midnight aura. [lofi / jazzhop / chill mix]

  • Published on May 23, 2019
  • 🌃 for those serene moments at the end of a long day
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    01 00:00 miscél - When You Left
    02 02:44 Jay-Lounge & Jordy Chandra - Puddles
    *03 06:10 hoogway - soulful eyes
    04 09:08 Jordy Chandra - Reminiscing Night
    05 12:40 WYS - Have A Beer
    06 15:38 lofty - locked away (ft. imfinenow)
    07 17:08 Jordy Chandra - Talking to You On a Rain Day
    08 19:36 biosphere - when im rome
    *09 22:00 Nohone - Nothing But A Dream
    10 24:46 BeyondChivalry - r e l a x i n g
    11 26:48 bace - the train (where i met you)
    *12 29:56 Dragon Roots - October
    13 33:00 Styn, Sebastian Kamae & Sleepermane - Bonsai
    14 35:26 Chef Boy RJ - Moss Garden
    15 37:36 Poik Lounge - Feeling Ocean
    16 39:14 biosphere - expectations
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Comments • 416

  • The Jazz Hop Café
    The Jazz Hop Café  Month ago +164

    💤 nothing beats sitting on a balcony at night, closing your eyes and drifting away to sleepy music...
    🎧 you can listen to this mix on *spotify* too spoti.fi/2HzhsIL
    mobile *tracklist*
    01 00:00 miscél - When You Left
    02 02:44 Jay-Lounge & Jordy Chandra - Puddles
    03 06:10 hoogway - soulful eyes
    04 09:08 Jordy Chandra - Reminiscing Night
    05 12:40 WYS - Have A Beer
    06 15:38 lofty - locked away (ft. imfinenow)
    07 17:08 Jordy Chandra - Talking to You On a Rain Day
    08 19:36 biosphere - when im rome
    09 22:00 Nohone - Nothing But A Dream
    10 24:46 BeyondChivalry - r e l a x i n g
    11 26:48 bace - the train (where i met you)
    12 29:56 Dragon Roots - October
    13 33:00 Styn, Sebastian Kamae & Sleepermane - Bonsai
    14 35:26 Chef Boy RJ - Moss Garden
    15 37:36 Poik Lounge - Feeling Ocean
    16 39:14 biosphere - expectations

    • Serge Lucca
      Serge Lucca 15 hours ago

      what is this stuff?

    • LandTide
      LandTide 18 days ago +1

      @Tato Noot bro i swear i was abouta say that

    • Tato Noot
      Tato Noot Month ago +2

      I really want to do that but my place has many mosquitoes

  • Kyle Crittendon
    Kyle Crittendon 7 hours ago

    @30:00 Dragon Roots- October. Close your eyes and fly away.....

  • isaokisao
    isaokisao 14 hours ago

    This is the kind of music that helps me focus on work. It just gets me into this zone of concentration and doesn't make me sleepy at all. I work remotely so on most days it's all self-directed. So difficult not to get distracted by everything. Thank you for posting your wonderful playlists.

  • Meme ~♡
    Meme ~♡ 14 hours ago

    Advice: go to the end of the video and press replay, you will get rid of the adds

  • xTrekles
    xTrekles 16 hours ago

    This was the best shit i listened to in a while. thank you!

  • Jimin's Jam
    Jimin's Jam Day ago +3

    I read my fav book while listening to this mix in 2am

  • LoveX
    LoveX Day ago

    love the 2nd one..those waterdrops got me

  • Rabitron
    Rabitron Day ago

    Love smoking to this

  • Majinroy
    Majinroy Day ago

    This mix is amazing!

  • Rain Ahead
    Rain Ahead Day ago +11

    me, falling asleep finally:

  • Klistral
    Klistral Day ago

    I can finally sleep, thank you

  • Mimi
    Mimi 2 days ago +1

    I'm listening to this at midnight ☁️🌙☁️💜

  • The ENTP
    The ENTP 2 days ago

    29:00 Fuego

  • EXOTEA music
    EXOTEA music 3 days ago +1

    this is amazing!

  • 에리카Erika
    에리카Erika 3 days ago +1

    i listened to this while reading a book and i feel so relaxed!!!

