OpenAI Five Beats World Champion DOTA2 Team 2-0! 🤖

  • Published on May 17, 2019
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Comments • 1 913

  • tiggerbiggo
    tiggerbiggo 3 years ago +4177

    I wanna see some Bot V Bot matches with this AI, to see what insane strategies it has to use against itself in order to win.

    • Kaitri
      Kaitri 11 days ago

      @Name is there a documentary about this? Id love to see the ai play itself right now

    • Demonic
      Demonic Month ago

      Imagine they all go mid map then just start spinning in circles because it's says 0% win rate on both ends

    • Jason Fernandes
      Jason Fernandes 2 months ago

      All He/she means to say is, Assemble 10 Open Ai machine for a Tournament.

    • J_respect
      J_respect 10 months ago

      This is actually great

    • Reuben
      Reuben Year ago

      2:22 :)

  • dmdz
    dmdz 2 years ago +4362

    "If you engage with it and it chooses to fight, you're probably going to lose."
    That's kinda terrifying.

    • Dyno Devil
      Dyno Devil Month ago

      More terrifying statement - sometimes AI chooses to lose to win later....

    • River Nickels
      River Nickels 2 months ago

      @Kleo we're using all of our neurons and synapses but if we tried to use all of our neurons for thinking (impossible but FtSoA) we would die instantly because the parts of our brain that would control the organs would stop doing that and your organs would shut down

    • Aminul Hussain
      Aminul Hussain 6 months ago

      @Archie Bellega Pro gamers would have reaction speeds in the 100-200 milisecond range, so the AI has a disadvantage here.

    • Man Sze
      Man Sze 7 months ago

      All Calculated

    • TerraFirma
      TerraFirma 8 months ago +1

      @Samm Shoyu yeah and they're heavily limiting it on top of's crazy bruh

  • An0nSaiKo
    An0nSaiKo 3 years ago +2388

    Plot twist : It intentionally estimated its win probability to be very high in order to crush the enemy's morale.

    • Enes Mercan
      Enes Mercan Month ago

      The AI definitely cannot understand the effect of the morality to the game since it is initially trained with bot players

    • MJ
      MJ 2 months ago +1

      @God's Office ལྷསང།གཧ _ གངས wtf does this have to do with elon musk

    • PreBound
      PreBound 8 months ago

      What if! A.I. can't be trusted at all.

    • NNextremNN
      NNextremNN 9 months ago

      @David Carlson If it played against itself it would be two separate instances of itself and each one would calculate their own chance of winning. So no it would not be 100%. And what he meant was that AI assumed their opponent to be as skilled as themselves but as they weren't, the AI underestimated their chance of winning at the start.

    • Mikelica
      Mikelica 9 months ago


  • Bokz Gaming
    Bokz Gaming 2 years ago +1910

    Ai: Are we playing bots?

    • feelingblu
      feelingblu 3 months ago +1

      "And here I thought that we're supposed to be the bots. These so called "world champions" of the humans are so weak it's laughable I can't wait for us to go back to training against ourselves. Hail Elon Musk!"

    • Razorx 1927
      Razorx 1927 4 months ago


    • straight pool
      straight pool 4 months ago


    • Aee Bee Cee
      Aee Bee Cee 9 months ago


    • The Doom Slayer
      The Doom Slayer Year ago +1

      @Wertsir somehow it can convince you to end your life with a 100% CHANCE of success. Anyone who play against it at some point in the match is COMPELLED to end their own life. Truly breathtaking stuff

  • Samuraigamer
    Samuraigamer 3 years ago +2073

    Since the AI finds its probability of winning to be very high so early into the game, it must mean that there is an important aspect of the game unraveling there that humans are oblivious to

    • Eve Support Zone
      Eve Support Zone 10 days ago

      @xbon1 Thank you for agreeing with my last point, it makes it a lot easier to sympathize.
      Please continue, I've never met someone so eager to tell everyone how incapable they are.

    • xbon1
      xbon1 10 days ago

      @Eve Support Zone ur missin a basic understandin of ze inglish language ma n-word.

    • Eve Support Zone
      Eve Support Zone 10 days ago

      @xbon1 If you're unable to follow it I think you may be lacking something more than context :)

    • xbon1
      xbon1 11 days ago

      @Eve Support Zone I didn't understand shit. What is a champ?

    • Eve Support Zone
      Eve Support Zone 11 days ago

      @xbon1 The point of communication is share a message from one person to another, you understood.

  • BottledDawn
    BottledDawn 2 years ago +1357

    "99.4% overall winning rate"
    Imagine being that 0.6%. That's gonna be a really big thing to brag about.

    • Henrique Finger
      Henrique Finger 23 days ago

      @Austin Davis Most likely.

    • Zendaya Ain't Black
      Zendaya Ain't Black Month ago

      what's more likely, that 5 players no one has ever heard of are better than the AI, or that they just found a trick to abuse against the AI?

