I Made a HUGE Rookie Mistake Milling this Sweet Gum Log!

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • Learning to use a new sawmill. Mistakes and all.

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  • Fall Line Ridge
    Fall Line Ridge  6 months ago +116

    I'll have to admit, when I watched the replay I cringed a bit myself. I definitely should have let the wheel spool down before I touched the blade. Thanks to all who pointed that out. Don't do it at home. Having said that, this is a family channel. All comments that are overly negative and unhelpful, or have profanity will be deleted. Thank you to everyone who watches the channel. FLR

    • James Zell
      James Zell 2 days ago

      What are you doing with sweet gum

    • Markus Patients
      Markus Patients 26 days ago

      @Al B Gloves are used only as a safety measure...

    • Al B
      Al B 26 days ago

      I had to stop watching. Seriously. I've cut my hand to the bone just loading a new blade without gloves and couldn't watch.

    • bob f
      bob f Month ago

      It just sucks to screw up don't it.....Especially when the world is watching. lol.

    • Markus Patients
      Markus Patients 3 months ago

      Did you know the sap of the Sweetgum tree can be used to treat herpes. That pretty helpful you must admit.

  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams 2 days ago

    Great camera work

  • Michael Gross
    Michael Gross 2 days ago +1

    Perhaps all of the weight from the slabs not being removed had something to do with it?

  • Richard Head
    Richard Head 4 days ago

    i saw that coming

  • Tixe 100
    Tixe 100 5 days ago

    Live and learn-no harm, luckily.
    And I like your decision to not allow comments you wouldn’t want your kids to see. We need more of that. 😊

    JR HALL 8 days ago

    Doesn't leaving the boards on the mill like that increase friction on the blade. Shortening the life of the blade and adding to the potential of the blade jumping if you have to back out of the cut.

  • Vic Makaroff
    Vic Makaroff 9 days ago

    I bet you won't do that again!! Nice piece of timber though.

  • Bal Loney
    Bal Loney 10 days ago

    I stopped watching at 23:00... I guess I know your mistake... you should've removed the first one on top after the cut.... I think the blade didn't like the weight it is cutting through.

  • Right Ascension
    Right Ascension 15 days ago

    Great video - we all make mistakes logging

  • glen johnson
    glen johnson 17 days ago

    trying to figure out why anyone would want to use sweet gum it will rot in a year and that pretty much if you keep it indoors. I have one down on my land for 2 years now because its way in the back. but its almost gone already.

  • Megan Bennett
    Megan Bennett 22 days ago

    i think he would help to change the blade too.. but not having thumbs sucks!

  • Ellen Sloan
    Ellen Sloan 22 days ago

    Sell the ruff outsides! Plenty will buy em

  • Brian Curwick
    Brian Curwick 24 days ago

    Measure your Chain Saw bar so you can use it to measure... faster & dang more accurate!

  • Carlos B. Cossio
    Carlos B. Cossio 25 days ago

    Even the best hunter often loses the dove! ... Thanks for sharing your learning proccess. God bless you

  • Akkhon369
    Akkhon369 27 days ago

    Your Cricket is a beautiful baby, I'm assuming that it's a little girl and she's a daddy's baby always trying to help you if you need it or not and loves to cuddle up with when ever she's able! I got a pair brother and sister at 6 weeks 13 years ago and poor Sissy wondered into the road after we let them out for a potty break and to play in the yard for a few minutes and 3 minutes later we heard breaks screaming and went to check on them and she had been hit and the guy did come back after he calmed down from a panic attack and next month will be a year since we last saw Buddy, we think someone stole him!

  • Jeff Selck
    Jeff Selck 28 days ago

    Got to learn somehow, at least you are not afraid to show reality vs edited up fake perfection lol love that machine... i need one.

  • franklyn flores
    franklyn flores 28 days ago

    These are the people that makes America Great. So inspiring hard work.

