Clarkson Doesn't Know The Answer To Ask The Host | Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?


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  • Suyoung Park
    Suyoung Park 20 hours ago

    Dude, It's easy if you watched Jack black and Elmo.

  • RIPLemmyKilmister
    RIPLemmyKilmister 21 hour ago

    Sort of weird watching two adults struggle with this from the USA, I could have answered this at 6 years old.

  • Durodes Duvo
    Durodes Duvo 21 hour ago

    Its so funny to see Clarkson anywhere outside of his show, or in it too.

  • David Dyer
    David Dyer Day ago

    Jeez, idiots.

  • Cam D.
    Cam D. Day ago +1

    It's obviously a square.

  • William Weinberg
    William Weinberg 3 days ago

    he's never watched chris rock? he would have taught him octagon.

  • Justin M.
    Justin M. 4 days ago +1

    Is that a new rule, that Jeremy is allowed to kinda help the contestant???

  • Gaben
    Gaben 4 days ago

    noone is caring about these useless sign so why should anyoneone know how it looks like?

  • Martin Stöckl
    Martin Stöckl 4 days ago

    I knew the answer, and I'm a 16-year-old who doesn't have a driving license. Really easy question, seriously.

  • Paul's Model Railway

    It’s 8 so it’s D

  • Daniel Sadjadian
    Daniel Sadjadian 5 days ago

    “I’m usually going too fast to notice them” 😂 Classic Clarkson!

  • Big Boner
    Big Boner 6 days ago


  • JackInTheUnbox
    JackInTheUnbox 6 days ago

    Watching 2 grown men try to figure out how many sides a stop sign has me dying😂

  • ftirich ahmed
    ftirich ahmed 6 days ago +1

    Jeremy you are amazing in any tv show

  • Imtotallydiggingthis
    Imtotallydiggingthis 7 days ago +1

    He wasted all the lifelines, because he did have the image in his head. He just didn't have the confidence to go for it. Then again, how many of us would have the balls to save the lifelines when so much is at stake? :p

  • sagi alex
    sagi alex 7 days ago +1

    Its so easy as the stop sign is like one of the first signs you ever a child even.

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 7 days ago

    I guess they added the ask the host option when they decided to put Clarkson in. Let's just say that in Top Gear and now The Grand Tour they refer to him as an ape with clothing.
    But in their defense, stop signs are not that common in Europe compared to America. In Spain there are many roundabouts and give way signs. As a Spaniard in the US 4 way stop intersections are dangerous, roundabouts are a better solution.

  • Wombat Chelsea
    Wombat Chelsea 7 days ago


  • Miles Rout
    Miles Rout 7 days ago

    For people that don't understand, the UK has very very few stop signs. They replaced nearly all of them with Give Way signs.

  • hrthrhs
    hrthrhs 7 days ago

    Should have called James May

  • Kevin Jackson
    Kevin Jackson 8 days ago

    How is that difficult? Anybody that drives sees stop signs all the time

  • Afsana Khan
    Afsana Khan 8 days ago

    I hate British ppl.
    I'm British but wtf jesus omydays I'm crying

  • beegil911
    beegil911 8 days ago

    SO NO GT

  • butchmeister 80
    butchmeister 80 8 days ago

    Title says he don't know the answer but he does waste of 5 mins

  • Chad D'Boy
    Chad D'Boy 8 days ago

    this is the first time i seen clarkson in real hd thats not the grand tour. BBC hd is rubbish.

  • Kyle Haynes
    Kyle Haynes 8 days ago

    How fucking stupid are you.

  • Ape Like Creature
    Ape Like Creature 9 days ago

    You have GOAT to be kidding me...

  • Chris Thomas
    Chris Thomas 9 days ago

    This show is even more fun to watch with Clarkson! lol

  • Kinkey Wankonnen
    Kinkey Wankonnen 9 days ago

    I'm from Russia, where the stop signs are round, but I still know the answer to that. Come on, it's too easy.

  • Holy Saint Of Allah
    Holy Saint Of Allah 9 days ago

    Weird to see a show like this back in the "Instagrammed" version of Earth.

  • lord6
    lord6 9 days ago +1

    Fcking idiots lol

  • vorebiz
    vorebiz 9 days ago

    The stupidity of some people amazes me. This the sort of stuff you'd have in a box of general knowledge questions for young children, let alone an adult.
    Please tell me this was a very early question? It should be the first or second. I remember when Millionaire was genuinely challenging.