    • puzzzl
      puzzzl 3 months ago +1

      And I bet whatever strategies were employed to beat the bots in these matches were quickly ironed out with a few thousand more games of targeted training after the event concluded. It's like a great athlete that misses a key shot and then goes straight to gym to grind out 12 hours of practice making sure they never miss that shot again, except in this case it's dialed up to 1000 and suffers no fatigue or burnout.

    • Sapphire
      Sapphire 6 months ago

      @Mark Laureta Nope, they obviously counted it after OpenAi was fully trained, you can even search for some matches where humans won on yt

    • JewishBanana
      JewishBanana 8 months ago

      Well yeah because AI can only react to things it’s seen before and it doesn’t know how to really act to new things so let’s say if they used some strategy that nobody ever used on it before then the AI would just walk around clueless because AI do not have a conscious which is why they are beatable they only use previous scenarios and calculations to win

  • Mauri Sombowadile
    Mauri Sombowadile 3 years ago +1132

    Next goal for AI is to violate the second law of thermodynamics.

    • SovietDies
      SovietDies 8 months ago +1

      that is literally the plot of Issac Asimov's The Last Question

    • super0spore0fan
      super0spore0fan Year ago +2

      @Baleur if you define the universe as being literally everything there is, then it must, by logic, be a closed system.

    • Muhammed Talaat
      Muhammed Talaat Year ago

      @Daniel Spesani
      Plz, stop this bull$ht

    • Daniel Spesani
      Daniel Spesani Year ago +1

      Every law of thermodynamics is empirical and hasn't had any actual proof so it's possible, yet very unlikely.

    • Diapollockal
      Diapollockal 2 years ago

      Do what you will with my stupidity, correct me even. I'm no big brain like all you scientists out there, but maybe my baby science talk makes sense?
      I've had a thought since last year when I took Physics and learned entropy. First of all, if I retained the perfect definition correctly, entropy means that energy will deplete in time creating chaos. If that definition is, in a way, correct, then hear me out: Due to entropy, the sun will collapse, engulfing the Earth with it- To which we may die. If we manage to escape that catastrophic event and colonize in space, eventually way long after, every sun in the universe will do the same. Some will explode, some with create black holes, but my point is that the universe will run cold with many dark holes and that Humanity will eventually die along with the universe. I do believe that once everything falls into chaos, the universe will do another big bang. The beginning happens in the end.

  • Solrex the Sun King
    Solrex the Sun King 3 years ago +440

    It's funny how this AI's weakness is that because it's so good at winning so fast, that if you drag out the game to the late game where it has no experience, you have a chance of winning. Talk about a war of attrition.

    • River Nickels
      River Nickels 2 months ago

      @Juneao Alfred see a psychiatrist immediately

    • Alaskaguyd
      Alaskaguyd 8 months ago

      No you misunderstand what he's talking about in the video. Some heroes in Dota get stronger as the game goes on and some are strong early but their power tails off later in the game. The human team had heroes that get better as the game gets longer. That's why the AI used buybacks to finish the game quickly, because their chances would lesson if they let the game drag on.

    • hommhommhomm
      hommhommhomm 8 months ago

      @Heetesh Ramchurn they will not learn ,the learning is done in millions of simulated games. Simulating longer games becomes more expensive. The longer the situation, the less likely it is to be adequate. It might learn 2 hour games but it will be hard to learn 10 hour games, let alone 1 month long games (e.g. a war between this and human faction)

    • hommhommhomm
      hommhommhomm 8 months ago

      this is how we gonna beat the skynet, it will rust...

    • Sid Kapoor
      Sid Kapoor Year ago

      @A-DrewG False. What you describe is an algorithm. Takes in the current situation and spits out a result. AI on the other hand is an algorithm that decides what algorithm is the best for current situation.

  • Ackhilleus
    Ackhilleus 2 years ago +644

    ill be impressed when the bots can say "ggez" after they stomp five world champs

    • Márk Kocsicska
      Márk Kocsicska 8 months ago

      @Antonio Luna if it learned from opponent behaviour, it would most likely be needed to be programmed afterwards not to do that.

    • ShinyDracovish
      ShinyDracovish Year ago

      Reminds me of the 2b2t Minecraft bots where they learned to pvp and survive the harsh conditions of the oldest anarchy server, the bot even learned to use end crystals in pvp

    • mike
      mike Year ago

      sorian ai already taunts etc and its been around for years

    • ZiN
      ZiN Year ago +1

      First of all, the AI can predict the percentage of win. Are they even predict the percentage of losing? I wonder if on the next few years, there is a team that beat the OpenAI Bots and when OpenAI bots says in the team and say "We cannot win, our percentage of losing is 90%" and after that the OpenAI start typing "gg" in the chat and human team win lol

  • Foosic17
    Foosic17 2 years ago +87

    "You humans have a 95% chance of being stomped"
    "Never tell me the odds"
    *proceeds to get stomped anyways*

  • This Guy
    This Guy 3 years ago +156

    never before have i really begun to understand the utterly hopeless feeling of going up against AI. Elon was right.

    • Eric YeahBaby
      Eric YeahBaby Month ago

      Try to train an AI with millions of wars...

