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  • Published on Apr 10, 2019
  • Don't let the Joy-Cons bite.
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Comments • 97

  • Adam Wedderburn
    Adam Wedderburn 7 months ago

    That Brooke character literally sounded like an adult. Either that, or she's got a LOT of hormones.

  • Sail Fan
    Sail Fan 9 months ago

    this game is what fortnite could have been

  • TheSpicyPickle
    TheSpicyPickle 9 months ago

    Your one of my favorite youtubers! Keep up the great work👍

  • Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels 9 months ago

    This seems like the school I went to. we hunted and killed demons all day, and did stuff like that, so I say this is pretty normal.

  • Boyogamer123
    Boyogamer123 9 months ago +2

    Hey NerdCubed, they released a Sequel to Job Sim called Vacation Simulator, you should play it!

  • Sjoerd Ypma
    Sjoerd Ypma 9 months ago

    Little does Dan know that we do live in a world with a blood moon.

  • Luminous 'Nova' Dreemurr Plays

    It's fort night ;) but not battle royale (or cringy)

  • Ms Samantha MVT
    Ms Samantha MVT 9 months ago +1

    Did that kid yell Bangarang? Also, Monsters Inc dlc where you play as a minigun-wielding Boo and shoot Randall in the face

  • A. K.
    A. K. 9 months ago

    Smart on the publishers/devs to give review codes. Not many utube series devoted to switch games. So it’s good publicity whilst also good video

  • Squidy
    Squidy 9 months ago

    Also play some Superflight plz Dan it's your kind of game

  • Squidy
    Squidy 9 months ago

    Still waiting to see: Into the Breach - Nerdcubed Switched

  • Khono
    Khono 9 months ago

    1:38 "Bangarang", something from Peter Pan.

  • Jan Hoekstra
    Jan Hoekstra 9 months ago


  • Leaf Shade
    Leaf Shade 9 months ago +7

    Seeing as the room is giant and there are lots of kids and no parents, I think you're in an orphanage.

  • Draconix8 DG
    Draconix8 DG 9 months ago

    I watched you 7 years ago and now ive come back to see what happened

  • Jordan Bl
    Jordan Bl 9 months ago +4

    Ammo is limited, so of course he has to use exclusively rapid-fire, low-damage weapons. Makes perfect sense.

    • Dīvīnitas Simulācrōrum
      Dīvīnitas Simulācrōrum 9 months ago

      @Jordan Bl I know but it hurts my brain regardless

    • Jordan Bl
      Jordan Bl 9 months ago

      I should note that I was being kinda sarcastic, but far less salty than a few people who've replied. Since he'll probably not play again after the video there's not really any need to think long-term efficiency.

    • Dīvīnitas Simulācrōrum
      Dīvīnitas Simulācrōrum 9 months ago

      Without buying the ammo scavenging ability. Drove me mad

  • Slimey
    Slimey 9 months ago +1

    So it's basically Assault Android Cactus on the Switch?

  • Andy Hutchings
    Andy Hutchings 9 months ago

    Nerd, vacation simulator is out, go play it, theres so much more to do then job simulator

    ROMULUS 9 months ago

    The kid sounds like penelope from wreck it ralph

  • Nice
    Nice 9 months ago +1

    This mans veiwership seems to have gone down.

  • alan smithee
    alan smithee 9 months ago +5

    Did you know anything you want can be lethal to imaginary creatures?
    Even their own existence can be!

  • Erin
    Erin 9 months ago +3

    My heart broke a little every time the kid said "Bangerang" and Dan did not understand.

  • TheBrokenchalk13
    TheBrokenchalk13 9 months ago

    Would you say it is working Nintendo.

  • Raiden_ oftheRangers
    Raiden_ oftheRangers 9 months ago

    Nerd you should play Gris! It's an absolutely stunning and beautiful game that will blow you away and it's only on the Switch. It's totally worth it.

    • Pixelhead
      Pixelhead 9 months ago

      It isn't only available for the switch.

  • Michael HA
    Michael HA 9 months ago +2

    had fun watching job simulator videos from you, could you play the new vacation simulator, its made by the same company.

    • Ashes ivry
      Ashes ivry 9 months ago

      He dosent listen to his subscribers

  • Cracked Emerald
    Cracked Emerald 9 months ago +1

    This is Fnaf meets Monsters inc

  • Lisa Griggs
    Lisa Griggs 9 months ago +2

    Confirmed, the blasters are Nerf.

  • Rick Stahr
    Rick Stahr 9 months ago +3

    sad decline. he used to be relevant and clever but... here we are.

