The Best Android Music Player | Blackplayer Tutorial

  • Published on Oct 18, 2018
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Comments • 307

  • Ki11a TJ
    Ki11a TJ Month ago

    Samsung music was the best I've ever had and now I have to use third-party once because I hate Google play and I don't have a Samsung anymore

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha Month ago

    The problem is it doesn't download artist images anymore.....

  • Joseph D
    Joseph D Month ago

    Agalloch! 🤘

  • kevin barreiros
    kevin barreiros Month ago

    Hey Tek I know this is an old video but I have a questions about this player. I am trying to use it on an Atoto A6 Car media player with a USB drive. But there is no option to scan on the USB drive only SD card. If I use the explorer I can launch the audio file within Blackplayer but only that one song. Any idea or is it only limited to SD cards since it was designed for phones? Thanks

  • GrandemagicoWall
    GrandemagicoWall Month ago

    This thing better be good as I just spent 2,59€ of hard earned Google Rewards credit on it.

  • Yahiko_Tendo -_-
    Yahiko_Tendo -_- 2 months ago +1

    The blackplayer wont even let me search music

  • Lars Hollander
    Lars Hollander 2 months ago

    This must be the most bug-littered app I have ever used

  • czoperrr
    czoperrr 2 months ago

    It is so great that this is the only app I've paid for. Even if the free version is sufficient.

  • Simo Staessens
    Simo Staessens 2 months ago

    Just switched over from ios to Android, and all the music players seemed reeeeally ugly and looked very cheap, and the google music app is just disgusting. Blackplayer seems like a very nice app with a great UI and everything i want. And the automatic album artwork is super neat. Thanks a lot for the vid

  • Henry Walton
    Henry Walton 2 months ago

    Your music taste is on point

  • Ichi Iliev
    Ichi Iliev 3 months ago

    Good job, Tek Syndicate (MAN)!!! What's smartphone using .... video clip?!?

  • Pete B
    Pete B 3 months ago

    Is the Blackplayer version that you reviewed from FifthSource? Just want to be sure that I get the right one.

  • FrantikDisarray
    FrantikDisarray 4 months ago

    Saw some Windir on your playlist, hail Death.FM

  • Leon FPV
    Leon FPV 4 months ago

    Tnx Logan, you saved my ass from buying PowerAmp 😂

  • johno4521
    johno4521 4 months ago

    I need crossfading

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B 4 months ago +1

    Its funny you specifically mention Poweramp at the beginning. I just ran into problems recently with my phone (Galaxy S8) telling me that poweramp is using an obscene amount of data. Then yesterday, I downloaded the recent security update for Android, and poweramp would automatically shut off when the phone was locked, so I couldnt listen to music when it was locked. I found out that keeping the phone on not letting it lock would keep the player running, but the phone would get noticeably warmer. This was the free version on Poweramp, and buying the Pro version, for whatever reason has fixed it, however, im not sure how I feel about the Pro version.

    I feel my first question is answered with this video (If Blackplayer is highly recommended), so 2nd, is the problem listed above a problem with Poweramp, or some underlying problem ive only now discovered?

  • Rashide
    Rashide 4 months ago

    Retro Music has the best interface

  • Derek Buckner
    Derek Buckner 5 months ago +2

    whoah it even plays my FLAC loseless files.

  • Fight For Your Freedom
    Fight For Your Freedom 5 months ago

    I just got the Razer phone 2 and I need to move my music onto it and set up a music player. Would somebody who knows about this stuff advise whether it works better to copy over the music library (on a Windows laptop - I have one copy in iTunes and another copy in Sony's Media Go) via a USB cable and then install the player, or install the player first, for better results? In case it matters I've got my music library organized by genre, so that's the thing I care about preserving most. Thanks guys!

  • Mark Union
    Mark Union 5 months ago +2

    Do you guys know any music players that lets you add different playlists on the homescreen besides Pi music player

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 5 months ago +3

    Life changing indeed :-)

  • killervacuum
    killervacuum 5 months ago

    anyone have a recommendation for an app with wifi file syncing functionality similar to google play music? (i have 200gb of music btw)

  • Shantanu Debnath
    Shantanu Debnath 5 months ago

    Poweramp is the best music app equaliser.
    But it's UI is way too much complicated.
    So i shifted to other app.
    BlackEx seems nice.

  • GR
    GR 5 months ago

    Where did you get the neo geo cab from?

  • LanceUppercut4
    LanceUppercut4 5 months ago

    Went to install this for my mom today, only to find they decided to remove the free version for w/e reason. (This video was one of the only things I found even talking about the app, can't find any explanation anywhere). I've had the free one for a while & it's not even in my app library anymore (despite being currently installed) - which means I probably can't re-install it in the future (/install it on a future device). I didn't need any of the pay features of the EX version...looks like I'm going to find another free music player...shame.

  • Gregor TheGhost
    Gregor TheGhost 6 months ago

    I've used Blackplayer EX for-ev-er
    but I kind of wish ZPlayer was still in operation my first smartphone was a Nokia Lumia Windows phone....I like how Zune looked it was unique

  • Helios the Illusionist
    Helios the Illusionist 6 months ago +1

    don t take me wrong but this music player is far from best.very far.

  • TheGr8stManEvr
    TheGr8stManEvr 6 months ago +8

    Ads end at 1:35

  • Naeem Mundekatt
    Naeem Mundekatt 6 months ago

    its sucks artists covers are sucks

  • nelg55
    nelg55 6 months ago

    a review on audio player that focuses on the anaesthetic look of the player...nice...