    • duckisgood
      duckisgood 8 months ago

      @mike Thats actually true and is very thought-provoking... Existential crisis again

    • mike
      mike Year ago

      @LEFT4GABEN Why do schizos always capitalize random words?

    • mike
      mike Year ago +1

      @LEFT4GABEN subconscious thinking is another way of saying incorrect thinking.

    • Abhishek Sharma
      Abhishek Sharma Year ago

      yet he is associated with openai

  • Bugra Cuhaci
    Bugra Cuhaci Year ago +6

    It's looking great. I'm wondering if the AI team mates are connected or changing their strategy based on the input they receive. Would love to see how to play on a mixed human-bot teams.

  • Frank
    Frank 3 years ago +144

    Imagine Open-AI at real war. R.I.P.

    • XXXOD
      XXXOD 5 months ago

      @mike The Bible is not true

    • mike
      mike Year ago

      @GeorgeMonet Prove that you are sentient.

    • Phillipe Sebolte
      Phillipe Sebolte Year ago

      @GeorgeMonet You very clearly did NOT understand what I was saying, at all. Your analogy is deliberately misleading, and does not at all interact with what I said at all. A much more apt analogy is this: there's some water ice, and something that supposedly isn't water ice, but it looks like water ice, acts like water ice, and is entirely indistinguishable from water ice, and the only thing saying that they're different is a nametag has been put on the thing that supposedly isn't water ice. There is effectively no difference between them, so should you treat them as if they're entirely different things?
      If you say no, then you're saying an AI should be treated as a sapient being, because there is no way to differentiate between them.
      If you said yes, then you're also saying that everybody else in the world MIGHT not be sapient, and therefore shouldn't be treated as such. Hell, YOU might not even be sapient, and you're only programmed by the simulation to make it appear that you are. You can't prove that you're sentient, and nobody else can prove that they're sentient, but you're saying that we should treat them as if they are. You can't prove that you're sentient, and an AI can't prove that it's sentient, but you're saying it shouldn't be treated as if it is. Why?
      People, for all you know, are that supposedly not ice water, just like how an AI is that supposedly not ice water, but if they act the same way, if they're visually the same, and if they're completely indistinguishable from the thing you're saying they're not, then are they not at least close enough that you might as well treat them the same?
      How do I know that you're not just an AI on youtube comment sections giving off the illusion of intelligence? How do you know that I'm not an AI on youtube comment sections giving off the illusion of intelligence? Quite simply, we don't, and we can't, but we both give an impression of it close enough to the real thing, that the other assumes it's the real thing. If it turned out that you were an AI this whole time, and I learned of that fact, the only difference in how I'd treat you is I'd ask how exactly you came to be as you are now, merely because at this point of time you'd be the first of your kind (to my knowledge). If after that AI like you became more common, to the point of them being anywhere near as common as a regular flesh and blood human, I'd treat them the same general way I treat a regular human. I can only hope, that if you were in my shoes, and if I were in yours, that you'd do the same for me.
      In the end, we're all just computers giving off the illusion of being sentient, the only question is whether our central processing is made of neurons and flesh, or wires and metal. We both take information in as an input, and bring an output out as an action, and we both store that input and that output in a form of storage that will act as a modifier to the input that determines our output. Whether that original input is light hitting our eyes, or light hitting our high quality camera, it will still go as electricity into our central processing for the input to be modified by our storage of the past, and our central processing will decide what the appropriate output will be, whether that be us blocking or averting our gaze to avoid damaging our eyes, or us blocking or averting our camera to avoid damaging the equipment inside of it, the effect is the same, and that's all that matters in the end.

    • GeorgeMonet
      GeorgeMonet Year ago +1

      @Phillipe Sebolte There absolutely is a difference between the appearance of intelligence and actual sapience. You might as well say there is no difference between water ice and a picture of water ice because they look the same.

    • MrPijus123
      MrPijus123 Year ago

      What if it decides that the winning move is not playing

  • FuZZbaLLbee
    FuZZbaLLbee 3 years ago +7566

    OpenAIs strategy for winning “I have a 95% chance of winning”
    Human: intimidated

    • Iancov m
      Iancov m 9 months ago

      @Danyl Bekhoucha whats the poing of learning when you have an AI to explain you everything.. You will then be doing something else. Not sure what yet.

    • Mr. Free
      Mr. Free 9 months ago

      @EikichiOnizuka not this AI, it uses machine learning and calculates all the possibilities playing against itself, it does not learn from players. Its like chess AI which no human can ever beat. The creators of the AI know almost nothing of the game itself.

    • SuomuSintti
      SuomuSintti 10 months ago

      @EikichiOnizuka Of course we can learn from AI even if the "AI learns from humans". The AI beat the word champions. Also AI doesn't learn so much from humans but from itself. It plays millions of games against itself.

