Gordon Ramsay’s WORST Chicken Experiences on Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Jan 28, 2019
  • From chicken wrapped shrimp to chicken being cooked after being dropped onto the floor.
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  • Fadlie Hidayat
    Fadlie Hidayat 39 minutes ago

    She must think: "One wrong words and i might thrown back to japan 😂"

  • Zack Duck
    Zack Duck Hour ago

    I'm a dishwasher and I would suicide myself at the martini glass salad place.

  • mattroski007
    mattroski007 7 hours ago

    I used to work at a local restaurant as a server, and the owner took great pride in improving everyone all the time, he would never let a steak sit under a heat lamp. Best boss I ever had, best food I ever had. I left, He eventually sold it, and the food went straight to shit. I now cook everything myself. I'm not paying a restaurant for an over seasoned over cooked steak and tipping for what could net me 5 great steaks at my house. I gave up on eating out.

  • Farminator
    Farminator 8 hours ago

    Guys it’s the 5 second rule cmon

  • Shook Does Zaken
    Shook Does Zaken 8 hours ago +1

    Holy fuck what is she a doctor of? Dementia?

  • Shook Does Zaken
    Shook Does Zaken 8 hours ago +1

    I think Doug might have room temperature IQ. Are all people from Boston this fucking retarded? The whole family seems like they got a few cousins they might have married.

  • Autumn Mastin
    Autumn Mastin 9 hours ago

    He dropped it on the floor and then HHCHHOOKED it?

  • LilDabatron _
    LilDabatron _ 10 hours ago

    Why doesn’t any of the chefs take these opportunities to learn from Ramsey instead of being complete dickheads

  • Steve Silvas
    Steve Silvas 13 hours ago +1

    Its FROZEN !!...
    But it SHOULDN'T
    But it's FROZEN SOLID!..
    It was cooked yesterday it shouldn't be Frozen....

  • Lyfe is sh1t
    Lyfe is sh1t 14 hours ago

    You don't own jameca

  • Lyfe is sh1t
    Lyfe is sh1t 14 hours ago +2

    I wanted to show him my cooking skills : SHRIMP IN CHICKEN

  • Mr. Aizawa
    Mr. Aizawa 15 hours ago


  • Julien Prévost
    Julien Prévost 15 hours ago

    Legend has it she never let him finish his sentence

    FREEDOM FIGHTERS 16 hours ago

    Lol some woman eating a carboard.. taste must be interesting

  • Katelinlmao 38
    Katelinlmao 38 17 hours ago

    He didn’t give two fucks that he dropped that chicken lmao

  • Katelinlmao 38
    Katelinlmao 38 17 hours ago

    Why that bitchy lady gotta be so ignorant. Ima slap the bitch out of her fugly ass

  • Angela B
    Angela B 18 hours ago

    Do you have a dog at home? Don’t feed him that!

  • Armando Mejia
    Armando Mejia 18 hours ago


  • Sean Gantt
    Sean Gantt 18 hours ago

    Doug’s retarded

  • Jennie Ma Cruz
    Jennie Ma Cruz 21 hour ago


  • Taeyongs strong ass Scalp
    Taeyongs strong ass Scalp 23 hours ago +1

    Ramsey’s dictionary: GHaStLy

  • spider man
    spider man Day ago

    doug i hope ur kids die of food poisoning

  • Ethan
    Ethan Day ago

    I’ve always loved Gordon Ramsey, he’s passionate but really sweet and friendly underneath. U can see it with how he treated those old ladies.

  • Pancake 52
    Pancake 52 Day ago

    Omg! Dirty chicken!!!! 🙈🤦🏼‍♀️😖

  • Kitt Delorean
    Kitt Delorean Day ago

    9:45 Really Chef Mike? You're in on this too?

  • How Do
    How Do Day ago

    She's a drunk

  • Bryce Miller
    Bryce Miller Day ago


  • Lan_rs
    Lan_rs Day ago

    Welcome to Chicken Nightmares.

