I Made a HUGE Rookie Mistake Milling this Sweet Gum Log!

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • Learning to use a new sawmill. Mistakes and all.

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  • Fall Line Ridge
    Fall Line Ridge  2 months ago +93

    I'll have to admit, when I watched the replay I cringed a bit myself. I definitely should have let the wheel spool down before I touched the blade. Thanks to all who pointed that out. Don't do it at home. Having said that, this is a family channel. All comments that are overly negative and unhelpful, or have profanity will be deleted. Thank you to everyone who watches the channel. FLR

    • pneumatic00
      pneumatic00 6 days ago

      Yeah, that alarmed me! OK, you've gotten enough comments on it.

    • meehd01
      meehd01 11 days ago


    • steve shoemaker
      steve shoemaker 14 days ago

      You must be a Democrate....No free speech aloud lol..!

    • Tom Steele
      Tom Steele 14 days ago

      Fall Line Ridge I don’t claim to know your business. I saw someone else who said we all need to calm down because it wasn’t dangerous. I DO know a little physics and Murphy’s law and I’m pretty sure you are correct in admitting your mistake here. It certainly had the potential to tear up a hand - clutches and fail safes don’t always work as they are supposed to. I think most of the people commenting, like me, were concerned for your well being. None of us wants to see you lose a finger, hand or worse. Thanks for the video!

    • steve shoemaker
      steve shoemaker 17 days ago

      Thanks man....Fine business...!

  • Danny Harless
    Danny Harless 2 days ago

    Wow, beautiful lumber.

  • Oldold Pilgrim
    Oldold Pilgrim 3 days ago

    Nearly half a million views to watch you make a mistake. I say you're doing fine both on TheXvid and with your saw.

  • Rose Blite
    Rose Blite 4 days ago

    Simple comment, "OOPS."
    Annoying, but nothing broken an no injuries.

  • Guy H
    Guy H 5 days ago

    Cricket is a nice Dog! We had a Beagle growing up Sniffy he was a lot of fun!

  • Guy H
    Guy H 5 days ago

    Nice relaxing tractor trip! I almost fell asleep!

  • Олег Солодилов

    сделанный в америке рукожоп...

  • roger mcneil
    roger mcneil 8 days ago +1

    i must say sawmills are in my past now .big circular blad powered by an old model-t engine .
    your little dog seems to enjoy being around you .congrats . from the east coast of canada .

  • Jim G
    Jim G 11 days ago

    Everybody makes mistakes, everybody. All is well that ends well and that's a beautiful sawmill. Thanks for posting.

  • Craig Cherry
    Craig Cherry 11 days ago

    Love the monkey face grain at 13:08 @ the right end of the cant face.

  • Hektor Aceves
    Hektor Aceves 12 days ago

    Thanks for sharing, where are located?

  • David Silvia
    David Silvia 12 days ago

    You are burning all those flitchs? Big waste!

  • David Silvia
    David Silvia 12 days ago

    Let the sweet gum sit in a shaded area for a year, then mill it. The grain is 100 times better then

  • stage coach
    stage coach 12 days ago

    I am so jazzed about what you do!! To be in such a place with such beauty,and millin old deadwood. its a thrill to watch, the smell of wood the, character of the wood, just jaw droppin for me. make lots of money.

  • ยุทธ ขอนกลาย


  • Gordeaux
    Gordeaux 12 days ago

    I was glad to see in the comments that I wasn't the only one cringing my ass off! LOL! I had stopped the video at 27:57 as I didn't want to see what was the big bloody mistake!

  • Jim Cooksey
    Jim Cooksey 14 days ago

    I see a dining room table..... right there~ With epoxy coat..... MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  • Tom Steele
    Tom Steele 14 days ago

    Noob Question: what does a blade like that cost? And how long do they typically last? Thanks

    • David Silvia
      David Silvia 12 days ago

      27$ and the life of the blade vary on what you cut and how clean the logs are

  • Peter Lapper
    Peter Lapper 16 days ago

    There must be an attachment that you can add to the machine to catch the sawdust ! Better than all that dust you have to walk in, that dose not make any sense man.

