphy 2 months ago

    Does anyone know where he got his LEDs from

  • J olina Niquit
    J olina Niquit 2 months ago

    can i have one bike from you sir?

  • aston hall
    aston hall 2 months ago


  • AR2TD2Play
    AR2TD2Play 2 months ago

    Just flip the foam floor!!!!

  • Matt S
    Matt S 2 months ago

    Where’s your fridge to hold your beer?

  • Total G
    Total G 2 months ago +1

    Who else looked at his banner when he said it was painted?

  • Modern Films
    Modern Films 2 months ago

    REVIEW BOX 2 Please

  • Jeffrey Ngo
    Jeffrey Ngo 2 months ago

    Are you trying to sell the house

  • Younis Al taee
    Younis Al taee 2 months ago

    Very nice works

  • Old but New
    Old but New 2 months ago

    I can’t believe he’s moving

  • Trav Guy
    Trav Guy 2 months ago

    You should buy Milwaukee tools there stuff is expensive but 100% worth it it's very durable

  • here's Carson
    here's Carson 2 months ago

    All I need is WD40 and duct tape and I am good.

  • Rodolphe Fouquet
    Rodolphe Fouquet 2 months ago

    2 years already. Damn.

  • Onieon
    Onieon 2 months ago +1

    Looks sick, I’m going to a downhill trail in Bali, it’s gonna be Awesome

  • Austin Seigel
    Austin Seigel 2 months ago

    You can use swisstracks for the floor.

  • swapode
    swapode 2 months ago +1

    You basically had the solution to the floor's visuals in the video: Spill more brake oil!

  • narkki90
    narkki90 2 months ago +1

    Your videos are entertaining, thank you. I gave you a tip about magnetic tray some time ago when you asked viewers and there it is, on your shop desk! Nice work all around.

  • Braden Brown
    Braden Brown 3 months ago

    Add electric tape to your bench vice for bike parts

  • Danny MacAskill
    Danny MacAskill 3 months ago +2

    Now this is what i need in my life !!

    • Luke Schlieper
      Luke Schlieper 2 months ago

      Danny MacAskill You’re a little late but you’re Danny Mcaskill so it’s not a problem wit ir

  • Avram Crawford
    Avram Crawford 3 months ago

    Make a trail feature out of the pipe idk

  • Eskil Jansson
    Eskil Jansson 3 months ago

    Why aren't you using that troy lee dh helmet

  • Peyton Coopet
    Peyton Coopet 3 months ago

    Can someone tell me what that outher skateboard is at 3:02

  • Die ene Boys
    Die ene Boys 3 months ago

    Ahaaaa Pinteresting

  • Old but New
    Old but New 3 months ago +1

    What music do you use