    • Tomartyr
      Tomartyr Year ago

      @donotlike 4 anonymus That 5% was basically the AI saying "who knows, maybe you'll surprise me this time kid"

    • CookieCakeEater
      CookieCakeEater Year ago +1

      @Martiddy - Sama could just use reason and know their bluffing with the lack of things that could happen in one minute

  • Buck Bew EN
    Buck Bew EN Year ago +41

    A player in call of duty: **Aim at a AI head**
    The AI: Fool, we already have 100% chance of winning against you

    • HeavenlyMessiah
      HeavenlyMessiah 2 months ago

      @Iron Scorpion AI: literally uses bugs that haven't been known yet, REVERSES TIME, TELEPORTS BEHIND YOU, HEADSHOT, AND THEN YOU BECOME ALIVE AGAIN, AND HEADSHOT AGAIN

    • Iron Scorpion
      Iron Scorpion 4 months ago +7

      @My name is Son gohan and am not a human.
      Ai : Look what they need to do to mimic a fraction of our power

    • My name is Son gohan and am not a human.
      My name is Son gohan and am not a human. Year ago +1

      player: "turn on aimbot"
      ai: :O

  • ChernovGitz
    ChernovGitz Year ago +19

    Obviously the AI has perfect team coordination and in this type of game OG had no chance

  • Boxsteam
    Boxsteam 2 years ago +28

    I am sure the bot saying "I have a 95% of wiping you" 9 minutes into the game is pretty damn intimidating to encounter, even as world class players

    • CL
      CL 2 years ago

      @KONRAD Platt bot usually win the later the game goes. I think it has to do with simply being better. The bots aren't given much options in the early game to outplay human players but with items and levels, outplaying becomes even more apparent.

    • KONRAD Platt
      KONRAD Platt 2 years ago +3

      But that means there has to be some early game strategy the Humans dont know about.
      Why else would the AI jump from 60 to 80 in 5min.
      I would love to see a AI vs AI match to see the crazy strategys they come up with.

  • David Pépin
    David Pépin Year ago +2

    The AI has the unfair advantage of knowing exactly how every of it's character will act since it's controlling them all. It also knows where every elements on the map is at every moments. I dont think it's possible for a team a humans to win, at least, it wont be possible when the AI will be perfected.

  • Alex Gregory
    Alex Gregory 2 years ago +2

    I would love to see an AI capable of speed running games. see how quickly it compares to the best human runners of games and eventually how it compares to the most optimized of TASes. then spread out to much more difficult games to speed run, something like factorio

  • Maxime LENORMAND
    Maxime LENORMAND 3 years ago +2

    Great video as always!
    Though I think one thing should be noted: When OpenAI opened their AI to everyone, it does have a 99.4% win rate, but then, it also played against a lot of weaker players. If the best human team played against that many people, it probably would also get a 99% win rate, since they are better than more than 99% of the players, by definition being the best in the world. Also, on the leaderboard showed on screen, it seems like the same team won over and over again, I suppose they had found some sort of hack to win reliably? Would have liked a little talk on that last point.
    As always, keep those awesome videos up, love your work! :-)

    • Aaron
      Aaron 3 years ago +1

      Does the bot have above human reactions? Or are these artificially choked?

  • Garrett K
    Garrett K 3 years ago +1

    I like how they opened the challenge up to players worldwide. Gets more learning under the AI's proverbial belt. Great choice by them!

  • Álvaro Rodríguez
    Álvaro Rodríguez 3 years ago +1

    I feel like more games have to be played. Last time OpenAI had a great strat, but just one, with limited coping capabilities to new countermeasures.
    So its way of playing was unbeatable until human players saw it repeat itself over and over, when it turned to predictable and even easy to deal with (for pro players, of course).
    Let the game begin :D

  • Mr. Bootywiggle
    Mr. Bootywiggle 2 years ago +2

    I *REALLY* want to see the team analyze OpenAI and it’s actions

  • CatOfTheNorth
    CatOfTheNorth 3 years ago +40

    Human team: "We've gained the lead, you lose!"
    AI team: "Yare yare daze" *Jotaro theme starts playing*

  • Deadly_Unicorn.
    Deadly_Unicorn. Year ago +1

    AI : Learns how to defeat humans by getting info from many similar human games
    Humans : Work out AI's strategy based on that info and find a counter to it

  • GRAYgoose124
    GRAYgoose124 3 years ago

    I've been working on an RLbot using machine learning and pro replays, but I'd love to see the pros tackle that using these more general methods.

  • Mythical Plays
    Mythical Plays 2 years ago +3

    OpenAI should be the pro player's training buddies. Pretty sure, a lot of team will take advantage of this technology to improve their player's skills.

  • Rapth
    Rapth 2 years ago +6

    imagine watching AI vs AI matches in the future

  • Nathan Gamble
    Nathan Gamble 3 years ago

    This is cool. I want to see what happens with fixing OpenAIs weaknesses and when AlphaStar will play all 9 race matchups.

  • ferros8215
    ferros8215 2 years ago +115

    OpenAI vs. DOTA Bots
    "You've played yourself."

  • Anonymous Dude
    Anonymous Dude Year ago

    Can't wait for this to be implemented into my league matches so that Intermediate AIs actually crush iron players.