  • david paul
    david paul 16 days ago

    Sweet gums bring real good money at the cross tie mill.

  • Gary L
    Gary L 16 days ago

    fuck! you really need adult supervision! You Never touch a machine when it is still moving!!!!! I wanted to reach out and slap you! Ya just grab that blade and you may never use that left hand! Idiot!

  • Rick Hagemans
    Rick Hagemans 17 days ago

    For a tape measure I meant

  • Rick Hagemans
    Rick Hagemans 17 days ago

    Try marking tractor blade or saw with measurements in advance

  • Perry Bailey
    Perry Bailey 17 days ago

    It's all good as long as you get to go home with all your fingers, toes and limbs attached. Keep safe.

  • redtailhardwoods
    redtailhardwoods 19 days ago

    Dude you need to rename that dog "Pete" That aint no cricket. If you ever want to upgrade to a LT40 with 110 hrs. let me know.

  • Grime 5740
    Grime 5740 20 days ago

    It might be better for the clutch if engaged at low rpm, than it rev up.....

  • bigbird3255
    bigbird3255 20 days ago

    I would also think that every board should be removed before starting a new one because of the added weight one the blade The pinching of the blade can’t be good for it !

  • tom dorn
    tom dorn 20 days ago

    Where are your gloves? Where the tape is?

  • Bowtie Thirteentwenty
    Bowtie Thirteentwenty 20 days ago

    Good video. I enjoyed the camera work at 14:00 with camera on top board. I also like that you showed the mistake. Glad nothing bad happened. You have a nice property. I have 11 of those sweetgums on my acre yard. The clean up really sucks! Love the smell though. :)

  • J IJzer
    J IJzer 22 days ago

    its probably not a rookie mistake :) I assume your not a rookie anymore.

  • Greg Cook
    Greg Cook 22 days ago

    Does that cable winch come off? Seems like might be a trip hazard. Or bruised shins.

  • Dwight Wheeler
    Dwight Wheeler 23 days ago

    hey man don't beat yourself it's an honest mistake and you learn from it, and there is alway's lots to learn , that's what makes it interesting, all the best to you.

  • Rock Alvey
    Rock Alvey 23 days ago

    For those getting started, this is a great video showing the basics of sawing a log. We all make mistakes and learn. Hopefully, we keep most of our fingers regardless. Good job! Thank you for taking the time to do great edits and appropriate comments. Don't let the haters discourage you.

  • rick m
    rick m 25 days ago

    The beagle needs a yellow vest.

  • windmiller86
    windmiller86 25 days ago

    The good life!

  • Grady Herren
    Grady Herren 28 days ago

    Not many people are willing to show mistakes happen. Enjoying your videos

  • Ismail Tan
    Ismail Tan 28 days ago

    Bu makinadadan nasıl alabiliriz Türkiye de bulma şansımız var mı siparişle getire bilirmiyiz

  • u stefan
    u stefan Month ago

    Great video! thanks for posting this. I'be been looking at buying one of these. Great to see somebody experiencing this early on!

  • edward toner
    edward toner Month ago

    The man that made no mistakes . Made nothing . Nice timber

  • frank enstein
    frank enstein Month ago

    I had a neighbor who tried to clear a baler that was still spinning , it yanked his arm off , then the man did it again later on , and it yanked his other arm off . He was a hillbilly , he actually died from natural causes though

  • Worm
    Worm Month ago

    Starting at 22:10 You Sir, are an idiot.

  • kenny johansson
    kenny johansson Month ago

    amazing video . my favorite .

  • Scott B
    Scott B Month ago

    21:46 oh, oh no, no dude
    22:11 no, not again!
    22:17 muh fingers!!!
    Cool video, bud! Had me holding my breath.