  • George wba
    George wba Day ago

    *‘Fell’* haha fucking hell

  • Retro Twix
    Retro Twix Day ago

    Ik he just talk shit about any food😂

  • Hélène Meulemans

    Fell :-)

  • Cartel Jr
    Cartel Jr Day ago

    I eat dry chicken all the time 😂 but it taste better with some hot sauce

    YUPPY Day ago

    Yo whats Imanis IG?

  • Wyatt Bland
    Wyatt Bland 2 days ago

    Let me finish


  • Gabe S
    Gabe S 2 days ago +1

    -Is he sleeping over there?
    -SnOrEs! ZzzzZZZzzzZzzZZZz

  • Nico Salvador
    Nico Salvador 2 days ago +2

    Gordon Ramsay: Jesus Christ! *MY GOD!*
    Owner: If you keep saying that, Jesus Christ would actually *appear*
    Me: I hope so, because Jesus hates Salad in a Martini Glass

  • Justin Wilson
    Justin Wilson 2 days ago

    I think the doctor
    *needs a doctor*

  • Kurt Mackenzie Romano

    Man embarrassing do does people I feel sorry but Ramsey's just correct their wrongs

  • Fredy Espinoza
    Fredy Espinoza 2 days ago

    I like how the lady in the first clip said she was gonna call him Ramsey but throughout the vid she never did😂

  • Dying Inside And Out

    "Wait a minute.... He dropped the chicken on the floor and COOKED it? What do you mean?"
    Chick how the fuck do you make that any more clear

  • Fahim Mahmud
    Fahim Mahmud 2 days ago

    Gordon: Can I have cold water please?
    Me: *Gives a glass of cold water*
    Gordon: “it’s frozen!

  • VillaFanFTW
    VillaFanFTW 2 days ago +4

    "if they're not Jamaican, they won't like it" - Why are you in the US cooking Jamaican food then? I'm gonna make an assumption that most people where she lives are not Jamaican. So your clientele is going to be very small.

  • Tyler Lawrence
    Tyler Lawrence 2 days ago

    5 second rule chef!

  • Jodi Trueman
    Jodi Trueman 2 days ago

    I have a question. When u drop it in the floor it collects bacteria and then that bacteria goes when u cook it. I’m not saying it’s wrong I’m asking a question cause is that with meat as well or just other food like veg

  • niamh
    niamh 2 days ago

    Love how she interrupts people saying “let me finish”

    YXXNG BUK 2 days ago

    I would not let no one talk to my mom like that if I were the son I would punch the living hell of gordan

  • TrxshJake
    TrxshJake 2 days ago

    How come when Gordon Ramsay isn’t at the restaurant the people say.
    “It’s perfectly cooked.”
    But when he’s there.
    “It’s over cooked.”

    • Christin O
      Christin O 2 days ago

      TrxshJake Because it’s really, really hard to dare to complain and send food back. If you know Ramsey’s there and you’re expected to, it’s much easier. I’ve eaten many things that I’ve wanted to send back, but I feel my complaints are minor and rude. The only time I’ve ever asked about food is when it tasted like what I described to my family as “Satan’s asshole”, then both my parents tasted it and agreed it was like Satan’s ass. So I asked the waiter to ask the chef if it’s meant to taste like that. It was not.

  • Justin Jaramillo
    Justin Jaramillo 2 days ago

    Someone tell Morgan Freeman that shit ain’t fresh

  • Oof
    Oof 2 days ago

    Sometimes I think the chefs are a little slow sometimes...like the first one.

  • Ashton Siemens
    Ashton Siemens 2 days ago

    Anyone else here just to watch Ramsay roast the shit out of the chefs

  • raven song
    raven song 2 days ago +73

    Gordon is not mean he is just passionate about what he does and is disappointed when people don't know how to do there job

    • Katelinlmao 38
      Katelinlmao 38 17 hours ago


    • Lavonda Cheromiah
      Lavonda Cheromiah 23 hours ago

      Hack yeah.

    • Taeyongs strong ass Scalp
      Taeyongs strong ass Scalp 23 hours ago

      raven song lol Ik if anything they should be grateful because he’s helping them save their business

    • raven song
      raven song Day ago

      +Ethan exactly :D

    • Ethan
      Ethan Day ago +3

      He also gets angry because it’s serving people food. Food needs to be good quality otherwise it could make people very sick, especially with chicken. He gets angry at condition of food and the places serving the food for all health and safety reasons.