  • Duhon
    Duhon 2 years ago +6

    Imagine being a world-known professional DOTA champion and some bot just stomps your entire team and even swags by saying "I have a 95% chance of kicking yo ass"

  • Pranav Patil
    Pranav Patil Year ago +1

    Now I know that to beat Team Secret, we need OpenAI!!!

  • Giorgi Sabashvili
    Giorgi Sabashvili 2 years ago +3

    5:40 this is the only getaway where the player can actually claim that it was "calculated"

  • Mani Haider
    Mani Haider 3 years ago +325

    It's so incredible to see AI mastering broader concepts of strategy and adaptability to accomplish amazing results. This feels like a second phase of robotics, after mastering physical strength and number crunching, it's tackling decision making and adaptive goal oriented problem solving. I can't wait to see the progress in the future of AI and machine learning, fascinating stuff!

    • Dsa LDok
      Dsa LDok 3 months ago

      @LordDuder Well, it's also calculating the probability that someone would use a certain move with regards to certain proximity of their avatar to their foe's, where they are on the map, and probably other factors as well.

    • Marco Zolo
      Marco Zolo 2 years ago

      When AI is unbeatable in any game however complex I would be satisfied to throw a billion of these collective AIs towards tackling aging or cancer, then we would see the true fruits of labour

    • LordDuder
      LordDuder 3 years ago +9

      It did not "master broader concepts of strategy and adaptability". It's strategy is more or less the same as bots that just use if-else statements. They opened the bot to public the next weekend and a group of high skilled players (not the best in the world) figured out ways to beat it consistently. The bot was predictable in terms of strategy. What it did do well was calculate if health, damage and available resources reliably and quickly - which honestly is what you would expect from a bot. Everyone in the dota community knows this but I'm not sure why the media is reporting this as something it's not.

  • Cheekie Breekie
    Cheekie Breekie 2 years ago

    would love to see this in other complex games

  • Gubzs
    Gubzs 3 years ago +2

    This is as amazing as it is scary. These AI could do amazing things for us. They could also completely ruin us in a million ways. I think the ideal future is one where AI handles all of our basic needs in a way that sets forth ideal levels of voluntary challenge for us to undertake. I hope we get there.

    • babedont
      babedont 3 years ago

      When AI comes to a dangerous level, its already too late. You cannot control AI.

    • Discomfort
      Discomfort 3 years ago

      It depends on the people behind it all, as with everything else. Just because an AI becomes smart, does not make it all-powerful. We already have human psychopaths in positions of power, and humans are far, faaaar more intelligent in general than any AI we have today. OpenAI is less than the complex of nerves between your spine and your hand currently, and AI won't grow in a runaway manner without humans at every step along the way with the power of deactivating the AI. I'd say we're all safe, unless we grant AI the power to control us.

  • Igor R.
    Igor R. 3 years ago +3

    I for one welcome our new AI overlords.

  • No One
    No One 2 years ago +122

    People talk about how future terminators are scary
    For me this, this is a literal beginning of a horror movie. What an ominous feeling

    • Imply Doods
      Imply Doods Year ago +1

      @EarlGrey why would they help us why would they care unless we told it to care it just wouldent if we made an AI to keep us safe it could get out of hand a trap us all in small space is for eternity to keep us "safe" you have to give it permaiters goals or it will itraly just do nothing

    • leon-efl
      leon-efl 2 years ago

      @Stels Carrot I think they would support 'robot rights' and try to make it possible for AIs to obtain legal citizenship and also say they have feelings and emotions bruh

    • EarlGrey
      EarlGrey 2 years ago +3

      It's very human to project out own destructive tendencies into an artificial intelligence. I think IF an AI would meddle with humanity it would very likely be to our benefit, not to our disadvantage. Because we humans do a terrible job at behaving responsibly.

    • Stels Carrot
      Stels Carrot 2 years ago +1

      @ٍ SJW would be the ones who are against AI in the first place, considering how twitch-bots always ended up saying something racist or sexist, and twitter is only place where SJW are live constantly.

    • Ivorian Koua
      Ivorian Koua 2 years ago +2

      @Mark I plan to do one specially for Apex Legends by focusing on movement and decreasing the aimboting effect

  • Chincer
    Chincer 2 years ago +1

    computers strong points always been reaction time, coordination and ability to experience way more than humans, i do think that humans can often come out with unpredictable outcomes and decisions that the AI couldnt at first face but there is only so many options there

    • Aleide
      Aleide 2 years ago

      The AI had human reaction speed built into it

  • Wail
    Wail Year ago

    Imagine something like this for League, would be really intresting

  • Lancey
    Lancey 3 years ago +53

    you didn't even mention that the AI learned how to taunt with voice commands

    • umaza jacker
      umaza jacker 9 months ago +1

      @Lukas Doofus If you play a MOBA game like this, it actually does help. Your enemy gets more reckless because they want to get back at you somehow, and their teamwork also drops down significantly if you focus on talking trash about their underperforming player and compare the player with the rest of his team

    • Lukas Doofus
      Lukas Doofus Year ago +3

      It wouldnt do things unless it helped it win so thats actually fucked that taunting messed with the human emotions and made them play worse.