  • Morgan Adair
    Morgan Adair Month ago +1

    Its not a mistake if you learn something from it. I subscribed as soon as I seen you were honest enough to show the others that this is a huge no no. I like your channel and wonder where your from. Sounds southern but then I still have my N, Carolina accent and I left when I was about eight years old. Been in Alaska most of my life and never ran many bandsaws. I did run circular blade saws with insert teeth. easy to sharpen but two men to lift back on the mill. I am 72 and learning like you only on youtube so I am not a armchair coach. Good video an great garden

  • ER KO
    ER KO Month ago

    Nice machine

  • ER KO
    ER KO Month ago

    The biggest thing I have a problem with, is that you do not wear gloves, I’m glad you wear your eye protection and your protection but with no fingers you won’t be able to put that on either

  • JulieJackson1
    JulieJackson1 Month ago

    I find that as soon as the camera is rolling, I do things I wouldn't normally do, so don't beat yourself up about it. You were not afraid to post and admit your mistakes. That shows humility and maturity.. Cheers.

  • WalterRamjet HeroOfOurNation

    i never seen anyone leave all that cut wood stacked on the blade while cutting. That contributes to problems

  • K
    K Month ago

    Love this mill set up its awesome

  • Brad Harm
    Brad Harm Month ago

    10 minutes in before you started making a cut.

  • Anthony O'Leary
    Anthony O'Leary Month ago

    Hey bloke power to you for showing your mistakes. I like your mill but prefer the horizontal and vertical swing saw. I'm downunder in AUS and have a lucas mill and fall hardwood trees here. Made plenty of mistakes myself. But that's how we learn. Hands of the saw blade while wheel are in motion. Enjoy your mill Ant

  • stuarth43
    stuarth43 Month ago

    nice, I'd bring the teeth so they are nor running on rubber, this way you will get longer years from drive and idler rubbers, that what i do on my bandsaws

  • Lewis Cleveland
    Lewis Cleveland Month ago

    Looked a little snakey in there.

  • Richard Benecchi
    Richard Benecchi Month ago

    I want one!!!

  • afterthefox7
    afterthefox7 Month ago

    Phewwww! Special Ed, Why would you wash the sawdust back into the truck, DUHHHH!!!

  • Terry Burge
    Terry Burge Month ago

    Yeh, the blade handling while the wheel is spinning was a serious mistake. But I was wondering why you decided to get rid of your LT10 for the LT15. After doing all that work with the platform and how well it worked over many videos I got to wonder why change. Seems like you had a good thing going there. Terry

  • U S A Patriot
    U S A Patriot Month ago

    Hey I’m glad you still have all your digits so you can keep on milling up different types of logs that’s what your viewers enjoy and just watching you work around your property so just another life lesson learned. I know I have been taught a few myself and so has everyone else at some point. Great videos keep on making them!

  • Paul Morton
    Paul Morton Month ago

    Well I Saw a few things I would certainly of done a lot differently from my years of running a wood-mizer mill with my dad and by myself. (LT30) bought new in 89.
    1) get practice at getting your first cuts slab thickness a bit better, a little extra fire wood isn't a bad thing in most areas, and the small amount of wood saved isn't worth the effort at times. Also what is up with that slab pile stack them evenly it makes it so much easier to cut up later or grab with a loader.
    2) remove the boards as you make the next cut there is no gain to leaving them sitting there for multiple cuts unless they need a little re-saw / edge cleaning as you're making successive cuts. staging the area to have your off bearing close but not in the way helps, a 2nd person is worth it often.
    3) watch the cant, you should be flipping it every few cuts as it warps from you removing boards from 1 side, this prevents thick & thin board issues and makes better lumber. Just watch it move by the time you see it start to lift off the center supports its time to flip.
    4) once its squared off typically you won't be needing the clamp to hold the cant gravity will hold it just fine unless its very light or you're pushing too fast but we've all run into that clamp, a misplaced cant hook or other random object. Just take your time to pause and resolve the issue slowly so you don't wreck a blade

    Keep at it there is a lot of learning curve I started out helping off bear boards on our first circle mills as a young kid, and the wood-mizer made everything so much easier faster and more efficient.