  • kawaii waffles
    kawaii waffles 3 days ago

    Im sittibg by the window while its open i can see the moon and stars and i can here the bugs cherping outside and in snuggled up in a cozy blanket even thought its a summer night all is qeit except for me the music and the sounds of outside

  • Lovesomeonedumb
    Lovesomeonedumb 3 days ago +1

    so can we just write lyrics here?

  • Aight Bruh
    Aight Bruh 4 days ago +1

    Im listening this at 1 am lol

  • Kawan Henrique Varela Rosa

    Oi '-'

  • aroo
    aroo 5 days ago

    What's going on with those legs?

  • Flacko
    Flacko 5 days ago

    Where did you get this photo of me sitting on my balcony?

  • Sam Diamonte
    Sam Diamonte 5 days ago

    me and my cat are listening to this mix, her while napping and me while studying for exams, my window is open and the warm air that belongs only to peaceful summer nights is coming in to enjoy this super chill music. love this mix !

  • Oksanna14
    Oksanna14 6 days ago +4

    Are there any bars or clubs that just play chillstep and everyone is relaxed lol

  • Oksanna14
    Oksanna14 6 days ago +9

    Am I the only one that really doesnt like when a lofi song includes someone talking about random shit behind the music??

    • Tanner
      Tanner 4 days ago +1

      -bad anime dub quote-

  • Kabul Tea Room
    Kabul Tea Room 6 days ago

    That type of pain is really its own dimension
    And anxiety can be more than tension
    Its like you your soul is flashing check engine
    But you dont know shit about cars
    Or how to read the directions
    You ask the most high for a helping hand
    That maybe
    he can move the wrench with
    especially in those times where it feels
    Times a prison
    Maybe thats the best place for submission
    Instead of escapes and being
    Submerge in addiction
    when pain speaks I try to listen
    to make the needed changes and progression

  • Lofi Tune
    Lofi Tune 6 days ago

    thexvid.com/video/pxAQgl0BHHo/video.html check my first upload of lofi

  • JoBeatz Beatbox
    JoBeatz Beatbox 9 days ago

    Omg I actually sat here and listened to the whole thing!
    I am blessed 😊❤️
    I didn’t realise because I was so busy but this playlist helped me focus.

  • Avnash Shrestha
    Avnash Shrestha 10 days ago

    Idk but when I like the artwork, I automatically like each song in the mixed version🤔❤️

  • Ay Ze
    Ay Ze 11 days ago +1

    this is ideal music for passionate loving

  • Lloyd Atkinson
    Lloyd Atkinson 12 days ago

    Does anyone know what art style that wallpaper is? I see loads of great mixes on here and want to download some of the wallpapers.

  • Chaso 12
    Chaso 12 12 days ago +1

    peppers man

  • kookiesdesuga //
    kookiesdesuga // 12 days ago

    Everybody: cries
    Me: eating

  • Broken Beaker
    Broken Beaker 13 days ago +1

    I legit love pretty much everything Jazz Hop Cafe puts out and this is no exception, however i must ask, what happened to the morning coffee playlist? i would love to have it back because that playlist actually means a lot to me, it was the playlist i listened to to get through a tough day and was what i listened to after i broke up with my first and only significant other two years ago. I just thought I would ask, but i still love everything jazz hop cafe puts out there, love you all.

  • bay99
    bay99 13 days ago

    lofi type beat: thexvid.com/video/ai5OkfO8W9o/video.html

  • 38percent
    38percent 14 days ago

    i wish everyone a great day!!!!!!!!!!

  • EUphoria CemA
    EUphoria CemA 15 days ago +9

    When i discovered lofi.....i feel i have been missing something all this time

    AK WHITEWØLF 15 days ago

    Can I use this for my video please?

  • Anything Goes
    Anything Goes 16 days ago +24

    6:30 Imagine your'e in Japan, waking up in a sunny Sunday morning looking over the city...

    • 이헨타
      이헨타 5 days ago

      Tho living in Japan, morning here is not that beautiful like you are imagining of

    • Jerry Mouse
      Jerry Mouse 15 days ago

      Nah, to me walking to your window and looking outside is so much better. Just contemplating how far you've came and stuff

  • 황준연
    황준연 16 days ago


  • 하늘보리
    하늘보리 16 days ago

    항상 잘듣고있는편이야~

  • Tyt Tak
    Tyt Tak 17 days ago


  • Couquer 13
    Couquer 13 17 days ago +2

    tava procurando us BR, não achei ;-;

  • Nami Ito
    Nami Ito 18 days ago +1


  • DaisyDivinity
    DaisyDivinity 18 days ago

    I wanna be on that balcony with him.