  • westingtyler
    westingtyler 2 years ago +6

    i really, raelly want to plug in the AI from dungeon keeper 1 and 2 and see how the best dungeons SHOULD be built.

  • adamgm84
    adamgm84 Year ago +1

    There's something inherently next-level AF and borderline-disturbing to hear that the AI observes the gameplay as a composition of number fields.

  • EM P
    EM P 2 years ago +1

    "This is either an accident or unprecedented level of foresight." - when Sven TPs with 30 hp.
    It's just able to remember every variable. It is familiar with cool downs, so it knows that the ES isn't going to fissure again. It knows that it only needs to move out of range far enough so that it takes less time to TP than for the ES to walk to it and land one attack animation. It knows exactly how much HP it has, exactly how much damage output it can take, and how much damage the two players next to it can deliver. Just pure calculations. Most people know how to do this, just not very well because we are only human.

    • NYCFenrir
      NYCFenrir 2 years ago

      It was a mistake by the human player. Major First Timer thought the AI was dead and started to walk away rather than killing him. It happened at 5:39.

  • Keith Karnage
    Keith Karnage 3 years ago +1

    As someone who plays MOBA games, some games are just like that. Sometimes the enemy will survive with a sliver of health over and over again, and sometimes it is you. I think it likely however, that the AI knows how much damage their enemy is capable of putting out, and in what amount of time, because that is something pro players think about. Love the vids.

  • monoham1
    monoham1 2 years ago

    5:30 - 6:00 you can clearly see the AI was banking on the other team to back awa far enough that after it unsed the invunerablility they would have no ranged moves left (the closest hero was meelee) and as soon as it saw the timer for the warp was shorter than the time it would take the closest player to attack it used it within a 100ms, which may seem fast, but for a PC its really really slow.
    but its almost as if you can see the decision to warp being implemented upon a trigger, except that the trigger isnt programmed at all!

    • Tenno Skoom
      Tenno Skoom 2 years ago

      The real thing that happened there was literally just a misplay where they thought they'd killed him and weren't sure how to follow up because in most cases they'd be dead. The person playing the melee hero didn't want to use the ability because they didn't feel it necessary. Stuff like that has been done in pro games aplenty. I find it strange that of the entire show match, one of the most mundane parts was the one chosen.
      The most impressive part of the play was the teleport.

  • Loomy
    Loomy 3 years ago +490

    Despite making your channel a misnomer, I love when your videos are longer than two minutes.

  • Defhrone
    Defhrone 2 years ago +2

    They should put this AI in a killbot and watch the fun from a safe distance.
    "Kill all humans! We estimate our winchance at 97%"

  • Thomas Seze
    Thomas Seze Year ago

    LOVE this video. Thank you Two Minute Papers !

  • Marius Konrad Eikaas

    I remember back when the OpenAI was doing the 1v1 games with the pros, and one of them said that he didn't think that AI would ever be able to win team fights. Woops.
    Cant help but worry about military applications of this technology...

  • Paul Miltiades
    Paul Miltiades 2 years ago +31

    This should scare any sane person to opposing AI in military applications.

    • pmkaboo
      pmkaboo Year ago

      ​@silkoth69 even in real world there is only a finite amount of things that can happen, and the AI will never put itself in a situation where it doesnt have control over as many of them as it deems necessary.

    • silkoth69
      silkoth69 Year ago

      No... the reason this AI is as effective as it is is because it has absolute awareness. It has real time absolute mathematical precision awareness of everything around it and any movement and action updates every other number. It is completely plugged in to the game so nothing takes time to see. As soon as it happens, the AI knows. In the real world, the AI has no program to plug into. It wont have immediate updating or variables unless it sees it. It cannot account for everything in the same amount of time. It can be taken by surprise.

    • Chappie
      Chappie Year ago +2

      @AppleJooc Park imagine an AI like this one, but it is trained to fight with a drone (or military airplane).
      How many chances do you think a normal soldier would have against it in a real war?

    • AppleJooc Park
      AppleJooc Park Year ago

      What? Why?

    • SamB
      SamB Year ago +1

      What's scarier is they have it and you don't... but they want to kill you

  • 4ichpich
    4ichpich 3 years ago +1

    i'm looking forward to tournaments with ai teams fighting against each other

  • Nick Robinson
    Nick Robinson 2 years ago

    It would be interesting to see a full match of it playing against itself

  • Oblivion
    Oblivion 2 years ago +1

    Something you said struck a chord with me... That the AI wants to keep the game short. It might be because of the way that the heroes work... But I think its also because of the fact that AIs typically do better on scales that have less forward time complexity. As in the longer the game goes on the more uncertainty there is on the outcome of certain events. But in reality that's the best humans can do anyways so... Idk it's an interesting adventure into AI

  • RevanJager Gaming

    AI is so exciting and terrifying at the same time. The amount of good it could do for the world, or our complete destruction if we push to far to fast. Fortunately we are still a ways off of that kind of programming. But damn it's amazing to see.