  • FacelessDeviant
    FacelessDeviant 3 days ago

    Jesus be like "Hold on, I have to pop down into a jamaican dinner place because someone said my name. You keep that toast on hold for a few seconds and I'll come press my face to it in a little moment!"

  • Неуместная Мышь

    Gordon is such a charmer

  • Spooky Master
    Spooky Master 3 days ago

    I agree with ramsay

  • Michelle O'Mara-Thompson

    Wow I ran a Jamaican food shop for 4 years and didn’t know you couldn’t cook Jamaican food fresh 🙄

    JANIECE JOSIE 3 days ago

    So he dropped the chicken on the floor then started to cook it..

  • Opzzkilla
    Opzzkilla 3 days ago +1

    He didn’t even say it was brutal he only said it was dry. That owner be instigating shit LMAO

  • Jordan Utley
    Jordan Utley 3 days ago

    I'm very confident Gordon Ramsay will like my food.
    "Who the fuck puts a shrimp in a chicken?"

  • st0rts .97
    st0rts .97 3 days ago

    That jamaican bitch would piss me off so quick. Twisting everything to fit into her worldview. When her practicies are criticized she starts a pity party

  • Arnulfo Gonzalez
    Arnulfo Gonzalez 3 days ago +2

    So you gonna eat old Jamaican food and not fresh in a RESTAURANT 😂😂

  • Arnulfo Gonzalez
    Arnulfo Gonzalez 3 days ago

    " if you're not Jamaican your not gonna like it "😂😂

  • Arnulfo Gonzalez
    Arnulfo Gonzalez 3 days ago

    "can i change my order"💀😂

  • Yepressed Yeemo
    Yepressed Yeemo 3 days ago

    4:26 See!!! Gordon has a heart!! That was honestly one of Gordon's purest moments!!

  • sxnonym
    sxnonym 3 days ago

    me in a ow game in eu: 1:18 anybody?

  • ProDylantheminer _
    ProDylantheminer _ 4 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey try being a bit nice

  • Kenken Anthony
    Kenken Anthony 4 days ago

    I'm only here coz I'm hungry

  • taekook _army
    taekook _army 4 days ago +1

    That women:he never seen it bef9re
    Me:he test3d every single food in the grams kitchen with every good taste is this women stupid or n9t bec maybe shes asking help and saying what the heck

  • pave marie lagutin
    pave marie lagutin 4 days ago

    "Jamaican food cannot be cooked fresh everyday." Like wth?

  • Crystal KayNine
    Crystal KayNine 4 days ago

    Basically, the cook is saying that it's also okay to lick the bottoms of our shoes. Because whatever our shoes have touched, so has that chicken in that instant.

  • Aishah Teunissen
    Aishah Teunissen 4 days ago

    1:03 damn he's hawt ;-;

  • michael88h
    michael88h 4 days ago

    Gordon wanted to kill that guy at 2:08 lol

  • ml
    ml 4 days ago +1

    Homemade mozzarella? Who makes mozzarella at home?!?!?

    • Christin O
      Christin O 2 days ago

      ml I’ve never heard of this so I asked my dad. His family used to run a restaurant and according to him “good ones would”.

  • Marcus Harmon
    Marcus Harmon 4 days ago

    "It's one of his creations I guess." Well, if that's not a vote of confidence I don't know what is.

  • D. Chavez
    D. Chavez 4 days ago +1

    How many frying pans does the average resturant have in their kitchen?

  • BananaCarrot
    BananaCarrot 4 days ago

    Watching these kitchen nightmare episodes, I notice that most if not all these chefs have such big egos. Does the ego come with becoming a chef??