  • Chris McConnell
    Chris McConnell 29 days ago +1

    i kept watching that clamp , and even yelled at you , but you couldn't hear me

  • CJ Scheuren
    CJ Scheuren Month ago

    Are you in No. FLA ?

  • Courtney Kachur
    Courtney Kachur Month ago

    The same guys who warm up their car for 20 minutes will start and stop their chain saw on a moments notice and rev it to full throttle in between

  • Vaidas Datenis
    Vaidas Datenis Month ago

    Great shots with the camera!

  • Jeffery Chavez
    Jeffery Chavez Month ago

    First time watching glad your ok. Nice rig! Subbed

  • tobyjo57
    tobyjo57 Month ago

    Love how you started with Scavenger cuts to maximise productive lumber. Great Stuff

  • steve w
    steve w Month ago

    As he said a rookie mistake but he was man enough to still show it and admit to it. Respect .

  • Jeremy Evans
    Jeremy Evans Month ago

    I like your video's but the dog is cute, i have one just like him.

  • David
    David Month ago

    Different subject but I have been thinking about your kiln and some of the issues you have had with it. What do you think about a shipping container kiln? Spray insulation, cut a few windows, or not, the heat in the box from the sun may be enough.Drop in a dehumidifier and a few vents.......
    Just a random thought that popped in my head.

  • David
    David Month ago

    Do you get most of your logs from your own property? I’m curious, how big is your homestead? Thanks for doing this.

  • Melvin Dunn
    Melvin Dunn Month ago

    That Sweetgum wood is beautiful. Could it be used as a table top? Hard wood or soft?

  • Chris Wertz
    Chris Wertz Month ago

    I glad I not the only one who makes "unthinking" mistakes.

  • manu de backer
    manu de backer 2 months ago

    All's well that ends well. But for god's sake don't ever touch that blade with your bare hand while the wheel is still spinning hard. Ever.

  • Andy Guinn
    Andy Guinn 2 months ago

    What can you do with sweet gum? Is it a good wood to build with?

  • pomonabill220
    pomonabill220 2 months ago

    Dang!!! NO gloves????? I think you are asking for some sever injury no matter how experienced you think you are!

  • Jim McCarley
    Jim McCarley 2 months ago

    We all make mistakes. Just glad you didn't get hurt! I could write a couple books on mistakes. You should have known better! lol I just had to say that. I really enjoy your videos and I especially like the setting of those cameras at the beginning. That was a neat touch! Like the music also. I have cut firewood and later in life pulpwood. I started cutting and hauling pulpwood to the wood yards having to load by hand. I have always been strong and I stand about 6 foot 3 inches. It was tough work back in the 70's but a lot of us ole east Texas boys started that way. I remember my first loader and how much easier it was, thought I was in high cotton! Back then we cut it 8 foot now I think it is about 16 so no more hand loading. lol

  • george hill
    george hill 2 months ago +2

    Be careful reaching under logs like you did at the first of the video- snakes alive!

  • David Thorne
    David Thorne 2 months ago +2

    You know you weren’t wrapped around the pulley and your band was buried in the curf bent four inches down and up... wasn’t gonna grab it and spin it around... it might have jumped a bit.... you had have been super man to streatch that band out the foot of extra blade needed to make that loop! You knew what you were doing.... and sure....safety police are nervous 😩.... you solved an extremely rare situation with the door open...that’s what needed done...right then! 😁👍. You definitely proved that your bearings in your guide wheels and awesome...that spun for a week! Looked like maybe the new cut was high or low a smidge as the drive belt had some slip??? Or was it just so tight in it’s curf that...with the band around the guides that it actually took the engine some grunt to get it spinning again!!! Definitely want ya safe and happily running your mill cause I’m really and excited to be able to see all the amazing grain that your hard work is sharing! Your videos sound and picture are real good professional quality too!!! Don’t skip a beat....brother! And your investment into that tools gonna make your investment back quickly and then your talking profits and awesome, one of a kind boards, that would cost you ten fold or more to buy! Real nice!👍😁