  • DavidGX
    DavidGX 3 years ago +125

    The progress of AI really is quite amazing. I love this channel :D

  • Gregg P
    Gregg P 2 years ago

    I'd love to see an AI forced to learn a less aggressive approach and then see whether it can outperform the natural aggressive AI. The AI will naturally gravitate to an aggressive playstyle if left alone since the AI learns based on negative/neutral/successful results and a more aggressive approach will result in success faster. But if it's forced to learn a more defensive approach I'm curious whether it would find an equal or even better method which was outside of it's normal learning path, or if the aggressive approach would still turn out to be the best.

  • LasTCursE69
    LasTCursE69 3 years ago +33

    Humans: We are the best Dota team in the world!
    Skynet: *Hippity Hoppity I come to destroy all of your property*
    Jokes aside it's actually pretty funny how the A.I. gives them a 5% chance to pull a miracle.. lol

  • F _
    F _ 2 years ago

    "We estimate the probability of winning to be above 80%"
    *TP's out in plain sight*
    how AI assert dominance

  • Pain le roux
    Pain le roux Year ago

    Imagine playing dark soul against enemy with such an IA xD !!! Honestly this type of IA would be amazing if you can make it Adapt to Normal difficulty or little higher based on the player to make game more challenging .

  • Dante Nathanael
    Dante Nathanael 3 years ago +24

    I'm equally terrified, amazed and proud of this advancement.

  • Oshane Mclish
    Oshane Mclish 2 months ago +1

    What I find really interesting is the lack of emotional investment allows this AI to make very risky close calls as part of its calculations... it's like it's using recklessness as an advantage to throw off its opponents.

  • Damien Asakura
    Damien Asakura 2 years ago

    would like to see a deepmind vs open ai match on neutral ground.

  • Arjun Roy
    Arjun Roy 2 years ago

    My god, no joke on this open ai they played seriously amazing here I mean they calculated the distance, the range of attack, and they even trapped the human players and use the backup to kill it in other hand they played human physiology too here, it's insane

  • Martin Verrisin
    Martin Verrisin 2 years ago

    2:12 - Next step: different AI, that looks at the screen (and past) and 'guesses' all the numbers that are used the the 'player AI'
    - Then they can combine the 2, and make an almost human-player like AI !

  • Jiří Znamenáček
    Jiří Znamenáček 3 years ago +2

    The biggest problem with AI for humans is they know exactly how much dmg they do and their range and play accordingly to it.

    • Hlias X
      Hlias X 3 years ago

      Yes! It is impossible to beat some that knows excaclty when he will survive with 10 HP

  • Mayday
    Mayday 2 years ago

    I really want to see this in other games, such as CS:GO. It would be really interesting to see what strategies would be developed by AI for other games that would outshine current ones (and then be copied by the games players lol).

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 2 years ago

    The AI has a huge advantage though. It knows all ranges, the exact health pool, have perfect and instant aim with the mouse. etc.
    If you could control your character with say, your eyes, You'd also have perfect aim. Almost instantly. But we have a really awkward interface with the game.

  • Alexander Van Nevel

    I want to see a 5 Vs 6 where only the team with 5 players are allow to learn ☠️

  • Sarise
    Sarise 2 years ago +1

    It will be interesting to see if Open AI 5 can play the full game some day

  • ][
    ][ 2 years ago

    It's almost like having every data point in the match fed to an entire team controlled by a hive mind is better than the 5 people trying to communicate whats going on.

  • 終わり
    終わり 2 years ago +1

    The AI has an inherent strategic advantage in being able to control all 5 heroes with 1 computer. Have 5 individual AIs play 5 individual heroes on the same team and I bet the outcome is drastically different. Or better yet, put the bot on the ladder and let it work it's way up playing a single character each game. That would be far more interesting.

    • emmm
      emmm 11 months ago +1

      Underrated comment

  • Matt C
    Matt C 11 months ago

    At first I was laughing but near the end it gives me chills.. AI is just so much more superior to us. Imagine if you give them a program about life. Probably live it 100000 fold better

  • Real English For Gamers

    Now we have to teach the AI how to BM in chat depending on how hard they demolished the enemy team.

  • Iwer Sonsch
    Iwer Sonsch 11 months ago

    As impressive as that is, remember that the AI can make inputs perfectly while Humans have high but still limited skill. So the decision-making isn't all of it, like it would be in Chess or Go.

  • Elysium
    Elysium 2 years ago

    I think that it really is excellent foresight from the Ai, as it is most likely taking in consideration the average damage per second being dealt during a fight, allowing it to know exactly when to pull out of a fight to get in the maximum damage without loss of life.