    MAD PATSY 7 months ago

    hi brill vid how can you stop one song going into another thanks.

  • Ray Ortiz
    Ray Ortiz 7 months ago +3

    Agreed, my favorite player currently !!! Nuff sed

  • Nexion
    Nexion 7 months ago

    I used to use this a few years ago

  • ma jid
    ma jid 7 months ago

    I am having so manyproblems withblckplayer problems with never played list and artist portraits can you guys help me?

  • Macaroni and Cliches
    Macaroni and Cliches 8 months ago

    My old phone came with 2 music apps: google play and some purple one. I used the purple one
    My "new" phone (phoenix 4) has only google play
    no balance settings
    no speed controls
    not even a rewind or ff, just skip to the beginning or next track. it's awful. I didn't even mind not having gapless playback so much because I just edited songs together into one
    this should be a vast improvement

  • 2prtv
    2prtv 8 months ago

    Looks rather clunky and cluttered, give me foobar anytime. :(

  • Banana Boy
    Banana Boy 9 months ago

    thank you, this helped a lot

  • ghostwolf525600
    ghostwolf525600 9 months ago

    This may be a stupid question but . . . I have 427GB of music - stored on a 512GB SD card (very well organized with correct metadata - by my personal preference of organization) and trying to find a player that will simply play said music without having to import or export or upload or download . . . Simply insert SD card, turn on the device, select "player", search music via artist, select album and then select song - basically iTunes for Android - Does Blackplayer play from SD card without having to upload songs into library and then having to download (album by album by album) for offline playback? Is there a way to customize so that artist "cover" or picture is the first album? I am using an Android OS phone with up to 2TB of SD card storage - making the phone solely just a mp3 player but uploading and downloading 427GB of music on Google's Play Music app is like herding cats! Any thoughts? I've tried Sony Walkmans but they don't store metadata and don't work well with large libraries - Hiby R3 and R6 both horrific UI and a Sony Xperia that could handle 512GB SD cards but Sony's music player was not customizable and difficult to navigate . . . At a loss here! HELP!

  • Dakota Rodriguez
    Dakota Rodriguez 9 months ago +1

    Hell yessssss. Behemoth! Great video man.

  • TreesOnTheBeach
    TreesOnTheBeach 9 months ago

    What didn't you like about Pulsar? I'm pretty pleased with it for my car head unit.

  • Aulia Auru
    Aulia Auru 9 months ago

    Woa, glad to see another BlackPlayer user! You know, i've been using this player since like 2 years, and been wondering why of all the things, this player can't change the playlist's cover image? I've asked the dev, and they say it's on the tray button while opening the playlist but when i try it nothing's there. Anybody knows the solution?

  • chojat
    chojat 10 months ago

    Does this or any other player app have playback speed settings?

  • Anoixi LM
    Anoixi LM 10 months ago +5

    most elegant and most useful.. simply the best music player I've ever installed..

  • Stonecones
    Stonecones 10 months ago +10

    Anyone else here since galaxy s10 doesn't have a music player?

    • Alex Schultz
      Alex Schultz 8 months ago

      It because they want you to use google play that comes on the phone. Which sucks ass.

    • Stonecones
      Stonecones 8 months ago

      @Ordial my comment is that it doesn't ship with one..... downloading one is the issue, it should have a default one preinstalled

    • Alistair Kaname
      Alistair Kaname 9 months ago

      what, the betrayal

  • addyy glenn
    addyy glenn 10 months ago +1

    How do u add music on blackplayer

  • Tanmoy Dutta
    Tanmoy Dutta 10 months ago +1

    Thank you so much for this video!

  • Evan Wiger
    Evan Wiger 10 months ago

    that Kalmah -12 gauge album is one of my favorites . Black player is the absolute best. Music bee is the best for Windows tho

  • Arif Wahyudianto
    Arif Wahyudianto 11 months ago

    I try so many music player and then musicolet its the best! 😚

    • Timotheus H. Nakashona
      Timotheus H. Nakashona 10 months ago

      Musicolet is gorgeous but needs more work. Blackplayer is super smooth and gorgeous.

  • Real Deal Holyfield
    Real Deal Holyfield 11 months ago

    My blackplayer crashes without any reason..

  • Rambo
    Rambo 11 months ago

    THIS got u a sub

  • Rokkin
    Rokkin 11 months ago +14

    Dude. Looking at your library is like looking at mine. Amon Amarth, Harakiri for the Sky and Windir?! Really good taste man. Thanks for the tip!

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy 11 months ago


  • DiGambit
    DiGambit 11 months ago

    Thank you

  • h0b0c0p
    h0b0c0p 11 months ago

    Oh you're a fan of Forefather too?

  • Gregor TheGhost
    Gregor TheGhost Year ago +1

    with 6,395 songs on my phone this is the only music player that makes everything seamless almost every other player doesn't tag and show the cover art correctly. BlackPlayer forever

  • Deiradinn Draven
    Deiradinn Draven Year ago

    Wanted to say thanks for this. I was using Foobar and was wanting to look for something a bit more meaty, and this was it. Appreciate it!

  • TStyle XDDD
    TStyle XDDD Year ago +2

    3:21 is that a Blind Guardian I see?

  • Billy Pruitt
    Billy Pruitt Year ago

    Guys, give stellio Music Player a try, now in playstore

  • Mr LloydVal
    Mr LloydVal Year ago

    and the feature we are all looking for a new music player for, blackplayer notifies you of duplicate tracks before adding to your playlist so you can choose to add the duplicate or not.

  • CamaroWarrior
    CamaroWarrior Year ago

    This thing is sooooooo similar to the samsung music app