  • Mexican Playa
    Mexican Playa 9 months ago +1

    Wow I just stumbled upon this channel then I realized I actually watched you like idk 5 or something years ago and you were like my favorite channel. I might just watch you again lol.

    • Specter Guerin
      Specter Guerin 9 months ago

      same story here but i rediscovered him last year

  • DeathTrooper 67
    DeathTrooper 67 9 months ago

    Game seems okay but sound quality is trash.

  • 33shadowkiller
    33shadowkiller 9 months ago +1

    16:51 basically just described terraria there

  • Arthfael Online
    Arthfael Online 9 months ago

    Kid said Bangarang, not batarang. Like in Hook

  • Starry Sunrose
    Starry Sunrose 9 months ago

    this game is cute

  • unicode blank text
    unicode blank text 9 months ago +11

    of course, the british person goes instantly to buy the spitfire

  • sarah
    sarah 9 months ago +3

    is it just me or does this game look like an asset flip

  • masasuka
    masasuka 9 months ago +1

    Hook, dan, it's from Hook!

  • Ernest Flame
    Ernest Flame 9 months ago +1

    Damn i havent seen this guy in yearrss

  • Cakelove Sone
    Cakelove Sone 9 months ago +1

    i imagine you're meant to build on the carpet and have the monsters spawning around you rather than holing up in a corner of the room where they can still spawn

  • Flash Gordo
    Flash Gordo 9 months ago

    Are you ever gonna finish Simpsons hit and run?

  • AceSnypa
    AceSnypa 9 months ago +1

    I'm glad the series is starting to pay off for you Dan! When you're having fun, we're having fun.

  • J. Martinni
    J. Martinni 9 months ago +14

    They need to work on the VO sound quality a bit.

  • Coot
    Coot 9 months ago +1

    The kid sounds like jack from red dead redemption 2

  • Leafseason Magbag
    Leafseason Magbag 9 months ago

    Backpedal while shooting _the game_ !

  • Nashyj495
    Nashyj495 9 months ago

    I only got Baba is you because of your switched video on it

  • Patrick Grundy
    Patrick Grundy 9 months ago +81

    Multi-player should be called "sleep over mode"

    • Oli Kennedy
      Oli Kennedy 9 months ago +1

      and you should be called failed abortion

  • Mundane Pixels
    Mundane Pixels 9 months ago +5

    Ok but could you go ahead and make a 500 part nuclear throne series real quick?

  • Dust_the_Lycanroc
    Dust_the_Lycanroc 9 months ago +2

    this kinda reminds me of 40 winks the ps1 game

  • BGM Reviews
    BGM Reviews 9 months ago

    I had an idea for a short story that was basically this. Must get around to actually writing the thing at some point.

    • BGM Reviews
      BGM Reviews 9 months ago

      @Coot It's the easter holidays and I work retail. My overtime is through the roof already. Plus I have two series and two other shorts to work. And a Marvel rewatch before Endgame to sort. I'll get to it eventually.

    • Coot
      Coot 9 months ago

      Write it now, right now

  • St. Hummus
    St. Hummus 9 months ago +2

    Dan plays a game about toddlers and imaginary monsters: "Let me build my safe zone right here."

  • Albania
    Albania 9 months ago +1

    Are we going to talk about the pewdiepie ads?

  • Mynote Yousif
    Mynote Yousif 9 months ago +4

    This looks like a cheap mobile game

  • Nine Lota
    Nine Lota 9 months ago

    2:21 Halo anyone?

  • tigertank909
    tigertank909 9 months ago

    well now i want the game i dont own a switch tho

  • LeiFlux07
    LeiFlux07 9 months ago +4

    So, SMASH TV then.
    With monsters.

  • blop plop156
    blop plop156 9 months ago +1

    Seems cool

  • Leo the Grey
    Leo the Grey 9 months ago +94

    This is the alternate ending for Monsters Inc. where the kids declared war on the monsters.

    • Leaf Shade
      Leaf Shade 9 months ago

      Monsters Inc Crossover with Home Alone.

  • nekuth
    nekuth 9 months ago +7

    Best 'colect' those blue stars....

  • julian lecei
    julian lecei 9 months ago +1

    .-. Ur plan is working, but I’m so confused by this game. •-•

  • ΝΟΜΛ
    ΝΟΜΛ 9 months ago +3

    just randomly dumps a turret gun in the room then complains about lack of assistance. Dan, have you never played a tower defense type game before ;)

  • Havokman 48
    Havokman 48 9 months ago +38

    So... Doomguy's childhood ?