  • David Thorne
    David Thorne 2 months ago

    Damn....Son! You ain’t kiddin’ that’s sure is something sweet in that color through those! What a table top or something! First time I’ve watched a setup and saw video front to back and your machine doesn’t seem to waist a beat! That looks like the absolute perfect size and build to mill my size logs! It definitely shows that they been building these for a good long while cause it doesn’t look like there’s one extra piece or step or whatever! That’s lean and mean and straight ready to work! It’s a kinda testament to quality when you popped your blade.... I’m sure that bind caused a little bit of a chalder but didn’t hurt a lick! You setter back to square and were back to the races! You bang them boards out quick!!! Why the stacking??? Don’t that add weight and close the curf ??? Or does that weight keep it from hopping around or something?!? Dang good videos... you definitely know how to make that puppy sing and knock out them slabs or actually you were making “boards”??? Because you square everything with the mill???

  • Albert Batfinder
    Albert Batfinder 2 months ago

    From chainsaws to tractors to portable mills like this one, does anyone have an estimate how long this would have taken in the 1850s? How on earth did our world ever get built?

  • Joe Evora
    Joe Evora 2 months ago

    Man I cringed when I heard the POP cuz I did the same damn thing on my LT15 Wide when I first got it. I’ve since had to back out of cuts, but I used a wedge to open the cut since the weight of the wood acts as a pinch point and won’t let the blade retract. A falling wedge works great. Also I’d try going a bit slower to save on blade life. Joey from Jackson, GA here. Thanks for the content. Liked and Subscribed!

  • Terry Perry
    Terry Perry 2 months ago +1

    Beautiful wood. The church I went to for many years was paneled in sweet gum on the stage, choir loft and all the way to the very high ceiling. I always thought it was extraordinarily beautiful.

  • Ralph Mueller
    Ralph Mueller 2 months ago

    Is lubricant not required? Noticed it was off the entire time. I was waiting for the blade to snap due to overheating, but I've only been a part time helper with a mill. Hope to get one one day.

  • rf8driver
    rf8driver 2 months ago

    You might try using a leaf blower to clean off sawdust. Works great on your mill too. Good luck.

  • bobbg
    bobbg 2 months ago

    I think I'd drive the mill to the tree cut it up pull the logs with the truck into place cut up all the wood and set it n a pile, finished the job. Parked the head then loaded all the wood on the saw mill as a trailer and taken it back to my storage spot. Just put 2 winches on the truck one in the frt and one on the back that way you can tie off the truck or use a block and tackle system to stage the logs with on a winch. It's all flat ground. you used 4 times as much gas dragging each log back one at a time. Even just loading them onto a trailer to bring back to the mill would be better. Ever think about sharpening the blade's? They are not cheap.

    I don't own a mill don't get me wrong and in some places you can't do any of what I just said ecpt sharpen a blade. I'd look at some electric chainsaw sharpener mounted on the saw set up to put an edge on the band saw blade Like a cheap Harbor freight one. s you could do it on the machine somone has to have come up with this idea.

    Nice wood! I'll take your bark cut off's that would make some nice siding after the bark is striped off and the wood is treated. It would give a house a log cabin effect or you could be used as a lap siding. but you will probably burn it. No reason to let any of it go to waste.

    And I could see 50 ways this could ahve ended worse bent shafts busted rollers, free wheeling wheel grab the blade when you grabbed it always let the machine come to a full stop before messing with stuff. I might not have even ran or owned a mill like that but I did run a very large metal cutting saw with a much larger blade and 4 teeth per inch that were larger than that blade. Tip don't let the teeth bang on metal, do not toss them on the ground to unfold them and do not put the on the ground under your foot to fold them. all this will do is dull the blade.
    The saw I ran would cut a 32" dia pipe your saw can't cut somthing that big. over its dia.
    I can't tell you how many blade I damaged making rookie mistakes with it we all do them.
    and at the then price of 400 bucks a blade more like 600 now they are not cheap.

