The Fighter and The Kid - Episode 516: Andrew Schulz and Andrew Santino

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • Andrew Schulz and Andrew Santino join Brendan in studio for Episode 516 of The Fighter and The Kid. They talk about their favorite album covers, boxing, puberty stories, FitBit cheating, and much more!
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Comments • 1 956

  • daniel butler
    daniel butler Day ago

    I know someone who painted that album cover on their car

  • K Fresh
    K Fresh 6 days ago

    Just needed Theo von

  • kyle lindsey
    kyle lindsey 6 days ago

    Turned it off at the Kaepernick dick riding. Fuck that piece of shit.

  • Chase D 707
    Chase D 707 8 days ago

    Bro I lost my virginity to my 9th grade English teacher it started by her being super flirty and always rubbing my shoulders bending over my desk and would purposely rub her big ass titties on me then it went to her touching my leg then her husband taught this class that you could get help with homework and invited me to their church youth group thing went to it then she said I'll give you a ride home and her husband stayed at the church she asked me if I liked her I said ya she touched my leg and noticed I got hard went oh my gosh you have such a big cock for a teenager can I see it! She pulled into a parking lot pulled my cock out and sucked the jizz out of me then got in the back seat and best the pussy up came in her and all and we did that for like 2 years once a week it turned into getting a hotel room then she got caught after i graduated some punk ass snitched on her and shes still in prison lol good times

  • Orlando Trustfull
    Orlando Trustfull 8 days ago

    Schaub is so out of his depth and I *think* he is starting to realise it

  • Joey Bushway
    Joey Bushway 9 days ago

    One of the best episodes so far keep it up fellas

  • Cam
    Cam 9 days ago

    Santino talking mad shit on another man's podcast and Shaub just letting it happen. Fake beef or not ya don't do that shit SMH

    JOSE SALAZAR 12 days ago

    I watched all of Delia and von moments on tfatk and I just started watching this guy better then both of them lol 😂

  • CaliBear 415
    CaliBear 415 14 days ago

    Chin is HORRIBLE at picking pictures

  • The Name You Wanted But Will Never Have

    Super awkward "fist bump" 1:16:08 That was a little cringe

  • CaliBear 415
    CaliBear 415 14 days ago

    You know you grew up in the hood when these guys that are at least ten years older had the same first tape as me

  • Aaron Helfor
    Aaron Helfor 14 days ago

    Why is Andrew Schulz wearing a pack of Marlboro cigarettes? Also, sting Brian callus. The road to the strap goes to the rat.

  • MrAnperm
    MrAnperm 14 days ago

    The tennis player was probably part of a betting scandal.

  • A Fury
    A Fury 15 days ago +1

    LMFAO dude 34:25 Santino is killing with this. And that impression/accent

  • BARG
    BARG 16 days ago

    So Bert has 10 million dollars?

  • Scott Nelson
    Scott Nelson 17 days ago +1

    Is it possible to remove Schaub, not Callen?

  • Kuda95 M
    Kuda95 M 17 days ago +5


  • Nick Panacci
    Nick Panacci 17 days ago

    Shuab: "They would have hired Aaron Hernandez if he got out of prison"
    Aaron Hernandez:

  • Harold Jimenez
    Harold Jimenez 18 days ago

    Andrew is the best out.

  • Bert
    Bert 18 days ago

    The camera was panned about 3 feet too far to the right for this one Brendan. Know your role, bud.

  • Darrell Green
    Darrell Green 18 days ago

    Y’all know Andrew is a joke thief right?

    • v e L
      v e L 16 days ago +1

      present ur evidence

  • Space Hippo
    Space Hippo 18 days ago +1

    Man Brendan will agree with ANYONE if he can be their new friend.

  • A H
    A H 19 days ago

    Get the HISTORY HYENAS on the Podcast ASAP

  • Cali King
    Cali King 19 days ago

    You know Andrew smashed that 18 yr old girl. He’s fucking lying!

  • hoxha bunker
    hoxha bunker 19 days ago +1

    Andrew Santino is a boring cocksucka

  • John Malcolm
    John Malcolm 19 days ago

    Lil kim cover, listening to Big Mama thing.

  • AlrightByMondayMusic
    AlrightByMondayMusic 19 days ago +2

    I'd prefer if Andrew Santino talked with two more Andrew Santino's

  • Chris Cedillo
    Chris Cedillo 19 days ago +6

    Schaub: "yea he goes hard in the paint"

  • MrMartena56
    MrMartena56 20 days ago +8

    Everyone: "I don't think we can say the deal Bert got"
    Schulz: "He got a $10 million dollar tour rights fee"

    lmao I fucken love this guy

  • dominion arts
    dominion arts 20 days ago +2

    If you j.o. to the old No Limit Mercedes cover art, you are officially “of color”. Your certificate is in the mail.

  • Mr1Josephjohn
    Mr1Josephjohn 20 days ago

    Kat is tough as shit hanging with these pervs. OR she has a serious #metoo complaint she can file.

