Ed Woodward has thrown everyone under the bus at Manchester United - Steve Nicol | Premier League

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • Ed Woodward has hit back at critics of Manchester United’s transfer policy amid a tumultuous period for the Old Trafford club. ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol, Craig Burley, Shaka Hislop and Don Hutchison join Dan Thomas to discuss Woodward’s curious comments two days ahead of a huge game vs. Liverpool. Nicol thinks he’s just throwing the managers he’s appointed “under the bus” whilst Burley thinks that while there might be some sense in what he’s saying but “indirectly he’s affected the football decisions at the club.”
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Comments • 350

  • Teck
    Teck 5 days ago

    if Man Utd lose tonight, Ole will be sacked !

  • Geezee Fan
    Geezee Fan 24 days ago

    Woodward bro, give useless player eg. (Smalling,Shaw) so much salary but not playing perfectly

  • Stuart Lumsden
    Stuart Lumsden Month ago

    Allegri in now!

  • Devils God
    Devils God Month ago

    the wheels on the bus goes up up up up up up and upupup let's get title challenge all year long

  • Lukas_Jay
    Lukas_Jay Month ago

    This whole thing set in years before Fergie left. As Fergie aged and got by on his incredible man motivation skills, football caught up. That stupid speech about "noisy neighbours" was symbolic of how complacent we had come. That great Champions League side of 09 was never rebuilt properly. Fergie's total control and sudden departure was the worst thing for United. With absolutely no modern structures in place, and the modern football world evolving at a lighting rate, we suddenly surfaced miles behind the 8 ball.
    10 years of terrible transfer policies, awful scouting, clueless board direction, and focus on financial skullduggery with absolutely no modern football men in positions to start to fix the decay on the pitch. Has left us in absolute purgatory.
    What's worse, we still have not started modernising the club. Every week, we fall further behind, every week. Think about that.

  • Jimmy Jemal
    Jimmy Jemal Month ago

    Slap head utd.

  • Lanky Lame
    Lanky Lame Month ago

    The dabbing and dancing are all gone, but, the clown show is still on!

  • Tyrone Williams
    Tyrone Williams Month ago

    United could’ve signed Van De Beek but Ed Woodward didn’t want him.

  • Jafmasterflash 7
    Jafmasterflash 7 Month ago +1

    Ed DeadWood is like worzel gumage... clutching at straws
    Every football decision he’s made since sir Alex left has been abysmal nearly a billion pound has been spent & our team is thinner than Stone Cold Steve Austin’s hair!

  • Mohd Zaki
    Mohd Zaki Month ago +2

    He should appointed himself as manager. End of the story.

  • attymarco
    attymarco Month ago

    Shaka saying what a lot of United fans have been saying for a while. Woodward is being unusually vocal these days so maybe the social media campaign against the Glazers is having some effect. Anyway, Woodward is full of it: Paddy Evra mentioned that Woodward referred to himself as director of football, and Van Gaal lifted the lid on that too.

  • Vincent Janse
    Vincent Janse Month ago

    Name a more iconic duo, Man united and buses

  • F1MvBoTECH Virk
    F1MvBoTECH Virk Month ago +1

    Who is he trying to kidd?

  • Fianna
    Fianna Month ago

    Jesus British people can't manage anything. Look at their laughable politicians. There's a reason why most managers and owners are not British

  • MegaStan316
    MegaStan316 Month ago

    Your banging on about Madrid or barca not giving ole that time but at least at Madrid or barca they listen to what players the manager wants and they go get em Woodward didn't do that he gave ole with one hand and took away with another

  • Neil Ryke
    Neil Ryke Month ago

    this show is rubbish

  • Hero Of Bukit Padang

    Ole out!!! Allegri in!! Fck nostalgia!!!!

  • Never Give up
    Never Give up Month ago

    If Utd finish in the bottom half woodcock must leave or he will be dragged out!!!!

  • Clymax01
    Clymax01 Month ago

    Relegation odds ?
    Worth a fiver

  • Samuel Roberts
    Samuel Roberts Month ago

    these lot are pathetic . espn? more like hate mufc tv. nothing better to talk about no?

  • 3chords
    3chords Month ago

    Woodward misses the point. There’s no overall director of football and thus no long term plan on the football side of things. Jose is a good example , his style of play and recruitment of players was never going to take root long term. United were never going to be a park the bus team , so why was Jose ever appointed?

  • S L Jones
    S L Jones Month ago

    Ole will be gone in a month

  • Randolph Wright
    Randolph Wright Month ago

    Ed Woodward is a master of failure...he's united problem

  • holmbjerg
    holmbjerg Month ago

    Allegri is the next Mourinho.

  • Arn Gyssels
    Arn Gyssels Month ago

    That's a very childish response coming from a "big" man

  • Flav
    Flav Month ago

    Woodward is a virus like Pogba

  • VKeveen Chandra
    VKeveen Chandra Month ago

    Why managers must be sacked, its the Deadwood who must be sacked.

  • ian crowley
    ian crowley Month ago

    4-2-3-1... United will definitely lose
    4-3-3... United will not lose

  • Abhishek Katoch
    Abhishek Katoch Month ago

    Why there is no first striker.. why herrara had to go..
    Why club is still at that point where alex Ferguson left..
    Why mourinho wasn't given defenders last year when he asked for a pair..
    I think it will be good if saudi prince take over the club now..