  • idk
    idk Month ago

    The whole video made me cringe.

  • Staticman
    Staticman Month ago

    Cringed hard when you were pulling on that blade while the wheel was still spinning. would have only needed the wheel to grab on to the blade for a second to lose some fingers. Always make sure everything is at a stop before touching anything.

  • Richard Barr
    Richard Barr Month ago

    I use a box blade for skidding all the time. I have welded on weld on chain hooks (I got the from Sportsman Guide) onto the top rear rail in direct line with the three point pins. I then back up into the log and use the blade to lift the log to slide the chain under. then hook and go.

  • Jim Stone
    Jim Stone Month ago

    looks simpler and cheaper to go buy a board. Cuts off left hand, just a small mistake

  • High Overlord Snarffie Beagle

    OJ killed Nicole and Ron.

  • Roys Redneck Garage
    Roys Redneck Garage Month ago +1

    We all make mistakes. God bless you didn’t lose a finger, limb,ect or damage the machine in a costly way.

  • Glen Blackbourn
    Glen Blackbourn Month ago

    how do you keep the sweet gum from warping after it is cut?

  • Vic
    Vic Month ago

    I agree with what everyone said, lol still a nice video to watch

  • David Fettyplace
    David Fettyplace Month ago

    15:14 there is a beautiful dog. Stay safe.

  • Mike  Mc Clune
    Mike Mc Clune Month ago

    We have a sweet gum tree in the front yard by the house and it is nothing but a nuisance and a bother between the leaves and those stupid spiked seed balls.
    If it wasn't for the tree still being relatively healthy I would have it taken out. It's almost not even worth the shade it provides.

  • 3melendr
    3melendr Month ago +2

    You did us all very well son! If you can't make a mistake once in awhile among friends, well then they should just leave! Lol Great video, nice machine and you are friendly laid back.

  • Daniel Mount
    Daniel Mount Month ago

    It was what you would call a panic move.

  • Daniel Mount
    Daniel Mount Month ago

    Ho, no Poison Oak vines on the loge. look out.

  • Daniel Mount
    Daniel Mount Month ago

    Is that all your property? and if it is how many acres?

  • ashleyroachclip1
    ashleyroachclip1 Month ago

    as a wood worker of aboot 40 years it takes alot of stones to show your mistakes to the world and you will never stop making them here and there its all aboot learning but please dont grab the blade while the machine is still moving , almost shit my britches when you put your ungloved hand in there so good luck

  • Carmine Briguglio
    Carmine Briguglio Month ago

    BEAUTIFUL. You got lucky😘😀😬😎

  • Frankie Roberts
    Frankie Roberts Month ago

    Nice anybody would want mill . iv thought about a mill like that myself

  • giggleherz
    giggleherz Month ago

    Way back when the greenie's were first getting started they use to go around and pound in twelve inch spikes in random trees.
    One of those trees made it to the mill and during the cut the nail made the blade pop.. It was a fifty foot blade and it went flying and chopped off some guys head. Now I always assume the wood is contaminated and go at it very carefully.
    Cheers from Canada

  • Zeke's Spin Doctor
    Zeke's Spin Doctor Month ago

    I'm itching just watching this - thinking poison ivy all over that log!

  • D L
    D L Month ago

    Could have simply driven a wedge to separate and free the blade then pulled the board off the blade.

  • 1bottlefed
    1bottlefed Month ago

    You sir just spent all of your 9 lives....try to work safe from now on :-)

  • Damian
    Damian Month ago

    22:00 Oh, hey, please don't touch that blade ( or anything else in there ) till things quit turning. PLEASE!