  • Daniel Han
    Daniel Han 18 days ago


  • Shape Shifter
    Shape Shifter 18 days ago

    I went from cooking by the book remix.....to Marilyn Manson sweet dreams are made of these......to this.......................I listen to very different music at times..

  • K I N G Khadishmal
    K I N G Khadishmal 18 days ago +3

    Bruh. Marijuana illicit strong great reactions. Nothing bad.

  • Kay Smalls
    Kay Smalls 19 days ago +20

    video: u can relax now
    me: k
    ad: *there is an epidemic spreading-*

  • Bad, aesthetic, Ukulele
    Bad, aesthetic, Ukulele 19 days ago +4

    I have been listening to this for 10 nights already, sound obsessive, but I just enjoy this mix a lot.

  • Heydy Abad
    Heydy Abad 20 days ago

    OMG! I love this

  • 김찡
    김찡 20 days ago


  • ellypite
    ellypite 20 days ago +1

    great mix / check my lofi songs too 💚 💙 💜

  • Cooper Atteberry
    Cooper Atteberry 20 days ago

    soundcloud.com/brianpham1221/m-o-o-n-ft-hiccup?in=brianpham1221/sets/lo-fi-ep-yomomma Here's the link to a lofi EP my buddy Noodles and I just released. Hope y'all enjoy:)

  • Oséias Jazz
    Oséias Jazz 21 day ago


  • Alex Sandro Inga Camus

    love it!

  • 여왕님오이나라
    여왕님오이나라 21 day ago +1

    I love that illustration💜

    K3NTX HAHUTXRI 22 days ago +2

    You know i really enjoy lofi its so chill relaxing and all of a sudden durex comes in presenting their condoms with taste really give that vibe you havin an extra kick

    • Shape Shifter
      Shape Shifter 18 days ago +1

      I thought you typed "extra thick"

      ....I was wrong

  • Future Sounds
    Future Sounds 22 days ago


  • Chance. e
    Chance. e 23 days ago

    this is the safe side of youtube.. don’t worry little one

  • Space Cat
    Space Cat 24 days ago

    I guess it's the best type of music to listen while painting/drawing.
    Also if anyone wants to follow me on insta @art.spacecat 😊

  • J Infinite
    J Infinite 24 days ago

    Check out the song I made to one of Rook1e’s beats. Thanks to everyone and thank you for the mixes I always write to them!!

  • Jocelyn Korfeld
    Jocelyn Korfeld 25 days ago +26

    This music just brings me to a state of mind where I gain the confidence to tell my crush how much I love him, even tho knowing he doesn’t feel the same.

  • Mini Kolibri
    Mini Kolibri 25 days ago +1

    Perfect relax music while doing my difficult homework 😅

  • RandomQ's S
    RandomQ's S 25 days ago +1

    Who's listening at 4 am and dreading going to school/work in 2 hours hahaha I hate myself

  • Lisa Adams
    Lisa Adams 25 days ago

    Now, this is what you call relaxing...

  • Cjx h89
    Cjx h89 26 days ago +98

    Me: chilling
    Ad: *try our new and improved*
    Me: ah shit here we go again

    • Wiktor
      Wiktor 17 days ago +2

      @speaking of succ I use my phone to listen music so I can't

    • speaking of succ
      speaking of succ 21 day ago

      install adblock

  • supahscopezz
    supahscopezz 26 days ago +7

    Me: -Relaxing, doing some noise on Destiny 2
    Me: Alright, calm down buckaroony.

    • Shape Shifter
      Shape Shifter 18 days ago


    • supahscopezz
      supahscopezz 25 days ago +1

      @Ako2115 Are you alright champ?

    • Ako2115
      Ako2115 25 days ago +1

      How often do you express yourself in the third person and how old were you when your pediatrician discussed autism with your parents?

  • ᴍɪᴋᴜ ʜᴀᴛsᴜɴᴇ's ʟᴇᴇᴋ

    Fifteen minutes in, and I just realized that the smoke is moving

  • yiloyn
    yiloyn 26 days ago +9

    hey uh, jazzhop employee, i'd like a to order a midnight aura, extra chill please.

  • Jonathan Rodrigues
    Jonathan Rodrigues 26 days ago

    23:16 is awesome