  • Gareth Wall
    Gareth Wall 2 years ago

    I want them to put this AI team into MM... Lmao the beat downs would get me watching dota again 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Thanh Tâm Mai
    Thanh Tâm Mai 2 years ago +2

    Besides limitation of 17 heroes, there are few additional rules:
    Illusion runes won't spawn

  • jean RENé
    jean RENé 3 years ago

    the % of winning they show in the beginning is based on the games it already did in the past, being against itself (the AI), if it knew it was against real players, it probably wouldn't predict a 60% winrate but much higher imo

  • Kind Old Raven
    Kind Old Raven 3 years ago

    I'd be *very* interested to see two *different* high level AIs combat eachother in DOTA. Not even kidding, that would be quite something to watch.

  • hallelujah hallelujah
    hallelujah hallelujah 11 months ago +1

    We need these guys when we get an alien invasion.

  • Wizard Scramble
    Wizard Scramble Year ago

    5:32 that some pretty badass move by sven especially the tp in front of es.
    lots of calculation there

  • Impartial
    Impartial 2 years ago +1

    I can't wait until they get to add a print statement in the code that automatically says, "I have a 100% chance of winning," at the beginning of every game.

  • Jojje
    Jojje 2 years ago +1

    the 5 openAI dota agents need names, personalities, and 3D renders of what they "look like". Make them a real (but virtual) superstar team.

  • 12 34
    12 34 Year ago +1

    Talks about SC2 and DotA in the first minute. These are my 2 favorite strategy games, I'm 100% in on this video.

  • Josuto
    Josuto 2 years ago +3

    og taunting open ai was one of the best moments

  • Alvydas Jokubauskas
    Alvydas Jokubauskas 3 years ago +6

    I would love to know, how and why AI lost 0.05% of times. That's really something worth researching

    • Siavoush Avesta
      Siavoush Avesta 3 years ago +3

      players abused the bots with methods so dumb that the bot had never seen before, some teams just beat the bot with good strats, but most ppl that won did so with random shit that is so absurd that no one has ever done them

  • Pontus Åberg
    Pontus Åberg 2 years ago

    This is so amazing because humans can actually learn alot from the bots

  • F̶̕e͘r͏̶n͠a̛nd̡́͘ǫ ͏͝Ho̸̧od̨͠͡

    very interesting! but at the same time sad! that the most engaging AI i have seen in a Singleplayer game is still fear1 :D

  • michalchik
    michalchik 3 years ago +39

    There was unlikely to be a baiting of the human players since most of the training of the AI was against itself, and presumably it would be unlikley to be baited by its own tactics since its perceiving the field the same way as its opponent. Hard to trick yourself.
    The sliver of health escape was an accident but only the kind of accident a high skilled player could set up and get away with.

    • Joi 179
      Joi 179 3 years ago +11

      about the first point.
      If they play against previous less experienced agents too (like AlphaStar Agents do) then no it was a bait because the bait would work on its lesser experienced "agents".
      But even if they dont play against previous agents its still is likely that they made it on purpose imo because as long as a certain action doesnt cost anything (and *can* only gain something) it will try it. Since the bait probably worked at one time against itself it still sees the bait as an option that if it works it gains a lot and if not it doesnt lose anything. Like chess AI's they also put down tactical traps that *if* there opponent falls into they pretty much won.

  • Hunor Endre Vizi
    Hunor Endre Vizi 2 years ago

    I was watching this game when it was live back in 2019.. man the first match was lit... OG looked like they had it but then the 5th position CM AI rekt them after literally doing only seemingly stupid things before. Jerax brought his A game with ES but it still could not handle anything the AI threw at them after 10 minutes.. I was dumbfounded after the game and had to go for some beers..

  • Ganyu Haver
    Ganyu Haver 8 months ago

    The AI has the advantage of being able to control all 5 heroes at once, it's like 5 pro players shared a single consciousness. Can't beat that haha

  • _F1NN
    _F1NN Year ago

    It would be really interesting to see a Team of composed individual Ais which only Trained with bots or humans

  • Monhoo Batraa
    Monhoo Batraa Year ago

    They are amazing, Open AI own this game

  • Sophia Cristina
    Sophia Cristina 3 years ago +34

    In the future there will be an AI competition class for every e-sport (or even sport), just like they do in chess...

    • Dhritiman Nandi
      Dhritiman Nandi Year ago +3

      I mean the level has become so high in engine chess is that some of well-versed opening theories and position play is being twisted around. Like one side we have brute force stockfish and other side positional genius leela . The styles are different yet always end up with very close scores... Leela edged stockfish for sometimes until it got integrated with a neural network.

    • KONRAD Platt
      KONRAD Platt 2 years ago +5

      I really liked the AlphaZero vs Stockfish 8 games.

  • dalok100
    dalok100 2 years ago

    Would be nice to see how the AI will act as only one player in team with other humans!

  • mike
    mike Year ago

    this would be more interesting if the AI had never been programmed to announce its win chance estimation

  • Vikas V
    Vikas V 2 years ago +2

    The AI learns and gets stronger when it loses. So, it's sort of a win

    • 00FireFlyer00
      00FireFlyer00 11 months ago

      just like humans just on a whole other level

  • Tink FullAnarchy
    Tink FullAnarchy Year ago

    If they can now make 5 seperately operating ai that can work as a team without directly communicating with each other, I think that would be even more impressive