  • Joe Abramowski
    Joe Abramowski Month ago

    This guy TheXvids 👍

  • Bob Saturday
    Bob Saturday Month ago

    Sweet Gum must be an American wood , never seen it growing up here in Canada , I was reading that it was used in upholstered furniture frames years ago and I can remember seeing a wood with a tight grain that was disposed to twisting and warping in those .

  • Skip Farris
    Skip Farris Month ago

    Guys on here acting like you committed the ultimate sin acting like you’re retarded and need to lose fingers to get common sense. My god I’ve seen way worse and I guarantee the worst critics probably watch somebody else run a mill or just has a friend that has a cousin that owns a mill. It was off the pulley and not likely to catch. Yea there’s always a possibility but I’ve seen way dumber things

  • John Mc
    John Mc Month ago


  • --
    -- Month ago

    I have NO experience doing what you are doing, but what surprised me is that you didn't remove each slab before cutting below them - I'd think the added weight above the blade would cause problems for the blade and the slab above it.

  • hayseedfx
    hayseedfx Month ago

    usually you can lift the board from the cut end creating a gap up to the blade then slide the mill back, with mill off of course.... if sawing thick heavy slabs you will have to use wedges to get it started..... makes it easier to give that blade a close inspection.....

  • TigerZero aka Allen

    21:05. I heard that. I have zero experience with those machines. But enough mechanical experience to conclude a couple things. Either the blade broke when backing it or it came off the pulleys. I would have shut it all down and looked it over. I can imagine why you raised the saw. You were thinking the blade had broken. I was expecting that too. The weight from the above slabs pinched the blade and pulled it off when the assembly was backed up. I ran into a similar state using a hand circular saw. As I was ripping stock, following the cut line, I came upon the clamp. I had to stop and move the clamp.

  • Paul Reid
    Paul Reid Month ago

    You are hard-core changing a blade with bare hands!

  • Walter Koch
    Walter Koch Month ago

    Great video. Interesting way to transport your chainsaw, but it puts your bar at risk of damage. Also, that Husky saw appear to not have a manually operated chainsaw brake, nor a chain catcher underneath. Those safety items could help prevent a serious injury. Head protection (hardhat w brow, face screen, and muffs) would help reduce risk of head injury and hearing damage. Your health and safety is worth making those improvements.

  • Steven Amos
    Steven Amos Month ago

    Wouldn't it make more sense to stand the boards up OUT of the truck to wash them off? Instead of creating a mess and more work to clean up we saw dust in the bed of your truck.

  • Terry C.
    Terry C. Month ago

    Nice looking wood. We all make mistakes, comes with the learning.

  • Mike & Krista Parke

    loved the video, cutting sweet gum must be tough. i mill in Ontario, and i'm not sure we have anything that hard, maybe iron wood. anyway how is it for fire wood?

    • Fall Line Ridge
      Fall Line Ridge  Month ago

      It's actually really soft green. Worthless for firewood. I used a couple of pieces to replace a workbench tabletop. I'm planning on using some for flooring as well. Just getting it to dry straight is the key.

  • john nielsen
    john nielsen Month ago


  • Jerry Frugoli
    Jerry Frugoli Month ago

    Beautiful lumber !! And as far as you being human... well TG for that, we can all be very thankful that we are human, and in a common group of silly humans !!! I for 1 am very happy to have you as a member!!!! Welcome

  • Fish Fisher
    Fish Fisher Month ago

    5.25 in and nothing worth watching yet

  • koffernageln
    koffernageln Month ago

    wouldn't call not using hearing protection a Rookie mistake. But yeah lets not put fingers in moving parts.

  • lusurama5080
    lusurama5080 Month ago

    nice tractor

  • Stan Sova
    Stan Sova Month ago

    What type of dog is cricket? I adopted a dog that looks just like that and really would like to know what type of dog it is?

  • Laura Question
    Laura Question Month ago

    better footage than discovery channel... outstanding

  • viv Video in Visual Production

    Seems like he does not know the rules at all and trying to post videos to show people how to cut :)))LOL :))) Dude go back to safety school :)