  • COCO The dog
    COCO The dog 4 days ago +10

    If you continue like that , Jesus Christ will appear.
    Gordon..... I think he should appear !!!
    I’m dead

  • Cesar magana
    Cesar magana 4 days ago

    When are these so called chefs gonna realize Gordon is there for a reason cause there’s a problem why c customers stopped showing up/debt. Honestly disrespecting Gordon like dude he’s trying help you! Not many people like him have patients or have the guts to help people who are stubborn

  • Cant go Tahoe
    Cant go Tahoe 4 days ago +2

    I just notice something he look like buddy from cake boss

  • Nina Esther
    Nina Esther 4 days ago +1

    One bite and it’s decided. 😂

  • no way
    no way 4 days ago

    Even doctors can have mental illness.

  • suga glider ;-;
    suga glider ;-; 4 days ago

    "Hes coming!"
    "Fuck my life"
    Mate that's me whenever I'm awake around 2 o'clock and I hear my parents walking to my room to scream at me XD

  • PhuckHue2
    PhuckHue2 4 days ago

    hideous, dry, bland, dreadful

  • The Sugma
    The Sugma 4 days ago

    Fockin 'Ell , Discusting

  • Luca Ridler
    Luca Ridler 4 days ago

    That dr Morris is racist

  • Bob
    Bob 4 days ago

    Chicken dropped on the floor.... and you say ITS OK!!! WTH!!!!

  • Kirstern Moses
    Kirstern Moses 5 days ago +3

    "He dropped it on the floor and cooked it? What do you mean?"
    Uhm... he means what you just said..
    5:13 why was he exaggerating so much?😂
    Gordon: "its hard"
    "Your shrimp was too hard! Rock hard, like a bullet" 😂

  • Saras Putra
    Saras Putra 5 days ago

    Is crazy. He cook chicken that fall on the floor. Its need to close the restaurant.

  • ExplodingPidgeon YT
    ExplodingPidgeon YT 5 days ago +2

    “If he’s not Jamaican he’s not gonna like it”
    *talking about jumping to conclusions*

  • LostStream
    LostStream 5 days ago

    1:54 Gordon about to end this mans career lmao

  • Richard Willison
    Richard Willison 5 days ago

    it is in Jamaica

  • Thomas Andrada
    Thomas Andrada 5 days ago +1

    so much talk for the first girl and was silent when chef ramsey came in 😂

  • Heather Robertson
    Heather Robertson 5 days ago

    I remember this psycho degenerate silver back mentally ill Jamaican beasty, and PHHHHUUUUUUKKKKK MEEEE shes the dumbest cunt in human history. At least her poor sons legit.

    LIL BRO 5 days ago +1

    5:28 of your own food

  • Corpsi
    Corpsi 5 days ago

    So Jamaican food can only be made as a leftovers dinner. She is broken for sure. Fresh made just to store away for the next day.

  • Keikana Studio
    Keikana Studio 5 days ago +2

    I’m not calling him chef I’m calling him *Ramsey*
    Such ferocious, much anger, very hate

    • Keikana Studio
      Keikana Studio 5 days ago

      Edit: He must be sooo scared of you 😑 (catch my sarcasm???)

  • Mikko S.
    Mikko S. 5 days ago

    I would totally cook and eat the chicken even if it dropped on the toilet after I took a dump and didnt flush, would of course clean it first but still. But not in restaurant yeah, nor for other people to eat. It's a shame to waste food, but food poisoning... how can you be okay with causing that to somebody else?

  • Exo's proud mama bear
    Exo's proud mama bear 5 days ago +150

    But can we talk about him flirting with old ladies?

    • Kevin Lopez
      Kevin Lopez Day ago +11

      He just likes to charm people and not afraid that people might get the wrong impression

    • Shaheer Alam
      Shaheer Alam Day ago +2

      Watch all his episodes he does that all the time and once he even had a gay moment with one guy

    • Ella Martin
      Ella Martin Day ago +3

      He is old tho...

  • John Doe
    John Doe 6 days ago

    they staged the dropped chicken total fake BS And this comment years after the fact has the power to change reality.

  • Bubba Bunks
    Bubba Bunks 6 days ago +1

    I think that salad looks good

  • Dance Electric
    Dance Electric 6 days ago

    *I’M N O T A D E L I C A T E D A I N T Y F L O W E R*
    Shots fiiiiiiiiiiiiiired