  • Andrew Santino
    Andrew Santino 20 days ago +102

    Once again a GREAT show without Byron Kallik

    • rcs foot
      rcs foot 12 days ago +1

      How do you have shoes on you always have them off on your show more comfy. Please have your shoes off on the fighter and kid show to

    • Aaron Helfor
      Aaron Helfor 14 days ago +1

      This is probably my favorite tfatk so far

    • Ray Freeman
      Ray Freeman 15 days ago +1

      Funny how Brenda played dumb when you called him out on his weight loss bet with Kallik

    • A Fury
      A Fury 15 days ago +3

      Duuude, your Texan and Korean impression just killed. 10/10
      But also I love Byron though

    • Peace Maker
      Peace Maker 17 days ago +2

      If I ever needed to get a message to you, responding to this comment would be my best bet.

  • C B
    C B 20 days ago

    Schulz talking about how true comics are tested and challenged for years coming up.
    Shaub sits there awkwardly
    "yea straight up"

  • Frodo Bob
    Frodo Bob 20 days ago

    Hornets jacket was a classic

  • Jose Reyes
    Jose Reyes 20 days ago

    flagrant army!

  • Space Mechanic
    Space Mechanic 21 day ago

    What a Link up!

  • themahonster
    themahonster 21 day ago

    That's the biggest misconception of President Trump. That politics is a mud slinging contest (true to an extent) but what Trump did was wash the mud off, ran for president and said I'm gonna do what's right and call this evil out. Yea people think Trump is hilarious we knew this at his very first rally. I just think its interesting because regardless of what everyone wants to admit it or not Trump is president and he's doing a phenomenal job at it. "He won't win" then he wins "well hes not gonna do what he said he would do" then he does what he said he would do so now its "well Trump didnt wanna really win president but then when he did win he was like okay I'm the best" 😂😂😂 #MAGA #Trump2020

  • Garret H
    Garret H 21 day ago

    I love fat bitches

  • Galvaxatron
    Galvaxatron 22 days ago

    Santino: Hey Schaub relax with visualizing her as an attractive kid.

    Also Santino: Starts creating an elaborate pedophile fantasy about a Kohreeyan kid named Chin.

  • Matthew Snyder
    Matthew Snyder 23 days ago +1

    Schaub is the best in the biz at figuring out how a guest feels about a certain topic...and then immediately agreeing with that opinion

    • Steve Jobs
      Steve Jobs 21 day ago

      That's actually a real skill more people need. Too many people take their opinions too serious.

  • Gouge Away
    Gouge Away 24 days ago

    I'd sub if Santino took over from Callan permanently

  • Josh Gaspard
    Josh Gaspard 24 days ago +1

    500+ episodes and Brendan still hasn't learned how to shut the fuck up and let people be funny without changing the subject. Astonishing.

  • Buddhist Sith
    Buddhist Sith 25 days ago +1

    That moment Santino realizes his sock game is weak...

  • Ultra unboxer 350 Tor-browser

    "your wife is in my Dm's"

  • Brian Wiegand
    Brian Wiegand 25 days ago

    "It was closer to the airport, so they COULD make it", Brendan, every single person that was going to be there.... WAS ALREADY THERE. You literally sound like Bryan Callen right now talking about an arbitrary story he heard about third-hand.

  • Beefy Slonker
    Beefy Slonker 26 days ago

    audio is better than the new studio flagrant is using by far in this studio

  • Michael Ciavarella
    Michael Ciavarella 26 days ago

    chins eyes with that earring lmao

  • Michael Ciavarella
    Michael Ciavarella 26 days ago

    well santino knows nothing about sports

  • Ram 5.7
    Ram 5.7 26 days ago

    Brendan must have been molested by an overweight Mexican because that is the 2 things he hates the most and is slowly turning into one

  • d nizzle
    d nizzle 27 days ago

    Best trio out there baby

  • George Molina
    George Molina 27 days ago

    1:18:35 santino for the truth bomb! Lmao

  • Orlando Trustfull
    Orlando Trustfull 27 days ago

    If only it was Callen here instead of Schlub

    URBVN ARCHITECTS NYC 27 days ago

    focus ahead

  • Nick Myers
    Nick Myers 28 days ago +1

    Santino really turned the whole sex doll current event into his own bit 😂

  • SeouL
    SeouL 28 days ago


  • Adam Newby
    Adam Newby 28 days ago

    No way is that school teacher sex stat real. I had 4000 kids in my high school. That would mean 200 kids were have sex with the teachers. No way. I don’t buy it.

  • GAHd ZUWkz
    GAHd ZUWkz 28 days ago

    Too bad Shuab was there 😕

  • will
    will 28 days ago +2

    Andrew literally has like 4 shirts.

  • Salvatore Geraci
    Salvatore Geraci 28 days ago +2

    Really good one guys.. Pods have been on point lately.. Cheers and Thanks from NYC

  • Ben Waldsax
    Ben Waldsax 29 days ago

    Kats so hot