  • tomco78
    tomco78 2 months ago

    Sweetgum is not cut much for lumber as it twists and bends while drying, one can cut it really thick and let it dry then resaw to get some straight boards!

  • tomco78
    tomco78 2 months ago

    Is that poison ivy growing on that sweetgum like most of ours have!

  • Dean Gearhart
    Dean Gearhart 2 months ago

    # 1. Head down
    Good job kid

  • Dixie Bushcraft
    Dixie Bushcraft 3 months ago

    Great video.
    Enjoyed your content.
    Did not enjoy 8 “commercials” placed perfectly where they did the most to interrupt good parts.
    Maybe scale back a bit on them, and allow “skip”.

  • O O
    O O 3 months ago

    Outstanding video editing.

  • Jason Carter
    Jason Carter 3 months ago

    I've made mistakes like this, and thankfully didn't hurt myself or anyone else. Thanks for having the backbone to share your mistakes publicly for the learning of others. You may have have saved some poor soul a finger, or more.

  • Claire Valjakka
    Claire Valjakka 3 months ago

    Overhead shots are great!

  • Markus Patients
    Markus Patients 3 months ago

    There needs to be a log tax.. Even on private lands.

    • Markus Patients
      Markus Patients 3 months ago

      @born conservative I say "TAX".

    • born conservative
      born conservative 3 months ago

      WHY???? doesn't t the the corrupt government have WAY more $$$ than it needs, already??? i say take most of the $$$ they get away from them, par DOWN govmnt . . .WAY down

  • Tom Berryhill
    Tom Berryhill 3 months ago

    Keep some wedges with you. For various reasons such as metal strikes, broke blades stuck in a log, etc. You are going to have to back out a blade periodically.
    Drive the wedges in to lift your partially cut top board from the cant and it makes it a whole lot easier backing out that blade.

  • Mister X
    Mister X 3 months ago

    I was surprised that you didn't have to remove the cut pieces as you go. Glad you still have all your fingers.

  • Leo Buis
    Leo Buis 3 months ago

    My compliments on the quality of your video and camera work. You obviously put a lot of time into it, and it makes your videos very enjoyable to watch.

  • J Simpson
    J Simpson 3 months ago

    Dude, you need a log cart of some sort. All the rocks you dragged that through is hell on your blades.

  • James Mckinney
    James Mckinney 3 months ago

    brain fart

  • g Jensen
    g Jensen 3 months ago

    WoW! That is some beautiful wood! What are you going to build? I would love help you cut the rest of that tree, of course for the price of some wood. I do appreciate you sharing your video. I learned a lot. How to align the tracks and saw, change the blade, and how to cut wood. I hope you show us what you built with all that beautiful lumber. Thanks for Sharing.

  • avflyguy
    avflyguy 3 months ago +1

    Thick heavy leather gloves at all times! Not that would have made much difference had the blade amputated your hand but just a good safety item to be worn at all times.

  • Penta Comstat
    Penta Comstat 3 months ago

    You are an accident waiting to happen. You could have lost your hand holding the blade while the drive wheel was still turning.
    Please s-l-o-w down and stop being driven by impatience. When I was learning my pilots licence.. as the plane approached the piano keys I flipped up the flap lever anticipating a kool glide landing....To my horror my instructor let me have it . I was a brash young executive and I was indignant. The plane could have dropped 20 or 30 feet or so and killed us both. After I got over my attitude. I was grateful and think before I react. Moral of the story is NEVER ACT IN THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT.

  • VikingPreparedness
    VikingPreparedness 4 months ago

    Thanks! Just got a used LT15.

  • tomco78
    tomco78 4 months ago

    Have you dried any of those sweetgum planks?