Blind Soup Taste Test


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  • Brooke Dial
    Brooke Dial 21 hour ago

    Green Borscht is far superior

  • Katum Litchford
    Katum Litchford 3 days ago

    Those rhymes were cold 😂😂😂 dropping albums in 2019

  • Shannon M.
    Shannon M. 4 days ago

    Rhett and Link proving once again that they are the blackest white people I know. Loved the rap.

  • madelynia
    madelynia 14 days ago

    Dude , come one. The cheeseburger round. Link should have got the Full Point & Rhett only .5, he said vegetable too, Link said all Burger. Come on!! He got a full point !!!

  • madelynia
    madelynia 14 days ago

    It’s only when I watched this episode that I saw their blindfold designs .... Rhett’s eyebrows & links glasses...... it is so accurate, I never noticed it until now

  • Super Yolodude
    Super Yolodude 14 days ago

    Why are you buying clothes at the soup store

  • Alexandra Johnson
    Alexandra Johnson 14 days ago

    listened to the rap twice it was so good !

  • Milo Mcmanus
    Milo Mcmanus 15 days ago

    At 4:05-4:10 I swear rhetts beard was anti-friction

  • Just Kittens Being Kittens

    lol I have the flu while watching this

  • Milos Markovic
    Milos Markovic 17 days ago

    The only rappers Eminem was too afraid to diss

  • Shelby Patton
    Shelby Patton 20 days ago

    I heard beet abortion

  • Elijah Dames
    Elijah Dames 25 days ago


  • Brian The Legendary
    Brian The Legendary 29 days ago

    Asap Science?

  • Reshiram52
    Reshiram52 Month ago

    This is the weirdest GMM episode I've ever watched

  • Doug JB
    Doug JB Month ago

    Did Link just negative-double entendre himself?

  • Doug JB
    Doug JB Month ago

    Link: “the answer is A.”
    (No, that’s incorrect. Would you like to try again?)
    Link: “Yes. The answer is A.”
    (Uhhhhh...Link, repeating an incorrect answer to a question doesn’t make it the correct answer. It’s not incorrect because of how you said it. It’s just incorrect)

  • Britney B
    Britney B Month ago

    Love the rhythms 💓🔥🎉🥰

  • nope
    nope Month ago +1

    Ok but if terry kept his bitcoin, he rich now

  • Tung Tran
    Tung Tran Month ago

    wth is spicy crab soup

  • Jackson Tetrick
    Jackson Tetrick Month ago

    Clean your face link

  • Charlotte Johnson
    Charlotte Johnson Month ago

    8:02 links teeth and nose!?

  • Peyton Tran
    Peyton Tran Month ago


  • Bob Cricket
    Bob Cricket Month ago

    Y’all must eat different gumbo than I eat

  • Mason Regan
    Mason Regan Month ago

    2019 anyone? Season 8 has the best intro, change my mind.

  • Dook Dook
    Dook Dook Month ago +1

    I couldn't watch the whole vid because of the soup on links chin.

  • 52chevy3100
    52chevy3100 2 months ago

    These fools obviously have only had inferior gumbo.

  • Medical Doll
    Medical Doll 2 months ago

    It bugs the SHIT outta me that no one told Link to wipe his damn chin!! And how does he not feel it?! Ugghhhhhh lol

  • Ana Marie Martinez
    Ana Marie Martinez 2 months ago

    *is sick*, *really wants soup*, *watches GMM blind soup taste test instead of making my own soup*

  • Whovian Redd
    Whovian Redd 2 months ago

    I wish the wheel person would say 'Hi I'm Terry'

  • Devon Fry
    Devon Fry 2 months ago

    Since Link hadn’t begun saying it yet, I’ll say it here:
    As you can see, we can.

    • Doug JB
      Doug JB Month ago +1

      Devon Fry
      It’s weird now to watch a BTT without that kickoff line.