  • David Coomber
    David Coomber 9 days ago

    perhaps if the question was how to slap up a lowly employee he would get it right

  • Kamel Kadri
    Kamel Kadri 9 days ago

    Can't believe it, i am no brainer but it's kinda obvious isn't

  • Des M.
    Des M. 9 days ago

    The Contestant: It has 8 sides doesn't it?
    Jeremy: I'm inclined towards an "Octagon".
    And to think that this ignorant cunt always likes to take the piss out of other people.

  • SioN
    SioN 9 days ago

    elmo if i stop now how can i find an octagon

  • goldengrat10
    goldengrat10 9 days ago

    Hahaha I'm originally from Paris where there's not a single stop sign (search it, I'm not joking!) and I knew the answer to that before they popped up XD
    Another thing, I don't drive nor have I read the highway code.

  • Laura Holly
    Laura Holly 9 days ago

    Oh give him a break I watch this every night it’s on! To many trolls out there like me and you he isn’t going to know the answer to everything. He even said “asking the host” was a wild thing to add anyway to the new “who wants to be a millionaire”
    Well that wasn’t his exact words but it shouldn’t of been introduced. They have made many changes to this programme I think the last and this host do a brilliant job! And I’m glad the programme is back!
    If u haven’t got nothing nice to say don’t say it at all!
    Keep it up Jeremy U have me in giggles sometimes lol!
    And in all fairness if people want to take a gamble and ask the host that’s there choice!
    He even says that’s my answer! Whether people want to take his option that’s down to them!
    He’s there to host the programme not give what he thinks out.
    U can see it puts pressure on him and he isn’t even the one playing the game!

  • Dinkleberry
    Dinkleberry 9 days ago +1

    It’s so funny how well clarkson has done since being sacked from top gear haha rolling in the cash

  • userdetails1
    userdetails1 9 days ago

    jeremy is at it. he driven more cars than peter north has screwed women of course he knows what a stop sign looks like

  • The Diamond Invader
    The Diamond Invader 9 days ago

    I do not even drive and I knew it.

  • james chris
    james chris 9 days ago

    This is so sad to see a grand father so old , he was good 30 or 45 years ago....but dead old man wood now...yuk

  • danjel65 nova
    danjel65 nova 9 days ago

    it was octagon you dumb head

  • Meditation Vacation
    Meditation Vacation 9 days ago

    Can’t believe clarkson wasn’t sure about it. Lol

  • Preston Swooper
    Preston Swooper 9 days ago

    Is this a set up or what? Surely at least one of the three blokes knew that answer.

    ANDREW CULLEN 9 days ago

    It is the only 8 sided sign. It used to be a 3 sided triangle the same as the Give Way sign but was changed to save confusion. Not surprised Clarkson didn't know because he is a complete wanker? Sooner they get him off our screens the better

  • Maggie Blyth
    Maggie Blyth 10 days ago

    Well this show has gone down hill. clarkson is making it so boring

  • dooovde
    dooovde 10 days ago

    When did this start? What time and channel is it on?

  • MrCarpmagic95
    MrCarpmagic95 10 days ago

    Way to much of this see we aint cheating, we aint this and that, look we can can prove it stuff, wtf.
    Also weird without chris Tarrant lol.

  • Kádár János
    Kádár János 10 days ago

    i can not believe that he used 3 helps to answer, quite frankly, a very easy question. Which can be answered in about 20 seconds since everyone has seen a bloody stop sign in their life, even if they do not possess a driving license.

    LIL D BEATS 10 days ago

    He have him the answer what the fuck that jeremy shouldnt even be on this programme or in the media he is an arrogant prick

  • The Scandinavian Gaming Channel

    Woah, when did Clarkson become a host on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire??

  • zacthecatty35
    zacthecatty35 10 days ago

    Hahaha-HAHA!! Clarkson is a stupid old GIT! Too much beer last night Jeremy DEAR?! Gay Marriage Pride.

  • Miloš Vasin
    Miloš Vasin 10 days ago

    How is it possible for anyone not to know the answer to such an easy question?

  • Conor Street
    Conor Street 10 days ago


  • Joshua Balman
    Joshua Balman 10 days ago

    Goodness me this was stupid.

  • Leon's Life
    Leon's Life 10 days ago +1

    I find it funny how people don’t seem to realise that in Britain it’s very rare to see a stop sign tbh I’ve never seen one in person

  • SGG
    SGG 10 days ago


  • Aria I
    Aria I 10 days ago

    The more important the sign the more sides it has!

  • Andrew Teller
    Andrew Teller 10 days ago

    What kind of retard doesn't know that stop signs are octagonal? You learn that in in kindergarten

  • loyauhl
    loyauhl 10 days ago


  • FatherStack
    FatherStack 10 days ago +1

    Jeremy Clarkson as host of WWTBAM is one of the greatest things to have happened to TV in years. I'm praying this is a trial for his chance as a permanent presenter.