  • kadin hasan
    kadin hasan Month ago +1

    I find to be more of "political statement"
    Deflection strategy

  • Frode Harnes
    Frode Harnes Month ago

    I really hope United gets Allegri. He made AC Milan what they are today and made Juve play boring football. He is extremely overrated and Juve was long time waiting for him til fail to get rid of him. Problem is that there were no competition in Italy while he was at Juve. It will be another 2 seasons of buying the wrong players before he gets the sack :)

  • jago singh
    jago singh Month ago

    This useless CEO is a tick that will only go when the spineless Glazer dogs sell the club. Come on MBS!

  • MrGts92
    MrGts92 Month ago

    It's crazy how much Judge gets away with it. He's just as culpable as Woodward.

  • 666demonknight666
    666demonknight666 Month ago

    Glazers and Woodward OUT

  • M CV
    M CV Month ago

    Put it this way Manchester United needs new everything from the board all the way to the players.

  • elvisleeboy
    elvisleeboy Month ago +19

    Jose Mourinho should have been given an open wallet after performing the miracle of getting to second in the Premier League and winning the Europa League with that group of average players. The fact he didn't is inexcusable.

    • Ragekill grp
      Ragekill grp Month ago +2

      @elvisleeboy nd the irony is that he wanted Maguire before he was sacked. Utd sacked him, got a worse manager nd bought Maguire for 75m.

    • elvisleeboy
      elvisleeboy Month ago

      @Ragekill grp He certainly did enough to be backed and trusted.

    • Ragekill grp
      Ragekill grp Month ago +4

      He made the team look better than they were, and then everyone thought the team was capable of more. Tbh, he became victim of him own achievement.

  • Azhar k
    Azhar k Month ago +2

    Ole is somehow to be blamed for our situation.He let Herrera go, sold lukaku and not replace him.

  • John Gent
    John Gent Month ago

    When Man U starts building and recruiting players that care more about wins than the boots they wear and the selfies they take on the field after a rare goal, then they will be back on track.

  • Alaistar Cook
    Alaistar Cook Month ago

    I Think Blaming Woodward Is Wrong
    Cause He Signed All The Marquee Players He Could
    Pogba He was at top Den
    Di Maria
    And so On !
    N He Bought Players the Manager wanted
    And speaking about Jose asking for Centre Backs He was backed Enough to Buy Centre Backs
    If Moyes or Van Gaal would have been Backed by The Money Jose was Backed by They would have at Least Won One EPL

  • array s
    array s Month ago

    Just fyi eddy woodworm hasnt set his foot in at home games this season. The man is a coward.

  • realist realist
    realist realist Month ago

    Utd have had world class experienced managers in LVG and Mourinho and it didnt work.

  • realist realist
    realist realist Month ago

    I think utd fans are glad we didnt sign Perisic. Idiotic statement by Burley and just emphasizes what a clueless muppet he is. Inter Milan were trying to shaft utd over the price for a very average player.

  • Winston Craig
    Winston Craig Month ago

    This asshole was in charge of marketing he cudnt sell a black cat to a witch he wudnt know a good player if he was screwing his wife

  • Bob
    Bob Month ago +2

    Going on 7 years of absolute failure and the executive chairman, who runs the show for the glazers, is coming out saying none of this is his fault... yeah, were screwed lol

  • Flynnzer89
    Flynnzer89 Month ago

    Woodward and the Glazer clan are a Cancer at the Club and things won't improve until they leave!!

  • Marvin Smith
    Marvin Smith Month ago

    Ed Backward speaking

  • key buckley
    key buckley Month ago

    Chapocoense would beat United at Old Trafford

  • key buckley
    key buckley Month ago +28

    Mate, the fans could run the club better than the so-called, 'professionals'

  • FeelsBadMan n
    FeelsBadMan n Month ago

    When will people realize that the biggest problem are the players.?

  • Stephan Noël
    Stephan Noël Month ago

    Solskjaer is not good for man utd

  • Stephan Noël
    Stephan Noël Month ago

    Ed Woodward must go

  • Mide Fatanmi
    Mide Fatanmi Month ago

    How much money has he made available for these mugs?..

    • Nova RL
      Nova RL Month ago

      not enough..it’s his fault

  • Stephan Noël
    Stephan Noël Month ago

    If solskjaer get stuck to 4-2-3-1 liverpool will destroy man utd at old Trafford

  • Horse Sense
    Horse Sense Month ago

    Woodturd is almost as bad as Hillary Clinton.

  • Jakes Kriel
    Jakes Kriel Month ago

    Ole’s at the wheel guys don’t worry!!

  • Scotti Kidd
    Scotti Kidd Month ago

    United don't have to tell any of you what their long term plans are.

  • Dominik Gozdz
    Dominik Gozdz Month ago +1

    “David DeGayah”

  • Triceps of Terror
    Triceps of Terror Month ago +1

    They need to keep faith with young players like Lingard

  • Kal Mistry
    Kal Mistry Month ago

    Ed Fuckward you need to relinquish some power and get Edwin van der Sar in as Director of Football. Before you single handily destroy this club of ours. All problem seem to start from when Ed Woodward replaced David Gill.

  • Bat Taz
    Bat Taz Month ago +4

    OCTOBER 20th. 2019
    Man U R.I.P.

    • Fianna
      Fianna Month ago +1

      And Liverpool still can't beat them 🤣