  • Nik
    Nik 2 months ago

    Rhett needs someone to teach him how to Neti Pot

  • KaterinaTalantliva
    KaterinaTalantliva 2 months ago

    I can't do that thing with your nose. You gotta r lucky

  • Zoe R
    Zoe R 2 months ago

    .....they spelled cheddar wrong

  • Cody Wade
    Cody Wade 2 months ago

    Some say Link still has that soup on his chin to This. Very. Day

  • Jenna :3
    Jenna :3 2 months ago

    *link get that off of your chin*

  • Nathaniel Zhu
    Nathaniel Zhu 2 months ago

    y'all giving beet borcht to amuricans.....and then making them guess....

  • Dream Team
    Dream Team 2 months ago

    I actually had a spit take when Link put his finger in his ear

  • Ohm Sweet Hohm
    Ohm Sweet Hohm 2 months ago

    F**k Terry!!(2018)

  • reza pharmacy
    reza pharmacy 2 months ago

    Why dont they do tea taste test

  • jiggily miggily
    jiggily miggily 3 months ago

    dadgum it Terry

  • Ben Egan
    Ben Egan 3 months ago

    another gem, thanks Rhett, Link and Crew!

  • Katlyn Moss
    Katlyn Moss 3 months ago +1

    bro ok that rap was freaking amazing

  • Kais Mn
    Kais Mn 3 months ago

    WTF those bars were awesome!!!

  • Amy D
    Amy D 3 months ago

    Absolutely incredible.

  • Thomas Hornum
    Thomas Hornum 3 months ago

    Did Terry get rich later on with those bitcoins?

  • mighty migs
    mighty migs 3 months ago

    Will these soups doop us

  • KevinPlayz
    KevinPlayz 3 months ago

    ASAPScience knock off?

  • Excited Senior
    Excited Senior 4 months ago

    Wanted to roundhouse kick that soup off links face

  • Cas Lee
    Cas Lee 4 months ago

    B R O C C O L I C H E D D E R

  • Caleb Gazaway
    Caleb Gazaway 4 months ago

    I was waiting for the fans name at the end to be Terry 😂

  • Mickey Dangerez
    Mickey Dangerez 4 months ago

    02:01 Link is Soup Dracula

  • Yali Ding
    Yali Ding 4 months ago

    You two are always so happy, I wish I could be like you two

  • jumman hossain
    jumman hossain 4 months ago


  • Fister Mantastic
    Fister Mantastic 4 months ago

    I love how long cannot keep his face clean lol

  • Goose
    Goose 4 months ago

    Beat borsch with mushroom dumplings is unreal. I eat it every christmas

  • SeaGoat
    SeaGoat 4 months ago

    The soup on links chin pisses me off

  • nvm0
    nvm0 4 months ago

    I lost it when Rhett says Gaspacho and suddenly he asks what Gaspacho is :D

  • Axel Blaze
    Axel Blaze 4 months ago

    The rap was real SICK!!

  • Luminosity Fanboy
    Luminosity Fanboy 4 months ago

    Jokes on you guys. Terry was smart by investing all his money into bitcoin. Cause now hes a multi millionaire

  • Seth Legros
    Seth Legros 4 months ago

    I love it when Rhett mocks Link hahaha

  • Austin Wilburn
    Austin Wilburn 4 months ago

    Gumbo Boys. You mean Gumbros

  • Tom Hazelden
    Tom Hazelden 4 months ago

    I always struggle to watch this episode because of Link's chin blob

  • Leon Draw
    Leon Draw 4 months ago

    i hate ads

  • elzeekio100
    elzeekio100 4 months ago +1

    did anyone expect the kid at the end to say hi i'm terry

  • YourDoing2much stop
    YourDoing2much stop 4 months ago

    Wipe your EFFIN face man

  • Nightshade Kelly
    Nightshade Kelly 4 months ago

    Omg they can rap!!!!!! WTF WHEN DID THAT HAPPENING XD

  • rayr
    rayr 4 months ago +1

    We all know a Tarry *maybe a couple* 😖😖

  • FLyRdevil
    FLyRdevil 4 months ago

    That rap was better then any lil pump song

  • Sweettooth187
    Sweettooth187 4 months ago

    Look out MGK, Rhett and Link are comin for ya.