  • Danny D
    Danny D 10 days ago

    wow these people are dumb

  • M H
    M H 11 days ago

    How the fuck is it possible that two grown men don't know the answer to this retardedly simple question, let alone the orangutan. Wtf.

  • Bradley Strachan
    Bradley Strachan 11 days ago

    I'm questioning reality after watching this video...

  • ॐ
     11 days ago

    wtf so fucking easy

  • SirQ Gaming
    SirQ Gaming 11 days ago

    I used to be a fan, but now I'm an air conditioner

  • Les Reed
    Les Reed 11 days ago

    Damn, Jeremy Clarkson is such an obnoxious turd,,,

  • Toxicity ofOurCity
    Toxicity ofOurCity 11 days ago

    They call a random friend by knowing number lol.

  • Sly Foxx
    Sly Foxx 11 days ago

    With questions this easy they must be handing out money by the bucket.

  • Heart Eater
    Heart Eater 11 days ago

    its a triangle were i come from xD

  • random retarded Engineer

    I see Clarkson,I click ,it's that simple

  • fluxe
    fluxe 11 days ago

    to be fair there are like 5 whole stop signs in britain

  • Ren Shinomiya
    Ren Shinomiya 11 days ago

    Isn't a stop sign has 8 sides? Which means that it's an octagon?

    FAGGOTWARE STUDIOS 11 days ago

    jesus christ what a bunch of idiots

  • HJP1 HJP2
    HJP1 HJP2 11 days ago

    Former petrolhead Jeremy Clarkson has been chosen as the new presenter. I'm looking forward to celebrities playing Who wants to be a millionaire in the future for charity and the first person should be Chris Tarrant.

  • Fabian Baumgartner
    Fabian Baumgartner 11 days ago

    Institutional development theater Islamic everything speak sandwich preserve species.

  • Vladimir Danov
    Vladimir Danov 11 days ago

    Was this an episode in support for more retarded contestants on the show ? Honestly, I am speechless

  • Rik Spilz
    Rik Spilz 11 days ago

    Much more surprising was that he didn't know beavers was the name for pre-cubs

  • Alex Maxwell
    Alex Maxwell 11 days ago

    Easy question

  • scatcat1994
    scatcat1994 11 days ago

    Chris Tarrant's let himself go.

  • James Waring
    James Waring 11 days ago

    I was sure this was the guy from Paul Danan from Hollyoaks frozen in time

  • Collieo stephano
    Collieo stephano 11 days ago

    How about grand tour what Will happen to it

  • andy bliss
    andy bliss 11 days ago

    It’s an octagon which means it’s still the same shape if it’s covered in snow. Apologies if that’s already been pointed out.

  • Frieda Lang
    Frieda Lang 11 days ago

    laughter taxpayer counsel rise age constitutional panel stiff fan mainstream flat.

  • DangerousDan
    DangerousDan 11 days ago

    He basically helped the guy

  • Korben Haslam
    Korben Haslam 11 days ago

    How do they not know the answer? I don’t even drive and I knew it

  • Dana Adalaide
    Dana Adalaide 11 days ago

    Octagon.. Innit?

  • My name is Aminé
    My name is Aminé 11 days ago

    5? What an idiot!

  • fetB
    fetB 11 days ago

    at what step was this?

  • Pandalicious
    Pandalicious 11 days ago

    Why is he on here?

  • Matthew Brew
    Matthew Brew 11 days ago

    How thick is this guy he shouldn’t be allowed on the road 😂

  • Matanya Orzech
    Matanya Orzech 11 days ago

    The studio looks WAAAAY better than the current one in the US version.

  • Thomas Wadsworth
    Thomas Wadsworth 11 days ago

    Absolutely love the return of this show had to watch two episodes back to back Clarkson is a savage

  • BobaFett MTB
    BobaFett MTB 12 days ago


  • Kieran96cfc
    Kieran96cfc 12 days ago

    I swear the stop signs near me are circle lol

  • Ben Chandler
    Ben Chandler 12 days ago

    I only remember the answer because of a Chris Rock stand up performance, seems UK and US versions share the same shape XD

  • kensta2468
    kensta2468 12 days ago

    If this guy doesn’t know that he’s an idiot.

  • Michael Farrell
    Michael Farrell 12 days ago

    Having a member of staff there to stop people googling is stupid, if I were someones phone a friend I'd just wear an earpiece connected to a 3rd friend sat at his computer.....