  • Mayumi Prevost
    Mayumi Prevost 4 months ago

    Cream of broccoli is so good

  • Sivy
    Sivy 4 months ago

    7:05 straight fire

  • Connor Goetchius
    Connor Goetchius 4 months ago

    I was so hoping he would say his name was terry

  • Aarykah Jones
    Aarykah Jones 4 months ago

    2018 and that sick beat is still lit af

  • S Armstrong
    S Armstrong 5 months ago

    Why didn't anyone tell link about the soup on his chin.. sick lol

  • PCAPro
    PCAPro 5 months ago

    Why was pho and ramen not included. Both are awesome cold busters.

  • ms.katie.wright
    ms.katie.wright 5 months ago

    I feel like I just got a glimpse into Rhett and Links future at the nursing home.

  • TubeSurfer898
    TubeSurfer898 5 months ago

    I was really disappointed when his name wasn't Terry.

  • Mike B
    Mike B 5 months ago


  • Johanna Bonana
    Johanna Bonana 5 months ago +1

    Half points are worth the same as whole points because it doesn't matter if you win by 1 or .5, you still win. Them both getting half points for the cheeseburger is the same as them both getting a point or not getting any points at all.

  • Sally Otley
    Sally Otley 5 months ago

    "Spank me"- Link 2015

  • DVR 189
    DVR 189 5 months ago

    Yoda and Bane

  • Ratchet Lover00
    Ratchet Lover00 5 months ago

    Heh “spank me”

  • Alex Russell Music
    Alex Russell Music 5 months ago

    Okay so yes Link has soup on his chin, but the producer (or whoever) spelled "cheddar" incorrectly

  • Some Random kid
    Some Random kid 5 months ago +1

    I need that song

  • MyEmpireIsTheWorld
    MyEmpireIsTheWorld 5 months ago

    Why did nobody tell him to wipe his chin? Those people are not your friends.

  • Shaunce uponatime
    Shaunce uponatime 5 months ago

    Chin soup... cringe

  • i'm the trashman
    i'm the trashman 5 months ago

    How terry-ble!

  • Brandon L
    Brandon L 5 months ago

    I miss those long convoluted intros from GMM of old

  • yvaah tosh
    yvaah tosh 5 months ago

    cheesburger soup? dammit eww

  • Idontknow whatimdoing
    Idontknow whatimdoing 6 months ago

    CHEDDAR damn it

  • ABJKLMRS Akagami Ali
    ABJKLMRS Akagami Ali 6 months ago

    Poor Terry

  • Jason S
    Jason S 6 months ago

    too many unknown soups, oh well, cool to see, but not good for the game.

  • HikaruRain
    HikaruRain 6 months ago

    The answer to the best soup when sick is Egg Drop Soup. It is the best of both worlds. It is good on the chikeness that your need from chicken noodle soup but super gentle on crummy tummies due to only having broth and eggs. So super easy to digest.

  • Keyzus The Great
    Keyzus The Great 6 months ago

    Still my favorite verse of 2015 🤣🤣

  • ramona lynn
    ramona lynn 6 months ago

    I know I'm in the minority but I liked the spot of soup on his chin. I'm also sure they left it there on purpose.

  • Rotan
    Rotan 6 months ago

    when the effort of the show was put in the right place... man that intro XD

  • Patrick S
    Patrick S 6 months ago

    This show makes me happy when I'm not feeling well. sorry BOB/DREW you've been replaced.

  • Mary Ann Johnson
    Mary Ann Johnson 6 months ago

    fiuru rtoo akskf uriiy grro uriyi

  • Just Jennie
    Just Jennie 6 months ago

    Omg love the rap!

  • William Alvarenga
    William Alvarenga 6 months ago

    the best soup is rice and beans soup with spicy sauce